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Dan P.
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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

1.) How do I get huge gaps like VB huge transfer and siiiiiick roof gap?
First of all you need a lot of speed. Second of all you can ollie higher and 
farther if you do a boneless.

2.) How do you beat the game?
Beating the game is not just getting three gold medals. You have to get 100% 
on every level.

3.) How do I change the buttons I have to press to do a special?
Go to edit tricks and then specials. Go to the trick you want to change and click 
delete. Then go to the buttons you want to press for the trick and put the trick 
in(It will be free if you already had the special).

4.) Is Private Carrera a code only person?
No. She was in the first game. You can still get her through a code but the real 
way to get her is to find all the gaps.

5.) How do I do specials?
First of all your special meter has to be flashing yellow. then, really fast, type 
the two dirrections for the special in order. For example: if the trick is left then 
right press left first and then right really fast. Then ollie and press either grind, 
grab, or flip depending on which trick it is. That's all there is to it!

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