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Final Fantacy Tactics Advance Stratigy

      Well this is a stratigy that I used to beat the game. When you first statt 
out and you get past all of the begining, and get to your clan, take your guy, 
Marche, or whoever you changed his name to, and turn him into an archer.  Then take 
your No Mou and change him into a beastmaster.  The rest you can do whatever you 
want with, I perfer that you leave Monteblac a black mage because he is strong on 
magic.  When you equip a bow from your stock, have your guy, Marche, master 2 moves 
of the bow.  Then have your Beastmaster master 5 moves.  After your guy has 
mastered 2 moves, then you can change him to a hunter, he will come in handy for 
what you turn your Beastmaster into.  Once you have your Beastmaster master 5 
moves, turn him into a white or black mage for now, you don't have any souls for 
the Morpher.  Have your hunter master the capture move and when you capture a 
monster, it will go into the Monster Bank, but more importantly, you get a soul of 
every monster you get.  

      Morphers use souls of animals that you capture, such as dragons and bugs.  I 
know that they get annoying to fight, so that is where your Morpher comes in, he 
can do all the things that the annoying little pests can do.  Once you have 
captured a soul, give it to your Morpher.  Once he has mastered a move such as Bug, 
you wont need to learn both the Red and Blue Bugs, you just capture both and you 
have all there abilities.  Once you have learned and mastered a few, and you can't 
get anymore because you are not too far in the game, change your Morpher to a Black 
or White Mage, and have the White Mage master 3 moves and the Black Mage master 5 
moves, that way you can get an Alchemist.  Alchemists can come in VERY handy.  They 
can have the Alchemy Skill, the Morph power, Fight, and Item all in one.  So you 
have the option of having him morph, or using one of his Alchemy Skills.

     As soon as you get a new monster, just change him back to a Morpher and have 
him master the move, and switch him back to an Alchemist.  When you are a Morpher, 
you get a lot of exp for morphing and doing skills, same goes for an Alchemist.  

    Now, you don't have to do this stratigy, but you can try it and tell me how you 
like it, or if you have any questions.  Just e-mail me at [email protected] or 
[email protected]  If you do deside to send me an e-mail, make sure to title it 
Final Fantacy Tactics Advance, or FFTA.  Thanks. 

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