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                          "Final Run" Walkthrough
                          Written by Covenant Killa 
                          NEW AND IMPROVED GUIDE! 

      Legal Mumbo Jumbo- This guide may not be printed and sold because that's just 
stupid. Of course some people in this world do stupid things like that. If any 
website wishes to post this guide, please contact me and I will respond ASAP. If I 
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                            -=[Final Run]=- 
      After you get out of the structure, you should hopefully be carrying a Rocket 
Launcher and a Shotgun with alot of ammo. Exit the structure and you should notice 
that you are running up the snowy hill from inside the structure. At the bottom right
of the screen, the words "Final Run" come up. Relief is coming into your body as you 
know the level is almost over. To do this you need a banshee, but unfortunately, the 
banshee is in another canyon. You will notice soon enough that Cortana puts up a Nav 
Point. That marks the final pulse generator.

>>Locate and destroy Pulse geneator #3

      You are at the top of the hill and you hear the sound of a Covenant vs. Flood 
battle. The Covenant will not leave you out of the battle because a banshee will try 
to destroy you. Take the banshee out with a well-placed rocket and avoid the 
crashing banshee. If you go to the right at the top of the hill, you might find 
yourself in the area that Flood will be in. Save your rockets for later and take 
them out with the other weapon you have (hopefully a shotgun) or a grenade. Once 
they are done with, wait until the battle near the Shade gun is over. The Flood will 
win by a landslide and you will have to kill a lot of Flood. Be careful, because 
from now on you will have to be extra cautious because some of The Flood will be 
carrying rocket launchers. Grab a ghost on the hill with a couple Shades and Ghost 
vehichles. Take the Ghost to the area that has the flashing light in blue and you 
will notice the type of ice that the Wraith prefers to stay on. Over to the left 
near all of the blood, there will be a rocket launcher, a Sniper Rifle, and some 
first aid kits. There will be a small Covenant vs. Flood battle, so stay away from 
the area. Unfortunately, some of the Covenant will make their way to you, so be 
prepared. Once all of the Covenant has been eliminated, make your way towards the 
victors, The Flood. Warning: A couple of the Flood carry Rocket Launchers, so take 
them out while dodging their rockets. Once all Flood and Covenant have been 
eliminated, go to the giant ledge. Make your Ghost go as fast as possible and you 
should clear the ledge. Up ahead you will likely hear music playing, and you will 
likely notice Wraiths a long distance ahead. You don't have to take every enemy out, 
just try to get to the banshee located behind the Wraiths. Sometimes, the best way 
to do this is to go along the right side as close to the wall as you can. Sneak up 
behind all of the enemies in your Ghost and make a run for the Banshee. The enemies 
will shoot at you, but avoiding them is the easiest way and you will not lose health 
on your energy shield. Hunters will come out, but if you don't take out every enemy, 
you won't have to face them. 

      Take the Banshee to Cortana's nav point and destroy the sentenals guarding the 
entrance. The easiest way to take them out is to use the fuel rod gun of the banshee 
(left trigger). Once they are done, move into the structure and mop up the sentenals 
with your rocket launcher. Run up to the pulse generator and destroy it. 
Congratulations! You just beat the longest and, to my opinion, hardest level in 
Halo. Move onto Keyes, the ninth level. Good Luck!

(Just an end note: There is a cool way to get no enemies in the last part, but 
unfortunately you will not be able to get the Banshee in the other canyon. Below 
this section, I will tell you it. Although it doesn't start at the "Final Run" part, 
it will add a twist to how you play the level.)

Once you finish the part where it says "The Tunnels below", grab the Banshee and 
park it outside the cavern. Take out all enemies and once you've made sure they're 
all killed, go back and get the Banshee. Fly it to the door that opens a little bit, 
but you're not supposed to be able to get any vehicles through. Or Bungie thought 
so... Park the Banshee there and go back to get the Ghost. Bring it there and open 
the door. Kill the closeby enemies and back the Ghost into the crack. The back 
should be through but not the front. Ram the Banshee into the Ghost and after a 
couple of direct hits, it will bust through the crack. Go through the door and flip 
the Ghost if needed, but get in and kill the Flood on the other side once you get 
there. Kill all of them that come out of nowhere and open the next door. get to 
the "Final Run" part and go up that ledge, riding the Ghost at full speed. Instead 
of taking out the Flood and Covenant here, go past them and through the next 
section. You will notice that once passing the most recent area, the enemies hadn't 
spawned until you went past them. The next area you go through, which usually 
contains Covenant running away and some Flood carrying Rocket Launchers. Go up the 
cliff in the Ghost into the canyon usually containing the Banshee and the Wraith. 
Remember the raging battle from doing this level the regular way that was happening 
right in this very canyon? This time, there is absolutely nothing in the canyon that 
opposes a threat to you. Thge worst thing here is probebly a rock, lol. Go back to 
the place with the spawned enemies and reluctantly kill them. Now complete the level 
as regular because now ALL enemies will have spawned, so thats the bad part. The 
good part is... I dunno, that you're almost done the level and you can look up at 
the rest of the level walkthrough, so go up there and read!

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