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We’ve just beaten the Forest Temple and saved the Faron Province from light. 
There are two provinces left. We’ll know journey north to the Eldin Province 
where the light spirit Eldin resides. First, there are a few heart pieces and 
golden bugs we must obtain.

-Fishing Rod
-Empty Bottle #1
-Ordon Sword
-Ordon Shield
-Hero’s Clothes
-Gale Boomerang
-Pieces of Heart: 3/45
-Fused Shadows: 1/3
-Mirror of Twilight: 0/4
-Golden Bugs: 0/24
-Poe Souls: 0/60
-Hidden Skills: 1/7
-Total number of Heart Containers: 4/20

1)Bottle of Lantern Oil
2)Letter 1/16
3)Piece of Heart 4/45
4)Youth’s Scent
5)Vessel of Light
6)Letter 2/16
7)Piece of Heart 5/45
8)Hidden Skill 2/7
9)Iron Boots
10)Piece of Heart 6/45
11)Hylian Shield
12)Letter 3/16

1)Male and Female Beetle (2/24)
2)Male and Female Ant (4/24)
3)Male and Female Pill Bug (6/24)
4)Male and Female Grasshopper (8/24)
5)Male and Female Phasmid (10/24) 

After the scene, we know we need to travel north. On your way north, go by and 
talk to Coro. He says he has a bottle of Lantern Oil for sale. Buy it for 100 
rupees. You got a BOTTLE OF LANTERN OIL. After you use the oil you will have an 
empty bottle. Now from Coro go north to enter Hyrule Field. 
Follow the path and defeat the enemies along the way. Come out of the small 
path to a large field. You can see the blanket of twilight is near. Head north 
a way to see a strange little man running across the field. He stops you and 
tells you he is the postman. He gives you a LETTER. After he leaves, go to your 
Collection Sub-screen and select the “Letters” Icon. Open the letter. The 
letter is from the postman. Move to the middle of this area and look east some. 
There should be a high cliff with trees. Up here is a sparkling object. Use you 
boomerang to lock onto it and bring it to you. Pick it up with A. You got a 
FEMALE BEETLE. To view your collection, go to the collection sub-screen and 
view them. Night should start to come and some Stalhounds will appear. Now go 
to the southwest of the area where there is a tree with a Golden Bug sitting on 
it. Pick it up with A to get the MALE BEETLE. Back towards the middle of the 
field near the bridge is a tree with a Piece of Heart on it. Use your boomerang 
to lock onto it and get it for another PIECE OF HEART. Collect one more to get 
another Heart Container. Now continue east where there is a little crease on 
your map. Follow the skinny path to a large black wall. Midna asks if you are 
sure you want to go in. Say “yes” to enter the twilight.
Not too far down the path is your old broken wooden sword you gave to the kids. 
Sniff it to learn the YOUTH’S SCENT.  Now turn on your senses to see a path. 
Follow that path until you are stopped by three more Twilight Messengers. 
Defeat one of them like you defeated the one at Ordon Spring, then use Midna’s 
area attack to defeat the last two. A portal appears above you. Walk north and 
Midna notices the bridge is gone. She says that the monsters must have done 
something with it. She suggests the Faron Province. Use Z to warp and pick the 
North Faron Woods portal. You will be warped to the North Faron Woods. To your 
left is a large wooden structure. Go over to it and use Midna to warp it back 
to Kakariko Gorge. She sets the bridge in place. Interesting! Now continue 
north while battling some Twilight enemies. Continue until you are stopped by a 
gate. Crawl under on the right side and defeat the enemies. Now continue on 
your way.
Enter the village and you will immediately be stopped by three more Twilight 
Messengers. Defeat them all to open another warp portal. After that go east to 
the next spirit spring. Talk to the floating object to get the next VESSEL OF 
LIGHT. Now the building directly north of the spring is where the Youth’s Scent 
leads. Go to the side and use Midna to jump to the roof. Get on the boards and 
drop down into the building. Turn on your senses to see the kids and some new 
faces.  They are talking about the monsters you just defeated. A man named 
Barnes says they have disappeared. He then starts to scare the kids. They then 
remember of a cellar underneath the house. The entrance is revealed only after 
all the torches are lit. He commences to light the torches, but the shaman’s 
daughter (the guy with the long hair’s daughter), Luda, says she saw small bugs 
crawl under there. Hum. When all hope seems to be lost, Colin says that Link is 
coming to save them. After the dramatic cut scenes, pick up the wooden stick 
and light the right side of the stick. Around the perimeter of the room is a 
ledge with candles on the wall. Jump off the ledge staying near the wall which 
will light all the candles. Be quick though or the stick will die down. After 
all are lit, the central pillar moves revealing a hole in the ground. Go down. 
Follow the path straight ahead and defeat the three bugs in the room. Pick up 
their tears. That is 3/16. Continue north and use the scaffolding to exit. You 
will then appear in the Kakariko Graveyard.
There is a bug that is around here and it will dig under ground. Dig it up and 
defeat it. Collect its tear. That is 4/16. Now exit out the only way out.
Now continue along the east of the village. The next house that is north of the 
Shaman’s house has a little cage you can climb on, then climb onto the roof.  
Now jump the gap and drop into the house where there are loose boards. Toward 
the side of the house is a crate. Push it to make a bug come scuttling out of 
underneath some wooden platforms. Defeat it to get another tear. That is 5/16. 
Now exit out using Midna, then go down a few ways to a store. It is a bomb 
store. To the left of it is another set of platforms. Climb them to get on a 
roof. Then dash across the gap into the window which puts you in Barnes Bomb 
Shop. To the right, walk up the staircase to the upper level. Now ram into the 
large chest to make it fall revealing another bug. Defeat it and collect its 
tear. That is 6/16. Now climb on the chest you knocked over and climb up the 
platform and exit out. Now follow the path up and make your way to a shack. 
Enter through the side hole. Pick up the stick and light it from the small 
amount of fire. Now light the fireplace to send a bug flying out on fire. This, 
therefore, lights the rest of the store on fire. It starts to explode. Quickly 
exit out the way you came in. The store will explode and the remains leave 
behind three Tears of Light. Go over and collect them. This is 9/16. Now go 
north along a path that gets higher and higher. Go up until you reach a tall 
building. Dig on the side (use your senses to see where to dig) to enter the 
building. Go over to the corner and break the pots to find another bug. Defeat 
it and collect its light. That is 10/16. Now exit the same way you came in. Now 
go back to the front of the spring and on the west side of town is a small 
general store. To the left of it is a area where there is a hole you can enter. 
Go in. To the left climb the platforms to the wall where there is another bug. 
Collect its light. That is 11/16. Now exit the way you came in. Now to the left 
of the store is a ramp. Walk up the ramp and jump the gap. Now enter the 
doorway. Inside, pick up another wooden stick and then climb on the table. Jump 
off to light the stick with the lantern. Now go over to the stove and light it. 
A bug will come out. Defeat it and collect its light. That is 12/16.  Now go 
through the other doorway in this room to a larger room. Defeat the Twilit 
Bulbins and underneath the staircase is a treasure chest with 20 rupees. Now go 
up the stairs and defeat the Bulbin on the balcony. Go to the next room and 
defeat the bug on the wall. Collect its light. That is 13/16. Now exit this 
building the way you came in to get back outside in Kakariko. Now go north of 
town and enter the alley up north. 
The first ledge is too high to reach so go to the right and use Midna to get up 
to the high ledge. Follow the path to another high ledge. On the left are some 
other ledges. Climb them to the top. Now just keep following the path avoiding 
being knocked over by gusts of air from the ground. Now in this area is another 
bug. Put on your senses and defeat it. Collect its tear. That is 14/16. Now on 
the ledge is a wind stone. Howl at it by pressing A. Listen to the melody with 
B. The melody is: High, Middle, Low, High, Middle, Low. Use the control stick 
up to do a high pitch. Don’t move it to do a normal pitch. Use the control 
stick down to do a lower pitch. Make sure your timing corresponds with the 
pitches. Do it right to be in the air on a ledge. Press A to howl. Howl the 
same song once more to make the White Wolf howl too. If you have played The 
Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, this is the Song of Healing from the game. The 
White Wolf says, “Let teachings of old pass to you. Take sword in hand and find 
me.” He marks his location on your map. Now continue north and to the left some 
through a tunnel. Keep following the path until you reach four more Twilight 
Messengers. There is one in a small alcove that is blocked up so go around to 
it and defeat it by itself. Then go out and use Midna’s area attack on the rest 
to open a new portal. After this battle, on a barred wall is another bug. Ram 
it off and defeat it. Collect its tear. That is 15/16. Now we must get on this 
ledge. In front of it is a ramp. Use Midna to jump up there. Now to the left 
are some gusts of air. Dodge them, then walk up the small wall which acts as a 
ramp. Now use Midna to jump up on the next ledge. Make sure you time it so the 
gust of air doesn’t knock you down. When up, jump down into a large pit. In 
here are some Twilit Vermin and your last bug. Find it and defeat it to collect 
the last Tear of Light. That is 16/16. You will be warped to the Eldin Spring 
in Kakariko.
Another spirit rises from the pool. He says the dark power we seek is in the 
Goron Mines. After he disappears, the kids and the town shaman, Renado, are 
waiting for you. They are glad to see you. They say they were in one big dream 
that they couldn’t wake up from. Renado explains that the Gorons of Death 
Mountain have changed violently and suddenly. He wants you to check on them. 
Before we check on them, we are going to get a few things. Go to the Graveyard 
which is to the east.
To the very east next to the stairs are two lanterns. Light them to make a 
chest appear with a Purple Rupee (50). Now climb the stairs and next to the 
north tree is a Golden Bug. Pick it up to have the MALE ANT. Now head back to 
Go to the middle house on the east side of town. Inside is another Golden Bug. 
Pick it up to have the FEMALE ANT. Now we can continue to Death Mountain.
Climb up the barred wall and the Goron will spot you. He will then roll at you. 
Press A and try to grab him, but he is too strong, and he knocks you down. Now 
exit back to Kakariko Village.
Renado is there to meet you as you come out. He tells you that Mayor Bo once 
conquered the Gorons with a special technique. He says to go and ask him. Make 
your way south, then your faithful steed comes running from the north with two 
Bulbins on it. Epona knocks them off and you get on her. To take control of 
her, move the control stick in the direction indicated on the bottom of the 
screen, and when it says, “A Seize,” press A to regain control. Now continue 
south back towards Ordon.
Jump over the fence straight ahead of you, then the Postman comes trotting 
towards you. He gives you a LETTER from Ooccoo. Read it from the Collection Sub-
screen. Now before you cross the bridge, go to the very south corner to a tree 
where there is a Golden Bug. Pick it up to have the FEMALE PILL BUG. Now you 
can cross the bridge. Right after you cross the bridge, stop to see another 
Golden Bug. Pick it up to have the MALE PILL BUG. Now before you go any 
farther, go north some and look east over the gorge. There is a rock jutting 
from the gorge. Use your boomerang to get the Piece of Heart on top of the 
large rock. You got a PIECE OF HEART. You collected five and a new Heart 
Container! Now continue south.
Now follow the path back south to the Faron Woods.
Just follow the path south past Coro and the Faron Spring back to the Ordon 
Province. Cross the bridge and stop in front of the Ordon Spring. Go inside and 
take a left to see the White Wolf. Go towards it to be warped to the snowy 
plain again where the skull-man is. Say “yes” when he asks you if you want 
learn the next skill. First show him how you can use the Final Blow. After that 
he continues to teach you the Shield Attack! “Let it be hewn into your mind!” 
To do it, L-Target him and press R next to him to strike him with your shield. 
This stuns him. Now hit him with your sword. Yes! You learned HIDDEN SKILL #2- 
THE SHIELD ATTACK. Now exit the spring and continue south to Ordon Village.
Now go to the main part of the village and make your way to Mayor Bo’s house. 
He stops you and lets you in his house. He asks about children and, of course, 
his girl, Ilia. He tells him the news and then he tells you about Sumo 
Wrestling. This is what the Gorons do to test strength. He’ll tell you the 
secret as long as you promise to tell no one! He takes you to the back room and 
tells you to wrestle him. Here is how you do it: Press B to slap him then press 
A to grab him and push him towards the edge of the arena. When he tries to slap 
you, move the control stick left or right to dodge it then slap him. The first 
one to be knocked off the arena is the winner. Defeat him twice for him to 
reveal his secret. He put it in a chest. Open the chest for the IRON BOOTS! 
Yes! This makes sense! Now exit out his house and go south to Ordon Ranch.
Talk to Fado and he asks you to help him round up the goats. Agree to do it. 
You have twenty goats to round up. Do it quickly and you will be rewarded with 
a PIECE OF HEART. Collect four more to collect another Heart Container. Now 
exit out and go back to Kakariko Village the same way you came from.
Before you get there, there is a cut scene showing a large Bulbin (King Bulbin) 
and several other Bulbins charging at the kids. Beth, in a daze, just stands 
there. Knowing there is nothing much to do, Colin pushes her out of the way. 
King Bulbin kidnaps him and takes him north. You then come running in. You 
follow him north. Use your horse to jump over the fence to Hyrule Field East.
King Bulbin is waiting for you. After the scenes, charge at him. The idea is to 
knock all of his armor off, but several Bulbins riding boars will be shooting 
at you with arrows, so defeat some of them, then follow King Bulbin. Get as 
close to him as possible, then swing your sword at him. When all the armor is 
off, he jumps over a wooden fence and onto the Eldin Bridge. You follow him 
still. A Bulbin shoots a fire arrow at the fences. There is no escape! Charge 
at him then dodge him when you are near him, but while you dodge, swing your 
sword at him. If you hit him, repeat once more to knock him off the bridge. You 
did it! You saved Colin!
Renado says he will take care of the children for you in Kakariko. After the 
cut scene, go to the west of the village to the first house. This place will 
have pictures of Malo all over it. You will walk in to see Malo running the 
shop. Buy the Hylian Shield that is for sale for 200 rupees. This is very 
helpful for the coming fire dungeon. You got the HYLIAN SHIELD. This shield is 
metal and won’t burn. Now get on Epona and go the Hyrule Field you were just 
When you enter the field, the postman comes running at you. He gives you 
another LETTER. This letter is from Kakariko Goods, the store Malo now owns. 
Now near where your at is a Golden Bug. You can see it hopping around in the 
field. Pick it up to get the MALE GRASSHOPPER. Now journey to the northwest 
part of the field to find another hopping bug. Pick it up for the FEMALE 
GRASSHOPPER. Now go over to the Bridge of Eldin. The first arch way has a 
Golden Bug on it. Use your boomerang to get it off the wall and pick it up with 
A. You got the MALE PHASMID. Now continue north of the bridge. There is a high 
ledge to the north with a Golden Bug on it. Use your boomerang to get it to 
you. Pick it up with A to get the FEMALE PHASMID. Now head back to Kakariko 
Now it is time to go to Death Mountain and meet the fierce Gorons and find the 
second Fused Shadow.
Climb the barred wall to the top and the Goron will spot you again. Put your 
Iron Boots on and this time press A and throw the Goron down. Continue down the 
path. Several more Gorons will come rolling, so when you see one, put on your 
Iron Boots and throw him down the path. Keep going to where you howled at the 
wind stone. This area is now filled with tons of Bulbin Archers so dodge 
incoming arrows or defeat them with your Slingshot. Now continue throwing down 
Gorons until you get to Death Mountain.
Like you probably experienced in the Twilight, huge, flaming boulders are 
crashing down. Dodge them until a humongous rock comes crashing down. Midna 
says that this must be the usual Death Mountain welcome. Now use the Shield 
Attack on the far right Goron to make him ball up. Climb on his back and he’ll 
launch you up. There is another Goron straight in front of you. Use him to 
launch up onto a metal pipeline. Jump off it down to an alley. More rolling 
Gorons will come after you, so just throw them down. Continue the path until 
you come to another Goron. Hit him with a Shield Attack and use him to propel 
up to another ledge with another Goron. Use this Goron to get to an even higher 
ledge. Smash the pots here for two hearts. Now enter the doorway. Once inside, 
put on your Iron Boots and walk forward. Six Gorons will start to charge at 
you, but one old Goron says to stop. You must wrestle the old man in order to 
enter their dungeon. Wrestle him just like you did with Bo. Warning: If you did 
not put your Iron Boots on when I told you, they will not be on when the match 
starts and Gor Coron will knock you down immediately. He is a lot easier than 
Bo. After you beat him, he asks you to free his tribe patriarch. They had to 
lock him up and that is why the mountain rages like it does. He tells the other 
two Gorons to move. They do revealing a doorway. Enter into the Goron Mines


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