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                           Red Dead Redemption
                             Undead Nightmare
                               by LoneGunN
Copyright 2011 LoneGunN

Table of contents

1. Main Story Missions
	1. Love in Times of Plague......................[M1]
        2. Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA...........[M2]
        3. Get Back in that Hole, Partner...............[M3]
        4. A Cure for Most of What Ails You.............[M4] 
        5. American Imperialism ........................[M5]
        6. Mother Superior Blues .......................[M6]
        7. A Civilized Man................ .............[M7] 
        8. On a Pale Horse..............................[M8]

2. Stranger Missions
        1. Birth of the Conservation Movement...........[S1]
        2. Paternal Pride...............................[S2] 
        3. Dinner for Two...............................[S3]
        4. Missing Souls................................[S4]
        5. Filth and Other Entertainment ...............[S5]
        6. Biographies and Lies.........................[S6]

3. Graveyard Sayings....................................[G1]
4. Mystery Girl.........................................[MG]
5. Legal/Thanks.........................................[LT]

|Characters                                                                   |
John.....John Marston is the Main Charater of the Game
Abigail..John Marston Wife 
Jack.....John and Abigail's Son
Harold...Harold MacDougal is professor studing Native Americans in Blackwater.
Seth.....Seth Briars is a crazy prospector who loves zombies.
West.....West Dickens is a tonic salesman\con-man who out to make a easy buck.
Mother....Mother Superior of the Las Hermanas Cruch.
M Girl....Is the Mystery Girl that you see in many of the cutscenes.
Bonnie....Bonnie MacFarlane is the owner of the MacFarlane Ranch.
Marshal...Marshal Leigh Johnson is a lawman from Armadillo
Moon......Herbert Moon is the owner of the general store in Armadillo
Millicent.Millicent Waterbury is missing girl from Fort Mercer.
Mackenna..D.s. Mackenna is a dreaming film maker.
Ricketts..Landon Ricketts is famous old gun slinger.

||Main Story Missions..                                                      ||

Love in Times of Plague                                                    [M1]

[Its dark and storming outside and John Marston is driving home]

Narrator: After mouth away. John Marston returned to his loved ones. While 
          trying to rebuild his ranch and win back the trust of his family.
          Marston awaits whatever life will throw at him. As he drives home
          one evening from an errand, he ponders whether a man can ever 
          escape his past. He is a man who is ready for anything. 
          Almost Anything.

[Inside Johns home Jake and Abigail are in the living room. Jack is reading
and Abigail is Sewing, Abigail Pricks herself]

Abigail: Ah Damn!

Jack: Mother

Abigail: Im sorry. I meant to say damn this awful son ive raised with his 
         highfalutin' ways and his shame that his mother swears like a sailor
         and sews like a blind man. Is that better, your lordship?

Jack: Much better, mother dearest

Abigail: Good Im so glad, my darling when you've finished your university 
         education and are far too good to even acknowledge my existence 
         when we pass on the street and you gently kick me aside, begging 
         old crone out of the way with your highly polished boot... well,
         think of me kindly at least, will you my son?

Jack: Ill try to, mother... I will think that woman i just kicked, that used
      to be my dear old potty-mouthed mom. Maybe i sould bother to kick her

Abigail: Dear boy. I am so proud of you. [Jack puts his feet on the couch] , Fathers home. Maybe, he can beat some sense into you.

John: Something funny's going on out there. Damn dogs gone crazy, and wolves
      howling and birds flying.

Abigail: Well, its just the storm, John.

John:	Maybe.. Uncle make it back yet?

Abigail: I thought he was with you, off drinking in the fields. Im mean 
         working, as you call it now.

[Somebody looking in the window form outside]

John: No. He went into town a few hours ago after we busted that hammer working
      out in the meadow.

Abigail: Well, he's probably holed up in some place of ill repute waiting for
         the passing of the storm.

John: 	I hope so.

[A bloody hand touches the window]

Abigail: Well, that old man can take care of himself.

John:	I know. Just a funny feeling i got.

Jake:	You gone psychic. pa?

John: 	Either that, or i ate something funny. Knowing your mother's cooking, 
        seem more likely

Abigail: Well, talking about food, who's ready for some poisoning?

John:	Me, my daling. I am starving! What you reading?

Jake: 	Just some book about monsters.

John: 	Tell me about it.

Jake:	Its kind of dumb.

John:	That should suit me just fine.

Jake: 	Well, its all about in ancient times how Aztec warriors worshipped the
        sun. But, during full moons. some of them worshipped the moon instead 
        and that upset the equilibrium of things. So anyways... what it 
        involves is.. there's this one guy and he goes out in search of food 
        for his family.

[John sits there looking at his son with pride as he tells his story]

Jake: And that leaves him all alone. So anyways, since there aint no cure, the
      brave man has to kill everybody, which is..

Abigail: Absolutely disgusting and completely unbelievable... its getting late. 
         I guess were not going to see Uncle 'til morning.

John: Come on then, Abigail. Jack, get yourself to bed boy. Try to get some 

Jack: Aint you worried about Uncle?

John: Sure, but he'll have to wait 'til morning, just like any other man would
      in his shoes. Night, son. Dont stay up reading too late.

[John and Abigail are sleeping in bed when the door to there bedroom opens, its

John: You okay old man? You dont look so good.

[John and Abigail jump out of bed. Uncle who is now a zombie trys to atack 

John: Whats the hell is wrong with you, you crazy old bastard?

[John hits him with a lamp]

Abigail: Where you going? Where you going?

John: To get my gun. God damn it?

[John rushes to get his gun form the shed, at the the same time Abigail runs 
from uncle, In the front yard, Uncle attacks her and bites her]

John: Uncle, you dumb son of a bitch, stop!

[John puts uncle out of his misery, Abigail lays there on the ground holding 

John: I cant believe i had to kill that poor bastard. I.. well, you okay 
      darling? You okay? Abigail? Abigail?

Abigail: I dont feel so great.

John: Jack get out here. Now!

Jack: Good lord! Whats happened? Momma.

John: Careful Boy!

Jake: Momma, [Abigail bites Jack] Ow Ow! Momma.

John: Just stay right there. The pair of you. Dont make me no widower now.

[John Runs to find a rope. Abigail and Jake are now full Zombies and are 
running towards John. John Hogties them both and puts them in the master 
bedroom. He bring them both some food]

John: I dont know what the hell has gotten into you sick crazy bastards or what
      Uncles done to you, But im going to get help. Stay calm. As calm as you 
      can seeing as both of you seemed to have gotten a little excited. 
      Probably just a fever. Jack, be kind to you mother. Abigail. teach the
      boy right from wrong. Both of you, stop biting chunks out of people. Be
      back soon as i can.

[John gets his clothes and boards up the house. On his way out a zombie comes 
near which he shots in the head]

John: Guess i best go find me a doctor in town.

Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA                                         [M2]

[When John gets to blackwater. The town is deserted with sign written on the 
walls, like God Save Us, The Dead have Risen, Were all Going to Hell. After 
searching, John Finds Harold MacDougal]

Harold: Mr. Marston,sir! Marston! Its me!

John: Professor. What are you doing here? I thought you went back to yale

Harold: I did, but I came back for another round of research. And now, all hell
        has quite literally broken loose

John: Whats is going on?

Harold: Well sir, Im a man of science. A man of great learning. A Thinker. A 
        wise man, and ill be honest with you, sir. I haven't got a fucking

John: Well, ain't that dandy.

Harold: What should we do?

John: Well, I suggest we try to find other survivors, band together and find a
      cure, or fight to the death trying.

Harold: Well, that sounds great and all, but i.. just peachy. But im not sure 
        that im not cut out for such shenanigans. I was thinking more that of
        finding a horse and riding back to the civilized north at the speed of 
        knots. Before writing a paper on the events  from the comfort of my 
        study. Im a scientist after all. Right? I mean, I.. I cant do much 
        science if im some blood shot dervish's lunch, can i? Much as i would

John: Your sense of duty is very impressive, Professor. Im going to search the
      back street for survivors.

Harold: No. perhaps staying with you would be safer. Could you just wait a sec
        here, would you please? Im going to wander down that lonely deserted 
        street and get my bag.

John: Wait you should stay with me, Professor. You havent got a gun.

Harold: Its okay. There's no need to worry. Everyones already dead. I left my
        stuff with Mr. Nastas.You remember him. Indian fellow. Dumb as bricks 
        but, a good sort.

John: Okay, well meet me in a couple of minutes

Harold: Affirmative, a couple of minutes.

[Harold is then attacked and killed by the Undead Mr. Nastas.]

[John searches the backstreets and he hears crying form the back of a store]

John: Anyone Here? Hello? Anyone here?

Girl: In here, mister.

John: Come out, it's okay. Come out. I don't bite. Bad joke. I mean, come out.

Girl: They got my family, mister.

John: And mine, I fear.

Girl: I saw my momma rip my daddy's face off and drink his blood. And they was
      happily married twenty years.

John: Im sorry.

Girl: And we was so glad to see my momma, because she's been dead for 3 years
      from the smallpox.

John: Your momma was dead?

Girl: And i saw her walk up on to the porch then boom! She ate my daddy. He 
      weren't, he weren't a bad man, mister. He weren't. Sure, he liked a 
      drink, but he weren't bad. And sure, he liked the company of women, 
      but he weren't bad, mister he weren't.

John: No one deserves to have their blood drunk.

Girl: I mean, he knew how to use his fist, and if a woman spoke out her place.
      He reminded her of it and everything, and when my momma was dying. People
      said he was lying with her sister, but that weren't true mister. It 

John: But you said your mother was dead.

Girl: Her and Mister Braithwaite. Hes been dead a year, and then yesterday he 
      walked up that street eating dogs, and he loves animals. All the dead 
      folk have come back to life mister, only they aint happy. Funny kind of

John: All the dead folk?

Girl: All the folk buried at the cemetery over by the churchyard.

John: My god. Im going to go have a look. You want to come?

Girl: No, I already seen my momma. I dont need to see anymore of my relatives. 
      Here mister, take this. If you can burn them, maybe you can put their put
      their souls to rest. [She gives him a torch] And mister, if you see my 
      uncle Mordecai, burn him! Burn him real good ya hear!.

[John cleans the graveyard and continues to search. As John searches some more
 he finds a family on top of a building.]

John: You folks okay?

Woman: Just fantastic. I just saw my daughter get eaten by some creature sent 
       straight form hell. Thanks for asking.

John: Im kind of sorry i did.

Man: Sorry, mister. Forgive my wife. We've suffered terribly.

John: Whats going on?

Woman: Its the government's fault!

John: Ain't it always?

Woman: Well, they let in too many foreigners. Just shut the god damn border, 
       or things like this happens. My daughter was just some satanic demon's
       lunch because of the god damn government! And I pay my taxes... usually.

John: I think we may be moving a little off topic here. I ain't a wise man, 
      but i have done a little traveling. These creatures ain't like any 
      foreigners ive ever seen.

Woman: Thanks for the input, cowpoke. I got flesh eating monsters feasting on
       my family and im taking advice about tolerance from a gun slinger. What
       in the world has my life come to? And, my daddy told me i never should 
       have gotten married. This is all your fault, you useless man.

Man: Not now, Doreen. Not this again. Your daddy was a bully and a drunk.

Woman: Well, you aint no kinda man.

John: Listen, im sorry to interrupt your happy remminisces, is there anything
      i can do to help? You got any idea of how we can survive?

Woman: Well, you could try shooting them creatures, you dumb fool.

John: Ma'am. Its been a real pleasure. Sir, you're a man of great patience.


Woman: See that man isnt hiding away like a little girl that wet herself.

Man: I thought we agreed to stick together.

Woman: So we're just gonna to stay up til we either starve or have to eat 
       each other?

Man: What do you want me to do? I ain't God.

Woman: Hah! That surely you aint. You're as useless as a four card flush. Ahh 
       God! I should have married Burt Sackett when i had the chance.

Man: Not this again. Maybe you should've. Burts the right kinda feller to have 
     around when you have to start eatin' each other. That for sure.

[As John searches some more. He finds more survivors]

Man: Hay, you one of them, Mister?

John: Do i look like one of them?

Man: Dont come no closer. We made that mistake before and lost half our 

John: I ain't one of them, you fool.

Man: Well how do i know?

John: They can't speak.

Man: I ain't taking no chances

Lucille: Kill him. He's one of them.

John: No, I ain't.

Archibald: Don't take no chances, Silas.

John: Have it your way alright listen, I aint coming no closer. 
      You know whats going on?

Lucille: Its the glass eye. The freak with the glass eye. He caused this.

Archibald : No, it's the snake oil man. These poor folks have been drugged.

Connie: I blame the Mexicans! They haven't been struck down.

Man: Alright, we've heard alot of stories, mister. Some say its the moon. Some
      say its drugs. Hay, don't come no closer, now. Stand back. Apparently its
      worse in New Austin. Must be where it came from.

John: Then, it looks like im headed down to New Austin. Did one of you say,
      snake oil?

Lucille: Its the glass eye!

Connie: I blame the Mexicans!

Lucille: Connie MacTavish, you dont know nothing, you always was an ignorant
         shrew. I bet your husband's glad he's dead.

Connie: Well, at least my husband never took favors from the star gazers,
        Lucille Billingsgate.

Lucille: You say you're sorry, you hillbilly white trash.

Man: Yeah, How we going to rebuild America like this? See, i thought we had it
      all decided. We was gonna be kind and gental and pay homage to our leader
      who happens to be me.

John: Sounds like you folks have this all worked out. Have yourself a fine 
      America, and good luck.

Archibald: We never had that decided, We decided we would hold elections and i
           would be leader.

Man: You cant even read!

Archibald: I got gravity... I mean gravy... I mean folk respect me.. I am the 
           new king, Archibald Andrews. Me. now pay homage.

[Then suddenly a zombie attacks Lucille form behinded and kills her]

Get Back in that Hole, Partner                                             [M3]

[John travels to Old Bacchus Place where he finds Seth playing cards]

John: Seth.. Seth.. you okay? Whats going on?

Seth: Oh, hey there John. Fancy a game of cards?

John: Not right this minutes.

Seth: You remember Moses, John?

John: He's, hes a..

[Moses is a zombie playing cards with Seth]

Seth: He's a darn sight more loyal now then he was before. Come here, boy, Come
      on. Come here, boy.

John: What are you doing?

Seth: We were boyhood friends, John. Moses is having a tough time right now, 
      Ain't ya, pal?

John: Whats going on?

Seth: We're playing cards. Relax. Sit down.

John: I mean with the undead walking the face of the earth, you crazy dumb 

Seth: That ain't nothing.

John: Ain't nothing? I seen husbands eatin' wives, mother eatin' sons. graves
      poppin open and the undead rising up. It sure as shit IS something.

Seth: Oh, boo hoo. Big tough John Marston is scared of a little undead creature
      walking around. Moses wouldn't hurt a fly. Would you, darling? Besides,
      this ain't nothing new.

John: Folks in Blackwater blame it on that glass eye you found.

Seth: Folks! Folks! Folks! Damn them folks, John Marston. Damn them. And Damn 
      you. Get him. Get him, Moses. Get Him.

John: After all Ive done for you, Seth, and I thought loyalty was important to

Seth: You can't hurt me. Moses, get him. Go.

John: Yeah, Get me, Moses. Looks like your dog's lost his bite, Seth. Now what
      the hell's going on?

Seth: The dead are risen, and a virulent plague is turning people into flesh 
      eatin' crazies. What the hell do you think's going on, genius?

John: But why?

Seth: But why, why, why. Why not? Why not? Why the hell not?

John: Cause it ain't natural.

Seth: Who made you Mother Nature and Mother Superior, all at the same time? Who
      made you, John Marston? Same as made me, same as made Moses.

John: Is there a cure?

Seth: These things tend to fade away, now. If you want to get rid of it. you 
      should go clear the graveyards. Either that or stop worrying and become
      one of them. Now, if you'll excuse us. We got good times to remember.
      Happy times.

John: Okay, See you soon then, Seth.

[Moses drops his cards]

Seth: Come on, Moses. Its your deal. Diamonds are trumps. C'mon.

[When john get back after clearing grave yards, he finds that Seth is having a
party with his undead friends.]

John: Well, Seth, sorry to interrupt your party.

Seth: Hay John, come join us, we're having a jig. John, have you met Mary Lou?
      What about Francine?

John: I did as you asked and cleared out the rest of the graveyards. Dosn't 
      seem to have done much good.

Seth: Good? Good? Good? Is that good? Are you good?

John: Stop with your nonsense, you annoying fool. Whats going on?

Seth: The world is turning, John Marston, and the moon with it. Day follows
      night and hate follows love.

[John pulls out his gun]

John: Okay, you asked for it, Seth. You either stop dancing and start talking.
      or parpare to join Moses and the rest of these freaks.

Seth: Are you constipated, John? You look angry. You get constipated when 
      you're angry. Yes you do...

John: Im warning you, Seth.

Seth: Oh, Im warning you, Seth. Im warning you. Dont play with the undead Seth.
      Dont chase trasure. Dont waste your time searching for treasure and 
      discover only a glass eye.. Glass eye. Well warn all you want, cowboy.
      [Seth eats the glass eye] Well, that's a load off my mind... Why didnt
      i think of that before? Hey John, Well, how are you? Would you like a
      drink? We've got blood and mucus Surprise! C'mon.

John: Seth, what is going on?

Seth: Aztecs.. or Incas... Or it dosnt really matter. Its all the same. Once 
      every two hundred years, the land is doomed, Thats why we love it. 
      Mexico! Mexico, John. Mary Lou, may i have the honor?

John: You're a sick man.

A Cure for Most of What Ails You                                           [M4]

[John travels to Fort Mercer where he meets West Dickens.]

Man: Hey, someone's out there. He ain't one of them... open the gate.

John: Howdy, Mr.

[An injured girl is being lead by a man]

Man: You gona be okay.

West: Step right up, step right up! Dont be shy now, dont be shy. Nature 
      confounds us. Thats the truth sir. Thats the truth. West Dickens patented
      tonic. the only 100% original, 200% guaranteed cure against the undead 
      stalking this earth. It not only bring health and fitness to the sick and
      needy, it repels the undead and saves souls. Its a natural miracle, and 
      its available now, here at the low, low price of only 100 solid gold 
      coins. That sounds expensive, but, what price eternal damnation? You Sir.
      You look healthy, would you like to give it a try?

John: Me sir?

West: Yes sir. Would you care to demonstrate the undead defeating possibilities
      of this patented elixir?

John: No sir, I would not. What i would like is for you to stop peddling this 
      nonsence right now. 100 gold coins?

West: Well, what price would you pay for survival?

[John pulls out his gun]

John: You tell me, Mr. West Dickens. You tell me.

West: Well, since you put it that way. why dont all you chaps all take one for
      free now and if you like it, when you like it. You'll know where to find
      me. You wont find any undead around me. Take it. Enjoy. Thanks a lot, 

John: These people have lost their families.. they've lost everything...

West: Well, that's not my fault. Im just trying to make an honest living here.

John: No, you're not.

West: Well, okay, but can i help it if demand is high?

John: High?

West: Im offering the people hope, John, thats a precious commodity, the tonic
      really works. These poor awful undead creatures cant stand it. Come here,
      take a look.

[John looks through a spyglass, he watches a man drinking the tonic. Only later
 to be eaten by zombies.]

John: Works like a charm...

West: Well... that wasn't quite what i expacted.

John: That stuff is like catnip to those bastards.

West: Well.. I need more desert sage and violet snowdrop... and then i know I
      can cure this foul plague.

John: Okay, Back to doing your dirty work am I?

West: Now don't be like that. Don't you remember the good times? Please.. Im an
      old man.. alright... here take it. maybe you can use it to attract some 
      of them...

John: Okay, ill see what i can do, and thanks. Sure this will come in real 
      handy. in case i want to meet some new and intresting friends

[Later after john finds the plants, John findes West Dickens on the side of the
 road. On top of his wagon. trying to shew away a zombie.]


John: Another satisfied customer, Mr. West Dickens?

West: Hello, John. Poor fellow can't get enough.

John: As I see.

West: Get rid of him, would you?

John: Why

West: Well, because we're old friends? Because, we'll team up and  fight the 
      forces of darkness together?

John: No.

West: Because, Ive got something you want? Trust me, you cynical bastard.

[John shoots the zombie]

West: Thank you, dear boy. Thank you. Did you get the stuff?

John: Of course.

West: Excellent! Wait just a minute.

[West goes to the back wagon to tinker, while John waits]

West: Here you go. These should help. If I've got my mathematics correct. 
      they'll blow the buggers apart.

John: And, if you've got your sums wrong?

West: Oh, ye of little faith. Now listen John, you're going to need some more
      serious weaponry. Ive got a plan. But, you need to pick up some old parts
      at Riley's Charge.

John: Another shopping trip?

West: Well, excuse me if my efforts at salvation are interrupting your busy
      social calender, John. Im only trying to help because..

John: Because we're old friends. I know. You better not be wasting my time.

West: Me? Never. Perish the thought.

[After John gets the supplies, John finds West hiding under his wagon at 
Benedict Point]

John: West Dickens? Nigel? Where are you old man?  You better not have gotten 
      killed you.

West: Under here.

John: Get out here.

West: Are you alone?

John: No, I brought the great massed hordes of the undead with me.  Of course 
      im alone.

West: Its not the undead Im worried about, dear boy. I kind of like them. Its 
      the normal people i cant stand.

John: What's Happened?

West: Dont be like that. I haven't done anything, or stolen anything, or even 
      lied, That much.

John: Then what.

West: A bunch of people just chased me out of town. They blame me for 
      everything thats happened. I tell you John Marston. Ive been selling help
      tonics for years. From here to Timbuktu and never once has there been a 
      demonic blood lust, or undead rising up. Its preposterous.

John: Okay

West: No, they want to hang me, ME! An honest salesman! Can you believe that?

John: Snake oil merchant who cried wolf?

West: Well, something like that. Im headed south. Im headed down to Mexico. 
      I hear things are much better down there. Not to mention the climate, 
      and the nice locals, but also the merciful lack of cannibalistic morons
      with infectious eye diseases. Did you get the bits and bobs i requested.

John: Sure.

West: Excellent. Just a moment.

[West goes to searches in the back of his wagon]

West: Here you go.

John: I risked my for this? A Blunderbuss? Is this a joke? What is this? 1850?

West: Oh, ye of such little faith. You've been hanging around cattle and 
      killers too long. You've got the compassion of a mass murderer and 
      the intellect of a cowpattie.

John: Ill stick your faith and this gun where the sun dont shine.

West: This is the weapon of choice for demonic horde killers everywhere. From
      Romania to Edinburgh and all the other places the undead roam. You can
      put pretty much anything into it and blow a bunch of the buggers away in
      one go. Makes you rifle look like a pea shooter.

John: You better not be lying to me.

West: Would i lie to you, John? To others, I admit the occasional sin of 
      omission. but to you, never dear boy. Now, Im a heading down to Mexico. 
      Is there any chance that i will see you there?

John: We shall see.

West: Well, if you're interested. I should be at Solomon's Folly in a few days. 
      trying to figure out a way to get in. I hear the border is not as open
      as it used to be. Ta ta.

[West drives off]

American Imperialism                                                       [M5]

[West is siting near a fireplace in Solomon's Folly When John shows up.]

West: Ah, Mr Marston...

John: What's going on? You got a passage into Mexico?

West: For me, no. But for you, maybe. It all depends on your relationship with
      good old Uncle Samuel.

John: What are you talking about?

West: Well... the border is indeed closed. But the army is sending a train down
      there. Now, whether its to help the Mexicans there, or to escape the
      problems here, i have no idea.

John: But i thought things were better in Mexico.

West: Well, better or worse, certainly different.

John: So why am i going and not you?

West: Well that's a matter of age, dear boy... The army dont have many recruits
      with quite my level of experience.

John: So?

West: So, you are on your own... There's a train at Benedict Point and its 
      leaving. Soon, once they've got all the soldiers rounded up.

John: Okay

West: And your venerable friend here has done some more help.. Ive found some
      less then happy campers who have given up on glory and abandoned Uncle 
      Sam's ranks. They are hiding out at Scratching Post. One of them might 
      give you a uniform.

John: Okay, And what about you?

West: Baghdad, dear boy, well, either that or Fort Mercer. Or perhaps its time
      to meet my maker, with drool coming out of my mouth and a lust for human

John: You take care of yourself...

West: I always do, dear boy, I always do.

[West walks off into the sunset, John goes sit by the fire]

[John goes Scratching Post and fight off some zombies. After the attack join 
talks to the leader of the deserters.]

Man: Thanks for helping out. They came out of nowhere

John: Any time, partner. Say do you fellers have a spare uniform?

Man: what the hell for?

John: My family's in trouble and i need to get over the border. I hear there's
      an army train goin' that way.

Man: Sure, what do i care any more? You earned it. There should be one in the 
     chest by the tent. Help yourself.

[John finds the uniform and puts it on.]

John: Thanks, I feel like such a noble patriot.

[When John gets to the train its under attack by zombies]

Captain: I said to hold the perimeter

Man: Help! Help men!

Captain: Get the back side, Get the back.. C' the back. Conserve your

[John takes out the rest of the zombie]

Captain: You did real good soldier.

John: Basic training was very thorough.

Captain: Well, that good. These degenerates are only good at whoring and
         drinking. Lets roll out!

Captain: Keep your eyes skinned for any more of those nightmarish fiends!

John: Is this train headed for Mexico?

Captain: God willin'

John: What's the army going there for?

Captain: Officially to help our Latin brethren in there time of need.
         Unofficially to get the hell out of here before things get even worse.
         See what we can steal down there. always one step ahead ain't we. 

Captain: So what am i dealing with here? Are you a deserter?

John: Not exactly, sir. I got split up form my unit.

Captain: which regiment?

John: Im stationed up in West Elizabeth.

Captain: Where you involved in that Van Der Linde operation?

John: I did my part. Just kept my head down and followed orders, you know how 
      it is. Thing was a bloody mess.

Captain: They're still coming!

[The train is then attack by zombies again.]

Captain: Roadblock! [Train Stops] Alright, everyone of you clowns get down and
         get the debris off the track. Lets go, let go! Come on soldier.. move,
         move. Alright, make Uncle Sam proud solders c'mon.. Clear the tracks 
         quickly, lets go. [Zombies are nearing] C'mon, we ain't got all day. 
         Quick, Quick, Quick.[Zombies are even closer] Fight! Fight! Fight! Get
         back here and fight. What are you? Yellow? Look out! There's more of 

[John kills the rest of the zombies. The captain and his men run away.]

John: Only one way im gettin' into Mexico.

[John Releases the brakes on the train and crash through the road block. In the
distance John can see a second bigger barricade. John braces for the impact. 
the train crashes through and the train stops. John is now in mexico.]

Mother Superior Blues                                                      [M6]

[John heads to Las Hermanas. Only to find a Woman being attacked by a zombie.
The woman manages to push the zombie away. She finds a rifle near by and shoots
the zombie in the head.]

John: You okay, sister?

Mother: Well, Im alive, senor. Although come to think of it. I just committed a
        mortal sin.

John: Claim self defense. It always works for me.

Mother: Yes, Well, I fear my judges may be a little more stringent then yours.
        But i appreciate the advice. Unfortunately, many of my nuns are not so
        resourceful as you or I. Their innocence will kill them, which is truly
        a terrifying reality.

John: I would not know.

Mother: I think maybe you would. but let us leave the psychotherapy and focus
        on more pressing matters. They are locked in the church, while the 
        hordes of these half witted demons are trying to get to them.

John: It would be my pleasure.

Mother: You're a true Samaritan, sir. You know, they say the devil has all the 
        best tunes. It may be so, but it seems he also has the most half witted

John: So you know Bill Williamson then?

Mother: Excuse me?

John: Just a little joke. Ill do as best as i can to save the nuns.

[When John gets done saving the church. He returns to Mother outside who now 
has many of her sisters with her.]

John: Sister, Ive done as you asked.

Mother: Bless you, but its not sister. It's Mother Superior. Mother Superior 
        Calderon. Our bishop was a stickler for regulations. Until he got sick
        last week and ate half of the cathedral choir boys.

John: Im sorry.

Mother: I only mention it because my girls are laughing at you calling me 

John: What do you think is causing all this?

Mother: Mexico is an old country. Many faiths have lived and died here. Many
        evil spirits have flourished. I have no idea what is afflicting the 
        people here, but i know it is a sickness of the soul. Something 
        supernatural. maybe, certainly nothing rational. Perhaps, if you were
        to get me a live one of these creatures. We could try a couple of 

John: Certainly.

Mother: Get me a new one. One who was recently human. I want to work with a 
        subject who has only recently turned.

John: I'll see what i can find for you.

Mother: Gracias Senor. Shh, Cayense, No puedo que creer como se portan.

[After capturing a fresh Zombie, He returns to the church. He puts the zombie
 on the Church floor]

John: Mother Superior, I think i have a test case for you.

Mother: Senor Marston, you are a ture pilgrim.

John: That, I ain't.

Mother: Now, let's see... It certainly isn't the flu. Their eye are so devoid
        of love. Of anything. A lively one i see.. Here 

[She starts pouring water on the zombie]

John: What is that?

Mother: Holly water. I think we may have something.

John: It seems to be working.

Mother: Maybe. Maybe not.

John: Bat it seemed as if he were nearly saved.

Mother: Spiritual infections are confusing things, Senor Marston. None of us 
        can hope to understand them properly.

John: But he came back for a minute.

Mother: I blessed the water but, perhaps my faith is not that strong. I have to
        do more thinking, but I need time. Everyday, more of my people fall and
        the dead rise in Sepulcro.

John: The Perhaps its time i put them to rest.

Mother: Take the holy water. Maybe it will be a calming bond for the restless

John: Thank you.

Mother: No, thank you. You are a blessing in an unusual form.

[John cleans the graveyard of Sepulcro and Returns to Las Hermana]

A Civilized Man                                                            [M7]

[As John walks into the Church. He sees a familiar girl]

Mother: Ay, que bueno. Senor Marston, how wonderful to see you alive.

John: I think Ive cleared Sepulcro.

Mother: You're a brave servant of rightousness.

John: Ive been called many things in my time, but never that. Who is that girl,
      by the way?

Mother: She? I dont't know...she said she was in a holy order in Escalera.

John: Im sure i keep seeing her, or someone like her.

Mother: Maybe, but it is a common enough look. Seemed like a nice girl. She
        told me something interesting.

John: What's that?

Mother: She blamed this terrible curse on our soon to be President, Abraham 
        Rayes. Perhaps you have heard of him?

John: Heard of him? I know him well.

Mother: I hope that vain, ambitious and repugnant parasite is no friend of 

John: Not exactly.. I didn't... I didnt think he was that bad.

Mother: And who am i to judge? Forgive me. I have just heard many unpleasant 
        stories and met too many pregnant and abandoned girls.

John: Of course, but what has he done?

Mother: She claimed he had angered an ancient goddess. disturbed a crypt and 
        a temple in her honor. I mean, as i say it, it sound like heresy, like
        the idiotic delusions of a cursed people. but in a land suck as this,
        I have learned to be less dogmatic then maybe i have been instructed.
        I am sure it is just folly.

John: Maybe it's time i go pay El Presidente a visit anyway.

Mother: I shall pray for you.

John: Someone certainly needs to, Goodbye, Mother Superior.

Mother: Vaya con Dios, hijo mio.

[John rides to Escalera. Where he finds a woman crying siting on the stairs.]

John: Senora... donde.. donde is Abraham Reyes?

[She points to the top of the stairs. John can hear yelling from the door.]

John: Reyes?

[John finds Reyes as a zombie chasing the mystery girl around the table.]

John: Stop that now, Abraham. Come on, stop that.

[John then kills Reyes]

John: He always did have a way with the ladies. It's okay, he's dead.

M Girl: Thank you, senor.

John: You'll be okay.

M Girl: Im glad you think so, but i fear i won't. None of us will. We are all
        doomed. Because of him.

John: Him? He wasn't a great guy, but i'm afraid you're giving him a little too
      much credit. my dear. Haven't i seen you before?

M Girl: No. He, he, he caused this with his greed and lust for power. He heard
        an ancient myth and tested it. It caused all of these terrible things.
        His vanity overwhelmed us all.

John: What the hell are you talking about? Where have i seen you?

M Girl: A Mi? I have a common enough face. Im from here. He disturbed the royal
        burial ground that lie underneath the town. He heard there was a mask
        hidden there that would make him invincible...

John: I've heard this blamed on Mexicans, Jewish people, freed slaves, the 
      federal govenment, immigrants, the bad weather, now this? What's wrong
      with you people?

M Girl: Its true. Look in that chest. He has a sacred mask. That is where this
        plague came from. Him and his awful lust for power.

[John opens the box to find a mask]

John: Where did you say the crypt was?

M Girl: Near the bullfighting ring, behind the villa.

John: Well, I guess its worth a shot.

[John and the Mystery Girl start heading toward the crypt]

M Girl: The mask must be returned to its owner.

John: Wait here, it might be dangerous.

M Girl: You need me. I know what needs to be done.

John: I sure hope you're right.

M Girl: The animals have also suffered. The thread that connects all has been
        desecrated. The entrance is by the bullfighting ring.

John: I always told my son. Never go into dark places with strangers. Damn, 
      Look at their eyes

M Girl: The fire of their discontent burns brightly.

John: Why aren't they attacking you? You really are a strange girl.

M Girl: You must act now, look inside yourself. Can a bad man have a good 
        soul? Do not underestimate the power of the mind. Many of these died 
        in a great battle on this very site.

John: No wonder they don't seem to like me.

M Girl: Sometimes we must remember in order to forget.

John: This dont look like anythin' nice.

M Girl: Our enemies are a reflection of ourselves. Some of them worshipped the
        moon and the brave man has to kill everyone.

John: Abraham, what the hell have you done here?

M Girl: Our history can never be silence. Fear is all in the mind. Sometimes we
        must remember in order to forget.

[Finally they find the crypt, When they get there the door shut behinds them.
 After John Kills a few more Zombies.]

John: Christ, that was close. Good thing i got down here when i did

M Girl: This is not the time for your half hidden vanity. Now come, Lets put an
 end to this.

M Girl: Return the Mask

John: Are you sure?

M Girl: Of course. Im Sure.

John: How do you know?

M Girl: My name is Ayauhteotl

[John Places the mask on the alter.]

John: Ayauhteotl.

[John turns arounds. Ayauhteotl is gone.but her voice to come out of nowhere.]

Ayauhteotl: A horse is waiting for you.. You should return home.

On a Pale Horse                                                            [M8]

[John Comes home] 

Abigail: John? There you are. Hell, whenever trouble starts, I can pretty much
         guarantee you'll ride off into the sunset.

John: You feeling better?

Abigail: Yes, once that boy stopped trying to bite me, everything felt much 
         better. Im starving though

John: Jack?

Jack: Me? I only felt better once that mad look left your eye. Please, dad, 
      dont leave me here alone with that woman again.

Abigail: Excuse me?

John: Ill try not to, son.

Jack: Heard that before.

[John hugs Abigail and Jack]

Abigail: Well, let me fix us something to eat.

John: Please dont. Weve had enough dramatics for one day.

A few months later....

[Seth can be seen stealing the mask from the alter. Later, on a rainy day. On 
top of mount on beecher's hope. Lies John Marston. When all the sudden a hand
 shoots out of his grave. Its John Marstion the Undead.]

The End.

||Stranger Missions                                                          ||
Birth of the Conservation Movement                                         [S1]

[Somewhere in Tall Tree.]

Man: I got one, mister. Hey, I got one.

John: Got what, mister?

Man: A damn sasquatch. Filthy thing was gonna eat my dog. When this girl 
     hollered out and i shot the thing right through the heart. Boom Like that.

John: You feeling alright, mister? Ive seen a lot of strange things recently, 
      but no sasquatch running around here. Nor no place. They're made up.

Man: These's sasquatches every place, cowboy. They're nastier than your mother
     in law with a bad case of that virus. Down in Manzanita Post, they ate a 
     little girl.

John: Are you serious?

Man: Do i look like i'm joking? The hills are infested with them. Kill them. 
     Kill the bastards before they kill all of us. Kill them. Kill them. I aint
     afraid of you, you dumb hairy bastards.

[John hunts down 5 sasquatches. Untill he finds one sitting under a tree, 

Sasquatch: Shoot me, human. Shoot me.

John: Oh i will, you foul creature of the night.

Sasquatch: You'd be granting me peace.

John: Why is that? Keep you from eating more babies?

Sasquatch: What in the name, of all that's right, are you talking about human?

John: You eat babies. You have to, to survive. Everyone knows that, Ain't your

Sasquatch: We eat berries and mushrooms, you fool. Or we did. Now, none of us
           are left. Some maniac's been murdering us. I'm the last of my kind.
           We've lived in these hills a thousand years.

John: You eat babies.

Sasquatch: If you say so, human. My family is gone. My kind is gone. Shoot me.
           I cant take it anymore. Make it stop.

Paternal Pride                                                             [S2]

[Bonnie MacFarlane opens door to her house, rushes out and hugs John]

Bonnie: First Hell walks the earth, then you turn up... can my week get any

John: Nice to see you too, Miss Macfarlane.

Bonnie: I tought you'd be dead. I heard things were bad in West Elizabeth.

John: Sure, But it'll take more then an apocalypse to take me down.

Bonnie: What are you? A demon? Or a cockroach?

John: Both, I fear. How's your father?

Bonnie: Fine and dandy. He should be coming out of that barn any moment now...

John: What's he doing in the barn?

Bonnie: Daddy. John's here. Mr. Marston... you remember? That idiot bounty 

John: What was he doing in the barn?

Bonnie: Just rounding up the undead and keeping'em safe, so the rest of us can
        go about our business... he's a real man. He's probably playing around
        with them. Daddy, stop teasing me! Now come on, now.

John: How long has he been in there?

Bonnie: Not long, only since yesterday.

John: Yesterday? I better go have a look for him.

Bonnie: Would you, John? You are kind. Call out to me if you find anything...

John: Will do.

[John climbs the side of the barn and then kills all the zombies in barn]

John: Drew, are you in here?

[Drew comes up from behind some hey. Hes now a zombie and coming after John. 
John shoots Drew.]

John: Sorry Mirster Macfarlane, you were a good man.

[John goes to tell bonnie. But she seems to already know.]

Bonnie: Well, John, you always do bring sunshine to my life.

John: Im sorry about your father.

Bonnie: I'd like to say he died doing what he loved, but he never was one for
        eating folks, not slathering from the lips and howling at the moon...I
        guess I'll content myself with saying that he died protecting those he 

John: Indeed...

Bonnie: Well..

John: Take care of yourself, Bonnie.

Bonnie: You too, John.

[Bonnie walks into her house. John walks away.]

Dinner for Two                                                             [S3]

[In Armadillo, Marshal Leigh Johnson is watching a man being attacked by a 
zombie in a jail cell]

Man: Please! Please get him off me! Please get him off me!

Marshal: Come on. Let him go. Come on boy, think. Well, try to.

[As john walks in. The Marshal shoots both of them]

Marshal: Sorry boys, but ya didnt give me a whole lotta choice. Hello, John. 
         Welcome to paradise.

John: Hello, Marshal.

Marshal: Might have know you'd survive.

John: What's going on?

Marshal: Do i look like i commune with the undead?

John: Well, no.

Marshal: Well then, how would i know? My job is..

John: Take care of the folk who live here.

Marshal: You heard that one?

John: How's that going?

Marshal: How's that going? Well, let me put it to you this way. Cattle rustlin'
         and bank robbery are at an all time low. Murder, blood drinking, and
         psychotic episodes seem to be somewhat prevalent. Either that, or Im

John: That's what im hoping too.

Marshal: How was it getting in here?

John: It was crazy.

Marshal: They must be hiding again. They come in & then just disappear. Town's
         been nearly overrun a couple of times. Now we're low on ammunition and
         I'm two men down.

John: I'll help you clear the place out if you like?

Marshal: You're a good man, John Marston, but before that, Im going to need my 
         deputies back.

John: What happened to them two clowns you had before? Gone?

Marshal: Maybe, i sent Jonah off to look for Eli, They both been gone for 
         serveral hours now.

John: Who'd want to eat one of them?

Marshal: That's a good question.

John: Where'd you send them?

Marshal: Out near the general store. Jonah's got one of these new guns. I'm 
         sure he can't have run into any trouble. These things, they'd stop an

John: Thank you.

Marshal: No, Thank you. I'm sure you got your own troubles.

[John Walks to the general store, and talks to the owner, Herbert Moon]

John: Hey mister.

Moon: Hey part[ner]...

John: You seen a couple of deputies nearby? Marshal's boys, Jonah and Eli?

Moon: Are they Jews mister? They sound like Jews.

John: I dont know. Why?

Moon: Why? This whole thing is nothing but a Jewish plot. You do know that, 
      dont you?

John: I find that highly unlikely, amigo.

Moon: Well, I dont like Jews. Or colored folk. Or natives, now that you 
      mention it.

John: Well, you're a nice, kind hearted man to meet in a time of trouble.

Moon: Kind dose not come into it. 

John: Why? What are you talking about?

Moon: Why? I bet you like Catholics. I cant stand them neither.Nor women,
      Fabians, Socialists, homosexuals, Asians or British. Between them,
      They've ruined this country. Ruined It. It was a good country once. 
      Now, people are eating each other. & its all the fault of the Jewish
      British Catholic homosexual elite and their ideas. Well, i for one 
      wont stand for it.

John: Have you ever met a Jewish person?

Moon: Thankfully not.

John: Or a British Catholic homosexual?

Moon: Not in my store! Oh, i get it. I see you acting clever. Well, let me tell
      you this. The Jews killed Lincoln. That's why there is a triangle on the
      money. And they run Europe like one of them Arabian harems. Now they've
      sent this here plague to kill all us decent folk.

John: You, sir, are truly a remarkable fellow.

Moon: Thank you kindly.

John: I must say, its a rare pleasure to meet someone with such a grasp of 
      human history. You take care of yourself. I'd hate to see you get savaged
      by Someone and watch the life force drain from you hate filled body.

[John walks away, Moon picks up a box and follows]

Moon: Hey, hold on there. why don't you join me in my fight, sir? It's not too

John: I fear it is for me.

Moon: Then i will fight them alone. All of them! America is the land of the 
      free, and that means free to people like me. Herbert Moon!

John: Absolutely!

[Then Herbert is attack by zombie. John leaves him to his fate.]

Moon: You can't eat me. Im Herbert Moon.

[John then goes to the stables. Where he finds Jonah and Eli eating each other]

John: Hello boys. Marshal sent me, he need some help, Guess you got other 
      plans? Seriously, enjoy your meal. No problem. Easy now, gentlemen. 
      Remember all the fun times we had?

[Eli and Jonah then come after John. John kills them both. John then returns
 to the Marshal]

Marshal: Hello, John.

John: Hello, Marshal.

Marshal: So, you find the boys?

John: I found them.

Marshal: I understand. I hope it was fast for them.

John: It was fast and they died with their bellies full. Well, one of 'em did.

Marshal: Good.

John: There's Jonah's Gun.

Marshal: Here, you keep it. After all, you earned it.

John: Thank you.

Marshal: Take care of youself, John.

John: You too, Marshal.

Missing Souls                                                              [S4]

[In Fort Mercer. An amy captian is putting up a poster]

John: In a time of enormous crisis, I might have known the government would 
      have you boys doing the work of a common clerk.

Captain: Well, thank you for your input, citizen... I'm glad you find life
         so funny.

John: My pleasure...

Captain: Do you think this poor girl's family finds life quite so funny right

John: Family? I assumed she was a common killer..

Captain: She's a missing person... missing presumed dead, I guess, but you keep
         cracking them jokes.

John: Im sorry, mister. I guess i spoke a little out of turn.

Captain: I ain't the one you should be apologizing to.. just find the girl, 
         she's 15, Millicent Waterbury.

[John picks up the poster. when he gets to the girl he finds that Millicent is
 traped in a house surrounded by zombies]

Millicent: Please! Help me! Mister! Mister! Help me ! Help me!

John: Hey! Stop that, now!

[John kills all the zombies.]

Millicent: Oh my god, thank you! That was awful!

John: Are you Millicent?

Millicent: Yes!

John: Come on, you family's worried sick.

Millicent: Thank God you came along.

John: What were you doin' out here by yourself?

Millicent: We were so hungry. Even at the fort, there ain't enough to go round.
           I just wanted to find somethin' to eat.

John: Climb on, lets get you home.

Millicent: Whats you name, Mister.

John: John. John Marston.

Millicent: Ive heard that somewhere before. You from round here?

John: Ive spent some time down here. But i live in West Elizabeth. I have a 
      small farm up there. My wife and son. They've got this infection.

Millicent: Thats Terrible, Do you think theres a cure.

John: Sure hope so, because otherwise, I down want to think of the otherwise.

Millicent: Did you see them, clawin' at that house like a pack of wolves? It
           was like they could smell me in there.

John: No offense, miss but they could.

Millicent: Its horrific. Are they alive or dead?

John: Somewhere in between, I reckon.

Millicent: This sickness, it ain't like nothin' I've seen before.

John: You're Tellin' me.

Millicent: I mean, my Uncle Pete gets incoherent and mighty gropey form time to
           time and coughs up some bilious horrors of a morning, but never
           anythin' like this.

John: Im pretty sure whatever your Uncle Pete's got saloon-related. Now lets 
      try to get you back to whatever's left of your family in one piece. Here
      we are. I cant seem to get away from this place.

[John Returns to Fort Mercer, a guard opens the door, Millicent runs to her 

Millicent: Like i said, thank you. Good luck helping you family, Mr. Marston.

John: Thank you.

[Millicent walks away.]

Captain: Plenty more just like her, Mr. Comedian. We got a whole host of 
         missing folk.

Filth and Other Entertainment                                              [S5]

[In Plain View, John finds D.S. MacKenna (from "Lights, Camera, Action"). He 
seems to be framing a scene for his movie.]

John: You okay, Mr?

Mackenna: Mr. Marston, well i might have guessed you wouldn't 
          have got the lurgy yet.

John: Not yet. Im trying to help my family.

Mackenna: Yeah, quite the hobby of yours, that.

John: Sure. Listen, any idea what the hell is going on here?

Mackenna: No. But its brillant. Man turned against man! Kind-heartedd neighbors
          turned into savage flesh eating monsters. Do you see it? It'll make a
          fantastic movie.

John: Who would enjoy that?

Mackenna: What?

John: What kind of sick person would like that?

Mackenna: My kind sir! The lowest common denominator! My people.

John: You're gone, friend.

Mackenna: On the Contrary, sir. You mistunderstand me. Come now. you're a smart
          fellow. Allow me to illuminate. 

[Mackenna shows John a tied up zombie in a tent]

Mackenna: Listen Mr. Marston, what i need is one of those nasty buggers that
          spits poisonous snot on you. If in your travels you can find a spare
          one.. We can make movie picture history.

John: You're worse then they are.

Mackenna: Each to their own, Mr. Marston. But if you find the time.

[John walks away. Later when John returns with a Ratcher]

Mackenna: Mr. Marston... I see art has got the better of you.

John: Stupidity got the better of me, But i felt i should help an old friend.

Mackenna: I appreciate that, sir. Are you ready to watch the creation of magic?

John: If you say so...

Mackenna: Wonderful, let's put the star into his first scene.

[John lays the Ratcher next to the other zombie, D.S looks into his camrea]

Mackenna: Lovely Lovely. Oh, This looks great in frame. Movie making history, 
          my friend.

[Mackenna unties the zombies.]

Mackenna: There we are.. and ready, ready, ready I say, you're going to be 
          stars. Do something intresting, now. And action! Zombies 
          human flesh ..that's right... that's right.

[The zombies then attack Mackenna]

Mackenna: Help, Marston!

Biographies and Lies                                                       [S6]

[The scene starts with two zombie hooking up, apparently. Afterwords a man is 
being chase my another zombie.]

Man: Ahh, Dios Mio! You me repiento! me Repiento..

[All of the sudden a shot kills the zombie, It turns out to be Landon Ricketts
fired the shot.]

Ricketts: Do you think i like shooting women. you filthy whore mongering 

Man: Gracias senor que estaba viendo a mi tia esta media descupada.

Ricketts: Yeah, yeah. Get out of here. Go on! Go on, get!

Man: Andele, gracias.

John: Hello, Mr. Ricketts.

Ricketts: Hello John, i see you're enjoying another vacation in or little 

John: Something like that...

Ricketts: Well, we got sunshine, sand and a plague that makes people eat each
          other. Come to think of it, it must feel just like America to you.

John: What is going on? I thought things were calmer in Mexico.

Ricketts: This is calm. What's a little light cannibalism among friends? Excuse
          me. [Ricketts shoots something] So, how have you been?

John: Good... well, apart from my wife and son being tied up and trying to rip
      my soul clean out of my body, and the entire earth turning into hell.

Ricketts: Good... real good. You know, John, I have lived a long life. I've 
          seen this land when it was just wilderness and scrub. Ive seen 
          missionaries nailed to crosses by Shaman and burnt into just the 
          cinders of their misguided devotion. Ive seen slaves get set free 
          and return to a bondage even more confusing than the one they left
          behind. Ive seen diseases wipe out entire communities, in a weekend.
          Ive seen bad men make their own Valhalla out in the bush,with harems
          of maidens and the hunting of men as a sport. Ive seen men struggle
          with principles and morals and the very meaning of existence. Ive
          killed all that can be killed [Ricketts lights some Dynamite and 
          trows it into a room of zombies] But, I have never in all my 
          natural born days seen anything like this.

John: Nor me, sir.

Ricketts: Now, if we could only get something that would attract these 
          blighters. We could kill them faster and maybe return this land to
          its natural state.

John: Some kind of bait?

Ricketts: Exactly...

John: I think i might know how.

Ricketts: And more Dynamite. Im running pretty low.

John: Let me see what i can do..

Ricketts: Thank you John, and take care.

[Ricketts walks away, as a zombie come close to him, He shoots it and continues
 walking. When John Returns he finds Ricktetts in a lawn chair, drinking, 
smoking, and shooting zombies.]

John: Mr. Ricketts.

Ricketts: Hello sir. How've you been?

John: As you imagine...

Ricketts: Good. Did you get the dynamite?

John: Yes and the bait.

Ricketts: Let see.

[Ricketts takes the cork out of the bottle and puts dynamite there instead. He
trows it which attracts a zombie, When zombie is close enough. Ricketts shoots
the Dynamite. Killing the zombie.]

Ricketts: Wonderful! Here, let's work with that for a second... Now, this calls
          for a soft touch not the brutish hands of a man of war. But the
          delicate touch of an artist. Some use oil, some a chisel and a block
          of marble. For me, sir, it was always either high explosives or the
          trigger of a fine iron, but its much the same.

John: Sometimes your humility overwhelms me, Ricketts.

Ricketts: You and me both, Mr Marston. Now, if you'd have seen me when i was a
          young man. If you'd seen me, when i was so fast you couldn't see me..
          well, well, then you would know... this is humility. Truth is...... 
          well, truth is long dead. Now we've got only memories. Memories and 
          a great swath of demonic mutants, of course.

John: Have you heard anything?

Ricketts: I heard a man in Chicago was writing a biography of me and can you
          believe it? An artist in Pittsburgh painted my portrait.

John: I mean, the demonic hordes, not your own unending glory.

Ricketts: Oh, that? Nothing too intreseting. Someone said that there's some 
          really big problems near Escalera. But i can't concern myself too
          much with that. This is my home now. This and this up here.

John: Take care of yourself...

Ricketts: I Will.

John: I dont think getting savaged by some brainless corpse would do too much
      justice to your myth.

Ricketts: Yeah, I think you're teasing me, Mr. Marston.. But i thank you, and i
          appreciate your concern nonetheless.

End of Stranger missions.

||Graveyard Sayings                                                      [G1]||
|I put this in here for people who had no idea what the people in the s       |
|Graveyard Where Saying. Like me.                                             |

|Person  |Mordecai Robbard                                   |
|Place   |Black Water                                        |
|Saying  |Ain't you sweet, little lady.                      |
|Grave   |Exuberant, Family Man, Sorely Missed 1861-1908     |
|Relation|The Girls form the Shop's Uncle in Undead Nightmare|

|Person  |Jimmy Saint                                        |
|Place   |Tumbleweed                                         |
|Saying  |I'm gonna have the time of my life, sport!         |
|Grave   |Killed by Gunshot. 1911, A Humorist who            |
|        |Rarely Had The Last Laugh                          |
|Relation|The Man from RDR's"Funny Man"                      |

|Person  |Peter Turner                                       |
|Place   |Odd's Fellow's Rest                                |
|Saying  |You wanna dance with the devil? Well here I am!    |
|Grave   |Betrothed to Miss Alma Horlick,Killed by a Blow to |
|        |the Head on 1-15-1894                              |
|        |He Will Never Dance with Another                   |
|Relation|The Missing Man From RDR's "Let No Man Put Asunder"|

|Person  |Alma Horlick                                       |
|Place   |Coot's Chapel                                      |
|Saying  |This was meant to be my perfect day!               |
|Grave   |1911 Died Alone, Age 65 Years                      |
|        |The Truth Sets Us Free                             |
|Relation|The Woman From RDR's "Let No Man Put Asunder"      |

|Person  |Vincente De Santa                                  |
|Place   |Sepulcro                                           |
|Saying  | Mexico loves you, Mr. Marston                     |
|Grave   |Loving Man. Fierce Soldier (translated)            |
|        |1877-1911                                          |
|Relation|A Major Character in RDR's Mexico Missions.        |
|Mystery Girl                                                             [MG]|

The Mystery Gril towards the end of the game can be seen in several cutscene 
in the game. She with the Husband and Wife on top of the Building in Blackwater
and the People in Blackwater taking about Seth's glasseye. In these scene the 
other people take about zero notice of her. She also in the cutscene with the
hunter in "Birth of the Conservation Movement". She Wares clothing that not 
great for cold weather and again the Hunter dosnt seem take notice of her. But
he dose mention a girl.If he means her or someone else. Who knows. She also in
"Dinner for Two", you can see her outside of the Marshal office window. 
*spoiler* at the end of the game she reveal her self to be Ayauhtéotl. 
Ayauhtéotl was the Aztec goddess of vanity and fame. 

Legal/Thanks.                                                             [LT]
Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare & All characters and dialog belong to 
Rock Star Games and/or there repected copyright/trademark owners. 

If you want to host this document somewhere else. Go ahead i really dont care
as i dont have time to read emails. I only did this Gamescript. because i 
love Red Dead Redemption and Western Games in general. Not to mention nobody
had done one yet. I only ask you dont try to use it for commercial uses 
(i.e. Sell it).

I like to thank Red Dead Wiki for reference on Graveyard Saying and 
Mystery Girl.And Rock Star for making great games Like Undead nightmare.
Copyright 2011 LonegunN
Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Copyright 2010 Rockstar games.

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