Get Fierce Deity Mask and Beat Majora Easily - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition

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Get Fierce Deity Mask and Beat Majora Easily

Welcome to my guide. 
If you would like me to add something or if something is wrong, e-mail me at 
[email protected] 

Im BlackDeathGamer and im going to show you how to get the fierce deity mask 
and beat majora easily.

(note. You need all 22 masks, not including the transformation masks, to get 
Fierce Deity Mask.

Odolwa Kid- pretty straightforward here. Just turn into a deku and fly across 
the room dodging the spikes. There is a heart piece in this room.

Goht Kid- here it gets tricky. Turn into a goron, get as close as to the wall 
while aiming straight at the runway in front of you (be in 1st person mode 
while looking, makes it easier to align yourself). Start rolling and jump the 
gap and let go of the stick to make sure you bounce of the empty chest’s right 
and make the next jump. Repeat for the next chest’s but be careful here of the 
portals. After you clear the jumps that follow the 2 pairs of empty chest’s you 
will get to a shrine-like area that has 2 gossip stones and a portal. Ignore 
the portal and align yourself to the left of there. Roll like mad and make the 
jump to find the Goht kid.Theres a heart piece here too but its off the actual 
road and you while have to do the whole thing over.

Gyorg Kid- Turn into a zora and turn left at the first fork. Follow the stream 
ignoring the next fork and turn right after that. Congrats, only the twinmold 
kid left. There is a heart piece here too. Just turn right and stick right all 
the way and you should reach it.

Twinmold kid- Pretty much straightforward here. Just kill the enemies and use 
bombchu to blow up the cracked walls and reveal the eyes. Congratulations! You 
just made the 4 kids disappear. Heart piece here too, if you cant find it then 
theres nothing i can do.

Majora Kid- Now after the kids disappear go talk to majora. He will tell you 
some stuff and ask you if you want to play good guys and bad guys and then give 
you the fierce deity mask. 

Majoras Mask- just turn into Fierce Deity (or Oni Link) and slash away at 
majora with the magic balls he shoots from his sword.
Majoras Incarnation- Same as above but wait until he stops running around or 
shoot him with an arrow 1st. 

Majoras Wrath- Same as above. Just shoot at it with Fierce Deity’s magic and 
watch out for its whip.

Congratulations, You have beat Majora and gotten the Fierce Deity Mask.

If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me at [email protected]

Copyright 2007.

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