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	This does not include bayonet or rocket jumps. This is a collection of every
glitch (patched and no) that i have seen or found, most of these were not found
by me although a couple were.

1. Vocabulary
2. Patched glitches
3. Elevator glitches
4. Unpatched Other glitches
5. Nazi Zombies Proven Best strategy
	1. Vocabulary
Flag A: Where flag A would be in domination
Flag B: Where flag B would be in domination
Flag C: Where flag C would be in domination
Target A: Where target A would be in Search and Destroy
Target B: Where target B would be in Search and Destroy
****: Glitches I have found

	2. Patched Glitches
It may seem strange to put glitches that no longer work on this, but it's mostly
to remember how fun these glitches were, the joy of doing a glitch successfully,
and watching as those on the enemy team would get so pissed that they would send
you hate mail and cuss you out on the mic, even as they were doing a different
glitch. I miss those days, as I'm sure much of the world does. Luckily there are
still quite a few glitches that still work.

Under Roundhouse Map: Go to the lone garage door near flag B and face the mid
right part of the door. Start jumping toward it and up against it and you will
eventually go through it. Now crouch and go under the map. Dont stand up or you
will get stuck. Lie down and crawl over to the big pile of debris near the
roundhouse, then crouch again. This is the best place to camp. Other people on
the opposing team may try to do the glitch so i recommend placing betty's near
where you go under. You can still be killed by tanks and artillery. To get out,
just get in a tank.

Inside Rock on Makin: Go to the giant hill in Makin where target B is and face
the rock so your back is to the buildings. Go to the left corner of the rock and
start jumping into it and you will go inside. Crouch and you are vulnerable only
to well placed bazookas and artillery.

Inside Hut on Makin: Go to where there are stacks of barrels near a hut near the
left entrance to the hills. Jump on the barrels and jump onto the small ledge
that runs around the hut. Navigate the ledge without falling off until you come
to a window with a cloth. Stand in front of the window, turn around and lie
down, and back into the hut. Dont stand or you will get stuck.

Under Castle (1 of 2): There are 2 ways to get under the castle map. Go to the
wall near a pile of logs by Target A. Sprint back and forth along the wall until
you start to be able to see through it. Keep sprinting back and forth, never
going past the window, and you will be forced under the map.

Under Castle (2 of 2): Go to the bridge by the first way to do this glitch.
stand on the right edge if you are facing the castle. See the nearest hole in
the wall your facing? sprint and try to jump under that hole and into the wall
and you will be under the map.

Under Seelow: This is kind of stupid since you cant really go anywhere. Go to
the part of the map in between two buildings and two trucks on the left side
near the rock face. Jump into the rock face and keep jumping close to the truck
and you will get under the map, (sorry its hard to explain without pictures).

Patched Elevator Glitch on Roundhouse: Go on the catwalk where everybody camps
and snipes annoyingly. Go to the round part of that and get on the railing,
sprint and jump onto the closest pile of coal, move to the next one, sit in the
corner, crouch, then stand, and you will float up into the air. They moved the
pile of coal too far away to do this anymore.

Nazi Zombie Patched glitches (1 of 5[dont worry, one still works]): Go upstairs
and look for a little square board in a corner in the middle of the room. Sprint
and jump into that and lie down, and the zombies cant get to you.

Nazi Zombie Patched Glitches (2 of 5)****: This glitch got patched while I was
doing it for the first time, so it only worked for about 5 minutes. Go upstairs
and go to the pile of rubble in the corner. go all the way to the corner and lie
down, then turn around. If you are doing it, it should say "cant stand here"
there will be an invisible wall all over you.

Nazi Zombie Patched Glitches (3 of 5): In the room where you start go over by
the stairs. turn and face so your back is to the couch, sprint and jump and you
will either be on top of the little edge overlooking the stairs (the zombies can
still kill you) or inside an edge (should say Cant stand here, zombies cant kill

Nazi Zombie Patched Glitches (4 of 5) In the room where you start, go over by
the iron bars. turn and face the pillar directly in front of you, sprint around
that and jump into the half destroyed pillar behind it. You should be off the
ground and the zombies cant kill you.

Nazi Zombie Patched Glitches (5 of 5): Do the exact same thing for glitch 4 only
try and jump where the pillar meets the floor near the pile of rubble, and
immediately lie down. It should say Cant stand here, and the zo mbies cant kill
you unless they mass together and push eachother close to you.

	3. Elevator Glitches

Given their name because of how they work, elevator glitches are usually the
result of a glitch that got patched near the location.

On Top of the Rock Face at Seelow: In the exact same spot where you go under the
map, get a weapon with a bipod and lie down where you would jump in to the
cliff. Mount your weapon, then unmount it, and you will rise into the air above
the rock face.

Asylum Above and Outside the Map: This is the hardest of the elevator glitches
to do that requires steady hands and a load of patience. Go to the part of the
map where there is a truck and two doors that are propped open. Jump on the
boxes and then onto the closest door, then jump to the far door. Crouch and move
close to the building and slowly move to the side, pressing circle slowly as you
go. When you get to the edge of the door you should float up above the map where
you are free to walk above the whole map. When you get up, move onto the
building and you should drop a little, move to the side near the outside of the
map and you will drop ontop of the building, just run straight to get outside
the map.

Cliffside (1 of 2): Go to the cliffs by target B and go to the first bunker.
Jump onto the ledge and then sprint jump to the next one, followed by another to
the last platform. Move to the right, then sprint jump to the right of the
structure and press circle twice fast, you will float up.

Cliffside (2 of 2): Go to the second bunker on that cliffside, then go by the
palm tree near the first rock. jump onto the small rock sticking out of the huge
rock, and just keep jumping around and you will float up.

Hangar (1 of 2): go to the stairs in between target A and the place where one of
the war flags are. There should be a little lamppost thing there, stand just in
front of it, then walk forward, jump and double tap circle to rise into the air,
where you can sprint jump onto the building.

Hangar (2 of 2): Go to the place where there is a giant hole  in the wall of the
hangar near target B, that house type thing with two rooms and windows. Climb on
the railing so you dont fall off, and look for the middle prong wood type thing
sticking out of the roof. jump towards that and double tap crouch to float into
the air.

Outskirts: Go to the second floor of the building people go to snipe the guy in
the tower, and look for the side of the building by the window where you can
jump onto the ledge. Jump there, crouch, then walk to the pole thing jutting out
of the side, uncrouch and you will float into the air. Sprint onto the building
next to you with the tree and crawl, you will have the perfect sniping spot.

On top of the Makin Rock****: Lie down next to the front of the rock you used to
be able to go inside, mount your bipod weapon, then unmount it to get on top.

Float and Fall on Makin****: Take the entrance to the hills on the right, go all
the way up, then see the stone statue next to the rock with a gap in it, lie
down, mount your weapon, then unmount it to float in the air and then
immediately fall, stupid I know, but I found it so there is a sense of pride.

	5. Nazi Zombie Proven Best Strategy( With or without the one glitch that still
works there):

With Glitch: Stay in the first room until level 6, then DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! Go
straight upstairs, buy both staircases, someone HAS to have the flamethrower, he
will be the one doing the glitch and making the invisible wall to protect the
rest of the people. Camp in the room with the random box until level 10, then
start doing the glitch, have the guy with the flamethrower stand near the pillar
by the furthest window from the stairs, the right side of the pillar facing a
spot in between a cabinet and a desk. Sprint and jump into that spot, crouching
in mid air, aiming for the left side, then DO NOT STAND OR LIE DOWN or they will
kill you. The invisible wall stretches from in front of the glitcher to the wall
furthest from the stairs, so everyone else needs to be to the right of the
flamethrower. The way to tell if you are indeed in the glitch is to use the
flamethrower and see if the flame looks like its coming from the right or left
of the flamethrower, not actually from it. The only way they can kill you is
from that far window so someone needs to watch that window constantly, but
beware, standing in front of that window promotes attacks from the zombies
coming from the stairs. I got to level 34 using this glitch, would have gotten
further but it took about 6 hours so i had to go to bed.

Without Glitch: Stay in the first room until level 6, dont open the door ever,
buy the two staircases, then two people stay at the top of the stairs, and two
people guard the windows in the random box room.

	Thanks for reading

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