Goron Mines to Lakebed Temple Walkthrough Part II - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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We’ve just revived all of the provinces from Twilight. Now we are going to 
journey through this new province as a human and save the Zora Prince and 
obtain an item that will help us get to our next dungeon destination. 

-Fishing Rod
-Empty Bottle #1
-Empty Bottle #2
-Gale Boomerang
-Hero’s Bow
-Bomb Bag #1
-Ordon Sword
-Ordon Shield
-Hylian Shield
-Hero’s Clothes
-Scent of Ilia
-Pieces of Heart: 14/45
-Fused Shadows: 2/3
-Mirror of Twilight: 0/4
-Golden Bugs: 10/24
-Letters: 4/16
-Poe Souls: 0/60
-Hidden Skills: 2/7
-Total number of Heart Containers: 7/20

1)Piece of Heart 15/45
2)Piece of Heart 16/45
3)Letter 5/16
4)Letter 6/16
5)Hidden Skill 3/7
6)Empty Bottle #3
7)Piece of Heart 17/45
8)Frog Lure
9)Sinking Lure
10)Bomb Bag #2
11)Big Wallet
12)Piece of Heart 18/45
13)Gate Keys
14)Zora’s Armor
15)Water Bombs
16)Bomb Bag #3
17)Giant Bomb Bag

1)Male and Female Mantis
2)Male and Female Butterfly
3)Male and Female Stag Beetle
4)Male and Female Dragonfly
5)Male and Female Ladybug

After the dramatic scene, jump into the spring and put on your Iron Boots. 
There are two platforms with treasure chests on them. They contain a Blue (5) 
and Yellow (10) Rupee. Now exit the spirit’s spring. Now go to your left on the 
boardwalk, and go to the man named Fyer. Pay him 10 Rupees to give it a shot 
and he will blast you to the top of Lake Hylia. When you are up, go in the door 
to the right. Climb down the ladder inside and exit out the door. Walk up these 
steps a few ways and stop. Turn around back towards the small house and get out 
your boomerang. Use it on the small weathervane on the top of the house. This 
will stop a rotating platform in the middle of the lake. Now enter back in the 
house you just exited from. When you enter, walk straight ahead and talk to the 
guy on the left. His name is Falbi. He says to pay him 20 rupees to get a 
chance to fly to the Isle of Riches. This is the rotating platform you just 
stopped. Now grab any cucco in the room and jump off the ledge and fly towards 
the island that looks like stairs. The best way to do this is to hold the 
control stick down to avoid flying over the isle. If your not going to make it, 
put on your Iron Boots to drop down on the small square platform. Open this for 
an Orange Rupee (100). Now drop down on level and open this chest for a PIECE 
OF HEART. You collected five pieces which means another Heart Container! Now 
keep going down opening the chests. They are a Purple (50), Red (20), and 
Yellow (10) Rupee. Now drop down and go to where you fought the three Twilight 
Messengers. Now there is a small wooden walkway. Cross it and then climb the 
ladder. When you climb up you may notice the howling stone. You obviously can’t 
howl here yet, so continue on the path and to the left is a dead end wall with 
a bomb rock in it. This is another cave where you must use your lantern. There 
are several Yellow Chu Jellies in here which means you can scoop their remains 
for Lantern Oil. This is the longest cave yet with several enemies and 
different ways to go. Follow your map and my directions and we can get to the 
Piece of Heart at the end. You also need some bombs, so make sure you have 
about 10. Enter the cave and go north through the only path to a small room. 
Light the center torch and put your lantern away to conserve oil. There are 
bomb rocks to the north, east, and west. If you need bombs, bomb the wall to 
the west and there is a chest here with some bombs. You can bomb the north wall 
for a Yellow Rupee (10). Now to continue down the path, go to the east. Follow 
the path as it goes east, then curves north. In this room there are some Yellow 
Chu Jellies. First light the center torch, then defeat the jellies, then scoop 
their remains in a bottle and you can use that for Lantern Oil when you run 
out. You can optionally bomb the west wall for a chest with a Red Rupee (20). 
Now bomb the wall to the east to continue. Follow the path to the next small 
circular room. In here is a floating lamp, known as a Poe. You cannot defeat it 
now, so light the center torch and you can bomb the wall to the east for a 
chest with arrows. These are important because there are a few Beamos down the 
road. Now continue north. Be careful here, because there is a pit here. If you 
fall in, you start at the beginning of the cave. Defeat the Tektites down the 
path, and before you enter the next small room, stop! You will see a rotating 
red eye. Shoot it with an arrow. Yep, that was a Beamos, and those guys can be 
deadly. Now in this small alcove, you can bomb the north wall for a Red Rupee 
(20). Now continue to the west. In here, light the two torches to reveal a 
chest with an Orange Rupee (100). You can defeat the Yellow Chu Jellies in here 
for some more Lantern Oil. Now continue to the west. You will follow the path 
west then it will curve north into a chamber with a Dodongo. Defeat it then 
light the center torch. Bomb the north wall to find a chest with bombs. If you 
bomb the east wall you will find light beaming down. Don’t enter in there 
because you will exit. Just continue west. In the next chamber is another 
Beamos, so shoot its eye from a distance. Light the torch and you can 
optionally bomb the south and west walls for a Purple Rupee (50) and some 
Arrows. Now just continue north. This next path is a dangerous stretch, but we 
are almost there! This path will curve to the east to another chamber. There is 
a Poe in here, but ignore it. Light the center torch and take care of the 
Dodongo. If you bomb the north and east walls, you will get a Purple Rupee (50) 
and some bombs. Now continue down the south path. It will curve to the east. In 
this chamber are more Dodongos and another Yellow Chu Jelly. You can optionally 
blow up the north wall for a chest with some seeds. Now continue east into 
another chamber! Defeat the enemies in here and then open the chest for an 
Orange Rupee (100). Now continue south down a narrow path. Be careful, then you 
will arrive in another chamber. This is the last room! Ignore the Poe in here 
and light the two torches. These reveals a chest with our longed for PIECE OF 
HEART. Collect four more for another Heart Container. Step into the light to 
return to Lake Hylia. Now go back to Fyer and use the cannon to get to Falbi’s 
house. Exit out that house then walk north some near two rocks. Near here is 
some horse grass. Blow on it to call Epona. Hop on her and ride to the Great 
Hylian Bridge. Before you cross the bridge, look at the archway to find a 
Golden Bug on it. Use the Gale Boomerang to retrieve it. You got the MALE 
MANTIS! Now you can cross the bridge to find the mail man again! He gives you 2 
LETTERS. One is from Barnes about his new bombs and the other one is about the 
Lanayru Tourist Association. Cross the bridge and defeat the several Chu 
Jellies that fall from the cliffs. Along a rocky wall is a tree root. Near here 
is another Golden Bug. Use your boomerang to retrieve it. You got the FEMALE 
MANTIS. If you keep going on the path, you will dead end at a locked gate. So 
turn around and cross over the bridge again and go all the way to West Hyrule 
On the west of this field is a high ledge with some vines. There is a Golden 
Bug flying around up there. Target it with the boomerang and bring it to you. 
You got the FEMALE BUTTERFLY.  There is a small amphitheater to the south. Near 
the entrance are some flowers where the MALE BUTTERFLY is.  Now to the left of 
the Castle Town entrance is a ledge with vines. Climb it and on the ledge it 
the White Wolf. He transports you to the snowy area. After you agree to learn 
the next Hidden Skill, do the Shield Attack on him. After you successfully do 
this, he will teach you the Back Slice. To do this, L-Target him then press A 
and tilt the control stick left or right twice. This will get you around him 
and you will strike him. You have learned the BACK SLICE. When you return back 
to Hyrule Field, get on Epona and travel north to North Hyrule Field.
Right as you enter, there is a tree with a bunch of bird enemies known as 
Guays. Ignore them and grab the Golden Bug next to the tree. You got a MALE 
STAG BEETLE. There is a shortcut here to get to Lake Hylia. To the west in this 
field is a bomb rock. Bomb them to reveal several rupees and a new path. Follow 
it to more bomb rocks. Bomb Arrow them from Epona to be almost at Lake Hylia. 
But for now, go back to North Hyrule Field. Travel to the very north of the 
field. You will see a fork here. Go to the right at the fork and follow this 
path to a bomb rock. You can go in here, but we need another item to continue 
in this cave. More importantly is the Golden Bug near the bomb rock. Retrieve 
it with the boomerang. You got the FEMALE STAG BEETLE. Now backtrack to where 
that fork was at and continue on the path to the very northern tip of the 
field. You will find a bomb rock. Bomb them and enter to be transported to the 
Zora’s Domain.
When you arrive here, you will be on a very high ledge. From here, take a left 
and bomb the wall. Collect the rupees that appear and follow the path to 
another bomb rock. This rock has to be blown up with a bomb arrow. Now continue 
up and then go north at the waterfall and into the throne room. In here, light 
all the torches around the pool to reveal a chest in the water with a Purple 
Rupee (50). Now exit the throne room back to the domain. Jump down and swim to 
the east where we first found a Tear of Light. There is a Golden Bug on the 
wall. Get it with the boomerang to add the MALE DRAGONFLY to your collection. 
Now get back on land and head south into the Upper Zora’s River
Stay on the land and edge the perimeter of the land. You will see a door with a 
fish on it. Enter. 
This is a large lake with many of Hyrule’s most famous and rare fish. This 
fishing hole as different seasons each time you come in here. Start off by 
going to the right and follow the path to a small wooden bridge. Stop and the 
bridge and face the small pool to the east. Fish in here. Eventually you will 
pull up an EMPTY BOTTLE. After you catch the bottle, go back near the entrance 
and enter the small cabin to meet Hena. You can take a look at anything with 
the C-Stick up and Hena will explain what it is. Talk to her and rent a boat 
for 20 Rupees to get out in the lake and use special lures. Paddle your boat 
near the central rock that is jutting from the lake and use your fishing rod to 
snatch the Piece of Heart off the ledge. You now need to reel it in and Hena 
says you can keep the PIECE OF HEART. Collect three more for another Heart 
Container. Now return back into Hena’s Cabin. In the store is the Rollgoal Mini 
Game. Play it for 5 Rupees. The goal is to roll the ball along the path all the 
way to the cup at the end. Roll the ball with the control stick and use the C-
Stick to change the camera angle. There are eight levels of this. It took me a 
while to do it so have patience. Once you beat the first eight levels, Hena 
allows you to fish with the FROG LURE while on the boat and she fills your 
wallet to the top. Now we can attempt to get the Sinking Lure. This Lure 
attracts every fish like a magnet. This lure is considered illegal by Hena. To 
catch it, go out in the boat with Hena and catch a Hylian Pike, Ordon Catfish, 
and a Hyrule Bass. Keep them to store them in Hena’s Fish tank in her cabin. 
Now exit the Fishing Hole and reenter to change seasons. Now go back in the 
Hole and fish from this direct spot: north of the bridge where you caught the 
bottle facing north in the water. Fish her and eventually you will catch the 
SINKING LURE. Don’t let Hena see you with it or she will take it. Now exit this 
Go over to the small house you see in front of you. There is a Golden Bug 
flying around here. Use your boomerang to capture it. You got the FEMALE 
DRAGONFLY. Talk to the woman with the afro in front of the walkway. She says 
they are temporarily closed, so walk like you are going back to Hena’s Fishing 
Hole when huge barriers appear and a portal opens up! Three Twilight Messengers 
appear from the sky. Defeat one by itself first, then defeat the last two with 
two spin attacks at the same time. After you beat them, Iza is amazed at your 
courage under pressure. She asks you if you can do her a favor. She lets you in 
the small cabin and asks you to shoot the rocks with Bomb Arrows. She gives you 
a Lent Bomb Bag to use right now. Shoot two at the rock wall. Agree to help her 
with the rest down river. Now you must control a canoe by yourself. The rapids 
are fast so be careful! A ways down river, Iza’s assistant meets you. Bomb 
Arrow the next wall twice and follow the Zora girl. She drops Rupees, but they 
are mostly Green (1). When you get to the end, you arrive at Lake Hylia. She 
also gives you a BOMB BAG. She thanks you and tells you to come back soon.
Now go over to Fyer and use the cannon to shoot up. Call for Epona and go to 
Castle Town from the west field.
On this road is an old man. He wants Rupees to donate the general welfare of 
Hyrule. First, go to the south road.
There is a  house on this road where a guy is looking in the window. Enter that 
house and walk up the stairs. Talk to the girl whose name is Princess Agitha. 
Give her any of the Golden Bugs we’ve found so far and she gives you a BIG 
WALLET. This wallet holds 600 Rupees. Every time you bring the princess a bug, 
she gives you a Purple Rupee (50). Every time you give her a match, she gives 
you an Orange Rupee (100). This is great if you are ever low on cash. Fill your 
wallet and return to the old man on the west road.
Donate 1000 Rupees to the man and he will reward you with a PIECE OF HEART. You 
can get these Rupees from Agitha. After this, you can have some fun in Castle 
Town. You can visit Chudley’s Emporium where this guy is selling just 10 arrows 
for 2000 Rupees! You can’t buy any of this, but you can run around and enjoy 
yourself. After the fun, go to the southern gate. Exit out.
Out here, go to the right and there are three trees. The middle one has a 
Golden Bug near it. Collect it for the FEMALE LADYBUG. Now go to the east side 
of the field to see a rock pillar. On here is a Golden Bug. Collect it with the 
boomerang for the MALE LADYBUG. Now reenter Castle Town.
Now go over to Telma’s Bar to save the Zora boy. When you enter the bar, a 
strange old man is walking out. He is the doctor and says that a Zora boy is 
out of his expertise. Telma heard though of a shaman in Kakariko who has tended 
to Gorons and Zoras. She suggests they go there. The Hylian Soldiers say they 
will escort them to Kakariko. Telma says good and that that should help with 
all the dangerous monsters along the way. With those words, the soldiers wimp 
out and leave the bar. Telma tells them to never come back! But wait! One 
swordsman remains. It is you. Ilia looks at you and says thanks. She has lost 
her memory so she doesn’t know you or even her own name. You are then in the 
amphitheater area with Telma. She says to get there you are going to have to 
get through King Bulbin. You will then be on your horse. You can go ahead of 
them and go to the Hylian Bridge. 
This will start another battle with King Bulbin. The only thing is that he is 
guarded with two large shields on both sides. Your sword will do nothing to 
him. When the battle starts, shoot an arrow right at his belly or head. This 
will make him go back and forth across the bridge. Dodge him and repeat once 
more to have him go flying off the bridge. He drops two GATE KEYS. These will 
help unlock the gates to Kakariko. Now continue south along the bridge with 
Telma and Ilia and the Zora boy. The next path has several Bulbins shooting 
arrows at you and the carriage. If one hit’s the carriage, it will catch on 
fire and a gauge will appear on the top of the screen. Use your Gale Boomerang 
to put the fire out in the carriage. If it gets to the end then you have to 
start all over. Now continue to the locked gate. Get off Epona and open the 
gate which leads you to South Hyrule Field.
Stay behind the carriage and use your sword or arrows on the oncoming Bulbin 
Riders. These guys have fire arrows which can also catch the carriage on fire. 
Keep these guys off the carriage and keep an eye out for an approaching bird. 
It will drop a bomb in front of the carriage and make the horse go off course. 
Which restarts the horse at the beginning of the path. Use arrows or  the Gale 
Boomerang on the bird to defeat him. You will pass the first field and into the 
Keep a lookout for the birds, Bulbin Riders and a possible carriage fire. Keep 
the enemies at bay and put out the fire. Keep up the same tactics while making 
sure the bird doesn’t make the horse veer off course. Continue this until you 
reach the last gate to Kakariko. Get off Epona and unlock the gate for Telma. 
They are safe. Now you go through to be safely in Kakariko.
Renado has put the boy in the Elde Inn and is taking care of him. The kids are 
also looking out for him. Telma is very grateful of you and your heroic deeds. 
She says that there is a group of resistance that comes to her bar. They are 
trying to do what they can to help the problems of Hyrule. She also says there 
is a secret passageway to the castle sewers through her bar. Telma runs off 
towards Renado. Looks like someone is interested in Renado! As you turn away, 
the ghost of Rutela appears. Go towards her. She leads you to the Graveyard.
Follow her straight and climb up the stairs. She makes a stone tablet 
disappear. Crawl through the new hole and swim across the small pool to a large 
tombstone. It is the tombstone of the Zora King. She moves it back and says the 
King made these garments for the hero. This armor is made of Zora Scales. You 
got the ZORA ARMOR. You can now breath underwater! After she disappears, exit 
out back to Kakariko. 
Go over to Barnes Bombs. Since we have two bomb bags, go to the right side of 
the counter. You can sell your bombs back to him. Now after you empty a bomb 
bag, go to the left counter and buy some WATER BOMBS. Buy 15 of them, cause you 
will need a lot in the next dungeon. Now get Epona and basically backtrack to 
Lake Hylia and then all the way to North Hyrule Field
Go to the very north tip of the field and enter to go to the Zora’s Domain
Go to the left and head back into the Throne Room. In the pool, put on your 
Zora Armor and your Iron Boots to sink to the bottom of the pool. The giant 
rock we used to thaw out Zora’s Domain is still under here. Use a Water Bomb on 
the rock to find a Goron trapped inside. Talk to the freed Goron and he gives 
you the last BOMB BAG. Now lets double the amount in the bags! Exit the domain 
and go to Iza’s Cabin.
Go inside and talk to Iza. She says her mini game is open now since you 
unblocked the river. The goal is to collect 25 points by shooting large pots 
with Bomb Arrows. Yellow pots are worth 1 point. Red pots are worth 2 points. 
If you hit the sides of the walls or any obstacle in the river, you lose 1 
point. Collect a total of 25 to get the GIANT BOMB BAG. This doubles the amount 
of bombs each bag can hold. You can now hold 60 regular bombs and 30 Water 
Bombs. You will be in Lake Hylia when the mini game is over.
Now we can go to the Lakebed Temple! The location of the temple is located by a 
blue dot on your map. Swim to it, and when you are there, put on your Iron 
Boots and Zora Armor to sink all the way to the very bottom of the deep lake. 
The entrance is firmly sealed with a bomb rock. To break it, place a Water Bomb 
on the rocky ground below the rock. This will release a jet of bubbles and air. 
Put a Water Bomb in the current to have the bomb go floating up to land in 
front of the rock. It will blow up. Now take off your Iron Boots and swim in 
the tunnel.


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