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I have to admit, I was surprised when I heard that GRAW 2 was already done, 
less than a year after the original game. However, based on my appreciation for 
the first game, I was more than happy to pick up the sequel. And I'm happy I 
did! Don't let the early release dissuade you from checking out the quality of 
this game. The end result is more than solid.

To say GRAW 2 has good graphics is an understatement. The new lighting system 
is impressive, and the overall look of the game is much sharper than before. 
There is some fantastic scenery in the game, and sometimes you will find 
yourself enthralled by the little graphical bells and whistles here and there, 
such as the live TV broadcasts that take place in your Humvee or Black Hawk 
Helicopter. The textures, wind effects and explosions all have been upgraded, 
and they look phenomenal.

Sound is also very good in the game. Not only do your guns sound and look 
realistic, but your A.I. squad buddies now speak up a lot more. And most of the 
time, they actually have useful information to report, such as pointing out the 
bad guys standing next to the truck across the street. These subtle additions 
really boost the credibility of the game's atmosphere, and pull you into the 

There are some new additions to GRAW 2, primarily the new "MULE" ground 
resupply car and the use of a medic. While the MULE is cool the first time you 
see it, it really doesn't add anything to the core gameplay of the game. It 
serves the same purpose as the resupply truck from the last game, except that 
it can follow you around. It would have been much more interesting if the MULE 
actually had turrets or some other offensive capabilities. While the MULE is a 
mixed addition to the game, medics are quite useful, even though they decrease 
the game's difficultly substantially in comparison to the first GRAW.

The Cross-com system has also been updated, and the changes are mostly for the 
better. Now you can look through your A.I. buddies helmut camera to see what 
he's seeing. This adds to your overall grasp of the battlefield and improves 
your situational awareness, as you would expect it to do. The use of overhead 
drones is also much improved. You can now get a real-time satellite view of the 
battlefield, which is much more fun and interesting to use than those in the 
first game. It's too bad; however, that the game doesn't develop other uses for 
the drones. It would have been great to have the option of using predator 
drones capable of firing Hellfire missiles as well. Maybe that'll be added to 
the next sequel.

In terms of level design, there are some truly great missions in the game. You 
will distinctly remember your favorites, such as a night-time Black Hawk raid 
on a Mexican army base in the middle of a rainstorm. The environmental and 
lighting effects will "wow" you. Unfortunately, it's a shorter game than its 
predecessor, and it feels like it's over sooner than you think.

But then there's the multiplayer, and thankfully, the online options provide an 
impressive amount of replay value. There are many customizeable game types this 
time around, and to the designer's credit, the graphics look just as good in 
multiplayer as they do in single player, which is quite an accomplishment.

I'll go ahead and say it: if you liked GRAW, go ahead and buy GRAW 2, you won't 
be disappointed. 

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