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Wheew...........this is a long delayed guide afterall..........T_T
Imagine!!! I start this guide during the middle of Dec'00 and just
completed during March'01!!!! how lazy am I-_-;


      =========70's ANIME ROBOT=================================
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1. Game Information
   1.1 Additional Info
   1.2 About this game
   1.3 Important Character Info
   1.4 Unit Guide
   1.5 Control
2. Episode Guide
   -Saikyou Geppy-X toujou
   -Shinkai Akuma o tatakae 
   -Unare! Hissatsu Rokuzan Oroshi!
   -Saraba Tomoyo Fujisan Bakuhatsu Hyoumae
   -Yumikaeru Geppy X! Fuichi no Youni
   -Shi o Yobu Shuhakuri Yokou
   -Uchuu Akumahou no Kyufu! habatake Geppy-XX!!!
   -Final Stage!!!  
3. Omake, Codes, Cheats, PAR/GS Codes
4. Cast of Characters
5. Thanks and credits



1.1 Additional Info

console: Sony Playstation/PSone
genre: side scrolling shooter
release date: 1999
publisher: Aroma
developer: Aroma
number of CD ROM(S): 4
number of player(S): 1
required memory card block: 1-15
retail price: 5800 yen
Pocketstation support: no
analog controler support: yes

1.2 About This Game

Anime Robot 70: Geppy X is a side scrolling shooter game released in 
1999 by Aroma for Sony Playstation console consist of 4 CD-ROMs, and 
don't seem to be be published in US.

This game seems to be a parody from one of most famous and legendary
Super Robot anime created by Nagai Go in the decade of 70's, (and later
got a sequel in the end of 89's and remaked as 13 episodes OVA with
totally new - and unrelated - world in 1998-1999, the next OVA entittled
Shin Getta vs Neo Getta come in 2000) Getta Robo & Getta Robo G. You'll 
gonna noticed it easily, especially because MANY  likenesses (especially 
about character). Anyway, if you're looking for an Individual Getta Robo 
game, I reccomend you to play Getta Robo daikessen, a SRW - like strategy 
game, developed by Technosoft, published by Emotion/Bandai visual and 
exclusively previewed by the end of vol.5 & 6 OVA if you watch the original 
japanese version........ 

Anyway, this game also unique in some way. It because each stage 
(I'll listed of Episode later in the faqs), have Opening, 
Ending movie, even Commercial(!), and most of stage BGM is not
only usual instrumental music, but REAL song performed by famous
artist that also done the soundtrack for many anime and game series,
as example Kageyama Hironobu (my favourite one, have done soundtrack
for Kishin Douji Zenki, Psychic Force 1 & 2, Many Super Robot Taisen
songs, Dragonball Z, Choujin Sentai Jetman etc...etc), Sasaki Isao 
(who also done the song for Wakusei Robot Danguard Ace, Getta Robo, 
Getta Robo G, etc...) MIO (which also sang the lyrics version
of "Time to Come", Shuujinkou theme in SRW4,F,FF one of the best  
SRW song I ever heard). So when you're playing this game
you'll gonna feel that you're watching a TV Anime series than 
playing a game. Unfortunately, this game is not so long, and perhaps
some stage will seems too easy & short for a side scrolling even you need
to finish the game at least 3x because there's 3 different endings
depend of your decision. But I think, it's acceptable because nobody 
perfect on this world^^;

1.3 Character Info

This section will covered info for some major character that appeared in
main scenario, here we go ...........

Kei: Pilot of Geppy X1. He's similar with Ryouma in Getta Robo and Getta 
Robo G series,  a brave and hot blooded person, plus the fact that Kei 
also  voiced by Kamiya Akira (Saeba Ryou of City Hunter, Mouri Kogoro 
of Metantei Conan,  also done Nagare Ryouma for Getta Robo and Getta Robo G) 
the hero of this game imho. 

Jin: Pilot of Geppy X2. Similar with Hayato, in Getta Robo series. Only, 
he got a long hair and he's also a "Woman Killer" type man. Still, he's 
a cool guy. 

Riki: Pilot of Geppy X3. Similar with Musashi from original Getta Robo 
series,only, he didn't wear a cape & sword and he speak in Kansai - 
Ben (?). 

Dr. Kureishi: the creator of Geppy X, VERY DIFFERENT attitude and look 
with professor Saotome in Getta Robo. Anyway, did...Kureishi mean "Crazy" 
if it's written in Kana?

Kyou: "Female version" of Kei, an energetic person and Tomboyish girl 
as well

Suzu: The Incho (Class Leader) during Kei's Senior highschool age, looks
like she's have a special feeling with Kei

Romi: an Idol Singer, which surprised all of Geppy team's member when
she's joined (because Kei and Jin, are her fans?) 

Mio: Pilot of Queen Fairy, (daughter of Professor Kureishi?) have sweet
attitude, and often serve Geppy team. She don't resembles Saotome Michiru

Lord of Darkness Devin: Leader of Uchuu Akuma Teikoku, and the person 
behind everything, he'll be your last opponent.

Hisser: This woman is one of Uchuu Akuma teikoku's leader, have a tragic 
love story with Jin

Jyag: Another leader in Devin's army, wearing mask. A Char Aznable parody????

1.4 Unit Guide

Geppy X:
Your playable robot during 4 first episode and first half of episode 5, just 
like Getta Robo, it has 3 different types depend of formation, Balance 
(Geppy X1), Speed (Geppy X2) and power (Geppy X3), anyway all of player will 
used Geppy X1 more often than the other formation because it's fast and 
controlable X's beam similar to Getter Robo's infamous Getter beam)  

Geppy Double X (Geppy XX):
The replacement of the former Geppy X, you'll acquired this  robot since 
the 2nd half of Episode 5. Consist of 3 formation too: Geppy Fire (Balance) 
Geppy Thunder (Speed) and Geppy Tornado (Power). Have better status and Super
compared with original Geppy X1 for Geppy Fire, unfortunately.....The Geppy 
Thunder's super move become NOT as useful as Geppy X2's super because it's 
limited range and already lose it's ability to "Chase" the enemy and destroy 
ALL enemy in the screen

Queen Fairy:
Geppy X and Double X's support unit, pilloted by Mio. She'll appeared after 
you grab a special item. She'll deliver some free extra health and status 
upgrade items for you .

Wild John:
A cowboy robot from america, almost similar with Texas Mack in Getta Robo series, 
as with queen fairy, he'll appeared after you got a special item, but it's not
as useful as queen fairy, cuz he's only send some projectile shoot into your enemy 
and then leave. 

A Grandizer like robot with "mazinger-like" face. have same function with 
Wild John. Anyway, why the creator of this game add a Grandizer like robots? 
is that because there's a team-up movie between Getta Robo G, Grandizer 
and Mazinger?

R-64 Robo:
A COMIC RELIEF on this game, imagine!!! die suddenly before hurt his enemy!!!!
anyway, it's also playable later in the game, and I believe you'll feel that
it's speed will overhelmed you....cuz it's way to slow.......

R-74 Robo:
New and better upgrade version of R-64, have better speed, weapon, even can also 
transformed into a plane, anyway...why it's only got 50 Pts more for armor point?

1.5 Control

Square Button: ........................Shoot Main weapon
X button: .............................Shoot Sub weapon
Circle Button: ........................Change Direction
Triangle Button: ......................perform a Deadblow (after X-Power bar, 
                                       fully filled)
R1:........................Change Formation (for Geppy X, Geppy XX, and R-74)
                           Shield (for Queen Fairy, Wild John, R-64 and Atlanger)
Charging Square Button, then release........Main Super Move
Charging X button...........................Sub Super Move

2. Episode Guide

This is a brief episode Strategy guide, I'll listed some important points
may occured in the game. I will not spoil the story as it's better to know 
the story and watching the scene/pictures,...etc by yourself. have Fun!!

Episode 1: Saikyou Geppy X Toujou

Part 1: Not a difficult stage, if you're new for this game, you may use 
this stage to practice and learn the gameplay for a while, before step into 
more difficult stage.

Boss Fight: Armadilo Beast Ball Mark II
Nothing special with him. It'll only stay in the top right side of the screen 
and while shooting many escapable projectile. Sometime it'll also move forward 
or backward, and standing. Anyway, I believe you won't have any problem 
with this one, just kill it with your fully charged X-Beam.

Part 2: 
Almost as easy as part 1
Boss Fight: Tori beast Rapras IIIG
you'll fight this giant bird robot while flying in full speed, some time
it'll escaped for a moment just for changing direction. Make sure your
projectile and special already powered up, and the battle will be pretty

Episode 2: Shinkai Akuma Sakusen o tatakae

Part 1: An easy stage I gues, the real problem will come in second part
because you'll gonna fight "Daimanji D7"

Sub Boss: Daimanji D7
Daimanji D7 will chase you in almost entire stage. In case to against 
this, I think is better to use Geppy X2 than Geppy X1 at least in my
opinion. be careful when you're reaching the end of stage, because, before
Daimanji D7 fall down to the sea, it'll also damaging you. 

Boss: Uchi Beast Toyama 5200
When you fight him for the first time, it'll only show half of his body,
then, if you already decreas about 1/5 from it's HP, Toyama 5200 will show
his entire body on airborne. Simply, kill him with your special attack. 

Part 2:
An Underwater stage, nothing to the end of stage, you'll 
entered an underwater cave.

Boss: Shark beast Nochira
At first you'll supported with a goverment robot (sometime?). After it's
HP only left around 60%, it's mask will be broken and it'll change the path to the

special movie: Finish him with Geppy-X 2

Episode 3: Unare! Hissatsu Rokuzan Oroshi

Sub Boss: Bubuka
Appeared at very begining of stage, Destroy!!! because it's appearance will
bothering you

Boss: Yeti(?) Beast Kantaro Mk. I
An Easy boss, you can kill him easily if your Main Weapon alredy fully upgraded

Special Movie: Finished Kantaro with Geppy X1 

Bos: Mammoth Beast Burizand D7
Not so difficult, even it's pretty huge. Just always be aware with those
damn small Montaros......

Special Movie: Destroy it with Geppy X3

Episode 4: Saraba Tomoyo Fujisan Bakuhatsu no Mae

Hisser's Warship:
Almost in entire stage, your job is only to destroy this gigantic warship.
: Head
Be careful with it's Thunder Spark attack, It wont be a problem if you
always be aware and know how to hide safely
: Tire and Rotor
Make sure to destroy Tire before, because it'll open a way that Geppy X 
can passed. After destroyed the Rotor, you'll got an extra Heart bubble,
: Destroy the Magnet, don't forget to destroy the Gunpods too
(Use X-Power attack to finish 'em quickly) 

Boss Fight: Oktobas G9
Be aware with the Lightning Beam Projectile, cuz if you're unlucky, 
you're no longer able to escape....anyway, if your X-Beam already 
powered up, it's possible to stop it....

Special Movie: Destroy her with Geppy X1

Part 2:
You'll flying descend into the crater of mountain. Watch out! the enemy will
appeared from both sides (left and right), near the end of stage 5 zakyun
will appeared (this one make me remember with Sentai). I don't know what must
 I do with 'em because I can't kill them in any way. So.....? I think it's 
better to let them passed away from you...

Boss Fight: Usshi Beast Horstein Mark IV
This giant bull (cow?) robot appeared in mountain crater to explode the Fuji-san 
(Fuji Mountain). Because it size, it won't give you any wide place to move on.
Watch out for it's projectile shot, keep to stick it with your special 
attack and stay cool. 

by finishing Horstein Mk IV with respective formation, will affected 
the story and ending, here it goes:

Destroy with Geppy X3 --> Let Riki die --> you got Romi --> Bad Ending
Destroy with Geppy X1 --> Let Kei die --> you got Kyoko --> Normal Ending
Destroy with Geppy X2 --> Let Jin die --> you got Suzu  --> Good Ending


Episode 5: Yumikaeru Geppy X Fuichi no youni

Boss: Banda
always try to move behind it's projectile reach, since his lance shoot
can't hurt you if you're on pretty close distance -below it's lance- 
near him, use your special weapon, but be careful since it's
still able to shoot small projectiles

Boss: Banda Baira
Not need to worry, since your old Geppy X already replaced with brand-new
Geppy XX, with better Beam Shoot (Fire Beaaammm!!!!). Now you can kill
him easily, even He's now stronger than before.

Episode 6: Shi o Yobu Syu ga Kuri yokou

Boss: Shinkansen beast Torebian 7200
Torebian 7200 will run to the left path of screen at first, however...
it'll change his direction after some time

special movie: kill him with Geppy XX Tornado

Boss:  Ni Geppy
This fake Geppy XX, perhaps will known as the boss with the most HP.
By decreasing it's HP 1 level, it'll transform into Geppy XX Thunder,
decreasing 1 more level, will make him transform into Geppy XX Tornado,
and then if his HP only left 1 level, it'll transform back into Geppy XX

special movie: Kill this fake Geppy, with Geppy XX Thunder


Episode 7: Uchuu Akuma no Kyoufu! Habatake Geppy-XX!!!

Boss: Jellyfish Beast Krange V3
Pretty Easy, and slow. Watch out those 2 orbs. After it's HP only left
about 50%, the Krange V3's protective layer will broken, and you
can't destroy that, but the battle will be easier.

Boss: Jyag 6666
Your X-Power attack don't really can hurt him. And you can only hurt
this bastard via shooting his head and chest. Be aware with it's tail
and remember the attack pattern.

special movie: Kill him with Geppy XX Fire


Episode 8 (FINAL STAGE)

boss: Kujaku Beast Sbx-00
After you can drain about 20% of it's HP, Sbx-00 will spread it's tail.
If you got a chance, it's better to hide behind it's tail because
it's laser beam projectile will not reflected into your sides, otherwise
still be careful cuz it's still have many variant of attack.

Final stage: Mecha Devin
: you CAN't hurt, even kill him. wait for several moment
untill Atlanger do a Kamikaze to destorying it's anti beam layer
 Even you'll gonna wish to kill him when he's turning'll take a note that Devin still can shoot many dangerous
projectile that can kill you easily if you're stupid enough. So..
be careful not move too close with him....
 He's very strong!!!! especially, his projectile attack
ALSO very brutal!!!, I don't really have strategy to kill him, just
try to always keep cool, and keep attack him with Fire Beam. 
After he's died....CONGRATULATION! put your joystick and watch the pretty
long Ending Movie......



Most of these codes performed during PRESS START BUTTON screen. After you're
finished to input the codes, go to "extra stage option" to play the
extra stages.

Enable Wild John Stage:

codes: up,down,right,up,down,right,up + triangle 

Enable R-64 Robo Stage: This robot is SUCK!!! it's SLOW and the 
Armor points only 200 pts. But, it's also got a storyline and
in stage 4, R-64 will replaced by R-74 which pretty much better,
also have ability to transform into a "plane form"

codes: up,up,down,down,right,left,right + triangle

Enable Atlanger Stage: You'll like this, even Atlanger is pretty slow
but you got 999 ARMOR POINTS!!! so...who care? his projectile also
very big. That's why I think beat the game with Atlanger won't be
so difficult. Unfortunately I haven't beat this one yet.....

codes: left, right, right,down, left, left, right + triangle

Enable Queen Fairy Stage

codes: left, right, left, down, down, right, right + triangle

Enable Star Geppy Stage: 

codes: down, left, left, down, down, right, right + triangle

Infinite Credits: Beat the game in any difficulity setting ONCE

The Movie: Beat the game 

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