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Gran Turismo 2

1. Laguna Seca Corkscrew
You will easily be able to pull this turn off after some practise. Just go 
along the straight as normal and slow down a little bit when it comes to the 
tight corners. Take them with ease and each time you try them, add a little 

2. Laguna Secco
The final turn is quite dramatic so you have to learn how to take the final 
turn with ease. Add a little bit of speed each time you try this track 
(especially for the final turn).

3. Pikes Peak Uphill
This is a whole series of "left and rights" and it is quite tricky. Try to 
stay on the inside of the corner of each turn, the closer you are, the less 
likely you are to leave the track.

4. Midfield Raceway
The final hairpin is more than just a corner. Take it slowly so you stay on 
the track. Use a little speed for the first time you try it, get the feel of 
it and then take it full-on.

5. Apricot Hill
It might appear complicated, but it isn't really. Take it slowly so you don't 
leave the track, then accelerate hard on the straights so you make up for the 
time lost when going slow around this bend.

6. Seattle City
It blends fast straights with tight turns, so you might want to upgrade your 
brakes for this particular race. It is highly recommended.

7. Grindelwald
This road is mainly curves up and to the left. Keep your acceleration smooth 
and constant. Stay close to the inside for the turns.

8. Tahiti Dirt Maze
Constant U-turns and sharp bends. You NEED the ability to "POWERSLIDE" while 
retaining complete control.

9. Grand Valley East
This particular turn should be approached for the far left of the track. 
Accelerate all the way and the brake around the corner. Practise makes 

10. Red Rock Valley
A LOT of banked corners and LONG starights. At each corner you slow down, but 
just after no little piece of straight you are given the idea that it is 
straight until the finish line or the next lap. It is actually a sharp 
corner, remember to slow down and stay close to the inside.

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