Guns of the 1920's - Guide for Mafia

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So you think you got what it takes to be mafioso?Here are some weapons you will 
need to know how to use when playing this game.

Colt detective revolver
WEAK!This gun is useless and can hardly kill a bird let alone a rival mafia 
member.Dont use it dont try to use it and dont try killing anyone with it cuse you 
wont get far.

Colt 1911 handgun.
Tommys weapon of choice and mine.The colt 1911 is a fast,strong and useful 
weapon.The only downside is it only carries 7 rounds per clip and you can hold 35 
bullets in all.My advice is make every shot count and have fun.

S&W .38  revolver.
Cops all around lost heaven carry this gun.Its not very powerful and reloading's a 
pain but is you need an easy gun to get ahold of you can go for this,just look for 
a cop walking down the sidewalk and RUN HIM OVER!You can hold 30 bullets for this 

S&W .44 magnum revolver.
Powerful stuff.This weapon is most powerful handgun you can get.It can kill a guy 
with 3 hits and do major damage.This gun has high recoil and if you shoot to fast 
your aim will be messed up.You can hold 30 bullets for this gun.

Want to blow a guy standing next to you in half?This is the gun for you.This gun is 
good for close spaces but is useless from a distance of more than 10 feet.The sawn 
off has two bad things about it it has high recoil and only has 2 shots in the 
chamber.You can hold 30 shots for this gun.

The name says it all.The tommy gun is a hardcore gangster gun and can fill a guy 
full of holes in seconds.Like the .44 magnum it has high recoil so place your shots 
carfully.You can hold 50 shots per clip and 100 shots in all.

When things get too heated up for the cops they bring in this gun.Like the sawn off 
its only good for close spaces.Whats bad about this gun is when you one shell you 
have to pump it out and that makes it alittle slow.It holds more ammo than the sawn 
off though.8 shells per clip and 32 shells in all.


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