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                     This "beastiary" written by Mghee Tyson.

The Covenant Grunts--------------
                  The covenant grunts are the basic infantry unit of the 
covenant ground forces.  They are are fairly slow, posses horrible shooting 
accuracy, and are too small and weak to carry out any melee attacks.  Unless 
they are Special or Black Operations class grunts, which we will cover next, 
grunts are almost always found carrying small arms weapons including single 
needlers and plasma pistols.  They never dual weild these weapons and always 
shoot in controlled bursts-although they are horrible shots.  Covenant grunts 
are mostly unintelligent and tend to make bad choices with plasma grnade 
throws.  Grunts cower and flee from any sort of superior forces- but if their 
elite leader(s) have yet to fall, they will stand and fight with their all.
         The color of covenant grunts' armour denotes their rank as grunts.
                 Orange- Orange armour denotes a "rookie" grunt.  They are the 
lowest ranking creatures in the covenant and are the lowest in rank amongst the 
covenant grunts.  They are extremely easy to dispatch but, as with all grunts, 
they can become very dangerous in moderate- large numbers.

                 Scarlet(red)- Scarlet armour denotes a "veteran" grunt.  These 
have authority over the "rookie" and "commando" grunts and can take more 
punishment than a "rookie" grunt.  Veterans are usualy better shots as well.  
Players with keen hearing will notice that the veteran grunts will spout more 
threatening things towards their foes.  Unless in moderate-large numbers, they 
do not pose a serious threat.

                 Green- Green armour denotes a "commando" grunt.  These grunts 
appear rarely and take about as much punishment as a "veteran" grunt.  It has 
been said by some players that "commandos" are more aggressive with grenades 
and firearms and have even been fabled to be better Ghost drivers than other 
                 Black- Black armour denotes a "Black Operations" grunt.  
Similar to "commando" grunts in ability and intelligence, "Black Ops." grunts 
are often deployed with large numbers of elites in out-of-the-ordinary military 
operations.  Black Operations and Special Operations grunts have been seen 
wielding fuel rod cannons and accurately throwing grenades.

                 Silver- Silver grunt armour denotes a "Special Operations" 
grunt.  Similar to "commando" grunts in ability and intelligence, "Special 
Ops." grunts are identical to "Black Ops." grunts except they are deployed in 
different military orientations.

                  When the Prophets expelled the Elites from the covenant, the 
rookie/veteran(scarlet) grunts sided with the Brute Loyalists- while the higher 
ranking grunts (Black Ops/Special Ops) sided with the Elite seperatists.

The Heretic Grunts---------------

                 The Heretic Grunts all wear uniform armour and exposed methane 
tanks on their backs.  They don't wear helmets.  They are aggresive and similar 
to "veteran" grunts in their abilities.  They are unusually accurate shots.


The Covenant jackals---------------

                 The covenant jackals' ranks are not denoted by their armour 
color, as it is uniform.  Instead, their ranks are denoted by the color of 
their energy sheilds (before taking fire).  It is unclear as to what color 
denotes which rank, however, the "red-shield" jackals appear less often in the 
game.  Covenant Jackals are excellent shots and work their plasma pistols like 
plasma rifles on higher difficulty levels.  It is unclear weather the jackals 
rank higher than the grunts in covenant chain of authority.  Jackals can be 
found with Beam Rifles (energy sniper rifles of the covenant arsenal) and 
aggresivly fire on enemies from their secluded sniper spots.  The jackals are 
dramatically less dangerous in Halo 2 than they were in Halo.  This is due to
the jackals poor handling of their sheilds.  They can be easily dispatched, as 
their bodies are mere sticks of wood instead of arms and legs.  When the 
prophets expelled the Elites from the covenant,  the Jackals sided with the 
Brute Loyalists.

The covenant Elites---------------

                    The covenant Elites are the heart of the covenant miltary.  
Their intelligence is great, their shooting accuracy and aggresion is high.  
They posses great strength and can easily crush the bones of the enemy in close 
quarters.  They carry all small arms and heavy weapons and also carry plasma 
grenades.  The high ranking Elites and Elite honour gaurds may carry the deadly 
energy sword.  This energy sword is the most deadly close range weapon in the 
covenant arsenal.  It slices through nearly anything and is extremely dangerous 
in the hands of an Elite.  Elites may carry 
Covenant Carbines and fuel rod cannons, as well.  Elites are also brilliant 
snipers and excellent drivers/gunners.  the Elites are deployed in space combat 
and make up (with grunts) boarding parties.  The Elites' ranks are denoted by 
their armour colors.

                    Cobalt- the "rookie" Elite.  Although they are "Rookies"  
they can still be dangerous.  Their energy sheilds deplete faster than higher 
ranking elites.  To make up for their weaker shields, "rookies" often dual 
wield plasma rifles or needlers.

                    Scarlet(red)- the "veteran" Elite.  Their energ shields 
seem to be twice as strong as "rookie" elites' shields.  They often dual wield 
and may somtimes be more aggresive than "rookies".

                                    Part two of this FAQ will come shortly.  My 
time is running short and I have no time for the rest of this FAQ.

                             Some information provided (paraphrased, not 
extracted) from Bungie.net and "Halo: The Fall of Reach" by Eric Nylund, "Halo: 
The Flood" by William C. Dietz, "Halo: First Srtike" by Eric Nylund, and "Halo: 
The Ghosts of Onyx" by Eric Nylund.  

                     This FAQ may be posted to your personal web page or 
website if you wish to do so, but do not omit any royalty information or my 
name from any part of this publication. 
                               By Mghee Tyson

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