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All bobble head locations:
#1energy weapons: Raven Rock Level 2 colonels autumns quarters on table
#2big guns: Fort constantine CO quarters inside open safe
#3endurance: deathlaw santuary initial chamber next to corpse pile
#4explosives: WKML broadcast station sealed cistern ( its hidden top looks like a 
manhole by a bunch of rocks)
#5speech: paradise falls eulogy's pad on table
#6perception: the repuplic of dave museum of dave on bookcase
#7agility: greener pastures disposal site office on table
#8repair: arefu evan kings house on table
#9science: vault 106 living quarters medical bay eastern wall on shelves
#10charisma: vault 108 cloning lab on table
#11lockpick: bethesda ruins east offices top floor on desk in central room
#12small guns: national guard depot armory shelf in equiptment storage
#13sneak: yao guai tunnels den on on metal crate eastern area of central cavern 
(best advised you have the animal friend perk)
#14barter: evergreen mills bazaar jacks north west aclove top right shelf behind the 
work bench
#15melee weapons: dunwich building virulent under chambers mall mantenance room
#16unarmed: rockopolis next to argyle's body
#17medicine: vault 101 dads clinic table
#18strengh: megaton lucas simm's house bedroom on table
#19intelligence: rivet city science lab on table
#20luck: arlington house cellar shelves? I don't know where the arlington house is i'd 
google it more tips:
super mutant behemoth locations
#1 galaxy news radio plaza
#2 evergreen mills in cage
#3 capitol building rotunda
#4 jury street metro station (its some where around it usualy wonders around a 
#5outside auto shop in takoma park
nine regular fat mans
#1a randomly found dead wastelander with a fat man
#2fort constantine in experimental chamber
#3old olney olney sewers southeastern safe storage room
#4fort bannister main storage room (lockpick 50)
#5german town police headquarters basement in storage room (lockpick 50)
#6evergreen mills foundry inside storage room (lockpick 50)
#7galaxy news radio plaza on dead brotherhood knight
#8white house utility tunnel white house crater on concrete island (broken steel)
#9capitol building rotunda on talon company merc
the upgraded version the "experimantal MIRV" is in the national guard depot
in my opinion the best armor is the winterized t-51b power armor it has infinite health 
and is the second best armor (t-51b armor is first but degrades and very hard to 
repair) use the winterized t-51b helmet with for best combat results you get it after 
add on pack "operation: anchorage I have 4 great weapons that work very well
#1xuanlong chinese assualt rifle it is found on prime after freeform quest jigg's loot in 
jury street metro station diner with 100 small guns and best condition it does about 
30 damage a shot with a 36 round mag and it takes 5. 56mm rounds fast wearing if 
used continuisly (bad spelling)
#2 A3-21's plasma rifle after secondery quest the replicated man if you reaveal the 
truth to harkess it does about 55 damage per shot in best condition and a 100 
energy weapons with a 12 round mag
#3the tesla cannon (broken steel) in the mission you get an airdrop with this bad boy 
in it a powerful weapon with roughly 130 damage with a one round mag it can take 
down a vertibird with one shot
#4 the gauss rifle (operation:anchorage) after the mission go to the vss vault and 
pick this up with lots of other goodies it does roughly 110 damage and is similar to a 
sniper rifle with a manual scope
those are the best weopons I have besides the fatman with best condition it does 
about 1336 damage
thats all I have to share so far.

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