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Game Title: Super Mario Advanced 2: Super Mario World
Author: Pure Evil
FAQ Title: Hints and/or Tips

Everytime you reach a boss it would be smart to have at least 10 lives. When get to  
bowser for the first time, it would be smart to have 15, 20 or more lives. When you 
reach a boss have a cape, a flower or a red mushroom handy up in the box at the top 
of the screen. In each of the boss castles try very carefully not to get hit because 
it will waist your spare ability up in the box.

Dragon coins are big coins scattered throughout each level. If you collect all the 
Dragon Coins in each level then there will be a big suprise at the end. Certain 
Dragon Coins are hidden in levels and you might need a special ability to get them. 
There are 5 Dragon Coins in each level, if you collect all 5 in that level you will 
gain an extra life.

When you press select a screen comes up showing your progress, what you need to do, 
how many levels you have completed with Mario and/or Luigi, if the Princess is 
saved, if you have all the Dragon Coins in a level and how many lives you have. Once 
you have saved the Princess you can scroll through each world and transport to any 
level you have completed.

Star Road is very challenging. I suggest you have at least 20 lives or more because 
some of the levels in Star Road might take you a while to beat. When you start to 
lose lives quickly or your down to a low amount of lives, I suggest you get out of 
Star Road and go get some lives. Another way to not lose many lives is stand on the 
level you want to complete and save it. Now play the level and when you don't want 
to go back and get more lives because your low, then turn the Gameboy Advance off 
and turn it back on. Go to your file and you will be left off on that level with the 
same amount of lives you had.

Most of the enemies underwater (not all of the enemies) can not be killed by a 
flame. When you can't kill them with a flame then use the cape. The cape is one of 
the best abilities and the cape can kill basicly every enemy underwater. Some 
enemies on land also can not be killed by a flame or jumping on their head, so try 
the cape. Remember, the sparkling star makes you able to kill every enemy, but you 
can still die, you will have to fall. The star is limited.

There aren't many hints and/or tips for Yoshi but, if you eat a certain amount of 
berries with Yoshi then he will lay an egg and a suprise will hatch.  


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