How to defeat the first 3 bowsers - Guide for Super Mario 64

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                                         SUPER MARIO 64 
                                     GUIDE TO THE BOWSERS

The techniques you master here will help you against Bowser in future battles, but 
the conditions will change as you progress in the game. In you first meeting with 
the King, run around behind him and grab his tail by pushing the B button. Once you 
have hold of him, swing him around by rotating the control stick. Rotate it faster 
to pick up speed. When Bowser is lined up with the nearest spiked orb, Push the B 
button again to fling him into it. Use the close-up camera (c-up) and keep pushing 
the right view (c-right) to find the closest spiked orb. Bowser will give you the 
key to the basement as your reward.

The first time you met Bowser, he was a cinch to beat. He even told you how to do 
it! You have to use the same technique to beat him, but this time he's not going to 
make it easy for you to reach his tail. There are two main openings for grabing his 
tail. After Bowser lands from his stomp, there will be a short time where he just 
stands there. If you can get into position, you can grab his tail quickly. If you 
miss this chance, Bowser will charge you if you run away from him. Back flip over 
him when he gets close, then you'll have another opening to grab his tail.

Bowser, a.k.a the Master of Mayhem, the turtle of Terror and the Boss of Bwahaha, 
has some new for our fine suspendered friend. Not only does he exhale flaming 
breath, he snorts ice and stomps the ground, causing shock waves. You have one 
advantage only-some of the flames turn into coins, which can heal Mario. Once you've 
hurled Bowser against the spiked orbs three times, you'll win the game no matter how 
many stars you've collected. ONE FINAL WARNING:If you toss Bowser over the side, 
he'll knock off a piece of the platform when he returns. After you've tossed him 
twice, all the extra pieces will be knocked off the platform automatically so that 
it will be shaped like a star

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