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Huang Gai FAQ V1.0
By: hbkrvd9
[email protected]
Copyright @ Chris Sammartino 2011

Table Of Contents:
1. - Introduction
1.1 - Copyright/Disclaimer Info
1.2 - Version History
2. - Dynasty Warriors 7 Introduction
3. - Biographies
3.1 - Huang Gai's DW7 In-Game Bio
3.2 - Huang Gai's Historical Bio
4. - What's New With Huang Gai?
4.1 - Huang Gai's Skill Set
4.2 - Huang Gai's Moveset
4.3 - Weapons and Weapon Compatibility
4.4 - Acquiring Huang Gai's Special Weapon
5. - Huang Gai in Story Mode
6. - Huang Gai in Conquest Mode
7. - FAQ
8. - Credits


1. - Introduction


"They just don't make enemy officers like they used to!"

Hello world, my name is Chris. This is my 2nd FAQ and this time it's regarding
the one and only Huang Gai. Huang Gai is one of my favorite characters in
Dynasty Warriors. My first experience with this franchise was a demo of Dynasty
Warriors 3 and the first character I chose? You guessed it, my man Huang Gai.
I've loved him ever since.

If you'd like to add something to the guide that I haven't gotten, or want to
help correct something, like a spelling mistake, incorrect grammar, or wrong
info, you can email me. Oh, and if you see this guide on a site that I don't
have listed in my copyright info or if someone else claims this FAQ to be
his/her own, please let me know and I will take action. Constructive criticism
is welcome, but if you send any derogatory/hate mail, I will NOT reply nor will
read any further into it. I don't have time for people like that. I'll credit
you for any info that makes its way into my guide, so remember to put your name
or alias in the email so I can give proper credit where needed.

If you email me, put "Huang Gai DW7 FAQ" in the subject line. That way, I won't
delete it as spam mail.

1.1 - Copyright/Disclaimer Info

The FAQ you are currently reading is copyrighted to hbkrvd9/Chris Sammartino,
and it should only be on the following websites:

As of right now, these are the only 2 sites this FAQ should be. I might
post it on another site, but that doesn't seem too likely. If it's anywhere
else, I didn't post it there. If you steal this FAQ and post it as your own
work, I'll be a sad panda. I worked my ass off to get this thing made. Not to
mention that stealing copyrighted works is against the law.

1.2 - Version History

Version 1.0 - FAQ is made and posted.


2. - Dynasty Warriors 7 Introduction


Dynasty Warriors 7 (Shin Sangoku Musou 6 as its known in Japan) is a
hack-n-slash game created by KOEI and developed by Omega Force. It is based on
the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" novel by Luo Guanzhong. The game takes place
in the "Three Kingdoms" era of China where regional warlords fought for
total control of the country. It is the 7th game in the series.

DW7 does away with the Renbu system introduced in the previous installment and
brings back the charge attack system from previous entries. It also boasts an
impressive 62 characters and adds a new kingdom, the kingdom of Jin. Story
Mode is here and plays out like Kingdom Musou Mode from Dynasty Warriors 4. Also
Free Mode has been done away with in favor of the new Conquest Mode.


3. - Huang Gai's Bios


Everything a person would ever need to know about the history of Huang Gai.

3.1 - Huang Gai's In-Game Bio


An officer of Wu since the days of Sun Jian. At the Battle of Chibi, together
with Zhou Yu, he executed their special plan: After being "attacked" by Zhou
Yu, Huang Gai surrendered to Cao Cao, whereupon he then set fire to the Wei
fleet, leading to a great victory for Wu.

3.3 Huang Gai's Historical Bio

Huang Gai originated from the Quanling county in the Lingling precinct. His son
was Huang Bing.

Huang Gai was orphaned at an early age, and endured many difficulties as a
baby. Even in his poor situation, he retained great ambition and studied how to
read and write, and discussed military affairs.

He started off his career as a minor clerk within a commandery office, Huang
Gai was then recommended as a "Filial and Incorrupt", a recommendation for
talented people who retain filial piety and upright behaviour. When Sun Jian
gathered a volunteer force for the war against Dong Zhuo, Huang Gai joined him.
He was made Major with a Separate Command affter the defeat of the Shanyue
bandits and Dong Zhuo's fleeing in the north. Sun Jian eventually passed away,
leaving Huang Gai to follow his sons.

The Shanyue were rebellious, so Huang Gai was assigned to oversee the crippled
prefectures. The officers in Shifeng were insubordinate and difficult to
control, so Huang Gai appointed two people as heads of departments. He said to
them, "Being the county's magistrate, I am neither talented nor virtuous. I
obtained this post based on military merits, and administrative affairs are not
my specialty. At this time, the bandits have not been pacified, and I have
military duties to fulfil. Thus, I delegate the two of you to be in charge of
all the documents, to supervise the various departments, and to point out as
well as correct any mistake that they make. Within the jurisdictions of your
two offices, you should discharge your responsibility for your administrative
duties properly. Though I will neither punish you with whip nor cane, I hope
that you will perform your duties to the best of your abilities, and not set a
bad example for the rest." As a result of the speech, all were in fear of him,
taking their tasks seriously thereafter. Though, seeing that Huang Gai did not
check their documents, the officers became more relaxed and lenient.

Huang Gai grew disgusted at their lazy outlooks, and obtained evidence of the
two officials' unlawful activities after some inspection. He held a gathering,
inviting all officers to wine and food, but during the meal, he brought out the
evidence and interrogated the pair about it. The department heads had nothing
to say in defense, and begged for forgiveness. Huang Gai said, "Some time ago,
I had already set out the decree – ‘Nor whip nor cane will I lay on you’. That
was not said in vain." By order, the two department head's were executed,
sending fear throughout the prefecture.

Later, he was transferred to be Prefect of Xunyang and Chief of Chunju, and in
all was put in charge of nine prefectures. Wherever he commanded, the land
became peaceful. In Danyang, Huang Gai received support from the Shanyue because
he supported the weak and put down the powerful.

He was said to have looks that were stern and determined, while excelling at
training soldiers. Every time a military expedition was called, his troops
would fight to go first. He followed Zhou Yu to defend against Cao Cao at Chi
Bi, suggesting the strategey of a fire attack. At the battles, Huang Gai was
hit by a stray arrow and fell into a cold river. Some Wu soldiers rescued him
and placed him on a bed, but didn't know it was Huang Gai. He gathered enough
strength to call out Han Dang's name, and when Han Dang heard it, immediately
turned to him and assisted him to change his clothing. Huang Gai survived the
cold later on.

When the southern tribes of Wuling began rebelling, Huang Gai assumed the duties
of the Grand Administrator, and only had five hundred men with him in the city.
Knowing they would lose in a savage attack, he had the city gates opened,
allowing half of the rebels to come inside. Here, his armies struck, quickly
defeating several hundred enemies. The rest fled, returning to their respective
towns. Huang Gai then defeated the leader of the rebels and pardoned those who
surrendered. Between spring and summer, all of the local rebellions were put
down, converting many pro-rebellion chiefs to change their ways. Huang Gai later
died of illness in office after being promoted to Lieutenant-General. People
in the kingdom remembered Huang Gai fondly offering sacrifices to him year-long.


4 - What's New With Huang Gai?


Well, let's get the obvious stuff out of the way. He has a new look, not very
different from Dynasty Warriors 6. He lost the mohawk (very glad about that
personally) and gained a long braided ponytail. He also, like every
character in DW7, has a new moveset. He uses the Club as his EX moveset. He
also gains 2 new Musou attacks. Very cool stuff.

4.1 - Huang Gai's Skill Set

- 5th Normal Attack (Pts: 84)
- 5th Strong Attack (Pts: 224)
- 6th Normal Attack (Pts: 126)
- 6th Strong Attack (Pts: 252)
- Musou +1 (Pts: 98)
- Musou Attack 2 (Pts: 280
- Skill Points Up (Pts: 112)
- Attack Range Up (Pts: 168)
- Max Health Up ++ (Pts: 420)
- Power Up + (Pts: 280)

4.2 - Huang Gai's Moveset

In DW7, you have the ability to use any weapon in the game with any
character. Every character has a special move attached to their "main"
weapon, called an EX attack. Huang Gai's EX attack is attached to the
club moveset, so I'll be describing this moveset below.

S - Slams the club to the ground
SS - Pokes the opponent
SSS - Pokes the opponent again
SSSS - Pokes the opponent again
SSSSS - swings the club around once
SSSSSS - a large ground pound

C - A roll move that breaks the opponent's guard
SC - Swings the club, knocking the opponent into the air; a popup attack
SSC - spins 360 degrees a few times, hitting opponents all around him
SSSC - swings the club hard, clearing your path of opponents
SSSSC - Grabs the enemy, throws him into the air, and hits him with the club
SSSSSC - A huge ground pound

EX Attack - Grabs his opponent, rolls him a few times and launches him (SSCC)

Musou Attack 1 - Grabs his opponent and delivers a huge backdrop
Musou Attack 2 - Throws his opponent into the air and hits them with a muscle

Weapon Switch Attack - A baseball bat-like swing

4.3 - Weapons and Weapon Compatibility

Every character can wield any weapon, but the get the most out of that
weapon, the character must be "compatible" with the weapon. Compatibility
is determined with stars. One star means the character isn't compatible with
that particular weapon and cannot wield it well. Two stars is about average,
not great and not terrible. Three stars is very compatible, the ideal weapon
to use. Here, I will list every weapon and the compatibility level for
Huang Gai.

Axe: (***)
Wheels: (**)
Gloves: (**)
Shaman Rod: (*)
Arm Cannon: (**)
Brush: (***)
Flail: (***)
Spinner: (**)
Flute: (**)
Iron Fan: (*)
War Fan: (*)
Sword: (**)
Flying Swords: (*)
Rapier: (**)
Chain & Sickle: (*)
Lance: (**)
Nunchaku: (*)
Crossbow: (***)
Throwing Knives: (**)
Harp: (**)
Chain Whip: (N/A)
Double Voulge: (***)
Great Sword: (**)
Pike: (***)
Tonfa: (***)
(EX) Club: (***)
Curved Sword: (*)
Sword & Shield: (**)
Staff: (*)
Twin Axes: (***)
Spear: (***)
Twin Rods: (***)
Halberd: (**)
Bow: (**)
Claws: (**)
Twin Swords: (**)

Please note that some of the stars are darkened. This means that you don't have
that star, and therefore that level, but it can be earned. It can be earned by
buying certain skills in the skill tree. Buying Speed, Defense, Attack, etc.
skills will open up those stars.

Also note that you can unlock "*Weapon* Master" seals. What these do is
automatically score you three stars in the catagory of the seal you equipped.
For example, want to equip Huang Gai with the Shaman Rod but want him to wield
it efficiently? Equip the "Shaman Rod Master" seal and you will now be at the
best wielding ability with it.

4.4 - Acquiring Huang Gai's Special Weapon

Some characters share weapons and therefore, share movesets. To make each
character a little more original, KOEi has added 10 (and in some cases, 11)
weapons to each weapon set. They all differ in a few things. Attack power,
element, look, number of seals you can equip, etc. Certain weapons were
designed to be equipped to certain characters, though you don't have to follow
this. First, I'll be breaking down the club moveset. There are 10 weapons in
this set.

1: Hex Club (ATK: 8)
2: Studded Club (ATK: 12)
3: Spiked Club (ATK: 15)
4: Stone Crusher (ATK: 21)
5: Rock Smasher (ATK: 30)
6: Boulder Breaker (ATK: 33)
7: Holy Comet (ATK: 36) (Can only be unlocked by beating the Club Battle hex)
8: Ogre Smasher (ATK 28)
9: Titan Smasher (ATK 32)
10: Soul Scepter (ATK 34)

Huang Gai's custom weapon is the 10th and final weapon, the Soul Scepter. You
must unlock this in Conquest Mode. Here are the steps to acquiring this beast
of a weapon:

1 - Unlock the "Smithing" ability with Lu Meng, Guo Huai or Zhuge Liang.
This'll set you back 840 skill points, so save up. I recommend making sure
you unlock this skill with all three inside Story Mode, since you share
skill points between officers. It's much easier than going through Conquest
Mode to unlock all the skill points neccesary.

2 - Free the cities. The more cities you unlock, the more weapons will be
available for puchase at the Weapons Dealer and the Merchant.

3 - Using one of the 3 characters listed above, buy the weapon from either
the merchant or weapons dealer. Don't worry if it's not there at first,
eventually you will unlock it. Remember to unlock the cities to unlock more
weapons for purchase!

There you have it.


5 - Huang Gai in Story Mode


Good news! Huang Gai is playable in Story Mode! He is playable during part
two of the Battle of Chibi during Wu's Story Mode.


6 - Huang Gai in Conquest Mode


As with every character, Huang Gai has special battles only playable by him
called "Legend Battles". To unlock these battles, you must clear various
battles to create a path to Huang Gai's hexagon. It is located on the far
left, a ways away from your beginning point. He has two battles to play.

Battle 1 - Military Training
Difficulty: ***
Reward: 500
Description: "After the death of Sun Jian and Sun Ce, the future of Wu fell into
the hands of Sun Quan. Veteran officer Huang Gai decides to conduct a rigorous
training session for Sun Quan and all of the young officers in the army to
better prepare the, for battle. Show him the vigor of youth and defeat your

Battle 2 - Veterans' Brawl
Difficulty: ****
Reward: 1000
Description: "Young, talented leaders have started to appear one after
another. This has inspired the life-long soldier and hardened veteran Huang Gai
to assemble all the experienced officers together for a mock training battle.
Show your masterful skills in battle and prove that the will of veteran warriors
like yourself is undying."

Complete these battles and unlock Huang Gai's wallpaper for "Officers 1"
in the gallery!

To unlock Huang Gai's "Officers 2" wallpaper, simply make him a sworn ally.
To do this, you have to increase your bond with him. Play his Legend Battles,
encounter him as an ally or an enemy during a battle and use the merchant to
pay for Huang Gai to help you as reinforcements. Eventually he will come to
visit you in a city, and swear his allegiance to you.


He also has some unique dialogue and interactions with various characters
in Conquest Mode.

- In any Defense Battle, Huang Gai will occasionally appear with Ding Feng
as an intruder. They exchange dialogue and proceed to attack the main camp.

- To hear unique dialogue, make sure Huang Gai is sworn ally. Set him as your
current ally, and choose between Sun Jian, Huang Zhong, Zhang Liao and Cao Cao.
Huang Gai will make reference to whichever character you have chosen.

- To hear some more unqiue dialogue, you must encounter Huang Gai in battle as
an enemy with any of the following: Sun Jian, Huang Zhong and Zhang Liao. When
you first meet him, he will comment on whichever officer you chose. And when you
defeat him, he will comment again.


7 - FAQ


Q: Why should I play as Huang Gai?
A: His Musou attacks are wrestling moves, he wears spandex shorts to show off
his MASSIVE tree trunk legs, he's an old man who can defeat any one, young or
old alike, he uses a giant anchor for a weapon, his voice actor is awesome...I
could go on, but you get it.

Q: Who is the voice actor for Huang Gai? I'm curious.
A: The great Lee Everest. Fun fact, not only does Mr. Everest play Huang
Gai, he is also the narrator for the DW franchise. How awesome is that?


8 - Credits


- Thanks to KOEI and Omega Force for continuing to make this game, and
more importantly for me, for continuing to bring it to the U.S. Thanks guys!

- The KOEI wiki for their bio of Huang Gai.

- for being awesome and letting me express and
discuss my love for this franchise.

- Whatever equipment Huang Gai uses to work out and get those treetrunk thighs
of his.

- Dynasty Warriors 7 for being arguably the best game in the series.

- PS2's Jampack demo discs for including a demo of DW3. That's where my
love all started, with that crappy demo disc.

- Said demo disc for including Huang Gai as one of the three playable

- Dynasty Warriors 4 for being my first DW game and the best damn game

- Every single officer, general, emperor and footsoldier who actually
existed during the Three Kingdoms Period in Chinese history.

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