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Hollywood Hulk Hogan (WMX9 attire)

Base Model- Type A

Skin- 4 color- -90,-25,15

Face- 9
Face Model- 23
The rest is up to you

Eyes- 16 color- 19,-25,0
Eyebrows- 145 color- -94,26,0
Lips- 1
Hair- 34 color- -76,0,15,72
Underwear- 1,1 color- 12,-100,0

Facial Hair- 69 color- -94,-25,-100,-24
Facial Hair- 37 color- -76,100,-32,100

Wrist Bands- 1,1 color- 12,9,-100,100
Tights- 9,347 color- 99,-15,-100,100,-100
Knee Pads- 14,1 color- 12,-100,-100,100
Shoes- 1,164,5 color- 33,100,-17,9

Entrance Attire
Caps and Hats- 11,96 color- 34,-21,-100
Head Accesories- 79 color- -78,9,-100
Long Helmline- 1,1,1 color- 12,-100,-100,100,84 'move this layer behind the tights, 
so that the t-****r is tucked in
Design, WWE, Body- 54 reduce 3 times, place on middle of t-shirt

Form- Up to you
Height- 6'10

Name- Hulk Hogan
Ring Name- Hollywood
Nickname- Hulk or Hollywood
Biography- Male, Super Heavyweight, Fully Face (you decide)
Signs- Any you want

Attributes (aim for in season mode)
Strength- 9
Submission- 8.5
Endurance- 10
Technique- 6
Speed- 6

Logic1- Brawler
Logic2- Striker or Balanced
Move- Agressive
Irish Whip- Often
Attack the Referee- Not Usually
Weapon Use- Dislike
Diving Moves- Less Often
Taunt- Often

Moveset- moveset 70
Entrance- Movie- Logo Moves- Any you want Music- Kevin Nash or Original 4 

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