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Hollywood-this level is easy.You only have to face two enemy's.Just keep your 
health up and try your best.It's best to save your special for later on and get all 
the ammo you see.

Washington D.C.-in this level your basicly in a huge square.But that makes you an 
easier target.Make sure you go with the same stategy in Hollywood.But the bad thing 
is there is a boss,Darkside.His special is spitting out fire and ice at the same 
time.Always watch your back!And avoid him until you kill him.

Hanger 18-This is a big circle.Just go around and shoot everybody you see.

North Pole-this is longer then some levels because after you kill everybody two 
more people come out.Just keep up the stategy used in the other level's.Keep health 
up,save special,and try your best.

Londen-this is a spread out level and in this level you fight a boss,Minion.He is a 
huge battle tank that shoots you and freezes you and in about two shots from his 
special then...well your dead.

Tokeyo-This level is pretty easy like all the levels.just don't fall off the 

Egypt-this is an open warzone.Just kill everyone.

Final Battle-THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!destroy all the little radar things with tose 
red lines.There is one big one in that one red room.YOU CAN'T DESTROY THAT ONE YET!
YOU HAVE TO DESRTOY ALL THE LITTLE ONES.All of them are on the bottom floor.ONe in 
the room with those boxes in them and TWO in the room with that big looking pool 
that room and there one to your left and to your right.Then there is a secret 
one.When you leave that room your in go to the right or left.Destroy the wall and 
follow the path.Destroy that wall and there is one of those radar things in 
it.After you destroy it go to that red room with that big radar in it and destroy 
that.Now you can kill everyone.After their all dead you'll face Prime Evil,the last 
boss.Be carefull one hit from his special.....Da,Da,Da,Dum!


Washington D.C.-you can destroy those statues and in one of then is a red health 
pacage in the other are bombs.
Hanger 18-Destroy those radar's and go to that part where those lasers were 
blocking the way and go through the portal.
North Pole-Go down to Santa's house and destroy all the buildings and you'll find 
some goody's.
Londen-go destroy that fence and through that arch and to your right is a portal go 
through and there you go.
Tokeyo-You can jump tose ramps and when you get to the big ramp jump it and you'll 
land on the building.Then destroy that billboard and a little radar dish will 
appear jump that ramp to get it and use it.Plus there is a huge fan.Destroy that 
cage protector and enemy's will fall in.
Egypt-to get in to those pyramids destroy the door way in front and you can get 
in.On the smaller pyramid when you get the secret weapon,that pyramaid,well on that 
one when you first enter it turn right and shoot the wall and a secret will appear 
go through it and it will take you to the other pyramid.

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