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AJ Styles CAW

Created By: Kid_Cool 

Face: 18 
Face Model: 6 
Figure: X:24 
Shape: X:31 
Head: X:-1 Y:48 
Eyebrow: X:0 Y:78 
Eyes: X:4 Y:56 / X:-3 Y:7 
Nose: X:-67 Y:1 / X:-43 Y:6 
Cheek X:-38 
Mouth: X:32 Y:25 / X:-100 
Jaw: X:12 Y:11 / X:0 
Lips:5 (X:-98 Y:8 / X:5) 
Elbow Pads: 6/1/6 (X:-97 Y:-79 / X:-100) 
Wrist bands: 5/1 (X:100 Y:-100 / X:-100 / X:100/ X:97) 
Tights: 2/1 (X:-61 Y:46 / X:-100 / X:100 / X:93) 
Shoes: 1/1/6 (X:-93 Y:-73 / X:-100 / X:12) 
Knee Pads: 7/1/5 (X:-81 Y:-100 / X:0 / X:100) 
Jewelry: 4 (X:-71 Y:45 / X:0 / X:100) 
Upper Body Accesories: 8 (X:-99 Y:-72 / X:-100 / X:100) 
Lower Body Accesories: 1 (X:-100 Y:-7 / X:-100 / X:100) 
Design:Letters:Alphabet: 13 (Spell the word STYLES and put it on both sides of the 
shorts, seperate the letters to make them look broken.) 
Entrance Attire 
Jacket: 10/1/1 (X:12 Y:-65 / X:-100) 
Note: I ran out of layers, but if i had enough i would have made the jacket have no 
Body Morph 
Head: X:-14 Y:2 / Y:-2 
Neck: X:37 Y:52 / Y:-82 
Chest: X:49 Y:-16 / Y:32 
Shoulder:both: X:-63 Y:51 / Y:-28 
Abdomen: X:58 Y:2 / Y:-35 
Arms:Both: X:18 Y:-21 / Y:-90 
Forearms:Both: X:-5 Y:41 
Hands:both: X:34 Y:6 / Y:-71 
Waist: X:20 Y:9 
Thigh: X:-20 Y:14 
Legs: X:10 Y:20 / Y:-53 
Feet: X:-3 Y:7 / Y:-54 
Height: 5'9" 

Name: AJ Styles 
Ringname: AJ Styles 
Nickname: The Phenominal 
Gender: Male 
Class: Light Heavy 
Face/Heel: Face 
Signboard: your choice 

Attributes: since you can't really do much here, its your choice. 
If you decide to strengthen him, raise the strength to about 7.5 Submission to 7.5 
Endurance to 8, Technique: 9, and speed to 9.5. 

Logic 1: grappler 
Logic 2: luchador 
Move: Clever 
Irish Whip: often 
Attack the ref: its done if neccesary 
Weapon use: dislike 
Diving Moves: often 
Taunt: often 

Brock lesnars entrance suits him. 

give him punches and dropkicks for attacks, also with the RVD roll. 

for grapples give him clothsline 22, ultimo strike, half neslon 
facebuster,neckbreaker 2, 
some armdrags, ultimo tornado,ddt 17and some more 

back grapples: german suplexes,jump over neckbreaker, hurricanrana pin 4, back 
suplex 5 and some more 

also give him lots of cruiserweight type moves like rey mysterio and ultimo dragon 

tornado ddt and frankenstiener from the turnbuckle. 

make sure you give him the shooting star press as a jump to outside move. 

for arial give him a missle dropkick, corkscrew body pin (closest to the spiral tap) 
and a 450 splash. 

for finishers give him the landing pin and the shooting star press 2.

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