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                                  JOHNNY CAGE

Movie Star                                       
Weight  Height                       
190      6'0"                        
Fight Styles:                             
Jeet Kune Do
Lunge Punch= Square
Low Hook Punch= down+square
Side Elbow Strike= right+square
Knife Hand Chop= triangle
Knife Hammer Strike= left+triangle
Low Palm Strike= down+triangle
Front thrust Kick= X
Low Jabbing Punch= down+ X
Cutting kick= Up+ X
Side thrust Kick= circle
low kick= down+circle
Shin Thrust= right+circle
Flip kick= up+circle
Double Flip Kick= up+circle x2
Throw= left+R1
Shove= R1
Smash Tv= triangle,circle
Bone Breaker= X,circle
Big Blast= square,square,circle
Out Take= square,square,L1
The Foot Sword= X,X,X
Cutting Hands= triangle,X,circle
Closing Credits= square,square,right+square
Chopping hands= square,triangle,left+triangle
Cameo= square,triangle,X,circle
Prequel= Triangle,X,X,X
Box Office Smash= square,triangle,X,X,X
Director's Cut= square,square,up+circle,up+circle
                Jeet Kuen Do
Leading Straight Punch= Square
Hook Fist= down+square
Knuckle Fist= right+square
Duck N Jab= triangle
Low Knuckle Fist= down+triangle
Stepping Snap Kick= X
Low Punch= down+X
Side Kick To Knee= right+X
Side Kick To Face= circle
Sweeping Kick= right+circle
Low Kick= down+circle
High Hooking Kick= up+circle
Throw= left+R1
Taunt= R1
Straight Blast= square,square
Spot Light= triangle,triangle,circle
Runner Up= triangle,triangle,X,X,L1
Sticky Legs= triangle,triangle,X,X,circle
Outer Gate= triangle,triangle,X,X,right+circle
Reverse Shoulder Swing= square
Overhand Strike=right+square
Bottom Swing= down+square
Stepping Cross Swing= triangle
Cross Back Strike= right+triangle
Low Knee Strike= down+triangle
Underhand Strike= X
Low Circular Swing= right+X
Double Thrust Srike= left+X
Rising Swing= down+X
Side Kick= circle
Roundhouse Kick= right+circle
Low Foot Strike= down+circle
Sidestep Swing= R1
Gentle Spirit= square,square,X,X
Flowing Strikes= square x4
Living Legend=square,square,triangle,right+triangle
               Special Moves
Forceball= down,right,square
Johnny Uppercut= right+R1
Shadow Kick= right,left,circle

Johnny Cage had been fed up with the lame writing on his current movie "Mortal 
Kombat:The Death Of Johnny Cage",in wich his character repeatedly died and was 
resurrected.To him ,his real life adventures were much more sensesational...he 
kicked butt!But his studio felt the the hero needed to take a fall for dramatic 
purposes.Johnny Cage reluctantly agreed to continue with the project until the 
Thunder God Raiden called him away to a new adventure in Outerworld.

For maximum dramatic effect,Johnny cage arrived on the island  fortress of Shang 
Tsung by way of parachute.He glided to the exact place on the beach where Raiden had 
told him to rendezvous with the others.When night fell,the Earthrealm kombatants lit 
a fire and discussed possible strategies to defeat the Outerworld threat.Once the 
fire had reached his full strength,Raiden finally appeared and revealed to them the 
events that had led to the formation of th Deadly Alliance.

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