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In the game Peach is once again kidnapped by Bowser and you have to rescue her. 
Before you get to Bowser's castle you must collect four keys to open the gate to 
Bowser's castle. These four keys are guarded by four bosses in four different lands.

Boss: Big Boo
Location: Haunted House in the Carnival
Stars Required: 10
Difficulty: 3/5

       Big Boo is located in the deepest room of the haunted house. Just like 
in "Super Mario 64" you must hit Big Boo on the back when he's not looking. If you 
try to hit when he is looking he will guard and Mario will be spooked, spinning out 
of control. Hit Big Boo on the back three times and he will be defeated. After that 
collect your key.

Boss: Petey Piranha
Location: Windmill in the Grassland
Stars Required:1
Difficulty: 2/5

        Petey Piranha is the easiest boss in the game. After you hit the blue 
switch, stopping the windmill it will be easier to enter. When you enter you will 
find Petey Piranha in the center. All you have to do is hit Petey Piranha three 
times, but not in the center. If you hit him in the center (in his face), he will 
trap you in his mouth and spit you back out. Be careful that he doesn't spit you 
out of the windmill. Hit him three times and collect your key.

Boss: Spiked Cheep Cheep
Location: Sunken Ship in the Ice Land 
Stars Required: 1
Difficulty: 4/5

       To get to this boss you must hit the three treasure chests and go inside the 
sunken ship. To damage the Spiked Cheep Cheep you will use bomb-ombs. There are 
targets on each side of the ship. If you hit one you will release a bomb-omb to use 
on the boss. If you hit the Cheep Cheep with the bomb-omb the Cheep Cheep will 
expand like a blowfish. Hit the Cheep Cheep again before it goes back to normal 
size. The Cheep Cheep will separate into more Cheep Cheeps. Hit the Cheep Cheep 
three times and collect the key.

Boss: Pharoh Koopa
Location: Pyramid in the Desert
Stars Required: 2
Difficulty: 4/5

        The Pharoh is at the very bottom of the pyramid. Beside the Pharoh are two 
crystals. These crystals will make you bigger, but the Pharoh will cast spells 
making you smaller. You must hit the Pharoh three times while being bigger. When 
your're done collect the key.

       After you've collected all keys you will be ready to challenge Bowser 
Difficulty: 5/5. I can't make a guide on Bowser because I didn't beat him yet.

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