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When starting up Madden for the first time, you should be bombarded with a whole 
bunch of tutorial options. Afterwards, you'll be asked if you want to practice this 
new feature. I suggest you practice a while. Offense only with a higher rated Qb Ie: 
Payton Manning, Bret Favre, Tom Brady, etc. Alright, now that you're in practice 
mode, call a basic throwing play of your choice. First, before you hike the ball, 
press and hold R2 to bring up reciever routes. You'll notice one reciever's pattern 
marked in oranged instead of yellow.. This means your view will be locked onto this 
reciever. You can switch which reciever you want to be locked onto from the start by 
pushing their corrisponding button. Ie: Circle reciever=Circle Button.

Now, when you hike the ball you'll notice there will be one line of clear and the 
rest of the screen blurry. The clear area is the Qb's Line of Sight. The shaded area 
is out of sight. Therefore, throwing to a reciever outside of your line of site 
results in a bad throw, usually low or away. If you throw into your line of view 
you'll get bonus accuracy, which means even lower rated qb's now have some control.

Secondly, you'll want to get familiar with moving your qb's head around.. What I 
mean is his vision. Use the right analog stick to move his vision. Any reciever in 
this line of vision is throwable too,unless they're like double covered. When 
selecting a reciever from the routes option * R2 * you may select no locked target 
by pressing X on the key pad. This will result in your qb looking straight up the 
field, though you'll have to aim your view manually.

Yet another valuable thing to learn is Precision passing.. Precision passing allows 
you to throw into coverage and have a chance to make a completion. To do this, set 
up a pass * Get ready to throw to a reciever * when ready, push the button of the 
reciever you wish to throw to. At the same time you may lead your reciever by 
pushing left or right on the d-pad or left analog stick. Left leads a reciever 
heading towards the left of a screen. Right vice versa. You may also throw it behind 
a reciever by pushing the analog stick/ d-pad in their opposite direction. You may 
also throw it lower or higher by pushing up, or down on the d-pad/analog stick. You 
may combine two or more locations to throw the perfect pass. Up and away, down and 
behind, it all depends on the situation.

When you're in a game, use precision passing wisely, if you're being rushed and you 
use precision passing it may end up in the defenders hands. Also, utilize it to your 
advantage by lobbing passes to your Rb's in on a screen.. After a few plays the 
Defense * If def. is Cpu * Will cheat up and target the screen. Pump fake to the rb 
and bomb it down field for an easier completion. You may also look of defenders.. 
When covering a reciever, defense watches your eyes. If you aim towards one 
reciever, they'll increase there presence. Look them off by looking to one reciever, 
then quickly turning your view and throwing to another reciever.

That's basically it, if you have any information, feel free to contact me Via Email, 
Msn, or Yim.. Just include who you are and what your problem is, so I don't think 
you're a spammer.  Msn: [email protected]   Yim: [email protected] Email: 
Same as Yim

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