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Castlevania: Circle Of The Moon: Magician Mode
Version 1.1
Written by Thorn Martin
([email protected])

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Basic Strategies
3. Boss Strategies
4. Battle Arena
5. Low Level Challenge
6. Acknowledgements
7. Update History

1. Introduction

This is a basic guide for the extra Magician mode in Castlevania: Circle
of the Moon. To unlock this mode, you must beat the game once and then
start a new game with the name FIREBALL. You will have increased
intelligence and start with all the cards, but your other stats will be

This FAQ will not include a complete walkthrough, because once reaching 
this mode you should be able to find your way through the castle.

If you have any questions, comments, additional strategies, and/or flames,
my e-mail address is at the top. Just don't ask me questions like "Where 
do I go after I beat the Golem?" There are other FAQs that'll answer that.

Oh, and this FAQ contains spoilers, but if you obtained Magician mode,
than you don't have to worry about knowing what bosses you fight.

2. Basic Strategies

Useful DSS combos
      URANUS+UNICORN: because of the low HP given in Magician mode, you
      will need to use this a lot. It will heal about 20% of your health
      and you'll be able to use it multiple times without much of a drain
      on your MP.

      PLUTO+MANDRAGORAS: use this the majority of the time outside bosses.
      It makes gaining levels much less painful.

      PLUTO+BLACKDOG: this card is for those of us who like to take chances.
      If you use it in a boss, it is either you kill them in one shot, or 
      they kill you.

      NEPTUNE+whatever: the combos with the NEPTUNE card are very useful
      outside of bosses. You'll need to experiment with them to determine
      what element an enemy is, but let me tell you: you'll be using NEPTUNE
      +BLACKDOG the majority of the time.

      PLUTO+UNICORN: for when you're not in the fighting mood.

      summons, other than URANUS+UNICORN, that you should bother with.


      You won't need Robes or other Intelligence boosters since it will be
      high enough that 300 extra won't do much. Instead you should focus on
      strong armor, since you will need all the defense you can get. Also,
      the best arm equipment is 2 Double Grips (+75 to all stats) obtained
      from Dark Armors.   

3. Boss Strategies


      Recommended Level: 7

      Here's how I beat him at Lv. 1: First, have the URANUS+THUNDERBIRD 
      combo ready. Always stay on the highest platform above him and when he
      uses his beam attack, use the above combo. You should learn the sound
      he makes (howl, bang, bang) when he is about to do his beam attack so
      you can get across the room.

      You need to do this a lot, so you will need to recharge your MP. To do
      this safely you must follow the above instructions, but instead of using
      the DSS combo, get ready to leap when he leaps up after the beam attack.

      Another, cheaper way of doing this is to use the PLUTO+BLACKDOG combo
      when you are on the platform above him when he's doing the beam attack. 
      This way, you can position yourself to, hopefully, throw a big bone and
      kill him in one shot. 

      If you don't feel like fighting him using those methods, then you should
      know that you can use NEPTUNE+UNICORN to absorb most of his hits.

Necromancer (1st form)

      Recommended Level: 10

      If you are playing the low level game (see below), than an easy way
      to defeat him is to use PLUTO+BLACKDOG. You'll take of 1800 HP, and 
      you won't have to fight his second form.

      Otherwise, you should use NEPTUNE+BLACKDOG to absorb hits if you 
      can't dodge and use the cross (make sure you obtain it before this
      fight) or URANUS+COCKATRICE.

Necromancer (2nd form)

      Recommended Level: 10

      Again use NEPTUNE+BLACKDOG to absorb his attacks and the cross to 
      finish him off, or use URANUS+THUNDERBIRD. Not very difficult.

Iron Golem

      Recommended Level: 15
      Before facing him, be sure to have full hearts and the cross
      sub-weapon. When you enter, immediatly use PLUTO+GOLEM, and throw
      3 crosses. Continue this process until you run out of hearts, and
      switch to PLUTO+MANTICORE and continue throwing crosses. Make sure
      to leap when he smashes the ground, because that takes off a lot of
      health and you won't have much MP left to heal after you use PLUTO+


      Recommended Level: 19

      Some say he's the hardest boss, but honestly he's pretty simple. His
      body and the skull attack are of the Darkness element, so NEPTUNE+
      BLACKDOG helps if you want to fight him in the traditional way. The
      Magician way, on the other hand, is with the URANUS+THUNDERBIRD combo.
      That'll take him down easily.

Twin Dragon Zombies

      Recommended Level: 21

      Again, the way to beat them is to use the URANUS+THUNDERBIRD combo 
      while standing on the middle platform. Since they have a lot of HP,
      then you might need to retreat to one of the top corners to restore
      your MP. If you feel like a traditional butt kicking, then use the
      NEPTUNE+MANTICORE combo, and simple dodge their fire attacks.

Death (1st form)

      Recommended Level: 25

      His body and the scythes are Darkness, so use the NEPTUNE+BLACKDOG
      combo. That, or you can just use the URANUS+COCKATRICE combo and
      destroy him quickly.

Death (2nd form)

      Recommended Level: 25

      All of his attacks, except the ground attack, can be absorbed with
      the NEPTUNE+BLACKDOG combo. Just be sure to leap when his body
      raises up. Also, the URANUS+COCKATRICE combo is great in this fight.


      Recommended Level: 27

      Another easy fight. All you have to do is stand on the highest
      platform and use the URANUS+THUNDERBIRD combo. Even though she may
      not appear on your screen, the bolts will still be hitting her. The
      most you have to do is occasionally dodge a purple bubble.

      Another method that is used is to stand in one of the doorways with
      the JUPITER+MANTICORE shield up, and throw boomerangs at her. The
      shield will take out the purple bubbles and the most you have to do
      is jump to the nearest platform and dodge hear beam attack.


      Recommended Level: 35

      Before this fight make sure you grab 2 Double Grips from the Dark
      Armors. All you have to do in this fight is stay on the ground and 
      use URANUS+COCKATRICE, immediatly high jumping after the summon. He
      will not be able to hit you if you high jump fast enough. 

      If for some reason you run low on health, simply retreat to one of
      the top corners and use URANUS+UNICORN.

Dracula (1st form)

      Recommended Level: 36

      This is a joke, just use URANUS+COCKATRICE.

Dracula (2nd form)

      Recommended Level: 38

      Now, this is the real challenge. Stay on one of the platforms on the
      edge farthest away from him (this way his laser won't hit you) and
      use URANUS+THUNDERBIRD. You must use this combo immediatly when he
      begins one of this attacks, because if you don't, one of his attacks
      will hit you. PLUTO+BLACKDOG is not very effective at this stage,
      because it will only take off around 450 HP.

      When he begins his charging attack, you must high jump out of the way.
      There are many methods to take out his eyeball form, including the
      MARS+MANDRAGORAS sword. This is a slow process because your strength
      is pitiful. A slightly quicker way of killing him is to use SATURN+
      THUNDERBIRD and allowing the crow to slowly destroy the eye. Overall,
      there is no quick way of destroying the eyeball, other than taking your
      chances with PLUTO+BLACKDOG.
4. Battle Arena

In the battle arena, the only way to use DSS is to use a MP restore and 
quickly use a combo. 

Unless you are at a very high level (60+), do not try the battle arena in 
Magician mode.

5. Low Level Challenge

Beat the game at the lowest possible level by fighting on those bosses
that need to be fought (that means no Death or Twin Dragons), and no other

I believe this is only possible in Magician mode, since no other modes
could defeat bosses at such low levels.

If you somehow do this, please e-mail me ([email protected]) and
tell me your level, and the exact number of experience points you had.

People who accomplished this:

      No one...

6. Acknowledgements

Thanks to the Zebra corporation for the best pen.
And to Top Flight for the best 'Memo Pad'.
And to Nintendo for the best handheld.
And to Konami for the best handheld game.
And.... that's about it.

7. Update History

Version 1.1---6/16/01---Added Camilla, Hugh, and Dracula's forms
Version 1.0---6/15/01---FAQ Created

(c) 2001 Thorn Martin
If you wish to use this FAQ, then be sure not to edit any part of it, I 
took time to make this, and would like to be given credit for my work. 

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