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Hi my name is Ryan this is my first walkthru so I hope u like it
       /  \     it may not be the best but I did the best I could
       |   |
       |   |    on this walkthru and I will complete it soon I hope
       |   |    because I did'nt even bet ocarina of time yet but 
     |_______| I am close to but its pretty hard!!!!!! and thats the
       |   |   first sword I've ever made too.
       |   |

recovery heart guide:
1.clock tower entrance a human go up the slide and in the tree (north clock town((#1))) the field to the swamp tern right & go in the hole in the grass deku palace from the royal place go to the door on the right 

#1 Turn in to a Deku Skrub get Tatl(a fairy) get in Clock Townand 
and get the bubble attack:

Go str8 go up the platforms go thru the door past the hallway in the flower on the
ledge thru the door in the flower fly str8 2 times open the box turn right and fly
around the rock turn right again and fly str8 to the log and go thru it go up then
go to the door and meet the maskman and go thru the door to get to clock town
the Fairy will either be from the entrance turn left and go thru the door tern left 
2 times go up the step and in the flower and fly to the fairy then go back in the
door u came from and turn right and go thru that door turn right and go thru the 
door to the fairy and know u have an attack or from the entrance go str8 then up
the steps thru the door and jump past the water for the fairy take it to the start
turn left and go up turn right and go up thru that door turn left and go thru that
door to get the bubble attack.

#2 get the and the moon tear a peace of land your ocarina and go back in time:

pop the balloon talk to the kid and play hide and seek there's 2 right where you 
are 2 in in east and 1 in west clock town get the code and go to east clock town 
and go to where the little boy is garding a hallway tell him the code go thru go
past the water and thru the door up the stairs and talk to the guy look in the  
telescope and look on top of the clock tower then go out the door at your level and
know u have a moon tear from the entrance go a little bit forward turn right and u 
should see a flower go to the flower talk to the guy who own's it give him the moon 
tear and he will give u the land know wait untill the festival starts and then get 
in the flower and fly to the ledge on the clock tower go in soot skull kid with your
bubble attack pick up your ocarina and play the song of time and your back at the 

#3 turn to human get the deku scrub mask get the great fairy mask
get an empty bottle and a free boat ride:

after going back in time turn around go thru the door and talk to yhe mask man
he will turn u to normal and now u have the deku mask know go get the peace
of fairy and go see the great fairy again and you'll get the fairy mask and now 
go back to the entrance and go str8 talk to the gaurd and go thru to the swamp
when u get out of town just go str8 untill u see a tree house go to the left of the
tree house and go str8 untill u see another house go past it in to the woods
talk to the monkey and follow it talk to the old lady then go out of the woods
go up the ladder talk to the old lady get the red potion go back in the woods
and give the postion to the old lady on the ground and then go to the frist 
tree house talk to the old lady and now u have a free boat ride and bottle.

#4 get in the deku palace and woodfall temple:

go on the boat ride and get off at your first stop follow the monkey and
put the deku skrub mask on talk to the guards and go str8 talk to the
big deku king guy then go to the cage and talk to the monkey then go
out talk to the monkey and go in the left door and get past the guards
and down the hole put some spring water in it and go talk to the guy
eating magic beans and then go out and go to the side of the palace
and plant your bean and water it then go past all the platforms and 
to the end where the monkey is talk to him and try to cut him free
and then lern the song after u get kicked out tern right and go to the
little ledge fly up and go thru the tunnel fly thru all the flowers and
talk to the bird and lern the song fly to the other ledge and thru the
tunnel go past every thing and play the sonata of awakening and
enter the pasage and know your in your frist temple.

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