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                                 Mario Party
                        Nintendo 64, by Nintendo (1998)

                                   FAQ v1.1
                         Last Updated on May 21 2001
                      By Ryouga ([email protected])


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(I)    [Introduction]

(II)   [Characters]

(III)  [Controls]

(IV)   [Menus]

(V)    [Rules]

(VI)   [Boards]

(VII)  [Mini-Games]

(VIII) [Items]

(IX)   [Mini-Game Island]

(X)    [Secrets]

(XI)   [FAQ]

(XII)  [Acknowledgments]


(I) [Introduction]

- Story -
 Mario looked around and smiled. Throwing a party had been an excellent idea.
 It had been a long time since they had all gotten together. All his friends
 were there: Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi - even Wario and Donkey Kong. They
 laughed and talked about all the adventures they had shared together in the
 past. But what was there to do now?

 The conversation turned to their dreams for the future. Amazingly, they all
 envisioned the same thing...

 To become a Super Star upon whom everyone in the world could rely.

 Then Wario asked, "Which one of us is the biggest Super Star?"

 "I am!" "It's me!" they all shouted. The gang couldn't come to an agreement
 because they all wanted to be the best. They needed to prove once and for all
 who truly was number one.

 Suddenly, Toad had an idea. "Isn't a Super Star someone who helps others when
 they're in trouble?"

 Everyone realized he was right. Then Toad told them about a Warp Pipe in
 Mushroom Village that could take you anywhere they wanted to go. Surely there
 were people on the other side of that Pipe who needed their help.

 They all ran as fast as they could to Mushroom Village and jumped into the
 Warp Pipe. But none of them knew what exciting adventures awaited them on
 the other side...


(II) [Characters]

 All of these characters want to be the true Super Star. Choose the one you
think is most deserving of this honor and help him - or her - achieve that

       Mario: Everyone would agree that Mario is a super guy, but he certainly
               can't match the strength of Wario or Donkey Kong. Can he
               overcome his weaknesses to become the number one Super Star?
       Luigi: Maybe Mario's younger brother has what it takes to become the
               ultimate Super Star. He's smarter than Mario, but can brains
               overcome brawn in this contest?
       Peach: Princess Toadstool has been antagonized by Bowser for ages.
               Perhaps her proven bravery will allow her to reign as the
               Supreme Star.
 Donkey Kong: DK is definitely the most powerful of all his friends. If the
               contest relies on muscle, this ape will win hands down.
       Wario: He's certainly more cunning than the rest and strong to boot.
               Could it be that Wario is destined to become the Super Star?
       Yoshi: Yoshi has adventured with Mario since he was a baby. Full of
               energy and rich with experience, perhaps Yoshi has what it
               takes to achieve Super Stardom.

        Toad: Toad appears on most of the Adventure Boards to sell Stars to
               players able to reach his spaces. He is also a guide through
               the game's menus.
Koopa Troopa: Koopa Troopa is the guide to each Adventure Board, and will
               reward players with Coins as they pass his space.
         Boo: Boo the ghost will gladly steal Coins or Stars from other
               players and give them to you... for a fee, of course.
      Bowser: Mario's arch-nemesis, Bowser lurks around every Adventure Board
               to annoy players and steal their Coins and Stars.


(III) [Controls]

= Basic Controls =

Control Stick: Move the cursor, move between menu selections, and scroll
                through maps.
     A Button: Make selections, or hit the Dice Block.
     B Button: Cancel or return to the previous screen. Also, enters the Map
                View Mode on the Adventure Board.
    C Buttons: During Mini-Game explanations, use the C Buttons Left and Right
                to cycle through Rules, Controls, and Tips.
     L Button: Not used.
     R Button: Displays the overhead Map View.
        Start: Pause the game and display the Pause Screen.

(Note: Each Mini-Game's Controls are unique and are shown before playing them)


(IV) [Menus]

= Mushroom Village =

  - Warp Pipe
   Enter the Warp Pipe to play on an Adventure Board with three other human
   or computer controlled characters. There is also the option to watch a
   practice game to learn the rules of Mario Party. If a game has been saved
   previously, it can be resumed at the Warp Pipe, or abandoned to start a
   new game.

      *Number of Players*
        There are always four characters in every game. Decide how many players
        will control characters and choose from one to four players. If there
        are less than four players, the computer will control the remaining

      *Choosing Characters*
        Once you have determined the number of players, select the characters
         used by players and the computer.

      *Deciding Computer Skill*
        When there are computer-controlled characters, set their skill level
         from Easy, Normal, or Hard.

      *Choosing Map and Number of Turns*
        Choose which Adventure Board to play on, then select a number of Turns
         to play from the following options on the Turn Clock:
                     Lite Play: 20 Turns (around 1 hour)
                 Standard Play: 35 Turns (around 1 to 2 hours)
                     Full Play: 50 Turns (around 2 to 3 hours)

      *Determining Turn Order*
        At the start of the game, each character hits a Dice Block to determine
         their turn order. The player with the highest number goes first.


  - Mushroom Shop
   Various items can be purchased from the Mushroom Shop by using the Coins
   won from Adventure Boards or Mini-Game Stadium.


  - Mushroom Bank
   All gameplay items are kept at the Mushroom Bank, which can be used or not
   to customize gameplay on the Adventure Boards. The Bank also keeps a tally
   of the number of Coins and Stars collected.


  - Raft
   The raft leads to Mini-Game Island, which is a one-player trek through all
   50 Mini-Games to reach the Goal of Mini-Game Island. See (IX) for more
   information about Mini-Game Island.


  - Option House
   Various sound options can be set here, and the Mario Party memory can be
   cleared by talking to Fun Gus. Be careful not to accidentally erase your
   saved game. Other options include:

        After the Record is purchased from the Mushroom Shop, any background
         music from the game can be played here.

      *Sound Lever*
        Set the Sound to Stereo or Mono.

      *Talking Parrot*
        After the Talking Parrot is purchased from the Mushroom Shop, random
         voice clips from the game can be played here.


  - Mini-Game House
   Mini-Games can be purchased anytime after having been played in any other
   mode. After purchased, they can be played here at anytime. This House also
   contains the Pot o' Skills, which leads to Mini-Game Stadium.

      *Buying Mini-Games*
        Press the A Button on Puff to talk to her and enter the Mini-Game list.
         Buy Mini-Games from the list by paying the number of Coins listed, or
         pay 10 Coins to play it once without buying it. Only Mini-Games
         previously played at least once in any other mode can be purchased

      *Playing Mini-Games*
        Press the A Button on the Crystal Ball to play any Mini-Games previously
         purchased from Puff. Playing Mini-Games here requires several options
         to be set first:
             -Number of players
             -Characters controlled
             -Choose Mini-Games

      *Pot o' Skills (Mini-Game Stadium)*
        Here, four human or computer characters can compete in Mini-Games on
         a special Adventure Board. The blue and red spaces of Mini-Game
         Stadium don't add or subtract coins, but determine which Mini-Games
         will be played. Coins won by human characters are saved at the
         Mushroom Bank after the game is over.

      *Mecha Fly Guy*
        After the Mecha Fly Guy is purchased from the Mushroom Shop, a special
         Mini-Game can be played here that counts how many times the Control
         Stick is rotated in ten seconds.


= Pause Options =
 You can choose the following settings on the Pause Screen:
Controller Settings: Set any character from human to computer control or
                      vice versa. Use this to allow players to join in the
                      middle of a game.
 Mini-Game Settings: Choose whether or not to use the Mini-Game explanation
                      screens before playing a Mini-Game.
      Save Settings: -Don't save.
                     -Save after this turn.
                     -Save after every turn.
   Message Settings: Set the speed of the messages.
               Quit: Quit the current game and return to Mushroom Village.
               Back: Go back to the Board Map.


(V) [Rules]

= The Flow of the Game Board =

 The goal of Mario Party is to collect the most Stars from the various
Adventure Boards. The key to winning is to earn Coins in more than 50
different Mini-Games and buy Stars from Toad before your rivals do.

   |   Select the number of Players,    |
   |  Board Map, and Number of Turns.   |
   |       Determine turn order.        |
   |   Player 1 breaks the Dice Block.  |     \
   +------------------------------------+      \
   |  An event will occur depending on  |       \
   |   what space the player lands on.  |        \
   +------------------------------------+        | Repeat these steps until
   |     Players 2 through 4 takes      |        | the number of turns have
   |          their turns.              |        | been completed.
   +------------------------------------+        /
   |    After all players have moved,   |       /
   |      a Mini-Games will begin.      |      /
   +------------------------------------+     /
   | After the chosen number of Turns   |
   | has ended, rankings are determined,|
   | and the real Super Star is         |
   | announced!                         |

= Determining the Super Star! =
 After the last turn is played, the winners of three awards are announced, and
each winner receives one Star. In the event of a tie, all the winners receive
a Star.
          -Mini-Game Star: Most Coins collected during Mini-Games.
          -Coin Star: Most Coins collected overall.
          -Happening Star: Landing on the most ? Spaces.

 The Super Star is then determined by the number of Stars and Coins collected.
If several players have the exacts same number of Stars and Coins, the winner
is decided by hitting the Dice Block (highest number wins).

 After the Final Results, the Coins and Stars won by players at the end of the
game are deposited in the Mushroom Bank. Coins and Stars from computer
players are not deposited, though.

(VI) [Boards]

                                   | Legend |
       |       o = Blue Space              ? = ? Space                  |
       |       @ = Red Space               X = Bowser Space             |
       |       ! = Chance Time             1 = 1-Player Mini-Game       |
       |                    M = Mushroom Space                          |
       |      [T] = Toad                  [b] = Boo                     |
       |      [K] = Koopa                 [B] = Bowser                  |
       |      [*] = special (exclusive to that Adventure Board)         |

(Types of Spaces)
        Blue Space: Gain 3 Coins; gain 6 Coins during the final 5 Turns.
         Red Space: Lose 3 Coins; lose 6 Coins during the final 5 Turns.
        Star Space: Play a one-player Mini-Game.
           ! Space: Starts a one-player Chance Game.
           ? Space: Different events occur, depending on the Board.
    Mushroom Space: A Block will appear over the character on this spot, which
                     alternates between Red and Blue Mushrooms. Hit the Block
                     to get either one; Red gives the character another move,
                     while Blue makes them miss their next turn.
      Bowser Space: Bowser appears and causes trouble with his roulette wheel.
         Junctions: When you arrive at a junction, move the Control Stick
                     in the direction you want to go and press the A Button.

        Toad: Toad trades 1 Star for 20 Coins. Sometimes Toad's location will
               change after someone buys a Star from him.
Koopa Troopa: As your guide, he explains the Board Map. During the game, he
               gives characters a present of 10 Coins each time each time they
               pass Start. During the final 5 Turns, he gives 20 Coins.
         Boo: Boo will steal Coins or Stars from another character, but
               stealing a Star costs 50 Coins.
      Bowser: Mario's old enemy, Bowser, is out to cause trouble. His evil
               tricks include selling players useless items.


= DK's Jungle Adventure =                                      Difficulty: *

 Go exploring in jungle ruins. Whomps and doors block the many junctions, and
you may only pass if you have enough Coins.

            |                           [G]                       |
            |              o M o  ------                          |
            |             !              ? o M o o ? ? o 1        |
            |             o     1        o               o        |
            |             o     @        o           o            |
            |       o o  [*]  [B]        X o o o @ o   [*]        |
            |       1           @                        o        |
            |        o          o                        o        |
            |       X      @    ?                                 |
            |       o      o    ?         o    o @ o o            |
            |       o       o   o        o   o          [*]       |
            |        o     o     o       ?   o            o       |
            |       ?      1    o        o   o            o       |
            |       ?       ?   o        1   o            @       |
            |         [b]   o   o        o   @        [K] o       |
            |       o     o o M o ------ o X o o o o o     (Start)|
            |                                                     |              

  ? Spaces: Causes a boulder to roll left from the top-right corner to the
             Board, then straight down after crossing the bridge. Any players
             in the boulder's path will be chased to the other side of the
             bottom bridge.
 (*)Whomps: Whomps stand in the middle of some junctions and prevent players
             from passing in one direction without paying 10 Coins. After
             moving through a Whomp junction, the Whomp will walk over and
             block the other path.

      Toad: Toad does not have a set location, and will travel to a random
             location each time a Star is purchased.
    Bowser: Bowser will sell any character that passes him a worthless 
             Gold-Plated Bowser Statue for 20 Coins.


= Peach's Birthday Cake =                                      Difficulty: **

 Play on top of a giant birthday cake! Plant "Strawberry Seeds" to steal Stars
from the first Rival to land on that space.

            |                                                     |
            |            ?  ?  o                    M  1          |
            |         o           M  ?            o      o        |
            |      o                    ?       o          o      |
            |    ?              [T]        o   X           X      |
            |               o M      o     [*]             o      |
            |   ?        o              o o               o       |
            |  o         o                     o    [B]  o        |
            |                                      @   !          |
            |   @       M            o --- o                      |
            |   ?        !          o       M                     |
            |  ?          o o   o @        ?                      |
            |   o             1           ?                       |
            |    M                     ? ?                        |
            |      [K]               o                            |
            |(Start)  o  o  ?  ?  @                               |
            |                                                     |

  ? Spaces: A Goomba will try to sell you a Strawberry Seed to plant at that
             space for 30 Coins. Players that land on that space will lose a
             Star and give it to you, but only once. Since Boo doesn't appear
             on this Board, this is the only way to steal a Star.
(*)Lottery: A Goomba will force you to play the Seed Lottery. Pay 10 Coins,
             then choose one of the four seeds and see what picture pops up.
             One of the four seeds is Bowser, and makes you take the path to
             the right to meet him. The other three seeds make you take the
             left path to Toad. After all four seeds have been bought, four
             new seeds take their place.

      Toad: Toad stays at the same location for the whole game.
    Bowser: Bowser will sell you a useless Shell Cake for 30 Coins.


= Yoshi's Tropical Island =                                    Difficulty: **

 Take a trip to the southern islands where the Yoshis live. You may go from
one island to the other, but the Blue Thwomps guarding the bridges continue to
raise the price of passage.

            |                                                     |
            |          o o M o                 ?  o  o  [b]       |
            |        o          1            ?                    |
            |       o             o         o           1         |
            |       @              o--[*]--             o         |
            |                     o         o                     |
            |       o            o           !          ?         |
            |                   o             M           [T]     |
            |      ?            X            o          o         |
            |   [B]             o            ?                    |
            |      o o           ?          o           o         |
            |          o          o                               |
            |     (Start) [K]       --[*]-- o          X          |
            |             ?       o           @                   |
            |             o       o           o        o          |
            |               1    o              1       o         |
            |                 M                   o ? o           |
            |                                                     |

  ? Spaces: Bubba the Blooper will switch the locations of Bowser and Toad.
(*)Thwomps: Thwomps will rest on the bridges separating the islands. A toll
             must be paid to pass them, which starts at 1 Coin. Each time
             someone passes, the toll is increased by 1 Coin, to a maximum of
             50 Coins. It is also optional to pay more than the required amount
             to raise the toll quickly.

      Toad: Toad and Bowser each occupy the far sides of each island.
    Bowser: Bowser will sell you the useless Bowser Tube for 30 Coins.


= Wario's Battle Caanyon =                                     Difficulty: **

 A battlefield sets the stage for this Board. Players are automatically shot
to another island when they pass in front of a Bob-Omb Buddy. But the only way
to Bowser's island is to ask the Fly Guy to take you there.

            |                                                     |
            |           [*]                            [*]        |
            |       o o     o 1 1                   o @    @      |
            |      o             o                o          X    |
            |     o              o               ?           @    |
            |      o            o                @    [F]   @     |
            |      o             [b]              X @     @       |
            |        1 o    o o                                   |
            |             o                                       |
            |                         [B]                         |
            |                       1     1                       |
            |                      1       1                      |
            |                       1     1            [*]        |
            |             [*]          o         o o o     o M    |
            |(Start)o o o    o                 M               M  |
            |     o           o                o                  |
            |  [K]             o                o              o  |
            |     o                            ?              o   |
            |      o          o                o             M    |
            |        o  o   1                     o M o o  o      |
            |                                                     |

  ? Spaces: Reverses the path of the Bob-Omb's cannons.
(*)Bob-Omb: Meeting a Bob-Omb will shoot your character to one of the other
             islands. After a character is shot, a cursor will flash over
             random Spaces on the next island. Press A to select the Space on
             which the character will land. The cannons shoot the the other
             islands in a figure-8 pattern, which can be reversed by landing
             on a ? Space.
(F)Fly Guy: Passing the Fly Guy will give the option of taking your character
             to Bowser's tiny island in the middle, or to bring any character
             to the Fly Guy's spot. Both of these options cost 20 Coins.

      Toad: Toad's location is completely random, and can appear on any one
             of the islands, making him somewhat tricky to reach at times.
    Bowser: Bowser will shoot you to a random spot on the Board for 30 Coins.


= Luigi's Engine Room =                                        Difficulty: ***

 This board is set in the mysterious Engine Room. Steel doors blocks many of
the junctions, and players may only take the paths that are open. The doors
move at the end of each round, changing the paths that can be taken.

            |                                                     |
            |        o o o o (1)                                  |
            |    (1)                                              |
            |     o                        X ? o (1)              |
            |        ?  ?  o  (b) M (r)    o     (r)              |
            |     o          o    o     o  1 o (b)      (2)       |
            |     o        X o    o     o         o      o        |
            |     o o o o 1       o     X o o o o o      @        |
            |                    (b)              ?   [b]         |
            |                                       [S]           | 
            |       o o @ o o (r)   (r) o o @ o o o      M        |
            |       o             o                   [K]o        |
            |    [B]  @ ?(b)o     o  o  o o   @ o o o    o        |
            |          (r)  o     o [S]     1         (Start)     |
            |       (1) o o 1     o --- M o o                     |
            |                                                     |

  ? Spaces: A blast of steam will push the character to a nearby part of the
Blue Doors: When the Blue Doors are up, the Red Doors are down, and vice versa.
 Red Doors: When the Red Doors are up, the Blue Doors are down, and vice versa.
Warp Pipes: All the Warp Pipes labeled with (1)'s will lead to the Warp Pipe
(1) & (2)    labeled with a (2).
 (S)Switch: Passing a Switch will give the option to switch the opened doors
             with the closed doors, for 20 Coins.

      Toad: Toad's location is random, which makes it tricky to get to him
             since the walls and paths available are constantly changing.
    Bowser: Bowser will produce a single Coin for you with his machine, then
             charge you 20 Coins for his efforts.


= Mario's Rainbow Castle =                                     Difficulty: *

 Take a magical trip to a Castle in the clouds. This board consists of a
single path that the players must follow to reach the Castle. However, when
someone reaches the Castle, Toad and Bowser switch places.

            |                                                     |
            |           [b]         [B]                           |
            |              o 1      [T]      ? o                  |
            |           @      o            o   o                 |
            |         o       X             o      1              |
            |         o         o           @   o    o            |
            |       !             o o o 1 o    @     M            |
            |       o          @               o     o            |
            |        o o     ?                 o o  ?             |
            |             o          [*]       ?                  |
            |              o              X ! o                   |
            |              o                                      |
            |             o                   [K]                 |
            |             M     o       o o o     (Start)         |
            |               o @   ? 1 o                           |
            |                                                     |

  ? Spaces: This will switch Toad with Bowser in the castle tower, or vice
  (*)Cloud: Upon reaching the Cloud's pedestal, the character will be flown up
             to meet either Toad or Bowser, whoever is in the Tower at the
             moment. Afterwards, they will be dropped and flown by Lakitu back
             to the Start.

      Toad: Toad is always in the Tower at the top of the screen, and can
             only be reached by flying on the Cloud from the pedestal. Toad
             shares the same space as Bowser, however, and the Tower switches
             characters each time someone passes by or a ? Space is landed on.
    Bowser: Bowser will sell a Star for 20 Coins... which turns out to be fake.


= Bowser's Magma Mountain =                                    Difficulty: ***

 Bowser's revenge takes place on top of the flaming Magma Mountain. Be careful
of eruptions that change all Blue Spaces to Red!

            |                         [B]                         |
            |               [*] o @ o     @ o ?                   |
            |             o   \                  o o              |
            |            o      o     [b]     o  /    1           |
            |           o         o o     o o   /      o          |
            |          o                       /       o          |
            |          o               [*]----/        M          |
            |           M ? o 1 / o X o   o             ?         |
            |               |               o           o         |
            |               |                o                    |
            |              [*]              o            X        |
            |         o o     M @ o o o o ?                       |
            |       o             |                       o       |
            |      ?              |                      o        |
            |       o            [*]              [K] o           |
            |        o o o @ 1 o     o  o o o o                   |
            |                                                     |

  ? Spaces: This dangerous space will change all the Blue Spaces to Red, and
             vice versa. This effect lasts for three turns.
(*)Bridges: These bridge shortcuts will charge 10-20 Coins to take a shot at
             their roulette Block. Hit the Star to pass over the bridge, or
             the Bowser to take the long way around.

      Toad: Toad's location is random on this Board.
    Bowser: Bowser will steal one of your Stars! If you do not have a Star, he
             will take every single one of your Coins. Avoid Bowser here at
             all costs!


= Eternal Star =                                               Difficulty: ***

 This special Adventure Board is the reward for devoted players. Battle Bowser
and his cohorts by warping from Star to Star.

          |                                                         |
          | [*]   o  M                               X [*]          |
          |    X        o      [*]      o  X        1               |
          |            b        @     o      o     o                |
          |   o       o          ? b     [*]o      o   o b          |
          |   b      [*]                          o  o     o        |
          |    o                                 [*]       ?        |
          |     [*]         [*] [B]                      [*]        |
          |                                                         |
          |  [*] [b] [*]               [*]                          |
          |                              ? o                        |
          |                [*]     o  o b    o 1          [*]       |
          |   o  o  o       o      @           M           o        |
          | [*]      b        o o    o        o           M         |
          |                           b      o             o        |
          |    ?  o  @                o      o               1      |
          |  [*]    o                [*]   [*]             o   o    |
          |          [*]                           [*] o @      [*] |
          |                                                (Start)  |
          |                                                         |

  ? Spaces: Bowser will send every player back to the Start.
 Warp Pads: Warp Pads separate all of the Star Fragments. Stepping on one will
    (*)      teleport the character to the next Warp Pad.

Baby Bowser: Toad is not found on this Board, so you must challenge Bowser's
    (b)       cohorts for their Stars. They will charge 20 Coins per challenge,
              and will let you roll a Dice Block with only 8-10 on it. The
              Baby Bowser will roll a normal Dice Block, and the one with the
              higher number gets the other's Star. A Baby Bowser will vanish
              after being beaten. After all seven vanish, a new set of seven
              will take their place. Baby Bowsers are in set locations.
     Bowser: Bowser will reverse the directions of the Warp Pads.


(VII) [Mini-Games]

= Battle in Mini-Games =
 -When all characters have finished moving, a Mini-Game starts. 
 -The type of Mini-Game depends on the spaces that characters have landed on:
   Red or Blue.
 -? Spaces randomly turn to either Red or Blue before a Mini-Game is selected.
 -All the characters on the same color of space are on the same team, unless
   all characters have the same colored space, in which case a 4-Player
   Mini-Game begins.

4-Player Mini-Games: These games have different objectives, ranging from
                      defeating all the other players to working together
                      to achieve a goal.
 1 vs. 3 Mini-Games: Most often, these games seem to benefit the one player.
 2 vs. 2 Mini-Games: Players divide into two teams and compete against each

= Mini-Game Types =
    Bonus: Players can earn more than 10 Coins in these games. Missing does
            not lose Coins, though.
  Success: Players earn 10 Coins for clearing these games, but lose 5 Coins
            for missing.
   Chance: Players can steal coins from other players.
   2-on-2: All four characters divide into teams of two. The winners steal
            10 Coins each from the losers. If the losers do not have enough
            coins, they lose all their coins.
   Racing: The winning player earns 10 Coins, but the losing characters do
            not lose any Coins.
    Point: Games in which the player with the highest score earns 10 Coins.
            If several players have the same highest score, they all earn 10
 Survival: The last player standing at the end of these games wins 10 Coins.

= Chance Time =
 In this special one-player Mini-Game initiated by landing on a ! Space, the
character has the opportunity to exchange Coins or Stars between characters
by hitting the two Character blocks on the sides, and the Effect Block in the
middle. The blocks can be hit in any order, but they speed up greatly after
each hit. Any character can be affected by Chance Time. Here are the effects:
               -Give 10 Coins          -Give 1 Star
               -Give 20 Coins          -Trade Stars
               -Give 30 Coins

= Bowser Events =
 Landing on a Bowser Space will bring up Bowser's Event Roulette, which can
be any one of the following events. Beware, since the roulette pointer may
speed up, slow down, or even go backwards at any time.
      100 Star Present: The cursor will never land on this one.
     1000 Coin Present: The cursor will never land on this one either.
    Bowser Chance Time: Identical to Chance Time, but Bowser will always be on
                         the receiving end of the trade.
     Bowser Revolution: Bowser takes everyone's Coins and redistributes them
                         evenly among all the players.
Bowser's Balloon Burst: Identical to the Balloon Burst Mini-Game, except all
                         the losing players will lose 30 Coins.
Bowser's Bash 'n' Cash: Identical to the Bash 'n' Cash Mini-Game, except Bowser
                         keeps all of the Coins lost by the player in the
                         Bowser Suit.
    Bowser's Face Lift: Identical to the Face Lift Mini-Game, except any player
                         that does not get a score of 80 points of more will
                         lose 30 Coins.
   Bowser's Tug o' War: Identical to the Tug o' War Mini-Game, except the
                         losing side's Coins all go to Bowser.
      Coins For Bowser: Bowser will take 20-30 Coins from that player.
            Star Steal: The cursor will never land on this one.

                   _  _     ____  _                       
                  | || |   |  _ \| | __ _ _   _  ___ _ __ 
                  | || |_  | |_) | |/ _` | | | |/ _ \ '__|
                  |__   _| |  __/| | (_| | |_| |  __/ |   
                     |_|   |_|   |_|\__,_|\__, |\___|_|   


       [Buried Treasure]                 | Type: Racing     | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 60 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Dig
  (Game Rules)
  Uncover the hidden arrows and try to find the Treasure Chest.

 - Digging in a zig-zagging diagonal pattern covers a larger area than a
    single straight line.
 - The large gray rocks at the top and bottom of the screen can be cleared
    away, but they slow down characters immensely. To keep away from them
    unless an arrow sign is pointing that way.
 - It's possible to slow down or stop by bumping into other players, so try to
    keep away from them.
 - When you find a sign with an arrow on it, immediately start digging in that
    direction as quickly as possible.
 - The Treasure Chest will flash white, making it easy to see even if only a
    small part of it is visible.
 - Around half of the treasure chest must be exposed to claim the prize, so
    dig around it like mad before the other characters can get there.


       [Treasure Divers]                 | Type: Bonus      | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: 90 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Swim

  (Game Rules)   
   Dive into the sea and bring up the Treasure Chests from the bottom.

 - Avoid the shark and the pair of Bloopers (jellyfish). Contact with one will
    make a character drop a chest and get stunned for a couple seconds.
 - However, characters are invincible for a moment after recovering from a hit
    from a shark or Blooper. Make the most of this status by grabbing a Chest
    before it runs out.
 - If a character stays underwater too long, a counter will appear over their
    head. It starts at 5, and when it reaches 0, the character drops whatever
    Treasure Chest they're holding and slowly floats to the surface.
 - As long as a character makes continual breaks to return to the surface,
    they have no danger of drowning. Bringing a Treasure Chest to the surface
    will reset the timer.
 - The size of the Treasure Chests indicates how many coins are inside. The
    biggest ones have five coins, the medium ones have three, and the small
    ones have a measly one coin.
 - The bigger the Treasure Chest, the slower it makes a character move when
    the swim with it to the surface. Wait for a decent gap between the shark
    and Bloopers before surfacing with the larger Chests, because they will
    slow you down to a snail's pace.
 - Avoid going after the smallest Treasure Chests until there are no others
    left, since they're not worth it compared to the bigger ones.
 - You can block a character from bringing a Treasure Chest to the surface
    by swimming above them. This can be done to slow them down and make them
    hit the shark or a Blooper, or make them drown by pinning them as their
    counter goes to 0.


       [Hot Bob-omb]                     | Type: Chance     | Win:   5 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose: 15 Coins |
   Control Stick : Choose direction
   A Button      : Pass Bob-omb

  (Game Rules)   
   Toss a Bob-omb between all the players until it finally explodes in one of
    their hands.

 - To throw the Bob-omb away as quick as possible, always hold the direction
    you wish to throw it at, even when the Bob-omb isn't being passed to you.
    When it's about to reach you, tap the A Button as soon as the Bob-omb's
    noise finishes to throw it immediately.
 - It's possible to hold the Bob-omb to make it bigger and shorten its fuse,
    but be careful not to hold it too long.
 - The Bob-omb gets a lot bigger and redder as it's about to explode. When
    this happens, be sure to toss it the moment it lands at you.
 - In a group of human players, try ganging up on the person with the most
    coins by always tossing the Bob-omb to them!


       [Musical Mushroom]                | Type: Racing     | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump
   B Button      : Attack
   A+Z Buttons   : Hip Drop

  (Game Rules)   
   When the music stops, it's a dash! Be the first to jump and get the
    Treasure Chest on the middle mushroom.

 - As long as the music plays, the characters will circle the mushrooms
 - To get a head start on the others, continually hold the Control Stick 
    towards the middle mushroom so your character will start running
    immediately when the music stops.
 - When it comes to jumping onto the middle mushroom, avoid jumping on the
    smaller mushrooms around it since that just wastes time. Run around them
    for fastest results.
 - Always jump a split second before you think you need to get onto the middle
    mushroom. That way, if someone else is neck-and-neck with you for the
    Chest, you may just land on their head and squish them for a second.
 - Don't worry about attacking other characters along the way to the middle
    mushroom; the dash to the Treasure Chest is too short to waste time with
    useless actions. Pick a fight with someone and it's pretty likely that one
    of the other characters will nab the Treasure Chest.
 - Never, ever use the Hip Drop in this game unless you want to lose. It takes
    too long for both the character to perform the Hip Drop, as well as get up
    after it's done, so someone else will have gotten the Treasure Chest by


       [Crazy Cutter]                    | Type: Point      | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move

  (Game Rules)   
   Cut the fossilized characters free by jackhammering along the edges of
    their pictures.

 - The most important rule to playing this game is to always keep a steady
    hand. Always hold the Control Stick and don't let it go neutral or
    the character will take off in a random direction.
 - Try to only watch your character and not your opponents. It's best to
    concentrate on your own cut-out since everyone can win anyway.
 - When it comes to jackhammering upward, it can be hard to tell where to go
    since the line won't be visible from behind the character. Just try to
    mimic the other side of the drawing and it should turn out well.
 - Get the highest score possible by staying directly on the dark line outside
    the drawing. 
 - When all the players have completed their cutting or the time limit runs
    out, each character is given a Point total from 0 to 100. Anyone with 80
    points or more will free the fossil and win 10 coins.
 - There are # different random fossils: Bob-omb, Boo, and Goomba. 
 - Bob-omb is very easy since it is shaped like a circle with a slight
    triangle at the top. Take the curves slowly to score well. 
 - Boo is also easy since it is mainly a circle with a pair of short arms on
    each side. As with Bob-omb, just takes the curves slowly.
 - Goomba is trickier than the others since its feet require precise movements
    to cut around. Be careful when cutting the bottom half and keep your eyes
    focused on your characters cutting line.


       [Face Lift]                       | Type: Point      | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Grab
   B Button      : Undo

  (Game Rules)   
   Pull and tug Bowser's face to try and match the example.

 - Pay extremely close attention to the example before the Mini-Game actually
    starts! It shows you which parts need to be moved in which directions,
    which is a LOT more help than the tiny model picture in the middle of the
    screen during play.
 - There are SIX areas of Bowser's face that can be moved. From top to bottom:
    left and right eyebrows, nose, left and right cheeks, and jaw. Don't try
    to move other parts, since they won't even get grabbed.
 - When moving a part, always pull it the farthest out possible. The example
    never goes less than all the way.
 - When you do something to one side of Bowser's face, always mirror it
    exactly on the other side, if possible.
 - Bowser's eyebrows are the most easily forgotten part. Try not to forget
 - If you aren't certain that your previous move was done well enough, hit the
    B Button with the Hand cursor over that part to return it to normal.
 - When you are finished with your face, you can move your Hand cursor over
    the model in the middle of the screen to prevent other players from seeing
 - When the time limit runs out, each character is given a Point total from 0
   to 100. The character with the highest Point total wins. In the event of a
   tie, all the characters with the highest Point totals win.


       [Balloon Burst]                   | Type: Racing     | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   A Button      : Push down pump
   B or Z Button : Pull up pump

  (Game Rules)   
   Blow up the Bowser Balloon by pumping rapidly.

 - Find out if you are more comfortable alternating A and B, or A and Z. When
    you've found which style suits you, ignore the other button.
 - Hold the A Button until the "Go!" message appears and your character will
    get their first pump in as quickly as possible
 - Do not just mash on the buttons frantically or your character will only
    generate a piddly amount of air for the Balloon.
 - To maximize your pumping power, make sure the character pumps all the way
    up and down, but as quickly as possible.
 - Another effective technique is to inhale as the character pumps up, and
    exhale as they pump down. This will create a rhythm that can be easily
    followed and sped up if necessary.
 - After pulling up the pump all the way, a character's pump will begin to
    flash. That indicates that their pump is full of air and the next pump down
    will fill the Bowser Balloon substantially.
 - When the Bowser Balloon starts to roll its eyes, that Balloon is very
    nearly done.


       [Coin Block Blitz]                | Type: Bonus      | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: 60 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump

  (Game Rules)   
   When you hit the blocks, Coins come out. Jump to hit the blocks, and take
   as many Coins as you can.

 - The nine Coin blocks can contain anywhere from 1 to 12 Coins.
 - It's best to always go for the blocks closest to your character, since
    the blocks have random Coin amounts and it's necessary to race to them
    before the other players get all the Coins.
 - If your jump causes the block to disappear, that means it's out of Coins,
    so immediately hold the Control Stick towards the next closest block as
    the character falls from the jump to get over to it as quickly as possible.
 - A trick to getting all the Coins out of a block extremely quickly is to
    lure another player underneath yours as you jump to hit a block. Your
    character will ricochet rapidly between the block and the character
    underneath and snag all the Coins within within a couple seconds. 


       [Skateboard Scamper]              | Type: Racing     | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose:  nothing |
   A Button      : Jump
   B Button      : Skate

  (Game Rules)   
   The floor beneath you breaks up as players scamper across.

 - First off, don't worry about controlling directions, since the characters
    always skate straight forward.
 - At the start of the race, it isn't necessary to jam on the B Button to try
    to pull ahead of the other characters, since the screen only goes so far
    and scrolls at a regular pace.
 - Try to stay as far ahead as possible, as the ground will break as
    everyone passes over it. Lagging too far behind most likely cause your
    character to fall into the lava and lose.
 - It's necessary to jump over the Thwomps that rest in the middle of the
    path, because running into them will cause a character to stop. If you
    don't have to jump over a Thwomp, then don't touch the A Button since
    jumping slows your character down.
 - Thwomps come in two varieties: embedded in the floor and sitting on top of
    the floor. The ones in the floor are easier to jump over since they are
    lower than the others.
 - When jumping a Thwomp, be sure to press the A Button in all the way to
    ensure that the character will clear the Thwomp, or they might clip the
    Thwomp's edge and get stuck behind it, most likely falling into the lava
 - Immediately after jumping a Thwomp, continue to press the B Button to
    maintain a character's speed as they land.
 - After jumping 6 Thwomps, a small line of shadows will appear on the track.
    These are Money Bags, and you can jump to get a bonus of 5 Coins which you
    get to keep even if you lose the race.
 - The computer opponents can sometimes be fooled into falling into the lava
    if you hang back far enough without falling in. On the easier settings,
    they will tag along with you and start to slow down to give you a chance,
    thereby falling into the lava.
 - After jumping over around 11 Thwomps, the camera will pan around behind the
    characters and no other obstacles will be in the way. This is the cue to
    forget about the A Button and press the B Button as quickly as you can to
    pull ahead of the other characters and cross the Goal first.


       [Box Mountain Mayhem]             | Type: Bonus      | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump
   B Button      : Attack
   A+Z Buttons   : Hip Drop

  (Game Rules)   
   Break the mountain of stacked boxes. You can find Coins inside.

 - Immediately run to the stack of boxes and begin attacking them to earn
 - Some boxes will toss your character to the front of the screen and break,
    letting its prizes float along the ground. Getting tossed will stun
    characters for a split second as they hit the ground.
 - Normal boxes are worth a single Coin, while the tossing boxes randomly
    contain single Coins or Money Bags worth 5 Coins.
 - While it's not possible to attack the other characters, you can jump on
    them to bounce up high and land on top of the box mountain.
 - A sneaky trick to get Coins without doing any work is to hang back at the
    edge of the screen and wait for characters to get tossed back by the
    boxes. When they're stunned from hitting the ground, run in and grab the
    Coins before they have a chance to.


       [Platform Peril]                  | Type: Racing     | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump

  (Game Rules)   
   These platforms will fall as you jump on them. Jump across the platforms
   and be the first to cross the Goal line.

 - Unlike Skateboard Scamper, this game allows characters to move freely
    around the platforms. It's also necessary to hold the Control Stick to
    keep a character running or they will fall behind and drop from the race.
 - The viewpoint takes some getting used to, and one common problem is jumping
    too early and missing the next platform. Since the size of the platforms
    is random, try to use short hops when jumping onto the smaller ones, and
    larger jumps onto the larger platforms.
 - Since the characters can move freely, they can also make contact with each
    other, and try to push each other around while running forward.
 - Characters can also bounce on each others' heads, causing them to bounce
    forward a bit. This can be used to make opponents fall by quickly getting
    under them, causing them to bounce off the platform and fall.
 - As the platforms progress, pyramids will appear randomly on the platforms.
    These cannot be jumped on, and must be navigated around.
 - It's possible to make other players jump onto the pyramids by pushing into
    them as they move and jump forward.
 - Coins and Money Bags will randomly appear on the platforms. Characters
    get to keep these prizes regardless if they win the race or not.
 - The winner isn't the first person to actually cross the Goal line, but the
    first to land on the Goal platform. To try and land on it first during a
    close race, take a short hop from the last platform onto the Goal.


       [Mushroom Mix-Up]                 | Type: Survival   | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump
   A+Z Buttons   : Hip Drop

  (Game Rules)   
   Move quickly to the same colored Mushroom as Toad's flag. If you're too
   slow, the mushrooms will sink.

 - The more times the mushrooms drop into the water, the faster they get.
 - Jumping is a very risky move. It can send you bouncing off someone's head
    off the mushrooms, but it can be used to reach the correct mushroom as
    the others start to fall.
 - The Hip Drop is a very tricky move to use. It can be used to stop in the
    middle of a jump as to not overshoot the platform, or used to stomp
    another to leave them stunned for a second. Stomping another players will
    bounce you away, though, quite possibly right off the mushrooms.
 - If you're the first one to reach the correct mushroom, stand on the edge
    to block other characters from walking on. If they jump, move under them
    to bounce them off the other side.
 - When the mushrooms all start to come back up, return to the middle one
    right away. You can get to any of the other mushrooms quickest from
    the middle, as opposed to dawdling on the last one until Toad holds up
    the next flag.


       [Grab Bag]                        | Type: Chance     | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: 60 seconds | Lose: 1+ Coins |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump
   B Button      : Grab bag
    when grabbing: Steal
     when grabbed: Shake free

  (Game Rules)   
   It's a Coin-stealing free-for-all! Grab players' bags to steal their Coins,
   and shake free when grabbed.

 - It's only possible to be grabbed from behind, so try not to leave your
    back open or someone will grab it right away.
 - Trying to grab someone from any angle but behind will shove them and leave
    them stunned for a second.
 - When grabbing, press the B Button rapidly to increase your odds of stealing.
    You can steal a single Coin or, with enough button presses, a 5-Coin
    Money Bag.
 - After a grab, both characters are stunned for a moment. At that time, any
    other player can zoom in and grab either one as soon as their stun wears
 - When grabbed, it is possible to escape without losing anything by pressing
    the B Button rapidly to shake free.
 - Jumping is a valuable defensive tactic. Jump to bounce off other players'
    heads and avoid their grabs.
 - This is a great Mini-Game to team up against one player. Send everyone
    after them from every angle and they will undoubtedly lose Coins.


       [Bumper Balls]                    | Type: Survival   | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 60 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move

  (Game Rules)   
   Ride your ball and try to bump the others into the sea.

 - Although the center is the safest place to stay, it's easiest to bump
    others off the island by circling around the outer edge to build up
    momentum before running into them.
 - Staying near the edges is also a way to lure opponents towards you. Dodging
    can send them flying off the edge if they're going fast enough.
 - This is a great Mini-Game for ganging up against one player. Send everyone
    after them and easily bump them off.
 - When the game dwindles down to two players, it becomes a game of chicken.
    Try to lure the other player to the edge by fleeing, but don't get too
    close to the edge or you'll fall off and lose.
 - If more than one player survives until the time runs out, the game is
    considered a Draw and no one gets any Coins.


       [Tipsy Tourney]                   | Type: Racing     | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump

  (Game Rules)   
   Tilt the frame to slide the shell, revealing the picture beneath the
   panels. Uncover the whole picture first.

 - The closer to the edge of the frame you move your character, the more the
    frame tilts in that direction and the faster the shell will slide there.
 - It's usually best to get the 9 inside panels first, since the outside
    panels can easily be cleared by walking along the outside of the frame.
 - To uncover the most panels at once, let the shell slide in the middle of
    the cross-sections.
 - Jumping on the shell will bounce you across the frame.
 - Jumping is a great way to make the shell "freeze" by letting the frame
    level out for a moment.
 - To make the shell take a large change in course, jump across the frame to
    the opposite side.
 - By staying close to the shell and walking slowly alongside it, you can
    "walk" it along any path you want.
 - Just be careful not to get pinned against the outside of the frame by the


       [Bombs Away]                      | Type: Survival   | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump

  (Game Rules)   
   Cannons are aimed at the floating island. The island bobs and tilts with
   the waves, so don't fall in!

 - Jumping is usually a bad idea. Landing on another character's head can
    bounce you straight into the water.
 - If you see someone jumping, try to land under them to throw them off
    course. Better yet, stay under them for several hops and bounce them off
    the island.
 - Cannon balls landing in the water around the island will cause it to
    tilt and the players can fall off.
 - If a cannon ball hits the island near you, you will be stunned for a couple
    seconds. This can be avoided by jumping as soon as the cannon ball touches
    the ground near you.
 - If a cannon ball outright hits you, you'll be blown off the island and
 - The last surviving character earns 10 Coins. If more than one character
    survives until the time runs out, they each earn 10 Coins.


       [Mario Bandstand]                 | Type: Point      | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose:  nothing |
  *Conductor*                           *Instruments*
   Control Stick : Conduct               A Button      : Play

  (Game Rules)   
   Be part of the Bandstand! Conduct and play instruments in time to carry the

 - The characters with instruments must press their A Buttons as the cursor
    moves over the parts that show when they should play.
 - One character will randomly be given the Conductor position, which is
    slightly different from the instruments but has the same goal. Instead
    of pressing the A Button to the beat, the Conductor presses the Control
    Stick Up/Down/Left/Right as their cursor passes over the specified
 - For best playing results, play or conduct when the cursor is completely
    centered over the play mark.
 - If you play poorly, the crowd will toss garbage at you.
 - Whoever has the least amount of mistakes by the time the music ends will
    be tossed Coins by the audience. In a tie, Coins will go to all winning


       [Shy Guy Says]                    | Type: Survival   | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose:  nothing |
   A Button      : Raise Red flag
   B Button      : Raise White flag

  (Game Rules)   
   Raise the same color flag as the Shy Guy.

 - After several flags, the Shy Guy may start to lift both flags at once, then
    quickly set one down. Watch carefully until he sets one down, then
    immediately raise the remaining one before he cuts you loose.


       [Cast Aways]                      | Type: Bonus      | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: 60 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick
           Flick : Cast line
          Rotate : Reel line

  (Game Rules)   
   Many Coins are drifting by in the wide, wide ocean. Cast your line and reel
   them in.

 - An important thing to understand is that casting distance doesn't depend
    on how LONG the Control Stick is held, but how FAR.
 - The harder the Control Stick is flicked while casting, the longer it will
 - To delay a cast, hold the Control Stick back to any degree. Release it
    immediately at any time to cast.
 - If your cast lands on a prize, rotate the Control Stick rapidly to reel
    it in, then cast again.
 - While the farther away prizes are the most difficult to catch, the highest
    payouts are in the back.
 - Single Coins, 5-Coin Money Bags, and 10-Coin Treasure Chests will float by.
 - Every player gets to keep the Coins they earn in this Mini-Game.


       [Key-pa-Way]                      | Type: Success    | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  5 Coins |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump
   B Button      : Throw key

  (Game Rules)   
   Open the door without letting the Spike Koopas get the key. If they do,
   the game ends.

 - This is one of the few Mini-Games that require all of the players to work
    together. The players without the key must protect the one carrying the
    key as that player moves up to the lock and wins the Mini-Game.
 - There are 5 Spike Koopas guarding the lock, and they move in a
    zig-zagging manner which is easy to predict. Touching a Spike Koopa will
    knock you back a bit.
 - It is random which character gets the key to start with.
 - If the computer starts with the key, they will usually try to pass it
    right away and let it drop right in front of one of the Spike Koopas.
    Try to be in front of the computer player at all times if they have the
    key, so you can immediately get it from them if they toss it.
 - Players without the key should position themselves in between the Spike
    Koopas and the player with the key.
 - An amazingly easy strategy is for the player with the key to just run and
    jump forward over all of the Spike Koopas, then jump up the to lock to
    win the game.
 - As long as the key is brought to the lock, all the players will
    receive 10 Coins.
 - Everyone will lose 5 Coins if the Mini-Game is lost.


       [Running of the Bulb]             | Type: Success    | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose:  5 Coins |
  *Player with Light Bulb*              *Players without Light Bulb*
   Control Stick : Move                  Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump                  A Button      : Jump
                                         B Button      : Attack

  (Game Rules)   
   Run the bulb down to the socket. Punch the Boos before they grab you.

 - This is one of the few Mini-Games that require all of the players to work
    together. The players without the light bulb must protect the one carrying
    the bulb by knocking the Boos away.
 - The screen automatically scrolls upward slowly as the Giant Boo in the
    bottom corner floats down the hallway. Touching the Giant Boo disqualifies
    your character, and if the player carrying the 
 - Boos will appear out of the walls and go towards any nearby characters.
    Attack them to knock them away.
 - If a Boo touches a player without the light bulb, they will become
    possessed and automatically try to grab the light bulb from the one with
    it, then walk into the Giant Boo at the bottom of the screen. If attacked
    by one of the other players, they will return to normal.
 - If a Boo touches the player with the light bulb, they will become possessed
    and automatically walk toward the Giant Boo to lose the Mini-Game. If
    attacked by one of the other players, they will return to normal.
 - Thwomps will appear in the hallway, sometimes dropping as characters pass
    underneath. Getting squished by a Thwomp will stun a character for a few
 - When the edge of the generator can be seen at the top corner of the screen,
    have the player with the light bulb run up as far as possible. The screen
    should zoom up there and they will toss the light bulb in it, making all
    the players win.
 - As long as the bulb is brought to the generator, all the players will
    receive 10 Coins, even if they were disqualified by the Giant Boo.
 - Everyone will lose 5 Coins if the Mini-Game is lost.


       [Hot Rope Jump]                   | Type: Survival   | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose: 15 Coins |
   A Button      : Jump

  (Game Rules)   
   A flaming rope spins and spins. Jump the rope without touching the flame.

 - The number of jumps needed to complete this Mini-Game will randomly be
    20 or 40.
 - After most of the jumps, the rope will speed up. It may also slow down
    suddenly, so keep focused.
 - All players that complete the total number of jumps receive 10 Coins each.
    If a player touches the Rope, they lose 5 Coins to each of the other


       [Hammer Drop]                     | Type: Bonus      | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump
   A+Z Buttons   : Hip Drop

  (Game Rules)   
   Try to get the Coins that the Hammer Bro throws down. But watch out,
   because he throws hammers too.

 - Getting hit by a hammer will flatten and stun your character for a couple
    seconds, although prizes can still fall onto you.
 - While jumping around is rather risky, since landing on another player's
    head can bounce you clear off the tower, it can be used to swipe prizes
    before the fall onto other players.
 - Another risky move is the Hip Drop, which can be used to flatten a
    character below to slow down or stun them for a few seconds. This can also
    bounce you away, though, so don't rely on it too much.
 - Along with the hammers, the Hammer Bro drops single Coins, as well as Money
    Bags worth 5 Coins. The Money Bags are generally the best to go for.
 - If you fall off, you get to keep all the Coins you earned before falling.
 - Every player gets to keep the Coins they earn in this Mini-Game.


       [Slot Car Derby (1&2)]            | Type: Racing     | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose: nothing  |
   Control Stick
            Push : Speed up
          Let Go : Slow down

  (Game Rules)   
   Drive your slot car to the finish line. If you go too fast, you'll spin out
   in the corners.

 - Do not hold the Control Stick at all while the starting lights count down,
    or you will spin out immediately when the race starts.
 - It doesn't matter which direction the Control Stick is pushed, since any
    will make your slot car speed up.
 - If a lot of smoke is appearing underneath your car, slow down or you will
    spin out and be stunned for a few seconds. Spinning out only occurs
    when going too quickly on curves.
 - It's not possible to spin out on straight-aways, so you can go full
    throttle on them without spinning out.
 - By continually pressing the Control Stick all the way out until smoke
    appears, then letting it go neutral until the smoke just disappears, then
    repeating, your car will keep above average speed and will not spin out
    around corners.
 - All the tracks are linked together. If one player stands still and another
    comes up behind them on the same track, the one in front will get knocked
    clear off the track and be disqualified. Of course, you have to be going
    extremely slow or not moving for this to occur.
 - There are two Slot Car Derby tracks. The first is a simple loop, and the
    second is "n"-shaped with lots of tight corners to spin out on.

                            _                 _____ 
                           / | __   _____    |___ /
                           | | \ \ / / __|     |_ \ 
                           | |  \ V /\__ \_   ___) |
                           |_|   \_/ |___(_) |____/ 


       [Pipe Maze]                       | Type: Success    | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
  *Treasure Chest Mover*
   Control Stick : Move Chest
   A Button      : Drop Chest

  (Game Rules)   
   Drop the Treasure Chest into the pipe so it falls down to you.

 - This common 1 vs. 3 Mini-Game is based mainly on chance, since there's
    generally no way to tell which of the four pipes will end on your
 - Just drop the Chest and hope it lands on you.


       [Bash 'n' Cash]                   | Type: Chance     | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose: 1+ Coins |
  *Bowser Suit*                         *Hammers*
   Control Stick : Move                  Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump                  A Button      : Attack

  (Game Rules)   
   Hit the player in the Bowser Suit with your hammer. The person in the
   Bowser Suit must run away until time is up.

 - In the Bowser Suit:
   - Your only defense, aside from running away, is to Jump. Unfortunately,
      jumping once will disable another jump for a few seconds, so jump wisely
      or you might get trapped.
   - Try to circle the outside of the room. If you get hit while close to a
      wall, there's a good chance that the Coins will fly up, hit the wall,
      drop back onto you.
   - Using a jump, you can bounce on the other players' heads. You can steer
      in the air to land on other players' heads. This is a superb defensive
      tactic since they cannot easily hit you when you are so high up. It's
      still possible to be hit in the air, just not as easily.
   - If you see someone swinging a hammer, try to quickly move to any spot
      that is not directly in front of them. Hammers have very short range and
      their blows are easy to see coming, so use this to your advantage.
   - If you get bashed with a hammer, you will be invincible for a second. Use
      this time to get as far away as possible without jumping. If someone is
      still trailing you when the invincible time wears off, use a jump to get
      even farther away.
   - If Coins get bashed out of you, you can always run after them and quickly
      scoop it up before someone else does. Since it's most likely that
      everyone will hoard after Coins knocked out of you, though, it's best to
      just kiss it goodbye and try your best to get as far away as possible
      before they start another strike.

 - With the Hammers:
    - Don't stay together in a clump, or the player in the Bowser Suit will
       easily avoid you all. Spread out and conquer.
    - Attacking with the hammer will make your character freeze in place,
       making it somewhat hard to land a blow on the always-moving Bowser
       Suit. Time your blows after they land from a jump, since that's when
       they are defenseless.
    - If the Bowser Suit tries to jump on your heads to stay above Hammer
       reach, get out from underneath them or they will bounce safely forever.
    - If the Bowser Suit has 5 Coins or more, each hit will knock out a Money
       Bag worth 5 Coins. With 4 Coins or less, each hit will knock out a
       single Coin.
    - If the Bowser Suit runs out of Coins, the Mini-Game ends.


       [Bowl Over]                       | Type: Chance     | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  5 Coins |
  *Bowler*                              *Pins*
   Control Stick : Move/Aim Shell        Control Stick : Direction of Jump
   A Button      : Throw Shell           A Button      : Jump

  (Game Rules)   
   Let's go bowling! The bowler aims the shell, while the people who are pins
   try to jump away.

 - For the Bowler:
    - You only get one Shell, so make it count.
    - You can stall for a while before throwing the Shell, just to see where
       the Pin characters move to.
    - Speed up the Shell's spin by holding hard to one direction. This makes
       the Shell swerve quickly, so it's best used right before hitting the
    - Aim the Shell in between rows of pins to knock down as many as possible.
    - Use the Control Stick to move the Shell as it goes down the lane. If it
       touches the side, though, it stops and you lose 10 Coins.
    - Knocking down Pin characters steals 5 Coins from them, and the
       non-character pins are worth one Coin each.
    - Knock down every one of the pins to get a Strike and earn 20 Coins.

 - For the Pins:
    - Try to spread out to lessen the Bowler's chance of knocking everyone
    - Your jumping area is limited to the triangle of pins.
    - Against a computer Bowler, move to the farthest side of the pin
       triangle and they might swerve the Shell to match your movement,
       getting tricked into touching the lane's edge and losing.
    - Although it is difficult, it is possible to jump over the Shell as it's
       about to hit you. Jump at the very last moment and aim in a direction
       that the Shell is farthest from. Note that this won't work if the Shell
       knocks over other pins first and they fall in your path to trap you.


       [Coin Block Bash]                 | Type: Bonus      | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: 60 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
  *With Hammer*                         *Without Hammer*
   Control Stick : Move                  Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Overhead swing        A Button      : Jump
   B Button      : Sideways swing        B Button      : Attack

  (Game Rules)   
   Coins come out of these sturdy blocks when you break them. The person with
   the hammer can break them in one hit.

 - With the Hammer:
    - Try to knock down the other nearby players before smashing the blocks.
    - Using sideways swings will cover a much greater area and send them
       flying around the screen, getting stunned for a second at the end.
    - The overhead swing strikes in a small area in front, but flattens
       characters so they can't move for a few seconds.
    - Only the overhead swing can break blocks, and the Coins inside will
       fall and start moving in the direction straight ahead from where you
       were facing when the block was broken. Therefore, try to face the wall
       when breaking blocks so the Coins won't wander off and get picked up
       by someone else.
    - You can drop the Hammer if someone jumps on you or attacks you, so be
       ready to swing at anyone that gets too close unless you want to get
       rid of the Hammer.

 - Without the Hammer:
    - The blocks will take quite a few hits to break.
    - Characters without the Hammer are much quicker, though, and can easily
       run in after the Hammer-wielder smashes a block to take the Coins that
       it drops.
    - After getting hit with the Hammer, you will be stunned for a second, but
        then invincible for a moment after you get up. Use this time to knock
        the Hammer away from the one player or nab any nearby Coins without
        any risk.
    - You can knock the Hammer away from the one player by jumping on them
       or attacking them. The Hammer will get tossed aside and anyone can pick
       it up.

 - Blocks will drop Coins or Money Bags when smashed.
 - Everyone gets to keep the Coins they collect in this Mini-Game.


       [Tightrope Treachery]             | Type: Chance     | Win:  15 Coins |
                                         | Time: 60 seconds | Lose: 15 Coins |
  *Tightrope Walker*                    *Boats*
   Control Stick : Move                  Control Stick : Move Boat
                                         A Button      : Shoot Cannon

  (Game Rules)   
   The person on the tightrope must walk to the Goal line while avoiding the
   cannon shots of the other players below.

 - For the Tightrope Walker:
    - The rope is actually quite wide, so you can take a cannon shot or two
       without falling.
    - Getting hit by a cannon shot will make you fall down for a second, and
       you cannot be hit until a moment after you get back up.
    - If you see leaves begin to blow by and hear a whistling noise, then the
       wind will also be against you. Keep moving forward while pushing
       slightly into the direction the wind is coming from to remain on
    - You must cross 3 screens worth of rope before reaching the Goal line.

 - For the Boats:
    - Aiming the cannon can be kind of tricky. It homes in slightly, but your
       boat must be aimed straight at the Tightrope Walker for the shot to
    - If the shot hits the underneath of the tightrope, it will be cancelled.
    - Shooting the cannon will make you unable to take another shot for a
       couple seconds, so try to make every shot count.
    - If a shot is fired into the air and comes back down, it can hit one of
       the other Boats and stun them for a moment.

 - If the Tightrope Walker reaches the Goal, they steal 5 Coins from each of
    the three Boats. If they don't reach the Goal, each of the Boats gets
    5 of their Coins.


       [Crane Game]                      | Type: Chance     | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose: 1+ Coins |
  *Crane*                               *Dolls*
   Control Stick : Move                  A Button      : Wiggle
   A Button      : Lower Crane/Grab

  (Game Rules)   
   You are the Crane Game crane. Try to grab a prize and bring them back to
   the pipe. If caught, wiggle free or lose Coins.

 - For the Crane:
    - Since you only get one shot at grabbing a prize, watch the Crane's
       shadow very carefully and try to center it directly over the prize
       you want.
    - Once you've dropped down and grabbed the prize, press the A Button
       as quickly as possible to keep your grip on it while the Crane
       automatically goes back to the pipe and drops the prize in. 
    - Once you get over the rim of the pipe, you can stop tapping the A
       Button since the prize won't fall after there.
    - Grabbing a Doll player and taking them back to the pipe will steal
       1/3 of their Coins. It's best to go for the characters only if they
       have 30 or more Coins. Otherwise, the Treasure Chest offers the
       highest payoff.
    - Prizes other than the Dolls include a single Coin, a 5-Coin Money Bag,
       and a 10-Coin Treasure Chest. These prizes do not wiggle to get free,
       but still must be grabbed onto by pressing the A Button rapidly or
       they will slip free.

 - For the Dolls:
    - Since the Crane can only grab one prize, just hope they don't go after
       you. If you've got a huge amount of Coins, though, they will pretty
       much always target you.
    - If you are grabbed, tap the A Button as quickly as possible to wiggle
       out of the Crane's grasp before they bring you back to the pipe.

 - If the Crane doesn't bring a prize back to the pipe, they will lose 5 Coins.


       [Piranha's Pursuit]               | Type: Chance     | Win:  15 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose: 15 Coins |
  *Skateboarder*                        *Cloud Riders*
   A Button      : Jump                  Control Stick : Move
   B Button      : Skate                 A Button      : Jump
                                         A+Z Buttons   : Hip Drop

  (Game Rules)   
   Escape the Piranha Plant on a skateboard. The players on the cloud Hip Drop
   to feed the Piranha Plant with rain.

 - For the Skateboarder:
    - Always tap the B Button as quickly as possible when not jumping over
       obstacles to keep up your speed and stay ahead of the Piranha Plant.
    - Various rocks and logs will appear in your path to try to trip you
       so the Piranha Plant can nab you. Jump over these obstacles to clear
    - If an oddly colored tree appears in the background up ahead, it will
       most likely fall as you approach. Be prepared to jump in this case.
    - If you trip up, immediately jam on the B Button to get away from the
       Piranha Plant before it catches up to you. 
    - Jumping and landing on top of a rock will not cause you to stumble, but
       you will bounce forward and slow down a tiny bit.
    - As long as you don't hit any obstacles and keep your speed at a decent
       pace, the Piranha Plant will not catch up with you.

 - For the Cloud Riders:
    - There's not much else you can do but Hip Drop the cloud to make it rain
       below. However, time your Hip Drops to land just as the rain stops to
       keep the rain pouring without pause.
    - The Piranha Plant will run back and forth underneath the cloud. When the
       rain lands on it, it will grow a bit and get a speed burst.
    - When you see the Skateboarder slip up, try to get the rain to fall on the
       Piranha Plant right away to give it the speed burst it needs to grab the
       stumbling Skateboarder.

 - If the Skateboarder reaches the Goal, they steal 5 Coins from each of the
    three Cloud Riders. If they don't reach the Goal, each of the Cloud Riders
    gets 5 of their Coins.


       [Tug o' War]                      | Type: Chance     | Win:  15 Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose: 15 Coins |
   Control Stick : Rotate to pull rope

  (Game Rules)   
   It's a 3-vs-1 Tug o' War against the player in the Bowser Suit. The losers
   fall into the giant Piranha Plant.

 - Just rotate the Control Stick as quickly as you possibly can. The player
    in the Bowser suit doesn't have a disadvantage, since their rotations count
    three times more than the other team's.
 - If the Bowser Suit wins the Tug o' War, they steal 5 Coins from each of the
    three other players. If they lose the Tug o' War, each of the other players
    gets 5 of their Coins.


       [Paddle Battle]                   | Type: Chance     | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose: 1+ Coins |
   Control Stick : Rotate to Paddle

  (Game Rules)   
   Paddle your boat down the river. Shy Guys hiding on the banks will poke
   you with their spears if you get too close.

 - Just rotate the Control Stick as quickly as you possibly can. The lone
    player doesn't have a disadvantage, since their rotations count three
    times more than the other team's.
 - When the boat reaches the side of the river, a Shy Guy will run up and jab
    the characters on that side with a spear, sending Coins to the other side.
    The longer the boat stays against the side of the river, the more times
    the Shy Guy will attack and send Coins to the other team.
 - When the lone player gets speared, they lose a Coin to each of the 3 other
 - When the three players get speared, they each lose a Coin to the lone
 - There are rocks that appear occasionally in the middle of the river. The
    boat will bounce off the rock, so players can use this to their advantage
    to bounce back and forth between the land and rock to steal lots of Coins
    from the other side.


       [Coin Shower Flower]              | Type: Bonus      | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
  *Player on the Flower*                *Players in Boats*
   Control Stick : Move                  Control Stick : Move Boat
   A Button      : Jump

  (Game Rules)   
  Coins fall down in a shower on the flower. Everybody, collect as many coins
  as you can get.

 - For the Player on the Flower:
    - It's generally the best to stay in the middle of the Flower, since that
       is where all the Coins drop to begin with.
    - The Flower tilts easily when you move around, causing the Coins to drop
       in the direction the Flower is tilted.
    - If you're falling off the Flower, jump back to the middle to level the
       Flower once again.
    - It's possible to fall off the Flower, which ends the Mini-Game.

 - For the Players in Boats:
    - Keep an eye where the Coins are about to fall and try to go there as
       quickly as you can. The Boats move quite slowly, though, and the Coins
       will disappear after sitting still for long enough.
    - Usually, not many Coins will fall from above, so be sure to go after the
       ones that do.

 - Every player gets to keep the Coins they earn in this Mini-Game.

                         ____                  ____  
                        |___ \  __   _____    |___ \ 
                          __) | \ \ / / __|     __) |
                         / __/   \ V /\__ \_   / __/ 
                        |_____|   \_/ |___(_) |_____|


       [Bobsled Run]                     | Type: 2-on-2     | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose: 10 Coins |
   Control Stick
     Left/Right  : Steer
     Forward     : Speed Up
     Back        : Slow Down
   A Button      : Push Sled

  (Game Rules)   
   Team up with another player for a Bobsled Run.

 - When the race begins, both teammates should press their A Buttons as
    quickly as possible to push their Bobsled past the Start line and onto the
    course. Beating the other team at the start can create a nice lead that
    usually lasts for quite some time.
 - If you are teaming up with a human player, decide beforehand which one
    will be doing the steering since both controllers will be able to. When
    teaming up with a computer character, you will have to do all the
 - Maintain the Bobsled's top speed by holding Forward on the Control Stick
    as much as possible, and by keeping the Bobsled in the middle of the track
    to avoid the sides. Hitting the sides will slow the Bobsled very much.
 - If the two Bobsleds run into each other, they will both slow down. If one
    hits the back of another, though, the one in front will get a tiny speed
    burst and the other will slow down.
 - At some places on the course, the Bobsled will have to jump over gaps in
    the tracks. As long as the Bobsled is moving at a decent speed, it will
    clear the gap without falling.
 - Red and yellow striped arrows can be found along the track. Running over
    one will make the Bobsled to get a brief burst of speed. 
     1. The first is located slightly after the first jump.
         (1/3 down the track)
     2. The second is on the left hand side after the zig-zagging track.
         (1/2 down the track)
     3. The third is on the right hand side after the second tunnel and jump.
         (5/6 down the track)
 - After passing through the tunnel around 3/4 down the track, some of the
    sides of the track will be taken away. Take care in steering around these
    parts, since falling off disqualifies your team.
 - If both teams fall off the track, the game is considered a Draw and no
    one loses any Coins.


       [Desert Dash]                     | Type: 2-on-2     | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose: 10 Coins |
   Control Stick
            Left : Step with left leg
           Right : Step with right leg

  (Game Rules)   
   Break into teams for a ski race in the desert.

 - If the two characters on a team don't push the right direction at the
    same time, they will fall down and be stunned for a couple seconds.
 - Moving quickly with a human partner requires co-operation and
    communication. Give verbal cues between each other to press the direction
 - An unfair alternative to working together with a human partner is to have
    one person take both controllers and move both Control Sticks left and
    right in perfect unison by themselves.
 - When teamed up with a computer character, you only needs to worry about
    pressing the direction shown, since the computer will automatically move
    at the exact same time you do. To pick up some great speed, immediately
    hold the opposite direction while the characters' feet are moving, and
    they will take the next step as quickly as possible.
 - Halfway down the track, there is a Thwomp block in the middle of each team's
    path that slowly raises and drops. If the Thwomp falls on a team as it
    passes under, they will be stunned for a couple seconds.


       [Bombsketball]                    | Type: 2-on-2     | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 60 seconds | Lose: 10 Coins |
  *Offense*                             *Defense*
   Control Stick : Move                  Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump                  A Button      : Jump
   B Button      : Pass                  B Button      : Steal Ball
                  (Shoot while Jumping)

  (Game Rules)   
   It's 2-on-2 Bombsketball! The first team to score, wins.

 - The team with the Bob-omb will have spotlights on them to make it easier to
    tell who is on which team.
 - The playfield is only a half basketball court, so it doesn't matter which
    team shoots the Bob-omb into the only Bowser mouth.

 - On Offense:
    - It's only possible to shoot the Bob-omb into the Bowser mouth. Trying
       to toss the Bob-omb from the ground will result in a pass that is much
       to low to get in.
    - Keep some distance between you and your teammate. That way if the other
       team tries to come at you with both characters, a simple pass will leave
       them in the dust.
    - Jumping with the Bob-omb when right next to the Bowser mouth will make
       the camera angle change to a close-up. This is mainly for dramatic
    - Jumping is a superb defense, as is bouncing on other characters' heads.
       Both methods don't leave you vulnerable to having the Bob-omb stolen.

 - On Defense:
    - Spread out your team. If both characters are clumped together going
       after the same character, then your team will be easy to avoid.
    - If you can't tell if your character has stolen the Bob-omb from the
       other team, watch the spotlights. They will always be on the
       characters with the Bob-omb.
    - If the other team is jumping to shoot, immediately jump up with them to
       try and intercept the Bob-omb, then toss it in yourself.


       [Handcar Havoc]                   | Type: 2-on-2     | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose: 10 Coins |
   Control Stick : Lean Car
   A Button      : Speed up
   B Button      : Brake

  (Game Rules)   
   Race the handcar in teams of two.

 - While it's necessary to go as quickly as possible to reach the Goal first,
    there are some sharp corners that require using the Brake and leaning the
    car to not fall off the edge.
 - On a team with two human players, have one maintain the handcar's speed by
    pressing the A Button and doing nothing else. The other player should be
    in charge of using the Brake and leaning the car at corners.
 - On a team with a computer player, you will have to worry about both speed
    and navigation, making it tougher than having a human teammate.
    Concentrate on speeding up on the straight-aways and also on the softer
    turns, leaning into every turn while braking if necessary.
 - If your handcar is taking a turn too sharply, the camera will zoom around
    alongside it. This is the cue to slow it down a notch or risk falling off
    the track.
 - During one steep section of track near the end of the course, keep the
    speed at maximum or the handcar may slow down and plummet back down.


       [Deep Sea Divers]                 | Type: 2-on-2     | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: 90 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
  *Reeling*                             *Diving*
   Control Stick : Rotate to Reel in     Control Stick : Move
      Left/Right : Move Boat left/right  A Button      : Swim

  (Game Rules)   
   Team up to help raise the Treasure Chests at the bottom of the ocean.

 - The Divers have much more important tasks than the Reelers, since they must
    race to the Treasure Chests before the other does.
 - As a Reeler, keep the Boat above your Diver at all times to keep the
    distance for bringing the Treasure Chests up as short as possible.
 - As a Diver, don't dawdle underwater for too long or a counter will appear
    over your head. If it counts down to 0 from 5, you will slowly be forced
    to the surface to get air. If you're carrying a Chest at this time, it
    will be dropped.
 - Divers can annoy each other by pressing into the other while surfacing and
    trying to keep them under until they drown and have to re-surface. When
    they drop their Treasure Chest, the other Diver can quickly grab it.
 - When a Diver has grabbed a Treasure Chest, the Reeler should rotate their
    Control Stick rapidly to speed up the Diver's surfacing. The Diver should
    hold Up and press their A Button rapidly to keep their speed as high as
 - The deeper the Chests are located, the larger they are and the more force
    they will need to be lifted to the surface. They will also contain more
    Coins, too.
 - The largest Treasure Chest is at the very bottom of the ocean in the very
    middle. This should be the first target for both teams, since it is worth
    much more than all the other Chests.
 - The amount of Coins earned by the team is given to each teammate. Both
    teams get to keep the Coins they earn.

                       _   ____  _                       
                      / | |  _ \| | __ _ _   _  ___ _ __ 
                      | | | |_) | |/ _` | | | |/ _ \ '__|
                      | | |  __/| | (_| | |_| |  __/ |   
                      |_| |_|   |_|\__,_|\__, |\___|_|   


       [Memory Match]                    | Type: Bonus      | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 60 seconds | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump
   A+Z Buttons   : Hip Drop

  (Game Rules)   
   When you Hip Drop on the panels, a picture will appear. Remember where the
   pictures appear and try to match them up.

 - Since the grid of panels is 3 by 3, there are 4 pairs of pictures and a
    single Bowser panel.
 - Landing on the Bowser panel will stun a character for a couple seconds.
    If you land on the Bowser panel once, be sure to remember where it is and
    avoid it to not waste anymore time.
 - A slight timesaver is to perform quick Hip Drops. This is done by pressing
    the A and Z Buttons at the exact same time, cause the character to
    perform the Hip Drop almost right away.
 - Try not to do Hip Drops at the very top of the character's jump, since
    this will waste valuable seconds with the dropping animation. 
 - The panel pairs are usually placed right beside one another, be they
    horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
 - The reward for matching up a pair of pictures is 2 Coins. Matching up all
    4 pairs is worth 10 Coins, however.
 - There is enough time to uncover all of the panels at least once, so it's
    up to your memory to learn where each of the pictures are and win the


       [Slot Machine]                    | Type: Bonus      | Win:  3+ Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump

  (Game Rules)   
   Jump to hit the block, and try to match the pictures shown. If you get
   three of the same picture, you'll win Coins.

 - The Slot Machine's prize payouts are as follows:
                    3 Coins: 1 Coin
             3 Koopa Shells: 3 Coins
               3 Money Bags: 5 Coins
                3 Mushrooms: 6 Coins
                  3 Flowers: 7 Coins
          3 Treasure Chests: 10 Coins
                     3 Hats: 20 Coins
 - To get the real "trick" of the Slot Machine, you must get the rhythm of the
    tumblers. Since the pictures on the tumblers follow a pattern and repeat
    after so often, wait for the one you want. As it flashes by, exhale sharply
    or quickly tap your foot on the ground. After doing this three or four
    times, press the A Button as you do so, and you will get that picture. This
    takes a LOT of practice, but it greatly increases the odds of winning.
 - Getting a Treasure Chest or Hat on the first two tumblers will cause the
    next one to speed up substantially, to time your stopping accordingly.
 - By waiting too long, the tumblers will automatically stop themselves. While
    this does not guarantee a win, the tumblers will sometimes win if allowed
    to stop by themselves. It's purely chance.
 - If a prize is won, don't forget to move your character to pick up the Coins
    spit out of the Slot Machine.


       [Shell Game]                      | Type: Success    | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 10 seconds | Lose:  5 Coins |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump
   B Button      : Attack
   A+Z Buttons   : Hip Drop

  (Game Rules)   
   The Koopa Troopas hide their chests. Find the Koopa Troopa that has the

 - This game all comes to do watching which Koopa Troopa's chest gets the Coins
    put in it at the start, then keeping eyes glued to that Koopa's shell as
    it moves around the tower.
 - When the Koopas have stopped moving, hit the one you think has the Chest
    by Attacking, Hip Dropping, or just Jumping or walking into it.
 - It's not possible to fall off of the tower.


       [Ghost Guess]                     | Type: Success    | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose:  5 Coins |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump
   B Button      : Attack
   A+Z Buttons   : Hip Drop

  (Game Rules)   
   Find the leader of the Boos! The leader is the first of all the Boos to

 - The best way to tell which is the Boo leader is to not watch the Boos, but
    their shadows made by the campfire.
 - The Boo leader changes each time the Boos spin around, so watch carefully
    and choose quickly before they spin again and change.
 - Hit the Boo you think is the leader by Attacking, Hip Dropping, or just
    Jumping or walking into it. Since the Boos are fairly close together,
    though, make sure you touch the right one.
 - As the Boos spin, they move closer and closer to the character, making it
    harder to touch the right Boo since they get even closer to each other.
    As such, it's easiest to try and win the game sooner than later.


       [Pedal Power]                     | Type: Success    | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose:  5 Coins |
   Control Stick : Rotate to pedal

  (Game Rules)   
   Light up the room before you get caught by the Boo!

 - As the Control Stick is rotated, the bulb's light will slowly increase and
    cover the screen. As soon as the light covers the entire screen, it only
    takes a little while longer for the Boo to disappear, so don't stop
    before the game is done.
 - To get the most rotations, cup the flat top of the Control Stick in the
    palm of your hand and circle with your hand quickly. Be careful, as this
    can damage your Control Stick or hurt your palm if you try too hard.


       [Whack-a-Plant]                   | Type: Bonus      | Win:  1+ Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose:  nothing |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump

  (Game Rules)   
   Jump on the Piranha Plants that come out of the pipes and knock them back
   down. Get Coins for each one you jump on.

 - Each time a Piranha Plant is stomped, another one will come up with the
    next wave, to a maximum of 8. If too much time is taken, the Piranha
    Plants that haven't been stomped will go back into their pipes and the
    next wave will start.
 - Earn the most Coins by hopping directly from one Piranha Plant to the next.
    Use the Control Stick to aim the character while they are falling from
    the bounce off the last Piranha Plant to land on the next.
 - Characters can easily bounce from one Piranha Plant to another that is
    right next to it, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. If it
    is farther away than that, hold down the A Button as the character hits
    a Piranha Plant to bounce higher and travel farther.
 - When the playfield becomes filled with Piranha Plants, try to chart a
    "course" around them to hit them all before they start to go back down
    their pipes.
 - There are platforms at the edges of the pipes that will bounce you back
    onto the playfield if you fall off.
 - It's possible to hit every single one of the 36 Piranha Plants, making this
    the highest potential payoff of the 1-Player Mini-Games and one of the
    best to practice at.


       [Ground Pound]                    | Type: Success    | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  5 Coins |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump
   A+Z Button    : Hip Drop

  (Game Rules)   
   Hip Drop onto the flat-topped posts. Try to remember which are flat and
   which are pointy before the butterflies land.

 - Only five of the posts are flat and have to be Hip Dropped. If there
    several posts in a clump beside each other, try to remember that shape
    to make things easier.
 - Landing on a pointy post stun a character for a couple seconds.
 - The butterflies don't entirely cover up the posts, so it's slightly
    possible to see if the post underneath is pointy or not. The flat posts
    look taller than the pointy ones.
 - There is enough time to actually hit every one of the posts before the game
    ends, so there is a lot of room for error in this Mini-Game.


       [Teetering Towers]                | Type: Success    | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose:  5 Coins |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump

  (Game Rules)   
   Jump across the tops of the Teetering Towers. Depending on where you land,
   the towers tilt in a different direction.

 - The Towers have a slanted octagon shape. Standing near any edge will cause
    the Tower to fall in that direction.
 - You can change the direction that a Tower falls as it is falling by moving
    towards a different edge of the platform. Don't rely on this too much,
    though, since the Tower changes direction fairly slowly.
 - Try to always hold the Jump button down all the way when jumping between
    Towers, because the distance always appears shorter than it actually is.
 - Also, try to wait for the Tower to reach its farthest distance towards the
    next Tower before jumping, because as mentioned above, it always appears
    closer than it actually is.
 - Some Towers randomly have Coins or Money Bags on them. You must complete
    the Mini-Game to keep these prizes, though.
 - If a choice comes down to taking an easy route to the Goal, or an extra
    Tower or two to get a Coin or Money Bag, go for the Goal since the payout
    is higher and the risk lower.


       [Knock Block Tower]               | Type: Success    | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 10 seconds | Lose:  5 Coins |
   Control Stick : Move
   A Button      : Jump
   B Button      : Attack

  (Game Rules)   
   A stack of wooden blocks comes crashing down. Break the boxes to get the
   Treasure Chest on top.

 - There are always two Thwomps and three wooden blocks, although their order
    is random. Hitting a Thwomp will cause the character to get knocked off
    the Tower and lose. Hit the wooden blocks and nothing else.
 - Characters can jump up to three boxes high. 
 - Attacking while jumping will cause the character to freeze in place at the
    moment the B Button is pressed. This makes hitting two blocks high
    somewhat tricky, since the B Button must be pressed at exactly the right
    time to attack at the right level.
 - When all of the wooden blocks are gone, quickly leap up and touch the Chest
    to claim the prize.
 - The Time Limit in this game is *very* short, so don't wait around for a
    good hitting opportunity for too long.

       [Limbo Dance]                     | Type: Success    | Win:  10 Coins |
                                         | Time: 30 seconds | Lose:  5 Coins |
   A Button      : Lean back/Move forward

  (Game Rules)   
   Do a Limbo Dance under all the Limbo Sticks.

 - Tapping the A Button will make the character hop forward while leaning back.
    Letting the character stand still will allow them to slowly straighten up.
 - There are three varieties of Limbo Sticks to dance under: Green are the
    highest, Blue are slightly lower, and Red are the lowest.
 - The layout of the Limbo Sticks is random. Sometimes the game will get
    very mean and put a bunch of Red ones right before the goal.
 - For best results, tap the A Button rapidly at the start until the character
    stumbles and looks as though they are about to fall, since that is the
    most they can lean back. From there, wait a second before tapping the A
    Button again to move forward while keeping the maximum lean-back.
 - The drumbeats in the background music can help keep a rhythm of when to
    tap the A Button, but the trick above has the best results.


       [Bumper Ball Mazes 1,2,3]         | Type: n/a        | Win:       n/a |
                                         | Time: n/a        | Lose:      n/a |
   Control Stick : Move

  (Game Rules)   
   Ride the ball all the way to the Goal line.

 - The Bumper Ball Maze Mini-Games are special bonus games that do not appear
    anyplace other than the Mini-Game House. The goal of these special
    Mini-Games is to reach the Goal and set a new record for your own
 - All three Bumper Ball Mazes require flawless use of the Control Stick and
    constant attention to how close the character is to the edge of the track.
    There are no warnings; the character will fall in the water and the
    Mini-Game will end.
 - In all three mazes, the course will gradually go farther back from the
    camera as it progresses. This makes it harder to judge a character's
    position on the path and makes it easier to fall off, so be careful.
 - Bumper Ball Maze 1 isn't too bad, since the track is wide enough to have
    room for error. There is a shortcut bridge before the first turn, but it
    is narrower than the normal path. The only other problem area is the
    U-shaped turn before the Goal, which is a bit narrower than the rest of
    the course. Don't go too fast and there shouldn't be any problems.
 - Bumper Ball Maze 2 is slightly trickier than the first, and has several
    shortcuts that are best avoided due to their extreme narrowness. The
    zig-zagging course narrows down as it progresses, making the sharp corners
 - Bumper Ball Maze 3 is pure torture. The track is extremely narrow and there
    is absolutely no room for error. Always start to turn a moment before you
    think you'll need to in order to keep the character's momentum and not
    fall off the edge. There are no shortcuts in this Maze, and the insane
    curves make it difficult to even get halfway across. You'll need superb
    Control Stick-handling and lots of patience to clear this Mini-Game.

(VIII) [Items]

= Mini-Game House Prices =

= 4 Player =
 Buried Treasure        150            Bumper Balls           250
 Treasure Divers        250            Tipsy Tourney          300
 Hot Bob-omb            300            Bombs Away             250
 Musical Mushroom       100            Mario Bandstand        350
 Crazy Cutter           150            Shy Guy Says           250
 Face Lift              400            Cast Aways             250
 Balloon Burst          400            Key-pa-Way             400
 Coin Block Blitz        50            Running of the Bulb    400
 Skateboard Scamper     200            Hot Rope Jump          300
 Box Mountain Mayhem    300            Hammer Drop            450
 Platform Peril         450            Slot Car Derby 1       450
 Mushroom Mix-Up         50            Slot Car Derby 2       500
 Grab Bag               400         

= 1 vs. 3 =
 Pipe Maze              350            Crane Game             350
 Bash 'n' Cash          400            Piranha's Pursuit      100
 Bowl Over              350            Tug o' War             150
 Coin Block Bash         50            Paddle Battle           50
 TightRope Treachery    250            Coin Shower Flower      50

= 2 vs. 2 =
 Bobsled Run            200            Handcar Havoc          200
 Desert Dash            150            Deep Sea Divers        300
 Bombsketball           300

= 1 Player =
 Memory Match            50            Whack-a-Plant          200
 Slot Machine           200            Ground Pound            50
 Shell Game             200            Teetering Towers       100
 Ghost Guess            100            Knock Block Tower      200
 Pedal Power            150            Limbo Dance             50


= Items =

= Blocks =
 Special Blocks will randomly appear before any player's turn in place
 of the normal Dice Block.
    *Plus Block          200
      Receive a number of coins equal to the number shown on the block.
    *Minus Block         100
      Lose a number of coins equal to the number shown on the block.
    *Speed Block         200
      A dice block with only the numbers 8 through 10.
    *Slow Block          100
      A dice block with only the numbers 1 through 3.
    *Warp Block          200
      Randomly switches places with other players.
    *Event Block         200
      Makes either Boo, Koopa Troopa, or Bowser appear.

= Coin Boxes =
 Coin Boxes hold the Coins saved after playing on a Board.
     *Coin Box
       Starting Coin Box with no special features.
     *Lucky Box           400
       Receive 10% more coins at the end of any game.
     *Casino Box          300
       Receive twice as many coins after winning a game, but lose half after
       losing a game.

= Other =
     *Mecha Fly Guy       100
       Allows the Mecha Fly Guy mini-game in the Game House.
     *Talking Parrot       50
       Plays random character voice clips in the Option House.
     *Record               50
       Plays game music in the Option House.
     *Magma Mountain      980
       Unlocks the Magma Mountain Adventure Board.
     *Gameballs*          300
       Unlocks a random Mini-Game in the Mini-Game House.
     *No Boo              500
       Removes Boo from the Adventure Board. This does not work on all Boards.
     *No Koopa            500
       Removes Koopa Troopa from the Adventure Board. This does not work on
        all Boards.
     *Credits             100
       View the game's credits in the Mushroom Bank.


(IX) [Mini-Game Island]

 Mini-Game Island is a special one-player play mode. The object of this game
is to clear each of the Mini-Games scattered throughout the nine World Maps and
reach the goal

= Raft =
 Players can reach Mini-Game island by selecting the Raft in Mushroom Village.
By choosing Start, you can start from the beginning of Mini-Game Island. If you
have Saved Data, you can choose Continue to start from where you left off in
your last game.

= Choose Character =
 When starting a new game, select a character to control in the Mini-Games.
Then, select a partner character for 2 vs. 2 and 4-player games.

= Rules =
 You can move freely on all the map spaces other than Mini-Game Spaces. Clear
Mini-Games and head for the Goal. You gain one additional Life the first time
you clear a Mini-Game and each time you collect 100 Coins. However, one Life
is taken away each time you fail a Mini-Game. The game ends if you fail to
complete a Mini-Game with no Lives left. Choose Continue to start from the
space last saved at.

= Shortcuts =
 After completing World 2-5 (Piranha's Pursuit), you can go to World 3, or
skip ahead to the more difficult World 5. Both end up at the same place in
front of Bowser's Castle, though.

 Also, it's possible to go down-left from the Koopa Troopa Space before World
9 to find a hidden Cloud. The Cloud will take you back to the Start Space.

= Spaces =
        Start Space: Return to the Mushroom Village and save the game. This
                      is located at the very start of Mini-Game Island.
Koopa Troopa Spaces: Return to the Mushroom Village and save the game. These
                      are located between each World.
   Mini-Game Spaces: Cleared Mini-Games are yellow, and non-cleared are blue.
                      Once a Mini-Game Space is cleared, you can move to the
                      next space.
  Mini-Map Entrance: Press the A Button on one of these spaces to switch to
                      a mini-map, allowing you to enter caves and buildings.
         Goal Space: This space is your final goal. When you clear this space,
                      you will receive a special prize.


(World) (Name)                         (Goal)
   1-1: Coin Block Blitz                Get 10 or more Coins.
   1-2: Coin Block Bash                 Get 10 or more Coins.
   1-3: Coin Shower Flower              Get 20 or more Coins.
   1-4: Paddle Battle                   Get 15 or more Coins.

   2-1: Memory Match                    Clear all the tiles.
   2-2: Ground Pound                    Pound all the stumps.
   2-3: Limbo Dance                     Reach the Goal.
   2-4: Musical Mushroom                Get the Treasure Chest first.
   2-5: Piranha's Pursuit               Reach the Goal.

   3-1: Crazy Cutter                    Get 80 or more points.
   3-2: Buried Treasure                 Find the Treasure Chest first.
   3-3: Desert Dash                     Reach the Goal first.
   3-4: Tug o' War                      Pull the other team off the cliff.
   3-5: Teetering Towers                Reach the Goal.

   4-1: Bobsled Run                     Reach the Goal first.
   4-2: Skateboard Scamper              Reach the Goal first.
   4-3: Handcar Havoc                   Reach the Goal first.
   4-4: Ghost Guess                     Pick the right Ghost.

   5-1: Cast Aways                      Get 30 or more Coins.
   5-2: Shy Guy Says                    Outlast the other characters.
   5-3: Bumper Balls                    Knock all the opponents off.
   5-4: Treasure Divers                 Get 10 or more Coins.
   5-5: Bombs Away                      Outlast the other characters.
   5-6: Deep Sea Divers                 Get 15 or more Coins.
   5-7: Mushroom Mix-Up                 Outlast the other characters.
   5-8: TightRope Treachery             Reach the Goal.

   6-1: Box Mountain Mayhem             Get 10 or more Coins.
   6-2: Pedal Power                     Light up the bulb.
   6-3: Tipsy Tourney                   Complete the picture first.
   6-4: Hot Bob-omb                     Don't be the one to get blown up.
   6-5: Bombsketball                    Be the first team to score a basket.
   6-6: Hot Rope Jump                   Complete 40 jumps in a row.

   7-1: Slot Machine                    Get three of the same mark.
   7-2: Crane Game                      Drop one person into the Pipe.
   7-3: Pipe Maze                       Get the Treasure Chest.
   7-4: Bowl Over                       Knock down all three opponent pins.
   7-5: Whack-a-Plant                   Get 25 or more Coins.
   7-6: Mario Bandstand                 Win the most Coins.

   8-1: Running of the Bulb             Reach the Goal with the light bulb.
   8-2: Grab Bag                        Get 15 or more Coins.
   8-3: Key-pa-way                      Get the Key to the Lock.
   8-4: Balloon Burst                   Be the first to pop your balloon.
   8-5: Face Lift                       Get 90 or more points.
   8-6: Bash 'n' Cash                   Have 1 Coin or more by the end.

   9-1: Hammer Drop                     Get 10 or more Coins.
   9-2: Slot Car Derby                  Complete three laps first.
   9-3: Shell Game                      Choose the correct Koopa Troopa.
   9-4: Knock Block Tower               Get the Treasure Chest.
   9-5: Platform Peril                  Reach the Goal first.

  GOAL: Toad Slot Car Derby             Complete three laps first.


(X) [Secrets]

- Unlock Bumper Ball Maze 1 -
 Reach the Goal on Mini-Game Island and beat Toad in a game of Slot Car
 Derby 2.

- Unlock Bumper Ball Maze 2 -
 Clear all 50 Mini-Games on Mini-Game Island, then reach the Goal and beat
 Toad in a game of Slot Car Derby 2.

- Unlock Bumper Ball Maze 3 -
 Unlock Bumper Ball Mazes 1 and 2, then play them both and set new records on

- Unlock Gameballs -
 Unlock and buy 30 Mini-Games in the Mini-Game Shop to unlock the Gameballs
 in the Item Shop.

- Unlock Magma Mountain Board -
 Play on each of the normal boards to unlock the Magma Mountain board in the
 Item Shop.

- Unlock Eternal Star Board -
 Complete each of the normal boards, including Magma Mountain, and earn 100
 Stars. The next time you return to the Mushroom Village and enter the Bank,
 Bowser will steal all your Stars and challenge you on the Eternal Star board.
 No other Adventure Boards can be selected until the Eternal Star board is

- Unlock No Boo -
 Complete the Eternal Star board to unlock the No Boo in the Item Shop.

- Unlock No Koopa -
 Complete the Eternal Star board to unlock the No Koopa in the Item Shop.

- Unlock Credits -
 Complete the Eternal Star board to unlock the Credits in the Item Stop.

- Change the Title Screen -
 The Title Screen will change to show which character won the last game. After
 beating the Eternal Star Board, a special Title Screen with all the
 characters will appear.

(XI) [FAQ]

-Are there any characters besides the normal six?

-Are there any cheat codes?
 Aside from using a GameShark or something similar, no.

(XII) [Acknowledgments]

  -Nintendo and Hudson Soft, for making this great game.
  -Kelly and Stephen, for their many hours of Mario Partying.
  -My mom, for picking the right pipe in Pipe Maze ONCE, and not letting a day
    go by without reminding me of her "skill".
  -CJayC, for his devotion to GameFAQs.

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