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If you want to get to Wily easily then use these boss orders and weapon selection on 
the boss
Mega Man II:
1st: Bubble Man - Mega Man's Blaster
2nd: Flash Man - Bubble Man's Bubble Lead
3rd: Quick Man - Flash Man's Time stopper (only takes half of quick man's life)
4th: Metal Man - Quick Man's Boomerangs
5th: Wood Man - Metal Man's Metal Blades (wait for wood mans leaf shield to be gone)
6th: Air Man - Wood Man's Leaf Shield
7th: Crash Man - Air Man's Air Shooter
8th: Heat Man - Bubble Man's Bubble Lead
Dr. Wily stage code: A1, C1, D1, B2, D3, E3, B4, C5, E5

Mega Man III:
1st: Magnet Man - Mega Man's Blaster
2nd: Hard Man - Magnet Man's Magnet Missiles
3rd: Top Man - Hard Man's Hard Knuckles
4th: Shadow Man - Top Man's Top Spin
5th: Spark Man - Shadow Man's Shadow Blades
6th: Snake Man - I used Hard Man's Hard Knuckles
7th: Gemini Man - Snake Man's Search Snakes
8th: Needle Man - Four of Gemini Man's Laser shots will finish him

Revisited world order
1st: Spark Man
2nd: Shadow Man
3rd: Gemini Man
4th: Needle Man

Mega Man IV:
1st: Toad Man - Mega Man's Blaster
2nd: Bright Man - Toad Man's Rain Flush
3rd: Pharaoh Man - Bright Man's Flash Stopper
4th: Ring Man - Pharaoh Man's Pharaoh Shot
5th: Dust Man - Ring Man's Ring Boomerangs
6th: Skull Man - Dust Man's Dust Crusher (wait for the skull barrier to break up)
7th: Dive Man - Skull Man's Skull Barrier
8th: Drill Man - wait until he surfaces and then Use Dive Man's Dive Missiles
Dr. Cossack's Castle code
A1, F1, E2, F3, A4, B5

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