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Level #-5
Levels before it- The Heretic (not playable), Armory (not playable), Cairo Station 
(playable), Outskirts (playable)
Enemies in the level- Scarab, Banshees, Wraiths, Ghosts, Jackals, Sniper Jackals, 
Grunts, Elites, Plasma Sword Elites, Phantoms.
Vehicles- Ghosts, Banshees, Scarabs (they are enemy/ride), Wraiths, Gauss Cannon 
Warthog, Scorpion.
Vehicles you can drive in- Banshees (with lots of luck), Scorpions, Gauss Cannon 
Warthogs, Ghosts, Wraiths.
Description- Metropolis is located in New Mombassa, a city in Kenya. The scenery is 
beautiful, and there are many background buildings that are amazing and huge. You 
will meet up with many Covenants here, and it is a somewhat long level. But it is 
easy, and it is also my favorite level.


                 -=Ladies Like Armor Plating=-

After a cutscene showing a Scarab dismantling the city, you are dropped off a tank.

>>Crush Covenant resistance on the bridge

Start off by getting onto the Scorpion on your left. You will start off with a 
Battle Rifle, but if you get into the Scorpion, you will not have to worry about 
that. Get in, and take off up the bridge. But before you do, make sure your team 
gets in the Scorpion, two will be passengers, the other will operate it from inside. 
Also notice one of them has a Rocket launcher, which helps you out when the trouble 
begins. You will not be driving long before a group of Ghosts comes to battle you. 
Then another set, and a couple more sets, etc. Then finally a Wraith will come in. 
You will have fought about 30-40 Ghosts and a Wraith by the time the Phantom comes 
from behind you. Then, a Phantom will come from the right side, so bomb it with your 
cannon, and hopefully knock off a gun or two. Then after he leaves, another Phantom 
from the left side will come and attack you. Try to take his guns off with the 
cannon, and he will eventually leave. You will meet more Ghosts until Cortana 
sarcastically said, “Well that was quite a welcome party.” Well, you have made it 
through the bridge, but you’re not done here yet. A couple more Ghosts will come and 
attack you, so take them out, followed by some Banshees from up ahead. Afterwards, 
go through the tollbooth and take out remaining Ghosts. After every enemy around you 
has died, you have relief flowing throughout your body as you think the war is over 
here. WRONG! Two Wraiths will come out of the bridge with their speed boost on. You 
and your 2 Rocket Launcher friends will make quick work of them, but you might get 
hit by one of their deadly Plasma blasts. After they are blown up, go down into the 
tunnel. Make your way down and take out the minimal amount of enemies in there. 
After you turn the corner, there will be a Warthog on a ledge above you with Marines 
in it. Once you get near it, they will speed up to a farther point, then get out of 
the Warthog. You should follow them, then once your men get out of the Scorpion, you 
get out. Fight the Jackal on the ledge if it hasn’t already been killed. Than, a 
Marine will offer you a Shotgun, but I wouldn’t accept it because it has limited 
ammo and doesn’t always work as well as Plasma Rifles. Go onto the other side from 
the ledge on the right side of the tunnel and take down the nearest Jackal.

>>Make your way to the surface

You will then face more Jackals, Grunts, and Elites. Some Jackals will have Particle 
Beam Rifles, which act as their Sniper Rifles. Take out the enemies in this area 
with your buddies, then move on to the next area. There will be two Sniper Jackals 
here, so take them out to wash your troubles away faster. After every single enemy 
is killed, make your way to the red lighted door (it has a red glow) and follow the 
path, which is extremely linear, so getting lost will NOT be a worry. Come out and 
you have completed this section of the mission.

                   -=This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us=-

>>Regroup with Marine forces in the city-center

You will emerge onto a balcony of grass above huge grassland. There will be a Jackal 
holding a Sniper Rifle with his back to you. You can either:

1: Melee him (best if you only have one gun, because while dual-wielding you drop a 
gun and it might fall off the balcony.

2: You can just fire lead into his back without him shooting back at you (best if 
dual-wielding, because you save both guns rather than losing one due to melee 

3: Not a personal favorite, but you can run into him and make him attack you, then 
kill him the competitive way.

4: Try to sneak past him by moving along the sides and against the wall.

5: Wait until someone else kills him and hide.

Whatever you choose to do, hopefully he will die, but I recommend either 1 or 2, 
because they will not harm any Marines (not the ones from the cave, different 
Marines). After he is dead, jump down onto the huge grassland and there will be a 
Gauss Cannon Warthog being operated by two Marines. One says, “We could use you on 
the gun, Chief.” I wouldn’t get in because you can get a Ghost soon, and they’re 
better for future use. Run around the leveled structure with many Covenants on it 
and get hijack a Ghost that comes out of the area ahead. Get on and kill the 
Covenant on the higher level, then move onto the area where the Ghosts came out. 
This next area contains two Sniper Jackals, an Elite, several Ghosts, and a Wraith. 
Concentrate on the Wraith for now, as it will knock down the Warthog in a flash and 
is your biggest threat. Then, take out the Ghosts that are around you, which will 
also be taken out slowly by the Marine in the Warthog. Take out the Sniper Jackals 
and the Elite that are near the entrance to the next area you will enter and go 
through once you are sure every enemy has died. This area has two ways you can go, I 
would choose to go left, right, right, but you can also go right, left, left. Either 
one will take you to any place you want to be at. Now you are in for a good healthy 
battle. Once you emerge from the building, you will be in the streets of New 
Mombassa. There will be several Ghosts here, but don’t worry about them, just go up 
to the Wraiths and take them out in your Ghost. Once they are killed, take out the 
Ghosts and then a Phantom will come to drop off two extra Ghosts. Will it ever end? 
Maybe in about 10 more levels it will. Take out the Ghosts after you knock down the 
guns of the Phantom, or you can do either one first. After they are all gone, a 
Navigational Point will come up onto the building containing the Marines. Go into 
the building following the Marine. You will go right, up the small stairs, right 
again, left, up the stairs, straight and out the door.


                              -=Field Expedient=-

You will see a blue light up ahead, sort of like a super gun. Then you should notice 
on the ground there is a Scorpion shooting its cannon at the Scarab that appears. 
You might as well say good-bye to the Scorpion now, because it will turn into a 
blown up Scorpion. The Scarab will blast the Scorpion, and kill all Marines in it. 
Don’t shoot at the Scarab, as it is practically invincible. In fact, you can’t kill 
it without killing Covenant on it. In the mean time, go up the steps on the side of 
the balcony onto a higher area, and once the Scarab has passed your position, a door 
in the middle area at the back of the level you are on will open, and a Marine will 
come out. 

>>Board and destroy the Scarab

Follow him into the building, up the steps and onto a balcony above water. It has 
grated flooring and it has many paths. Go along the first path that you see (not to 
the right) and follow it until you get in between a small space looking toward the 
Scarab. Pick up the Battle Rifle unless you already have a good set of guns. Now, 
wait until the Scarab comes close enough, aim, and jump onto it. Hopefully you will 
land on it, now take out the first group of enemies that are on the Scarab. There 
will be many Elites throughout the last part of this level. It is tough, and the 
amount of space is very limited, so don’t fall off the Scarab running backwards. 
Take two Plasma Rifles for best effect on the Elites, Jackals, and Grunts in the 
Scarab. After you take out the first batch, take out the next batch until about 5 
groups of Covenants come out. After that, enter the area where they come from. My 
suggestion is to let them see you, then go back up to where the original battle took 
place. That is so the Plasma Sword Elite that comes and attacks you doesn’t sneak up 
on you and kill you. Take him out and get his Sword, then it is a sealed victory. Go 
down and take out the rest of the Elites and other enemies, and once they are dead, 
the Scarab cannot be operated anymore. It blows up in a cutscene, and you have 
finished the level.

(On a side note.) Watch two more cutscenes at the end containing the Arbiter who you 
will be playing as in the next level and the Covenant Oath.

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