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Hello my name is Mathew Mullins and this is my first faq ever. You can email me at 
[email protected] email me if you want me to make-up a caws for you and i will 
see if i can make the character up! and i cant wait 'til wrestlemania 19 comes out.
Name: Mathew Mullins
E-mail Address: [email protected]
FAQ Version Number: 02
Last Time I Edited: 2003, 12, 06
Game Title: Wrestlemania X8 - For Gamecube
Ok Now If Messed up any at all i will edit this faq! If I do I AM SORRY FOR IT!
Updated Version No. 02 - i retyped inforcer to enforcer sorry about that!

Alias: MIKE TYSON But i put ENFORCER but u can put whatever u want!
Music: Steve Austin Or whatever u want!
Titantron: Steve Austin Or whatever u want!

Body Type: 3
Skin Color: 2nd or 1st from the right i putted 2nd!

Modify Figure:
whatever u want!
here's mine if you like it though!
All: 20
thats all i got on mine nothing else Sorry!
But it looks like him to me so far!

Face Type: 07
Eye Color: default or whatever u want!

Hair Type: 07
Hair Color: 1st from right

Facial Hair: Type 2
Color: 1st from the right

Upper Body: Type 4
Logo: No. 10 Left Or Right It Doesn't Matter!
Tatoo: None
Color Black - H:180 S:000 B:000

Elbow Pads: None

Wrist Type: No. 4
Logo: No. 1
Color: The Same Color for Upper Body!

Hand Type: No. 4
Color: The Same Color For Upper Body!

Lower Body: Type 02
Logo: No. 16 Right Version!
Color: The Same Color for Upper Body!

Knee Pads: None

Foot Type: No. 3
Logo: 00 Right Version!
Color: The Same Color For Upper Body!

Now For Moves Just Give Him Abunch of punch and kicking moves for them!
Now i will put a seprate page for my move's set to see if you the reader
would put them on yours.
here's the finisher if u wanna know it
Special: Front Grapple: Power Of The Punch

well i am getting ready to make my movelist


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