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|                           |
|     Castlevania:          |
| Circle of the Moon        |
|                           |
| Monster Encyclopedia      |
|        FAQ                |
|                           |
|     Version 1.1           |
|                           |
|   By: Hylianhero          |
| [email protected]  |

Table of Contents

1) Introduction
2) Updates
3) Boss Encyclopedia
4) Monster Encyclopedia
5) Castle Areas
6) Credits
7) Disclaimer


1) Introduction

	Welcome to my Monster Encyclopedia FAQ for Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.
Although the game is not the best graphically stunning game out there, the gameplay
is top notch. One reason for the high gameplay is the many monsters in this game. They
will keep you hunting for items, cards, experience, and even themselves for a long time.

	I made this FAQ to help many people with questions, such as "What items does
(insert monster here) drop?" and "How much experience does (insert monster here) give?"
After much research, and a lot of time(hey, I'm still on VampireKiller Mode) I've
decided to make an FAQ to help people out.

2) Updates

6/23/01-Finished Version 1.1 of this FAQ. Hopefully, not too many more versions are
needed, since this one covers pretty much everything except detailed Castle Areas

3) Boss Encyclopedia

Every once in a while, you'll run into a boss. They're much bigger and stronger than
usual enemies, but the experience and rewards are also much bigger. Here's a list of
each boss's name, location, Hit Points, and Experience Given.

Name                Location          Hit Points         Experience
            |                     |                |
Cerberus    |        Catacomb     |       600      |         500
Necromancer |     Audience Room   |       500      |        2,500
Iron Golem  |     Machine Tower   |      1,000     |        8,000
Adramelech  |     Chapel Tower    |      1,800     |       16,000
Twin Dragons|  Undergroud Gallery |   1,400 Each   |     15,000 Each
Death       |Underground Warehouse|      1,760     |       60,000
Camilla     |Underground Waterway |      1,500     |       80,000
Hugh Baldwin|  Observation Tower  |      2,800     |       120,000
Dracula 1   |  Ceremonial Room    |      1,200     |       150,000
Dracula 2   |  Ceremonial Room    |      3,000     |         N/A


4) Monster Encyclopedia

Yes, the "meat" of this FAQ. I have compiled a list of many facts about every single
monster in the game. If I missed anything or something is incorrect, or there's an error,
please email me about it, and I'll fix it and add you in the credits.

Name            Exp.      Spc. Castle Area         Items Dropped             Card Dropped

Abiondarg       88       Underground Waterway   Potion, Spicy Meat             N/A
Alraune       2,500       Observation Tower    Magic Robe, Potion Ex           N/A
Arachne       1,300           Catacomb          Heart Hi, Heart Mega           N/A
Arch Demon    1,000             N/A                 Cursed Ring              Apollo
Axe Armor       31              N/A                Leather Armor           Mandragora
Bat             4             Catacomb           Heart, Wrist Band             N/A
Beast Demon    260              N/A           Arm Guard, Cursed Ring           N/A
Brain Float     10              N/A           Mind Fix, Leather Armor          N/A
Bloody Sword   200          Chapel Tower             Arm Guard                Mars
Bone Head       7               N/A                   Heart                  Mercury
Bone Tower     160              N/A              Heart, Heart Hi               N/A
Catoblepas    1,800       Observation Tower  Heart Hi, Soldier Fatigues        N/A
Clinking Man    21              N/A         Prison Garb, Miracle Armband       N/A
Coffin          3             Catacomb         Heart, Cotton Clothes           N/A
Dark Armor    3,300       Observation Tower  Platinum Armor, Double Grips      N/A
Death Mantis   400      Underground Gallery         Hard Ring               Cockatrice
Demon Lord    1,950       Observation Tower    Potion, Strength Armband        N/A
Devil         10,000      Observation Tower    Potion Hi, Mirror Armor         N/A
Devil Armor   14,600        Battle Arena            Potion Hi               Black Dog
Devil Tower     17         Audience Room         Potion, Wrist Band            N/A
Dryad          300     Underground Warehouse     Heart Hi, Heart Mega          N/A
Dullahan       2,200     Observation Tower         Platinum Armor          Thunderbird
Earth Armor    240         Machine Tower        Gauntlet, Gold Armor           N/A
Earth Demon     25            Catacomb             Magic Gauntlet            Serpent
Ectoplasm       2          Audience Room         Mind Fix, Wrist Band          N/A
Elc. Skeleton   30              N/A                 Leather Armor             Golem
Evil Hand       63              N/A         Intelligence Ring, Prison Garb     N/A
Evil Pillar     480      Observation Tower          Steel Armor                N/A
Fallen Angel   6,000    Battle Arena(Outside)        Heart Ex                Saturn
Fishhead        486     Underground Waterway    Mind Ex, Chain Mail            N/A
Flame Armor     280             N/A            Heart Ex, Bronze Armor          N/A
Flame Demon     600      Eternal Corridor        Potion, Chain Mail            N/A
Fleaman         29              N/A            Chain Mail, Rainbow Robe        N/A
Forest Armor   1,280            N/A            Chain Mail, Rainbow Robe        N/A
Fox Archer      53         Machine Tower       Cotton Robe, Silk Robe          N/A
Fox Hunter      272             N/A                Potion, Meat                N/A
Franken        2,100     Eternal Corridor   Ninja Garb, Soldier Fatigues       N/A
Frozen Shade   1,200            N/A        Magic Gauntlet, Star Bracelet       N/A
Gargoyle        3               N/A            Heart Hi, Prison Garb           N/A
Ghoul           3               N/A            Heart Hi, Prison Garb           N/A
Golem          1,400    Undeground Warehouse   Steel Armor, Night Suit         N/A
Gorgon         219              N/A                 Heart, Meat                N/A
Gremlin         2            Catacomb           Mind Fix, Wrist Band           N/A
Grizzly        960              N/A          Spicy Meat, Strength Ring         N/A
Harpy          271      Underground Gallery  Stylish Suit, Star Bracelet       N/A
Heat Shade     136              N/A                 Stylish Suit             Jupiter
Hippogriff     740              N/A                Meat, Heart Ex              N/A
Holy Armor     1,700    Underground Warehouse      Platinum Armor            Serpent
Hopper          8            Catacomb         Cotton Clothes, Gauntlet         N/A
Hyena          105              N/A               Potion, Night Suit           N/A
Ice Armor      1,500    Underground Waterway         Steel Armor             Neptune
Ice Demon      4,200    Underground Waterway  Diamond Armor, Rainbow Robe      N/A
Imp            103              N/A                  Spicy Meat             Salamander
Legion         1,590            N/A              Cure Curse, Potion Hi         N/A
Lilim          8,000       Machine Tower         Mind Hi, Dark Armor           N/A
Lilith        20,000    Underground Warehouse     Mind Ex, Sage Robe           N/A
Lizard Man     800              N/A                   Chain Mail            Mandragora
Myconid        25       Underground Gallery        Potion, Mind Hi             N/A
Man Eater      700      Underground Gallery             Heart                 Diana
Marionette     130         Chapel Tower            Cure Curse, Mind Hi         N/A
Medusa Head     2         Machine Tower          Wrist Band, Hard Ring         N/A
Merman         10       Underground Waterway        Meat, Gauntlet             N/A
Mimic Candle   6,600       Audience Room         Heart, Gambler Armband        N/A
Minotaur       2,000     Observation Tower            Spicy Meat              Golem
Mudman          2            Catacomb          Mind Fix, Cotton Clothes        N/A
Mummy           3            Catacomb            Heart, Cotton Clothes         N/A
Nightmare      2,000        Outer Wall           Mind Fix, Needle Armor        N/A
Poison Armor   820              N/A              Antidote, Rainbow Robe        N/A
Poison Worm     1(!!!!!)     Catacomb            Antidote, Magic Gauntlet      N/A
Poltergist     510      Underground Warehouse     Mind Hi, Cursed Ring         N/A
Scary Candle   900      Iron Golem Boss Room           Heart Ex               Uranus
Siren          880              N/A                     Mind Hi              Griffon
Skeleton        4               N/A               Potion, Leather Armor        N/A
Skeleton Ath.  25          Audience Room              Cotton Clothes         Griffon
Skeleton Bomber 4               N/A                      Potion             Salamander
Skeleton Bmrg. 112              N/A           Miracle Armband, Stylish Suit    N/A
Skeleton Knight 39              N/A            Leather Armor, Bronze Armor     N/A
Skltn Medalist 1,500  Pit at Beginning of Game   Toy Ring, Bear Ring           N/A
Skeleton Sldr. 16               N/A            Leather Armor, Bronze Armor     N/A
Skeleton Spear  6               N/A            Leather Armor, Cotton Robe      N/A
Slime          11               N/A                      Antidote             Venus
Spearfish      280     Underground Waterway          Heart, Heart Ex           N/A
Specter         3      Underground Gallery           Mind Fix, Mind Hi         N/A
Spirit          1            Catacomb              Mind Fix, Wrist Band        N/A
Stone Armor    222              N/A                      Hard Ring          Cockatrice
Succubus       710              N/A                 Intelligence Ring        Manticore
Thunder Armor  800              N/A              Gold Armor, Steel Armor       N/A
Thunder Demon  450              N/A                   Magic Gauntlet         Manticore
Trick Candle  1,400    Cerberus Boss Room              Heart Mega              Pluto
Were-Bear      227         Chapel Tower        Cotton Robe, Strength Ring      N/A
Were-Horse    1,970    Machine Tower Area        Meat, Defensive Armband       N/A
Were-Jaguar    760              N/A              Gold Armor, Ninja Garb        N/A
Were-Panther   270         Chapel Tower                 Wrist Band         Thunderbird
Were-Wolf      140     Machine Tower Area            Meat, Gauntlet            N/A
White Armor   7,000        Battle Arena                  Potion Hi           Unicorn
Wight           4               N/A                Silk Robe, Mind Hi          N/A
Will O'Wisp     9               N/A               Mind Fix, Wrist Band         N/A
Wind Armor    1,800             N/A                 Potion, Potion Hi          N/A
Wind Demon    3,600       Audience Room          Mind Hi, Sage Armband         N/A
Witch          600              N/A              Mind Fix, Magic Robe          N/A
Zombie          2               N/A              Potion, Cotton Clothes        N/A
Zombie Thief   58            Catacomb            Prison Garb, Luck Ring        N/A

Geez! That was a long list to type. One side note:

Completing the whole Battle Arena will earn you a whopping 315,722 experience points
and the "Shinning" armor(game typo).

Hope you appreciate the list...


5) Castle Areas

 The least important section coming soon..........


6) Credits

Konami, for making this in-depth game.

Nintendo, for making a system that competes with the original PlayStation.

CJayC, for running GameFAQs and posting this FAQ.

Tips and Tricks, No. 77 for confirming and correcting my information on a lot of monsters.

Gash and DaGame007 for support on making this FAQ.

Me, for writing this FAQ.

7) Disclaimer

This FAQ is copyright 2001 Hylianhero. All rights rserved. This FAQ cannot be reformed
or rewritten. You msut ask permission before taking anything from this FAQ. You may link
directly to this FAQ after receiving permission.

All characters are registered trademarks of Konami, Copyright 2001. Thanks for reading
this energy-draining FAQ!(In more ways then one for me)!

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