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 .'                                       .,.                               `.
 |  MMMMMM    MM     MMM     MMM      .;tX, ,   MMM   MMM MMMMMMMM    .MM.    |
 |  MMM      MMMM    MMM     MMM    SMMM,  AM1  MMM   MMM   MMMM    XMM  MMM  |
 |  MMM     $MMMMb   MMM     MMM    MMM,   AMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM    @0  0MM.  |
 |  MMMMM   MM  MM   MMM     MMM    MM,   AMMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM       ;ZMM   |
 |  MMMMM  SMM  MMt  MMM     MMM    M,     `;M  MMM   MMM   MMMM      .MMM;   |
 |  MMM    MMM  MMM  MMM     MMM    MMMMM; ,MM  MMM   MMM   MMMM       .iMMM  |
 |  MMM   iMMMMMMMM. MMM     MMM    MMMM, ,MMM  MMM   MMM   MMMM    Yc.  WMM  |
 `.                                   .,                                     .'
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 |.  . |    '- -| |  || .. || ..  || ..  ||  ||   ||  ||        |
 ||  | |    || || |  || || || ||  || ||  ||  ||   ||  ||   .-.  |
 ||  | | |  || || |  || |'-'| ||  || ||  ||  ||   ||  ||   | |  |
 ||  | | |  || ||    || '--.| ''  ||  '--||  ''   ||  ||   | |  |
 ||  | | |  || || |  ||    ||     ||     ||       ||  ||   '-'  |
 ''  | | |  || || |  || .--'|     ||-.|  ||       ||  ||        |
     '-'.   || || |  || |   | ..  || ||  ||  ..   ||  ||        |
         `.' | || |  || '--.| ||  || ||  ||  ||   ||  ||   .----'
          .--'-''-'--'|    || ||  || ''  ||  ||   ||  ||   |
          |           '-----.-''--'|     ||  ||   ||  ||   |
          |                 |   .--'-----''--'|   ||  ||   |
          |                 |   |             '---'|  ||   |
          |      .---.      |   |              |   '--''---'---.
          |      |   |      |   |              |   |           | .-----------.
          '------'   |      |   |      .--.    |   |           | |           |
                     /      |   |      |  |    |   '--.     .--' |           |
                    /       |   |      |  |    |      |     |    |    .-.    |
                   /       /    |      |  |    |      |     |    |    | |    |
                  /       /     |      |  '----'      |     |    |    | |    |
                 /       /      |      |              |     |    |    | |    |
                /       /       |      '---.          |     |    |    | |    |
               /       /        |          |          |     |    |    '-'    |
              /       /         |          |          |     |    |           |
             /       /          |      .---'          |     |    |           |
            /       / .-----.   |      |              |     |    |    .-.    |
            |      /  |     |   |      |  .----.      |     |    |    | |    |
            |     |   |     |   |      |  |    |      |     |    |    | |    |
            |     '---'     |   |      '--'    |      |     |    |    | |    |
            |               |   |              |      |     |    |    | |    |
            |               |   |              |      |     |    |    | |    |
            '---------------'   '--------------'      '-----'    |    | |    |
                                                                 '----' '----'
This DLC takes you to an alienship called Mothership  Oo=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*oO
Zeta.  Expect a lot of hostile aliens, robots and     || © Absolute Steve ||
nasty surprises during your abduction.  You'll want   ||   Version: 1.01  ||
to get out of there and kick some alien butt while    ||  PS3 / X360 / PC ||
grabbing their great loot in the progress, of course! ||[email protected]||

Following this walkthrough will ensure that you don't miss any of the Alien
Captive Recording Logs due to precise and timed descriptions.  If you don't
collect all 25 during your first visit to the ship, some might never be acquired
again, so search well.  Good luck to you!

- Absolute Steve
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                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
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   [DLC-1.0] Mothership Zeta
   [DLC-1.1] Not of This World
   [DLC-1.2] Among the Stars
   [DLC-1.3] This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...



                       DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT QUESTS [DLC]
    |[DLC-1.0] Mothership Zeta                                            |

Shortly after downloading this DLC you'll get a notice (after you've at least
escaped from Vault 101):

A new radio broadcast has been heard across the Capital Wasteland.  While
completely unintelligible, it sounds ominous...

Travel towards the Alien Crash Site (check the North/Middle Map: LAT 03|LON 22,
location 'I'). Here you'll get abducted to Mothership Zeta. Let's kick some
alien butt, shall we?

    |[DLC-1.1] Not of This World                                          |
|ITEMS: [] ACRL 15, [] ACRL 14,  ACRL 22, [] ACRL 3, [] ACRL 1, [] ACRL 12,    |
|       [] Container x3, [] Container, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x2,        |
|       [] Container, [] Container, [] Container x2, [] Large Alien Crystal x2,|
|       [] Small Alien Crystal, [] Alien Biogel, [] Alien Power Cell x4 (x12), |
|       [] Small Alien Crystal x2, [] Container x2, [] Small Alien Crystal x2, |
|       [] Large Alien Crystal, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] Small Alien Crystal x4,  |
|       [] Large Alien Crystal x2, [] Small Alien Crystal, [] Large Alien      |
|          Crystal, [] Alien Epoxy, [] ACRL 5, [] ACRL 6, [] ACRL 7, [] ACRL 8.|
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Aliens     o Support Drone      o Alien Worker     o Turret        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 300 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |
Cell Block:
When you approach the Crashed Anomaly you'll be beamed up by Mothership Zeta.
By the time you wake up you're in a cell together with a woman named Somah.
Inquire about what the hell just happened, although she doesn't know much more
than the obvious: You've been abducted by aliens!

After watching a man being transported by a giant crane arm, talk to Somah and
come up with a plan: Hit each other so the Aliens will come in and try to stop
you from killing each other.  Guess what?  The plan actually works and two
Aliens step inside the cell.  Quickly punch the heck out of them (which should
not be too hard) and grab their weapon: A Shock Baton.

Tip: Exploring the Alien ship is much easier when you know that switches are
     marked by a blue holographic field, while exits are marked by orange
     holographic fields.  This helps you familliarize the area quickly.

Proceed to the east and check the round Control tubes to find [ALIEN CAPTIVE
RECORDED LOG 15] and [ACRL 22], which I'll name ACRL's from now on.  Also grab
the [ACRL 14] from this room.  The cells don't hold much in particular, although
you can strip a dead Enclave Officer of their clothes for some extra defense -
he's lying in one of the cells.

When you're all ready, move through the Archway to the west.  These restore a
little health and reduce your radiation as you pass through them.  In this room,
check your immediate left to find [ACRL 3] and [ACRL 1], and check the SW corner
to find [ACRL 12].  The door to the west is sealed, so move through the one on
the south.

Tip: You can inspect Archways and modify them to fully restore your health
     (if your Science skill is high enough, I suspect).  The modified archway
     can only be used several times before breaking down completely, however.

You'll have reached another cell block, and a girl named Sally asks you for
help from one of the locked cells.  Flip the controls to the south and activate
all the Core Coolant Switches - make sure to stand back a good distance when
the device explodes.  With Sally freed, bring her along and head back to the
previously locked door.  Sally will crawl through a vent (very 'Aliens' and
'RE2'ish) and unlock it for you.

Waste the Alien in the room on your left (south) and loot him - sometimes they
hold Alien Worm Food, a new food that restores 5 HP.  Flip the switch inside
the room and check the three [CONTAINERS] to retrieve all of your equipment,
and loot the other two for a few more items.  Make your way through the door on
the west and travel to the Steamworks.

Note: Aliens with helmets have considerably more defense than Aliens without,
      as they have some sort of force field surrounding them.

You'll be given the choice to hand Sally a grenade and have her throw it at the
group of three Aliens, but you can also handle them yourself.  Travel through
the tunnels until you reach quite a big group of Aliens in a long tunnel leading
west.  You'll also pass a locked door, although an Alien can open this for you
if they spot you.

They'll mostly attack with Alien Atomizers, a much weaker weapon than the Alien
Blaster, and it uses Alien Power Modules as ammunition.  In either case, destroy
the Alien group and travel through either door on your left (south) side to
access a hallway with a restorative archway and a [CONTAINER].  Continue down
the main hallway and head through the door.

Dispatch a few more Aliens and check the [CONTAINER] on the right for a few
more goodies from outer space, possibly also an Alien Disintegrator.  The doors
to the north lead to a steamworks hall, while the northwest stairs simply lead
you to the upper balcony of the hall.  Expect to encounter several Aliens here,
along with a new type of enemy called Support Drones.  These aren't too tough,
so turn them into scrap metal and be on your way.

From the balcony, explore the western tunnel to find two [ALIEN EPOXIES], and
search the NW room for a [CONTAINER].  There's not much else in this area, so
proceed through the doorway on the ground floor leading northwest.

Tip: An Alien Epoxy is an item accessed under 'Aid' in the PipBoy, and will
     repair about 25% of the weapon you currently have equipped.  

You'll encounter two Alien Workers here, but they aren't meanies and killing
them results in a loss of Karma.  At the end of the walkway, dispatch of another
Alien and a Turret.  Travel through the door, make use of the archway on your
left and proceed inside the next hall.  Dispatch three more Aliens and head up
the stairs on the northwest of the hall.

Make your way over the balcony walkway and look around for another [CONTAINER].
Dispatch around three Aliens, then enter the door on the north and destroy the
Turret.  Walk through the archway, go downstairs and move through the hallway
where Sally informs you that she's back again.

Dispatch a couple of Aliens in the upcoming hall, along with a ceiling turret,
and make your way through the door on the north.  Waste two more Aliens upstairs
and Sally joins you in physical form again.  The room she came from houses two
[CONTAINERS], an archway, and several items on some shelves: [LARGE ALIEN

Sally will wisely wait "until everything's safe", so proceed over the catwalk
and explore the far east section of the area to find some Alien Worm Food and
two [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS] on some tables.  The southern room doesn't contain
any items, so follow the catwalk southwest and destroy the turret before exiting
to the Engineering Core.

Engineering Core:
The core is located on your left (east), but this path only leads to the middle
level.  Nonetheless, search the area around the core to loot two [CONTAINERS].

Follow Sally inside the other room afterwards.  Search the desks for [SMALL
CRYSTAL x4], [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x2], and search the shelves next to the stairs

Upstairs you'll find that the Aliens have shut down power to the Airlock Door
leading to the Decompression Chamber, and that the Teleportation Matrix leading
to the Observation Deck has also been shut down.  Head south instead and search
the shelves to your left for an [ALIEN EPOXY]. 

This is the ship's core room.  Although everything's shut down, it doesn't hurt
to go over the entrances/exits of other areas.  To the west you'll find the
Teleportation Matrix to the Maintenance Level, a door leading to Robot Assembly
and a smaller door leading to the Engine Room.  To the east is the door leading
to the Hangar, and another door leading to the Cargo Hold.

WARNING: Explore the optional areas first (Maintenance Level, Engine Room, and
         Cargo Hold).  When you finish the main quest these doors will be

Ignore all locked doors and follow Sally south.  Inquire about the people in
cryostasis and agree to free the spaceman.  This ends the first quest.  Make
sure you check the four controls in this room to find [ACRL 5, 6, 7, 8], then
fiddle with the Stasis Controls to unlock the pods.

    |[DLC-1.2] Among the Stars                                            |
|ITEMS: [] Samurai Helmet, [] Samurai Armor, [] Paulson's Revolver,            |
|       [] Paulson's Outfit, [] Sheriff's Hat, [] Spacesuit, [] Container,     |
|       [] Small Alien Crystal x4, [] Large Alien Crystal, [] Alien Epoxy,     |
|       [] Container x3, [] ACRL 4, [] 5.56mm Rounds, [] 10mm Rounds,          |
|       [] Container x2, [] ACRL 2, [] Small Alien Crystal, [] Small Alien     |
|          Crystal x2, [] Lareg Alien Crystal, [] Alien Biogel, [] Chinese     |
|          commando Hat, [] Frag Grenade, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] Buffout,       |
|       [] Jet x2, [] .32 Caliber Rounds, [] Flamer Fuel, [] Railway Spikes,   |
|       [] Container x2, [] Container x2, [] Ammo Box, [] Stimpak x2,          |
|       [] Med-X x3, [] RadAway, [] Frag Grenade x2, [] Psycho, [] Railway     |
|          Spikes, [] Microfusion Cell, [] Jet, [] Mentats, [] .44 Rounds,     |
|       [] Psycho, [] Microfusion Cell, [] Electron Charge Pack, [] Rad-X x2,  |
|       [] Shotgun Shells, [] ACRL 11, [] ACRL 17, [] ACRL 25, [] Container x2,|
|       [] Alien Epoxy, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] ACRL 16.           |
|                                                                              |
|       Robot Assembly:                                                        |
|       ---------------                                                        |
|       [] Small Alien Crystal x4, [] Small Alien Crystal x3, [] Container,    |
|       [] Alien Epoxy x3, [] Alien Power Cell x3, [] Small Alien Crystal x3,  |
|       [] Large Alien Crystal, [] Alien Power Module x2, [] Large Alien       |
|          Crystal x3, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Container, [] Alien Biogel x4,       |
|       [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x3, [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Container,     |
|       [] Large Alien Crystal x4, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Container, [] Small      |
|          Alien Crystal x 13.                                                 |
|                                                                              |
|       Hangar:                                                                |
|       -------                                                                |
|       [] Container, [] Container x2, [] Small Alien Crystal x2, [] Large     |
|          Alien Crystal, [] Small Alien Crystal x2, [] Small Alien Crystal x2,|
|       [] Container x2, [] Alien Power Module x4, [] Small Alien Crystal x10, |
|       [] Large Alien Crystal x4.                                             |
|                                                                              |
|       Cargo Hold:                                                            |
|       -----------                                                            |
|       [] Container x3, [] Frag Mine x5, [] Plasma Grenade x3, [] Ammo Box,   |
|       [] Railway Spikes x6, [] 5mm Rounds (x100), [] Missile x6, [] Shotgun  |
|          Shells x5, [] BB Ammo x3, [] Jet x2, [] Med-X x2, [] Rad-X,         |
|       [] Psycho, [] Stimpak x9, [] RadAway x3, [] Med-X x3, [] Mentats x4,   |
|       [] Buffout x5, [] Rad-X x2, Ammo Box x5, [] Flamer Fuel x3,            |
|       [] Mini Nuke, [] Ammo Box x12, [] MPLX Novasurge, [] Frag Grenade x6.  |
|                                                                              |
|       Research Lab:                                                          |
|       -------------                                                          |
|       [] ACRL 13, [] ACRL 21, [] Pulse Grenade x3.                           |
|                                                                              |
|       Engine Room:                                                           |
|       ------------                                                           |
|       [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] Alien Biogel, [] Electro-Supressor,|
|       [] Container x2, [] Alien Biogel, [] Small Alien Crystal x2,           |
|       [] Container, [] Small Alien Crystal x2, [] Large Alien Crystal x2,    |
|       [] Alien Epoxy x5, [] Alien Biogel.                                    |
|                                                                              |
|       Maintenance Level:                                                     |
|       ------------------                                                     |
|       [] Container x2.                                                       |
|                                                                              |
|       Waste Disposal:                                                        |
|       ---------------                                                        |
|       [] Safe x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Safe, [] Anchorage Quartermaster      |
|          Shipment Holotape, [] General Chase's Overcoat, [] First Aid Box,   |
|       [] Buffout, [] Stimpak, [] Safe, [] First Aid Box, [] Container,       |
|       [] ACRL 19, [] Container x2, [] First Aid Box x8.                      |
|                                                                              |
|       Decompression Chamber:                                                 |
|       ----------------------                                                 |
|       [] Container x2, [] Alien Biogel x4.                                   |
|                                                                              |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Aliens         o Ghouls   o Raiders   o Mutants   o Support Drone  |
|         o Guardian Drone                                                     |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 300 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

Elliot Tercorion can make Adapted Biogels out of regular Alien Biogel.  While
the regular biogel only heals for 23 HP, the Adapted ones heal for a whopping
of 115 HP. 

Toshiro Kagu wears Samurai Armor, and you can't make out what he's saying.
[SAMURAI HELMET] gives +5 DR, has a weight of 3, and is worth 300 caps.
[SAMURAI ARMOR] gives +30 DR, weights 20 and is worth 999 caps, plus it gives
a Melee Weapons +10, and Melee Damage +10 bonus.

Paulson can tell you more about his abduction if you can convince him to with
the Black Widow Perk or pass the Speech Challenge.  You can also ask him to
join you and lend a hand - or rather, a gun.  This makes him a new follower.
[PAULSON'S OUTFIT] is a unique equipment, as is his gun, [PAULSON'S REVOLVER]
and his [SHERIFF'S HAT].

Note: Killing either of them doesn't result in a Karma Loss, and allows you to
      acquire their unique equipment.  Of course, Sally is invincible.  Don't
      kill Elliot as he'll be valuable to you later as well.

In either case, grab the [SPACESUIT] off the dead Colonel Hartigan and be on
your way.  Enter the Cryo Labs to the south.

Cryo Labs:
Explore the northern area to find a [CONTAINER], and take note of the powered
down teleporter here, which leads to the Cryo Storage otherwise.  Go downstairs,
dispatch the Alien and look underneath the stairs for [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTAL x4],
a [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL] and an [ALIEN EPOXY].  The southern door leads to a room
with an archway, [CONTAINER x3] , [ACRL 4], [5.56MM ROUNDS] and [10MM ROUNDS].

Head back upstairs and activate the release mechanism located under the blue
hologram.  Proceed west and check the two Support Drones located on either side.
If your Science skill is high enough you can realign their sensors and activate
them to turn them into allies.

Search the room for two [CONTAINERS] and deal with any hostile Aliens you come
across.  Flipping the switches on either side of the room releases a hostile
Raider and Feral Ghoul from the adjacent rooms, but they'll join in the fight
against any Aliens.  Check the southern room for [ACRL 2] and the northern room
for a [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTAL] on one of the desks.  Lastly, use the archway in
the center room to heal up before continuing through the tunnel on the west.

At the end of the tunnel, slip in the control room to the west by going through
the smaller door.  Hitting the switch below the hologram releases several
ghouls and raiders once more, who will take it up against the Aliens.  The
control panel allows you to remotely overload the turret circuitry, or to
rewire it for a proximity explosion.  Shutting down turrets is always useful,
so do this if you're given the option.

The other control panel activates the door, and this adjacent room contains 

In the main hall of the cyro labs you can find an archway and two [CONTAINERS].
Head downstairs and check the northern shelves to find an [AMMO BOX], Power
Armor, [STIMPAK x2], [MED-X x3], [RADAWAY], [FRAG GRENADE x2] and several

The shelves in the southwest corner of this area contains a [PSYCHO], [RAILWAY
SPIKES] and a [MICROFUSION CELL], along with some Combat Armor.  Lastly, the 
southern shelves contain a [JET], [MENTATS], [.44 ROUNDS]. [PSYCHO],
[MICROFUSION CELL] and an [ELECTRON CHARGE PACK].  Head back upstairs and
proceed north.

At the end of the walkway you'll reach an experimenting room.  Muwhahahaha!
Oh, yeah.  Flip that switch in the middle of the control panel and it'll
release cryo fluid, freezing everything in the experimenting room rock solid.
Loot their corpses and check the eastern bench for [RAD-X x2], [SHOTGUN SHELLS]
and an Advanced Radiation Suit.  Before heading through the door, check the
controls on either side of the doorway to collect the [ACRL 11] and [ACRL 17].
Head through the door on the far north to enter the Cryo Storage section.

Cryo Storage:
Check your immediate left to find [ACRL 25], and search the room for two
[CONTAINERS].  Proceed to the enormous cryo storage hall through either the east
or west doorway.  This area is roaming with Aliens and there's about a dozen
here.  At the end of the eastern walkway you'll find a switch with a hologram -
this one releases two Super Mutant Overlords that can help you dispose of the
Aliens. Of course, they're hostile towards you as well.

The western side has the exact same switch, which also releases two Muties.
These switches aside, you can find an [ALIEN EPOXY] and a [CONTAINER] in one of
the interconnection walkways on the lower level.

Check the far south-western side of this enormous hall to find two [ALIEN
EPOXIES] and the [ACRL 16]. Exit the area to the far north to reach your 

Destroy the generator by flipping the switch and activating the three coolant
switches afterwards.  Step back and the first generator will be blown to
pieces.  The other switch in this room activates a teleporter that brings you
back to the entrance of the cryo labs, saving you time backtracking.

Return to the main engineering core room and head for the Robot Assembly area,
west of the area.

Robot Assembly:
Collect four [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS] lying on top of a metal crate nearby, and
three more [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS] nearby a lantern of some sorts.  A [CONTAINER]
is located in the southern section behind some crates - head down after looting

In this area you'll first encounter Guardian Drones.  These come equipped with
the Drone Cannon, an insanely powerful weapon that fires bouncing balls of
energy that explode upon second impact.  It easily does 126 Damage when in good
condition, so grab one from the defeated Drones.

Near the spawn point of several drones you can find three [ALIEN EPOXIES].  A
[CONTAINER] and another [ALIEN EPOXY] are found nearby, and [ALIEN POWER CELLS
x3 - 20 + 12 + 12 respectively] can be found nearby the shelves, as well as
(50)].  Continue and search the structures to find [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x3].

More drones will spawn, so dispatch them as you press onward.  There's a
healing archway at the end of the hall, as well as some shelves that contain an
[ALIEN EPOXY].  Loot the [CONTAINER] nearby the hallway before you proceed.

In the next hall, explore the southern area to find four [ALIEN BIOGEL] in some
shelves.  Make your way to the north and destroy two Turrets in advance.  Look
for the hologram that locates an Electronics Access Panel.  You can cause it to
overload, but if you have less than 75% Repair it will pretty much blow up in
your face, causing some damage.  Make sure you're healed up and you should be

With the conveyor belt shut down, proceed down the next hall and expect heavy
resistance from Guardian Drones and Aliens.  This is an excellent area to pull
out your Drone Cannon and wildly fire around - there's plenty to hit.

Search the northern area for a [CONTAINER], then go upstairs and search around
for three [ALIEN EPOXIES], two [ALIEN BIOGELS] and another [CONTAINER].  East
of this hall lies the next, but if you turn around you'll get a chance to heal
up with an archway in the small room.

Head down the generator room and destroy it in the same fashion you did with
the previous.  Go through the walkways behind the stairs and search the rooms
to find several items: [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x4], [ALIEN EPOXY], [CONTAINER],

The teleporter matrix brings you back to the first hall of the robot assembly
area.  Travel back to the engineering core and be on your way to the third and
final generator, located in the Hangar on the east.

Loot the [CONTAINER] in this room and proceed down the hall.  In the hangar,
search around for two [CONTAINERS] and two [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS].  A [LARGE
ALIEN CRYSTAL] and two more [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS] can be found in the shelves
on the wall to your right.

Head downstairs.  The doorway to the east only leads to a few Aliens.  Instead
you'll want to head for the stairs on the other side of the hangar (and the
shelves nearby those stairs contain two [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS]).

You can find three [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTALS] and an Alien Atomizer on the small
table, while the switch to the west deactivates the nearby force field.  This
hall leads to a small control center with two healing archways.  Fiddle with
the Pylon Controls if you'd like, and check the room for two [CONTAINERS].

Using the controls on the west next to the force field will sound an alarm.
At least two dozen Aliens and several drones are now alarmed and will flood the
hangar.  Dispatch all of them and the alarm will finally cease.  Head back to
the switch you flipped and enter the generator room.  You know what to do.

You can also find four [ALIEN POWER MODULES], an Alien Disintegrator, [SMALL
ALIEN CRYSTALS x10], and [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x4] on the shelves in this room.
After destroying the third and last generator, return to the engineering core
and speak with Sally.  Put on the Spacesuit you grabbed from the dead colonel
in the southern cryo chamber, and enter the decompression chamber on the north.

This is the right time to start exploring the other optional areas, as these
will become inaccessible when the main Mothership Zeta quest ends.

Cargo Hold:
This is located southwest from the Engineering Core.

Inside, check the room for three [CONTAINERS] and make your way over the long
catwalk to the far east.  Dispatch a few aliens and drones here, then hop down.
Head north first: The conveyor belt contains several items - including [FRAG
MINE x5], a small wooden crate with [PLASMA GRENADE x3], an [AMMO BOX], [RAILWAY
SPIKES x6 (20)], [5MM ROUNDS (100)], [MISSILE x6], [SHOTGUN SHELLS x5], (here
you'll cross a disposal area), [BB x3 (100)], [JET x2], [MED-X x2], [RAD-X],
[PSYCHO] (all in the small wooden crate), [STIMPAK x9].

In the southwest corner of the area you'll find a large supply of food and
medicine: [RADAWAY x3], [MED-X x3], [MENTATS x4], [BUFFOUT x5], [RAD-X x2]. 
The door nearby leads to the Research Lab, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Head west/northwest and check the shelves thoroughly to find five [AMMO BOXES]
of which one is averagely locked, [FLAMER FUEL x3 (50)], and a ton of weapons.
Continue exploring the conveyor belt and you'll find a [MINI NUKE] on it,
located next to shelves with a whopping of [12x AMMO BOXES].

One of the terminals in the nearby room can be hacked (Hard).  It appears the
guy that once owned this terminal stole a weapon from Area 51 and placed it in
an indestructable safe.  Backtrack to the large trash heap with the hole in the
ceiling dropping things and look for the safe in the SE corner.  Inside is the
[MPLX NOVASURGE] and a note on this unique Plasma Pistol.

You've pretty much explored the cargo hold by now.  A bucket with six [FRAG
GRENADES] is lying on the conveyor belt nearby where you started to explore.
Enter the Research Lab by the door on the southwest.

Research Lab:
Head downstairs and enter the large hall - dispatch any aliens and turrets
before you start exploring.  There's surprisingly little in this hall either way
except the [ACRL 13] to the southwest.  Continue by going through the SE door,
and should you need any Toy Cars, this is definitely the time to grab any!

Proceed through the walkway until you reach the next chamber.  There's not much
useful to grab in this toy-horse-creating factory, but the center of the room
contains the controls for the [ACRL 21] nearby some horses. You'll find an
archway on the right, and if you head all the way east, head downstairs, then
turn right (south) and explore the southwest corner you'll find three [PULSE

Head back upstairs, turn left and go through the southern door.  At the end,
simply use the teleporter to return to the entrance of the cargo hold, allowing
you to easily head back to the Engineering Room.

Engine Room:
This is accessed by the southeast door.  Head downstairs, make your way through
the walkway and cross the archway.  Inside the engine room, immediately turn
left and go through the doorway on the southeast.  In the room at the far end
you'll find a [CONTAINER], two [ALIEN EPOXIES], an [ALIEN BIOGEL] and a unique
Shock Baton, the [ELECTRO-SUPRESSOR].

Back in the engine room, fiddle with the controls to overload the turret systems
and continue down the western hall.  Dispatch a few more little green men,
drones and turrets until you reach a room with stairs.  Destroy any nearby
drones and explore the eastern section first to find two [CONTAINERS], an

Head downstairs and continue through the northern chambers, dispatching drones
and aliens along the way.  When you reach another walkway, use the archway to
heal up and collect loot from the [CONTAINER] near the stairs.  In the next
room, defeat the drones and alien, then look for two [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS],
way through the halls and you'll end up in the first engine room, making the
circle round, the ball round, the engine room round, you're done - whatever you
call it, get your ass back to the Engineering Room for more exploration in this
shiny maze called Mothership Zeta.

Maintenance Level:
The teleporter on the southwest of the Engineering Room leads here.  Head west
and make your way through the rooms until you reach a larger one.  Look around
for two [CONTAINERS], then find Sally in a trash elevator on the other side.

The thing quickly starts moving, and you'll come across several Aliens during
the ride.  When you fall out in a big heap of trash, heal up any broken legs
and be on your way.  Head through the door that leads to the Waste Disposal.

Waste Disposal:
The southeast part of this area contains a lot of disposal tubes in progress,
but if you dare run through them you'll find two [SAFES] - one with a hard lock,
one with a very easy lock, as well as a [FIRST AID BOX] to heal your wounds.

Head through the door to the southwest and loot the averagely locked [SAFE]
you'll come across on your right.  Proceed through the rubbish until you reach
several chambers - destroy the drone here.

In the large room with the circular catwalk, watch your back and check the
higher ground to dispatch two aliens trying to ambush you.  Also check your
immediate right (east) and open the footlocker to find the [ANCHORAGE QUARTER-

Head through the door at the other end of the catwalk.  This room contains a
[FIRST AID BOX], [BUFFOUT] and a [STIMPAK] near the crates on your left, but
you'll also be assaulted by a few more aliens in the other room.

Continue and head through the chamber while Sally unlocks them for you.  In the
first interconnecting walkway between the chambers, unlock the hard [SAFE] and
loot the [FIRST AID BOX].  In the next two chambers you'll be attacked by a few
aliens while Sally unlocks the force field.  Dispatch them and go through the
large hatch at the end of this area.

Expect heavy resistance in this room, and waste all aliens quickly while taking
shelter behind rubbish.  There's a [CONTAINER] in the northeast room, and
another nearby the archway on the left (south).  Don't forget to collect the
[ACRL 19] from the immediate right of the entrance hatch you entered through!
You'll never be able to get it after you leave this area!

The small room up ahead has two more [CONTAINERS].  Go through the door, head
upstairs, waste one last alien and meet up with Sally again.  The western
storage cabin contains eight [FIRST AID BOXES], your only reward for doing this

This concludes the OPTIONAL EXPLORATION.

Decompression Chamber:
Put on the Spacesuit if you hadn't already, then flip the switch and go through
the doors.  Go all the way upstairs and check the doorway to your right (south)
before entering through the main hatch.  You can find two [CONTAINERS] and
four [ALIEN BIOGEL] here.

Outside, make sure you don't fall off the saucer or it'll be game over.  Look
around for three panels with red led displays - after activating all three of
them, step in the middle of the saucer and you're automatically beamed up.

    |[DLC-1.3] This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...                            |
|ITEMS: [] Container x2, [] Large Alien Crystal x4.                            |
|                                                                              |
|       Weapons Lab:                                                           |
|       ------------                                                           |
|       [] Container, [] Small Alien Crystal x4, [] Large Alien Crystal x3,    |
|       [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x6,|
|       [] Alien Biogel x3, [] Alien Power Module x2, [] Atomic Pulverizer x2, |
|       [] Alien Power Cell x4 (12), [] Buttercup Toy, [] Container x2,        |
|       [] Container, [] Container, [] ACRL 24, [] Container, [] Alien Power   |
|          Cell x7, [] Frag Mine x6, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x7,          |
|       [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Plasma Mine x4, [] Pulse Grenade x3,            |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x4, [] Energy Cell x4, [] Container.               |
|                                                                              |
|       + Xenotech Perk.                                                       |
|                                                                              |
|       Experimentation Lab:                                                   |
|       --------------------                                                   |
|       [] Container x2, [] ACRL 20, [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Alien Epoxy,       |
|       [] Small Alien Crystals, [] Large Alien Crystal x4, [] Alien Biogel x7,|
|       [] Container, [] ACRL 10, [] Container, [] Alien Biogel x2, ACRL 9.    |
|                                                                              |
|       Biological Research:                                                   |
|       --------------------                                                   |
|       [] Alien Epoxy x3, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Large     |
|          Alien Crystal x2, [] ACRL 18, [] Large Alien Crystal, [] Small      |
|          Alien Crystal x2, [] Alien Epoxy x4, [] Alien Power Cell x8,        |
|       [] Large Alien Crystal, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x3, [] Alien      |
|          Biogel x2, [] Small Alien Crystal x2, [] Alien Biogel.              |
|                                                                              |
|       Death Ray Hub:                                                         |
|       --------------                                                         |
|       [] Container, [] Container, [] Container x2, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Alien  |
|          Biogel x3, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Container.                            |
|                                                                              |
|       Living Quarters:                                                       |
|       ----------------                                                       |
|       [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Container, [] Container, [] Alien     |
|          Biogel, [] ACRL 23, [] Small Alien Crystal x4, [] Large Alien       |
|          Crystal x3, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Small Alien Crystal x3,|
|       [] Large Alien Crystal x2, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy.               |
|                                                                              |
|       The Bridge:                                                            |
|       -----------                                                            |
|       [] Captain's Sidearm.                                                  |
|                                                                              |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Aliens      o Guardian Dromes      o Abomination     o Turrets     |
|         o Alien Captain                                                      |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 600 EXP + Captain's Sidearm.                                    |
|                                                                              |
Hit the switch to start the decompression sequence and go through the hatch.
In this room, activate the teleporter which allows your friends and Sally to
join the fun.  Also loot the two [CONTAINERS] in this room while Sally unlocks
the door.

Stand in awe at the planet and 'listen' to the angry alien hologram.  Looks like
they got a trick up their sleeve, and you'd better destroy their Death Ray
before it can do any harm to the planet.

Head down the hall and you'll find that the Aliens have shut down yet another
teleporter.  Check this room for [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x4], then head through
the door.

Weapons Lab:
In this hall, destroy the turrets and search your left for a [CONTAINER].  As
you proceed, an Alien and Guardian Drone will attack you from behind (they
spawn from the teleporters).  Dispatch them and return to the shelves, which
and two [ALIEN EPOXY].

Go through the hall and activate the door with the panel.  Inside you'll find a
[ALIEN POWER CELL x4 (12)], two [ATOMIC PULVERIZERS] - which are unique Alien
Atomizers, and the [BUTTERCUP TOY], a rare misc. item.

As you continue, the southern side of the walkway is blocked by a force field,
so head the in the other direction.  At the far end of the walkway, feel free
to make use of the archway and flip the switch, then go downstairs.  Loot the
two nearby [CONTAINERS] and defeat the spawned Alien and Guardian Drome.

Go through the eastern doorway and you'll reach another big hall.  Loot a
[CONTAINER] on the right, then head up the stairs to the east. Before proceeding
through the southern doorway, loot the [CONTAINER] next to it.

In what appears to be another control center, look around for the [ACRL 24] and
a [CONTAINER].  Flip the western switches and check the room on the west.  The
Expiremental Weapons Drones can be destroyed to obtain the unique drone cannon

Explore the entire southern wall to find [ALIEN POWER CELL x7], [FRAG MINE x6],
a [CONTAINER], Tesla Armor and Combat Armor, [ALIEN EPOXY x7], [ALIEN BIOGEL
x2], [PLASMA MINE x4], [PULSE GRENADE x3], [PLASMA GRENADE x3], a Gatling Laser,
Rifle, Plasma Pistol and Metal Armor.

Getting the Xenotech Perk and Destabilizer:
Head to the north and you'll be at some sort of shooting range.  You can find
the [DESTABILIZER], a unique Alien Disintegrator on the right (south) of this
shooting range.

Press the switch and kill the targets that come through the teleporter
(Brahmins).  Also loot the nearby [CONTAINER].  At the far north is another
shooting range. Activate the switch, kill everything that comes through the
teleporters and you'll get the Xenotech Perk: +20% Damage with Alien Weapons.

Head back to the previous hall, and make your way to the doorway on the
northeast.  Head upstairs and go through the door to access the Experimentation

Experimentation Lab:
Explore the room with the actual experimentation chairs to the north (which look
brutal to say the least) and search around for two [CONTAINERS] and the [ACRL
20].  Proceed down the western hallway and explore the first room on your right
for two [ALIEN BIOGEL].  The door to your left leads to a small room with an

The last door on your left requires the panel to open.  Inside you can find
[ALIEN BIOGEL x7], a dead wastelander (read: loot), and a healing archway.
Inside the western hall, look to your left to spot a [CONTAINER].  Activate the
controls in the NW corner to find [ACRL 10].  

Hit the controls in the middle of the room and do your thing - this'll disable
the force field that was blocking the SW doorway.  Explore the hall, loot a
[CONTAINER] and make your way to the lab where you'll need to dispatch a new
type of enemy called Abomination.  They're not tough and need to come up close
to deal any damage, so dispatch them quickly. 

Search the lab with the Abominations to find two [ALIEN BIOGEL] on the ground,
along with two [CONTAINERS] and the controls for the [ACRL 9].  Exit the area
by the southwest door that leads to the Biological Research area.

Biological Research:
Activate the door controls and grab three [ALIEN EPOXIES] in the small room.
The large hall contains surprisingly little, but a few Abominations are good
for a little scare in the dark.  Head upstairs, where you'll find an archway.
Check the northern side of this area to find two [ALIEN EPOXY], two [ALIEN
BIOGEL] and two [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL].  Also flip the controls in this area to
collect the [ACRL 18].  The shelves to the NW contain another [LARGE ALIEN 

Enter the southern room from here and dispatch two Aliens inside.  This room has
no loot, so deactivate the force field and be on your way.  Proceed over the
catwalk and head downstairs. The shelves to the east contain four [ALIEN EPOXY],
[8x ALIEN POWER CELL - 7x12 and 1x25), a [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL] and a [CONTAINER]
nearby.  The other shelves nearby the stairs contain [ALIEN EPOXY x3], [ALIEN
BIOGEL x2] and two [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS].  You should also be able to find a
loose [ALIEN BIOGEL] on the ground near some crates.

Head back upstairs and activate the only currently active teleporter to reach
the Death Ray Hub.

Death Ray Hub:
Explore the northern area and unlock the door on the NW with the panel to find
a [CONTAINER].  You can also rewire the Support Drone to become an ally.  The
room to the SW has another [CONTAINER] and a Support Drone.  

Head south and unlock the first door to your left to find two [CONTAINERS], an
[ALIEN EPOXY] and three [ALIEN BIOGEL].  Make your way to the next hub and
fiddle with the controls on your right to disable any turrets.  Go downstairs,
proceed east, dispatch another Alien and explore the room with the two force
fields to find an [ALIEN EPOXY].

Activate the switch to deactivate the force field and go down the long walkway,
dispatching a few more Aliens along the way.  You'll also come across a room
that holds a [CONTAINER] and an archway.  All the way downstairs, head through
the door to Death Ray Control.

Death Ray Control:
In the control room, dispatch the Aliens and press the left control button to
have another generator submerge on the left.  Destroy it and do the same with
the second generator.  You'll then be assaulted by a group of Aliens - dispatch
them and destroy the other two generators afterwards.

After destroying all four generators, exit the area by the western teleporter,
which brings you to the Living Quarters.

Living Quarters:
Proceed through the hall and wait until the forcefield goes down - destroy the
turret and Abomination afterwards.  Before heading upstairs, search this room
for a [CONTAINER].  In the next room, dispatch several aliens and turrets and
hop downstairs.

The room to your right (west) with two Statis Chambers contains an [ALIEN EPOXY]
while the room to your left (east) contains nothing.  There's also an archway
on the right side.  Head upstairs and destroy the forcefield beamers by shooting
them from a fair distance - their explosion radius is fairly big.

The room on the west contains a [CONTAINER], and the other western room - 
previously blocked by the force fields - contains another [CONTAINER].  The 
eastern room doesn't hold anything, so proceed down either stairs behind the
southern doors.

Head east first, waste two aliens and destroy the forcefield beamer.  At the
far end of the halls you'll find reach a room with the samurai you released
earlier, Toshiro Kago, and a large pile of alien bodies to loot.  You can find
an [ALIEN BIOGEL] on the ground amongst the bodies.

Return to the intersection and head west - activate the support drone as you
walk by.  Continue west and dispatch a group of aliens as you head inside a 
recreation room.  Destroy the turrets ASAP, then collect the [ACRL 23] from this
room.  The adjacent western room is guarded by another turret, but contains

Continue north, loot the [CONTAINER] there, and look around for an [ALIEN
EPOXY], [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTAL x3] and [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x2] on a small table.
You'll now be on the other side of the force field beamer.  Head left (north)
upstairs - activate the drone if you'd like - and waste an Abomination and two
Turrets in this room.

The large hall is home of another few Abominations.  Head upstairs, dispatch
any of them, then explore the eastern room for a [CONTAINER] and [ALIEN EPOXY].
Proceed west when you're ready and you'll cross another archway.  The teleporter
at the end finally takes you to the bridge.

The Bridge:
Here, simply take out the crew and the Alien Captain, who holds the unique
[CAPTAIN'S SIDEARM].  Your team storms in (along with two Aliens - waste them).
After securing the bridge, the attacking spaceship needs to be destroyed fast!

Click on the 'Fire Control' button on the right to fire.  You can't continuously
fire, but in the meantime there's plenty to do:  Aliens will keep assaulting the
bridge.  Make sure you waste them every now and then to keep things under
control.  The Samurai will make his entrance too, but you'll have to flip all
four switches on the west and east side of the bridge first to unlock the door
to his teleporter.

Meanwhile, battling the spaceship isn't all that hard.  The button on the left,
the 'Power Distribution', indicates where the ship's power is going to.

Left Button   = Shields at full power, Death Ray at minimum power.
Middle Button = Shields at medium power, Death Ray at medium power.
Right Button  = Shields at minimum power, Death Ray at maximum power.

Try and raise the shields when you think you're about to get hit, and always
flip the switch to power the Death Ray when you're about to fire.  Keep this
up until you'vre destroyed the alien ship.  Meanwhile, also keep dispatching any
aliens that enter the bridge.  When the ship blows up, the aliens have been

By now, Elliot will come to the bridge and tell you that a beacon was fired
near DC - you can now go home!  Head inside the southern room.  The Weapons
Workbench here allows you to create custom weapons if you have the required
items.  Of course, the teleporter brings you back to earth, while the other
teleporter leads back to the Engineering Core, allowing for any unfinished

You can return to Mothership Zeta any time you'd like, but many areas will be
blocked off, so there's not much point in going back other than looting some
generic alien items from the main halls.

                         II) EXCLUSIVE EQUIPMENT [EQP]

                      Mothership Zeta Exclusive Weapons:
|Name:               | VAL|WGT|CPC| AP|DMG|AUTO| ROF| SPR|CRIT|CDMG|Weapon Type|
|Alien Atomizer      | 500|  2| 20| 20| 35| NO |    |   0| YES|  75|Energy     |
|Alien Disintegrator | 300|  7|100| 30| 65| NO |    |   1| YES| 115|Energy     |
|Atomic Pulverizer   | 500|  2| 20| 12| 40| NO |    |   0| YES|  80|Energy     |
|Captain's Sidearm   | 500|  2| 30| 20| 35| NO |    |   3| YES|  75|Energy     |
|Cryo Grenade        |  50|0.5|---| 24| * | NO |----|    |  NO|----|Explosives |
|Cryo Mine           |  25|0.5|---| 35| * | NO |----|    |  NO|----|Explosives |
|Destabilizer        |1200|  7|100| 25|162| YES|    | 1.5| YES| 182|Energy     |
|Drone Cannon        |2000| 18|  1| 30| 40| NO |    | 0.5| YES|  90|Big Guns   |
|Drone Cannon Ex-B   |2000| 18|  1| 30| 40| NO |    |    |    |  90|Big Guns   |
|Electro-Supressor   |  70|  2|---| 15| 28| NO |    |    | YES|  32|Melee      |
|MPXL Novasurge      | 850|  6| 16| 21| 80| NO |    | 0.5| YES| 155|Energy     |
|Paulson's Revolver  | 300|  4|  6| 32| 55| NO |    |   3| YES|  90|Small Guns |
|Samurai's Sword     |  75|  3|---| 19| 36| NO |----|    | YES|  76|Melee      |
|Shock Baton         |  70|  2|---| 19| 20| NO |----|    | YES|  24|Melee      |
 o Captain's Sidearm uses Alien Power Modules and uses three rounds per shot.
 o The Drone Cannon Ex-B's energy spheres don't bounce upon impact, but
   immediately explode.  With regular Drone Cannons, the spheres bounce one 
   time before exploding upon second impact.
 o MPXL Novasurge uses up two rounds per shot.
 o Paulson's Revolver has no scope and can only be obtained by killing Paulson.

                     Mothership Zeta Exclusive Equipment:
|Name:                        | VAL|WGT|HEALTH| DR|Added Effects:              |
|General Chase's Overcoat     | 150| 25|   250| 20|CHR +1, Small Guns +10,     |
|                             |    |   |      |   |Speech +5.                  |
|Paulson's Outfit             |  35|  3|   150|  5|CHR +1, Small Guns +10,     |
|                             |    |   |      |   |Speech +5.                  |
|Sheriff's Hat                |  35|  1|    40|  1|PER +1                      |
|Samurai Armor                |1000| 20|   500| 30|Melee DMG +10, Melee +10    |
|Samurai Helmet               | 300|  3|   100|  5|                            |
|Spacesuit                    |  60|  5|10 Mil|  1|                            |
|Winterized Medic Armor       | 390| 25|   400| 32|Medicine +10                |
|Winterized Medic Helmet      |  50|  3|    50|  5|                            |

                       Mothership Zeta Exclusive Items:
|Name:                    | VAL|WGT|ADDICTION|Added Effects:                   |
|Alien Power Module       |   5|---|---------|Ammo                             |
|Adapted Biogel           |  25|---|---------|*                                |
|Alien Biogel             |  25|---|---------|*                                |
|Alien Squid Food         |   1|---|---------|HP +5                            |
|Alien Worm Food          |   1|---|---------|HP +5                            |
|Buttercup Toy            | 150|  2|---------|                                 |
|Alien Epoxy              |  25|---|---------|Repairs Equipped Weapon **       |
|Drone Control Device     | 300|  3|---------|Befriends contained drones       |
|Large Alien Crystal      |  20|---|---------|                                 |
|Small Alien Crystal      |  10|---|---------|                                 |

* Adapted Biogel restores between 90 and 150 HP based on your Medicine Skill.
* Alien Biogel restores +30 HP.
* Both Biogels can cause side effects [One per Biogel, Randomly chosen, and
  the effects can be paired, Effects last 30 seconds]: INT -1, PER -1, END -1,
  AGL -1, Rads +5 per second, Rads -10 per second, HP +5 per second, AP +10,
  STR +2, AGL +2.

o Alien Epoxy repairs your equipped weapon by a certain %, depending on how
  good your repair skill is:
  Repair Skill =  0% -  24%, Epoxy repairs +15%
  Repair Skill = 25% -  49%, Epoxy repairs +20%
  Repair Skill = 50% -  74%, Epoxy repairs +25%
  Repair Skill = 75% - 100%, Epoxy repairs +30%

                              xx) VERSION HISTORY

• 1.00 [03 August 2009]
====== ================
o First release.

• 1.01 [04 August 2009]
====== ================
o Added equipment, fixed errors, added all Alien Captive Recording Logs.

                                  xx) CREDITS

Main Credits:
o SBAllen/CJayC:  For being admins of GameFAQs.
o Dennis/Richard: For maintaining Supercheats.
o Absolute Steve: For writing this FAQ, all rights reserved.
o My Readers:     For any feedback, donations, and for reading this!
o My Girl:        For being there for me.

                                 xx) COPYRIGHT

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private use.  It may *not* be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
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