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Moves, Tactics and Combos FAQ
version 1.5
By John "CUL" Culbert ([email protected])


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Finally, a good SNK game comes to a system I can play it on! With the 
exception of Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Shodown and Art of Fighting for the 
SNES, I have not really gotten a chance to play these great games I hear so
much about. 
Boy, is this game impressive! Lots of depth, a decent combo system, LOTS of
characters with spectacular moves, and a good storyline to boot! So, this FAQ
here is a moves list and brief combos/strategies for all characters (except
Saishu Kusanagi and Omega Rugal, because I don't know the code to play as 
them for the PS), but in addition I also have published an in-depth Guide to
my favorite characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Goro Daimon, Andy Bogard, Ralph, Sie
Kensoue and Iori Yagami. Look for it in the same place you got this.

     ________                    ________
    |___L2___|                  |___R2___|
     ________      Special      ________
    |___L1___|  Config Buttons  |___R1___|
                 (see below)

                .-------------Square- Fierce Punch (FP)
     D-PAD      | .-----------Triangle- Fierce Kick (FK)
                | | 
   U/B U U/F    | | 
      \|/       | | 
    B--o--F     | | 
      /|\       O O 
   D/B D D/F    O O 
                | | 
                | | 
                | | 
                | | 
                | ------------Circle- Quick Kick (QK)
                 -------------X- Quick Punch (QP)

NOTE: These are default PS settings; they can be adjusted in the options, and
the L/R triggers can be set to programmed macros of Special Moves or General
Moves as well (see below).

QCT= Quarter Circle Toward (roll the D-pad from D to F)
QCB= Quarter Circle Back (roll the D-pad from D to B)
HCT= Half Circle Toward (roll the D-pad from B to D to F)
HCB= Half Circle Back (roll the D-pad from F to D to B)
 + = enter commands simultainiously
J. = Jumping
S. = Standing
C. = Crouching
CL.= Close



-Sidestep: QP+QK

To make your character sidestep all attacks, hit QP+QK. This will avoid ALL
attacks, but remember that if the move you avoided lasts long, you may come
right back into it. To prevent that, use...

-Sidestep/Counter: any attack during Sidestep

This makes your character retaliate against the move they have just avoided.
These can be blocked, unless of course you are countering an attack during
its animation.

-Knockdown Blow: FP+FK

Each attack varies, but will always knock down your opponent. I do not list
each character's Knockdown Blow in this FAQ, although I do for my other FAQ
on my favorite characters.

-Power Up: QP+QK+FP

When holding down these buttons your character will stand still with energy
swirling around them--this charges up your super meter at the bottom of the
screen. You can stop the power up at any time by releasing the buttons, but
remember you are vulnerable while powering up. (See below for more on the
super meter)

-Assist Attack: QP+QK+FP when dizzy or grabbed

If one of your team members has not been defeated and is standing within view
during the fight, you can call them in to help when you are dizzy or being
grabbed by the opponent. This will not work if your team-mates have been 
defeated, or if they are off-screen.

-Taunt: QK+FP

This will make your fighter tease their opponent. You are vulnerable during
the taunt, so make sure you're in a safe position to do it. Taunting will
drain energy off the opponent's super meter, adding injury to insult.

-Dashing: F, F or B, B

This will cause your fighter to move forward or back quicker than a normal
walk. Dashing back is a good defensive technique, and dashing in is sometimes
needed if the opponent misses a move from afar and you need to get in fast
for the kill. Note this tap must be QUITE fast.

-Shadow Jump: QCT, U/F or QCB, U/B

This will cause your fighter to jump higher than usual, trailing after-images
behind them. This can sometimes be useful in avoiding attacks.


At the bottom of the screen is a small meter, which fills up when you are
attacked, or when powering up (see above). Once full, you're character not 
only does a significant amount more damage with all their attacks, but they 
also gain the ability to perform their Desperation Move, which would 
otherwise be impossible unless their health meter (at the top of the screen) 
is flashing red.


These are super-powerful moves that can only be performed if the fighter's
health meter is flashing red, or if the Super Meter is "MAXed".


All characters can perform at least one Throw, most can do more. A Throw/Grab
is an unblockable move that must be done close to the opponent; a standard
Throw for each fighter is to hold F or B close to the opponent and hit FP.
Most fighters can also do the same with FK. Some characters have Special Move
Throws, and others have Air Throws--these are done up close in the air, by
holding F or B and hitting FP. Each character's Throws and Grabs are 
explained in their section.


Most characters have an Overhead Attack; these are attacks that can ONLY be
blocked standing, meaning they will hit ducking opponents wether they're
blocking or not. Good moves to mix up in your up-close game, i.e. force your
opponent into a crouch by pecking away with low, quick moves (eg. C.QK), then
mix this in.


A combo is a series of attacks that, once the first hit connects, are totally 
unblockable until the opponent is knocked down or the attacker is pushed too 
far away to continue. There are three basic types of combos in Kof95--the
most simple combo is of course a single attack that hits more than once (eg.
Kyo's Dark Thrust). Another, more traditional combo involves "Buffering" (see
below). And the newest type of combo system are Chain Combos, which are 
basically regular attacks buffered into each other (also see below). I have
listed a few known combos for each fighter.

This is a technique used in 90% of all fighting games out today. To buffer 
means to do the motions of one move while the animations of another move are 
still being performed. Here's an example with Ralph:

-S.FP buffered into Gatling Attack

In order to do this, you must "cancel" the animation of Ralph's Fierce Punch
with the Gatling Attack, so it appears that he throws the punch, then 
IMMEDIATELY goes into the Gatling Attack BEFORE he draws back the FP. To do
this, begin to charge B and as you are hitting them with the FP; then, 
QUICKLY press F+FP. BANG! 4 hit combo!

Now, on the subject of chain combos, these are simply normal attacks buffered
into more normal attacks. You can only buffer Quick attacks into more Quicks
or Fierces (Fierces will only buffer into Special Moves). For example, with

S.QP -> S.FP

For this 2-hit to work, you must cancel the animations of the S.QP VERY fast
so that it appears he's throwing two punches, one right after the other. I
will list all chainable attacks for each character.


Juggling means hitting the opponent in the air after knocking them upward (or
technically, also hitting them out of a jump). Juggles, though limited, are
possible in Kof95. For example, with Takuma Sakazaki:

Fierce Gale Kick, ZanRetsuKen

After connecting with the Gale Kick, quickly perform the ZanRetsuKen and it
will catch the opponent in the air BEFORE they land from being hit from the
Gale Kick.


To block an oncoming attack, hold in the opposite direction. To block a low 
attack (i.e. the enemy hits low), hold D/B to crouch and block. 


A tick is an attack that if you connect with it you can go into a combo 
of your choice, and if blocked, you will recover in time to throw another 
attack before your opponent can; but, note that they also recover from their 
blocking frames at relatively the same time, so they will also be able to
block the follow-up. But, since Throws are unblockable, you can nail them 
with a Throw!
Ticking is not a large part of Kof95 as it is, say, SF2. But, I find I play
fighters like Goro much better if I can tick. Here's an example with Goro:

J.FK, S.QP, Earth Mover

If the S.QP connects, the Earth Mover will as well. If they block the S.QP,
the Earth Mover'll get 'em anyway!  You can also tick with regular F+FP 
Throws, it's just that they won't come out if the tick connects. For example,
if Terry Bogard hits the enemy with a BLOCKED S.QP, he can then move in for
the Throw with F+FP. However, if the S.QP connects and you do a F+FP, you'll
get Terry's Cl.FP for a chain combo.


Team Japan:


"You're no more than a smoldering flame, Yagami! Feel what a real blast of 
 Hades is!"
TAUNT:          Waves finger at opponent saying, "Tch, tch, tch!"
WINNING POSE 1: Blows out flaming finger saying, "Heh heh, moetarou." 
                (translation: "you're burned")
WINNING POSE 2: Raises fist in victory saying, "Oreno kachida!"
                (translation: It's my win!)
WINNING QUOTES: That's it? Well I'm not angry, just disappointed.
                Burn in the fury of my flames, you worthless weakling.
                So long weenie king. We won't meet again.


-Dark Thrust: F, D, D/F+any punch
-Ground Fire: QCT+any punch
-Crescent Slash: HCB+any kick
-Triple Spin Kick: B, D, D/B+any kick
-Wave Smash: QCT+FK, FK or QK, QK
-Double Sweep: D/F+FK
-Hack Kick: F+FK (hits overhead)
-Ground Elbow Slam: F or B+FP (up close)
-Desperation; Serpent Wave: QCB, HCT+FP


His Dark Thrust hits 3 times, except when NOT up close, or on crouching 
opponents. If the 3rd hit doesn't connect, the opponent will not be knocked 
down and Kyo is left wide open. Like most DP moves, invulnerable until its 
apex, then bad recovery as he falls. The Ground Fire is a lot like Terry's 
Power Wave, best used in combos or to pester from a distance. It is EXTREMELY 
easy to avoid with a jump. The Crescent Slash is a cool move that does good 
damage, and the dash is quite fast. If blocked it can be countered quickly, 
and he can be hit during the dash by most low, quick moves. The Triple Spin 
Kick is another cool-looking move, good for nailing opponents at the 
beginning of their jump. Can be easily countered if missed or blocked and can 
also be ducked. The Wave Smash is one of his most useful moves; the Fierce 
version does a crouch dash first and may avoid some high attacks or jumping 
attacks. The Fierce can also be juggled after, IMO best with the Triple Spin 
Kick or another Quick Wave Smash. If blocked, there is a delay. His 
Desperation is a fairly effective move, although not doing as much damage as 
others; it has slow start and recovery time, so it should be used as a 
counter to a slow-recovering move, or against deep jumpers.

CHAINS: Kyo can chain all of his quick attacks except S.QK into all Fierce 


1. J.FP, S.FP, Ground Fire
2. J.FK, S.FP, Triple Spin Kick
3. J.FK, C.QK, C.FK
4. S.QP, S.FP, Crescent Slash
5. Fierce Wave Smash, Quick Wave Smash
6. Fierce Wave Smash, Triple Spin Kick


One of my favs, Kyo is a solid character, a lot of fun to play; at a first 
glance he's a Ryu clone, but because of the maximum hit problem with his Dark 
Thrust and his ground-based fireball, he must actually be played differently. 
His combos are really cool too.



"Hey all you fight groupies! Just watch my moves!"
TAUNT:          Shrugs, saying "Hmm?"
WINNING POSE 1: Turns back to player, then turns pointing his finger saying
                "thank you!"
WINNING POSE 2: Runs hand through hair as lightning crackles behind him.
WINNING QUOTES: Rumors of your strength seem greatly exaggerated, pansy.
                Lambs are tougher than you. How do I know? Well...uh...
                Someone who looks as good as me just has to win. Later!

-Lightning Fist: F, D, D/F+any punch
-Shinkuu Katategoma: HCB+any kick
-Iaido Kick: QCT+any kick
-Triple Resist Kick: D, U+any kick (can be done directly after Iaido Kick)
-Foot Drill: D+FK in mid-air
-Backdrop Slam: F or B+FP or FK (up close)
-Knee Drop: F or B+FP in mid-air (close)
-Desperation; Heaven Blast Flash: QCT, D, D/F+FP


The Lightning Fist comes quite fast, but with slow recovery. Best used in 
combos or a counter to a missed move, as it has good range. The Shinkuu
Katategoma does decent damage and knocks them across the screen; bad recovery
and can be hit from the air, so use with caution. The Iaido Kick has no range
so it can only be used up close; the recovery is good and it comes out fast, 
and if it connects it can buffer into the Triple Resist Kick for a 3 hit
combo. By itself the Triple Resist Kick is basically like Guile's Flash Kick,
best used as an air counter. His Desperation does MAJOR damage with all hits,
and if blocked Benimaru is pretty much safe; use in the same fashion as the
Lightning Fist, but it comes out too slow to be used in combos.

CHAINS: Benimaru can chain all of his quick attacks into all fierce attacks
        except S.QK.


1. J.FK, S.FP, Iado Kick -> Triple Resist Kick
2. S.QP, S.FP, F, D, D/F+FP
3. J.FK, C.QK, C.FK


If you can get a good grasp of control for his jump, and timing for his moves
he can be devastating. Benimaru is a fighter who plays on the enemy's 
mistakes, because although he's fast, his moves have too slow recovery to use
totally offensive (except the Iaido Kick). His Desperation is devastating.



TAUNT:          Raises his palms and grunts
WINNING POSE 1: Raises his fist in victory and a crackle of thunder is heard
WINNING POSE 2: Throws head back and flexes as thunder crackles
WINNING QUOTES: Life is only training. Training and bowling.
                You did good slick! C'iao for now.
                You had no chance against me. The ultimate fighting machine.

-Minelayer: F, D, D/F+QP
-Fake Minelayer: F, D, D/F+FP
-Super Ukemi: QCB+any kick
-Cloud Tosser: HCT+QP
-Stump Throw: HCT+FP
-Earth Mover: HCB, F+FP
-Super Ohsotogari: F, D/B, D, D/F+FK
-Ground Skull Slam: F or B+FP (up close) 
-Reverse Trip: F or B+FK (up close)
-Heaven To Hell Drop: roll 360 forward+FP


The Minelayer will make Goro slam the ground with his fists, shaking them off
their feet. This can only be blocked low, so use it frequently from a 
distance. The Fake Minelayer should be mixed up with the real one, so that 
you make the opponent jump to avoid it, then grab 'em out of the air with the
cloud tosser. The Super Ukemi is not an attack, but actually a roll forward,
which avoids most high attacks and projectiles--he only rolls about half a
screen, but that can be enough to set you up for a Throw...buffer the motions
for a Throw so that they're finished by the time he returns to standing. The
Cloud Tosser is so effective, it may be considered cheesy; this will allow
Goro to grab an oncoming jumping opponent and slam them to the ground. The
best part about it is that it has GREAT priority, so that you can actually
grab most jumping ATTACKS as they come in. Just don't try to grab 'em out of
an airborne Special Move (eg. Athena's Phoenix Arrow). The Cloud Tosser also
has slow recovery and will NOT grab standing opponents, so he's left open if
he misses. The Stump Throw makes Goro grab forward at the ground; the 
advantage to this move is that it has more range than all his other Throws, 
so mix it up in your up close game when you can't get right up close for a 
Throw. There is bad recovery in this, so make sure you're in the right 
position to do it. The Earth Mover is Goro's most powerful Special Move (not
including his Desperation, of course), and tick like MAD with it, as it's 
totally worth connecting with. It will only come out up close, so he has no
recovery from it. The Super Ohsotogari is an AWESOME looking Throw, but is
weaker than the Earth Mover; treat it in the same fashion. As well, his 
Desperation is EXTREMELY powerful and will work easily with ticks and combos,
just like his Earth Mover and Super Ohsotogari. Use it OFTEN with ticks and

CHAINS: Goro can chain any crouching or standing QP into any other attack.


1. J.FP, S.FP, Earth Mover
2. J.FK, C.QP, C.FK
3. S.QP, S.FP, Heaven to Hell Drop (!)
4. (tick combo) J.FK, S.QP, Super Ohsotogari


Another of my favorites, simply because I'm a Zangief master and he plays a
lot like him (except for the Minelayer, which I rarely use anyway). He has
really effective ticks and can be played as cheesy as 'Gief is, and his 
Throws are cool. Also a devastating Desperation. If you can master the speed
and play defensively until they get in close, he's great.

Team England:


"Sorry, everyone, the prize money is mine."
FIGHTING STYLE: Kyokugenryu Karate
TAUNT:          Waves hand at side of head, then pats her butt, saying 
                "Kotchi, Kotchi!" (translation: Here, Here!")
WINNING POSE 1: Cools off using shirt, then looks at you and gives thumbs up
                saying, "Nn? Yoyutchi!" (translation: still have reserve!)
WINNING POSE 2: Swings arm around in circle, then hops up and gives you a 
                peace sign victory, saying "Nn? Yoyutchi!" (translation: 
                still have reserve!) 
WINNING QUOTES: Oh fudge! Over so soon? I'll never lose those extra pounds!
                Why are you such a weenie? I was hoping for a workout!
                Why am I so strong? Talent, just pure talent!


-KoHoKen: QCT+any punch
-Saiha: QCB+any punch
-Dashing Hundred Blows: HCB+any punch
-Hundred Blows: HCB+QP (close)
-RaiKohKen: QCT+any kick
-HaohShoKohKen: F, HCTY+any punch
-Yuri Super Upper: F, D, D/F+any punch
-Lunging Butt Attack: F+FK
-Hopping Stomach Throw: F or B+FP or FK (close)
-Inverted Piledriver: F or B+FP (close in mid-air)
-Desperation; Flying Phoenix Kick: F, B, HCB+FP+QK


Ryo/Robert/Takuma players better not think she's just a clone, 'cause her 
moves are a lot different from them. The KoHoKen is the basic Fireball 
attack, can be ducked but comes out pretty fast; can be jumped and has a 
delay. The Saiha is a cool move which will make Yuri slash overhead to her 
front, covering her front quite nicely. Good in combos and all around in 
defense. The Dashing Hundred Blows does less damage than the close-up 
version, but comes out pretty fast is is good for countering missed moves 
from a distance. If blocked it has a delay. The Hundred Blows up close does 
great damage, is AWESOME in combos, and is UNBLOCKABLE. So, tick like mad 
with this! The HaohShoKohKen is like Takuma/Robert/Ryo's--it comes out slow 
and recovers slow, but does great damage, and because of its width, can be 
used to deter deep jumping opponents, and it also cannot be jumped. The Yuri 
Super Upper is IMO what really sets her apart from Team Mexico; instead of 
the normal DP, Yuri will lunge low FOR HITS, then upward with the uppercut; 
so, it has great range and is good in combos, although I recommend only using 
the QP version, which has only a very slight lunge first, as an air counter, 
or you may go right under them. Her Desperation is fairly effective, and 
takes great priority over most low attacks; she can leap almost full screen 
with it, but it has delay if blocked, so make sure they left an opening.

CHAINS: Yuri can chain any standing or crouching QP, or C.QK into any other


1. J.FP, S.FP, KoHoKen
2. J.FK ,S.FP, Hundred Blows
3. S.QP, S.FP, Saiha
4. S.FP, Yuri Super Upper


Very stylized character, definetely different from her brother, father and
Robert. Fast and good damage potential within combos.



"A girl as pretty and tough as I am just has to win."
TAUNT:          Laughs behind fan and says "Doushitano?"
                (translation: What's wrong?)
WINNING POSE 1: Waves fan saying, "nippon ichi!" (translation: Japan, number 
WINNING POSE 2: Swivels around opening a big umbrella and says "Ase 
                kaichatta." (translation: I broke a sweat.)
WINNING QUOTES: Trapped in my spell of beauty, another peasant bites the 
                I thought you were stronger than that. Bummer city!
                Another blow for ninja ladyhood has been struck today. 


-Kachosen: QCT+any punch
-RyuEnBu: QCB+any punch
-Flying Squirrel Dance: charge D, U+any punch then any punch
-Flying Squirrel Dance: QCT+any punch in mid-air
-Dragon Blast: F, D, D/F+any kick
-Deadly Ninja Bees: HCT+any kick
-Leg Scissors: F or B+FP or FK (close)
-Butt Slam: F or B+FP (close in mid-air)
-Super Deadly Ninja Bees: F, D/B, F+FP+QK


The Kachosen is a basic FB, with delay when jumped. The RyuEnBu is a cool
2-hit move, great for finishing combos; it has deceptive range, and as long 
as they don't block it up close, it is pretty safe. Both Flying Squirrel 
Dances are effective for countering missed moves from a distance, especially
projectiles; you can also fake the charged version by not hitting punch the
2nd time, and Mai will simply jump to the wall, then to the ground. Her new
move, the Dragon Blast, finally gives Mai the much-needed air counter; it is
basically a 2-hit flaming flip kick. It comes out quite fast and is best as
an air counter or in combos. The Deadly Ninja Beese has delay if blocked, but 
it's a decent counter from a short distance, and great for taking priority
over low attacks. Her Desperation is basically the same, only it's flaming 
and does much more damage.

CHAINS: Mai can chain a crouching QP or QK into anything else.


1. J.FK, S.FP, RyuEnBu
2. J.FP, C.QP, S.FP, Kachosen
3. J.FP, S.FP, Dragon Blast


She is much more powerful than before because of the new Dragon Blast. If 
careful and staying generally on the defensive, she's a hot fighter.



"Just pack it up and go home if you don't want to get hurt!"
TAUNT:          Gestures with hand saying, "Come on, baby!"
WINNING POSE 1: Tosses a handkerchief to the floor, saying "nasakenai!" 
                (translation: pitiful!)
WINNING POSE 2: Removes jacket and slings it over shoulder, saying 
                "nasakenai!" (translation: pitiful!)
WINNING QUOTES: So you won't be saying "Babe" anytime soon, right beefcake?
                Okay, let's call it a day before you're seriously hurt.
                Hit the showers stud. I'm a woman, hear me roar. Uaah!

-Venom Strike: QCT+any kick
-Double Strike: F, B, F, D/F, D+any kick
-Tornado Kick: HCB+any kick
-Trap Shot: F, D, D/F+any kick
-Surprise Rose: QCB, U/B+any kick
-Slide: D/F+FK
-Flipping Toss: F or B+FP or FK
-Desperation; Illusion Dance: B, HCB+FK+QK


The Venom Strike is a regular FB, except it's thrown a little lower, so it
cannot be ducked. The Double Strike is simply two Venom Strikes, thrown quite
fast. Both can be jumped, so they're best used in a keep-away game from a
distance or in combos. Her Tornado Kick does good damage and is best used as
a counterattack, because its recovery is BAD. The Trap Shot starts with a
flip kick, and if it connects, she goes into a rapid kick; this is best used
as well-timed air counter, or in combos. The Surprise Rose rarely even comes
out for me, but I it's basically a leap back into a dive kick. Her 
Desperation starts with a backflip followed by a leap forward into the combo;
best used from a distance to counter attacks. Note: bad recovery and 
sometimes the last 2 hits won't connect, and they're the ones that do all the 
big damage.

CHAINS: King can chain all crouching and standing QPs and C.QK into any other


1. J.FP, S.FP, Tornado Kick
2. J.FK, S.FK, Trap Shot
3. S.QP, S.FP, Double Strike


She used to be one of my favs from AoF, but in Kof95 I find her control real
loose, and her new move is all but useless and difficult to get off. Her 
Desperation is great if it connects, but it only comes out if the motions are
CAREFULLY inputted. If you're careful and keep the pressure on 'em with the
Venom and Double Strikes, and rely on jump-in combos to do the damage, she's
still fairly effective.

Team USA:


"Eat this, Kyo. The flames of revenge from the Yagami clan!" 
TAUNT:          Puts hands in pockets and says "Orega kowaii no ka?"
                (translation: Are you scared of me?)
WINNING POSE 1: Laughs like a maniac with hand on head.
WINNING POSE 2: Puts hands in pocket and bends over saying, "Sonomama shine!"
                (translation: die!)
WINNING QUOTES: Another young one bites the dust. Tough break, dweeb!
                Oh, cheer up. You never even had a chance to begin with!
                A rose blooms best near death. You're in full bloom, pal!


-Dark Thrust: F, D, D/F+any punch
-Ground Fire: QCT+any punch
-Dark Crescent Slice: HCB+any kick
-Deadly Flower: QCB+any punch (up to 3 times)
-Hack Kick: F+FK (hits overhead)
-Bloody Slash: F or B+FP (close)
-Toss Away: F or B+FK (close)
-Desperation; Maiden Masher: QCB, HCT+FP


Dark Thrust and Ground Fire- see Kyo. Iori's Dark Crescent Slice is basically
the same as Kyo's Crescent Slash, except he slams them into the ground 
instead of the upward punch. His Deadly Flower combination can be thought of
as Fei Long's Rekka Ken; it is a three hit combo done by repeating the QCB+P
motion 3 times, each time doing an attack--it's best used in combos, as its
recovery is horrible. His Desperation is IMO much better than Kyo; the dash 
is extremely fast, and it does great damage. It should still be used mainly 
as a counter-attack, but because of its speed it can be used as a surprise 
often as well.

CHAINS: Iori can chain any standing or crouching QP and C.QK into anything


1. J.FP, S.FP, Dark Crescent Slice
2. J.FP, C.QK, S.FP, Ground Fire
3. J.FP, S.QP, S.FP, Deadly Flower


Probably my favorite character, Iori plays a little bit like Kyo, but he has
better regular moves, a faster Desperation, and the Deadly Flower. And his 
first winning pose rules!



"Terry, this pole's for you!"
FIGHTING STYLE: Cudgel Fighting
TAUNT:          Raps pole against shoulder and says, "Hey, hey, hey!"
WINNING POSE 1: Raps pole against shoulder then shrugs.
WINNING POSE 2: Spins pole then sticks it in ground.
WINNING QUOTES: To bad, "defeat" is just not in my personal dictionary!
                What was that? Over so soon? Bummer, dude!
                I've no business with losers. Hit the pavement, slug-face!

-Cudgel Twist: tap any punch repeatedly
-Cudgel Blow: HCT+any punch
-Upward Cudgel: QCB, U/B+any punch
-Sparrow Drop: D/B, D, D/F, F+any kick
-Lunge Kick: F+FK
-Cudgel Toss: F or B+FP or FK (close)
-Desperation; Flaming Hurricane: QCB, HCT+FP+QP


The Cudgel Twist can IMO be treated in many ways like Blanka's Electricity of
SF2 fame; it's a great all around attack as long as it hits the enemy; even 
if blocked, it does good block damage and knocks them far enough away not to
counter easily. It can be used as an air counter or IMO best in combos. The
Cudgel Blow is a VERY long range attack, reaching almost full screen; it's
pretty safe from a far distance, good for either countering or pestering (or
halting the beginnings of a Desperation, i.e. Chang's!). It has big delays 
and can be countered from the air. The Upward Cudgel is used best to counter
a jumper, although you must time it correctly so they don't jump past it or
under it, otherwise, his recovery is slow and he's left open.  The Sparrow
Drop is a really annoying attack that does great damage and is difficult to
counter, save for a DP; it's best used to counter slow-recovering FBs (eg.
Takuma/Yuri/Robert/Ryo's HaoShoKohKen) from a distance, or any other really
slow recovering moves (eg. Chang's retarded Flying Iron Ball). His 
Desperation is arguably the most devastating one in the game, as both the 
spin and the ring itself do MAJOR damage; in the corner, they'll be hit 
repeatedly by the spin then get juggled with the ring, doing around 90% 
damage! It starts out slow, and if you're not close, it can be knocked out 
with a projectile (although the ring when airborne dissolves projectile). If 
the spin and then the ring is blocked, it pushes significantly far away to 
safety. It is best after a jump-in when you've got 'em cornered, or as an air 
counter (although the ring will miss in this case).

CHAINS: none, as far as I can tell!


J.FK, S.FP, Cudgel Spin


A VERY powerful character if you can get used to his keep-away game; going 
overly offensive can easily get you killed. His is a game of counters, 
basically. His Desperation is what really makes him a nightmare.



"My sworn enemies of Kyuoku-gen karate! The day of fate is at hand."
TAUNT:          Folds arms and says, "Kakate kina!" (translation: Come on!)
WINNING POSE 1: Pulls out two jitte and goes into a defensive pose.
WINNING POSE 2: Bows with folded hands and says, "Hmph. Shosh!" (translation:
                Hmph. Pitiful!)
WINNING QUOTES: The ways of the ninja are the ways of victory. You lose!
                Victory is near. Let the heavens sing "Kisaragi!"
                My ninja style's invincible! And I'm not too bad either!


-Shadow Slicer: HCT+any punch
-Spirit Blast: QCT+any punch
-Shadow Dash: QCT+any kick
-Bone Cutter: HCB+any kick
-Stallion Kick: QCB, U/B+any kick
-Mist Slash: QCB+any punch
-Steel Wave Smasher: QCT, HCB+any punch
-Flying Slam: F or B+FP or FK (close)
-Desperation; Mantis Punch: HCT, F, D/F, D+QK

The Shadow Slicer is IMO his best move; this provides a very nice cover of 
Eiji's front, as well as deflecting projectiles; use it to deter any dashing
opponent, or dashing move (eg. Kyo's Crescent Slash) from fairly close; it
stays out an annoyingly long time, so make sure it connects in some way. The
Spirit Blast does good damage, but is NOT a FB, as it only is a burst of 
energy from his hand--it is never actually airborne. Still, a decent air 
counter to deep jumping opponents, and comes out quite fast. The Shadow Dash
should IMO only be used occasionally to confuse the opponent; for although it
passes Eiji through the opponent (and boy is it fast), he is still vulnerable
during the dash! So, it should only be used when you're sure the enemy cannot
hit you, or to go under them if they jump high. The Bone Cutter is another
move to be careful with, because it does great damage and has good range, but
it will not knock the opponent down, and you both recover virtually the same
time. So, get away as soon as possible, or try a Throw. The Stallion Kick I
can't even get to work, so forget that. The Mist Slash is a very potent move
that comes out fast, but recovers slow. It has the same basic properties as
Yuri's Saiha (see team England). Eiji's Steel Wave Smasher is his projectile,
that moves fairly fast and is pretty wide on screen, so it can take out some
jumping opponents. His Desperation is just a fast dash into a big combo; use
it to counter missed moves, as its recovery if blocked is bad.

CHAINS: Eiji can chain S.QP, C.QP and C.QK into any other attack.


1. J.FP, S.FP, Mist Slash
2. J.FK, S.FK (both hits!), Spirit Blast


Eiji is another stylized character, and if you can get used to the timing of
his various attacks, he can be deadly. Just wish that Shadow Dash was 

Team Italy:


"King of Fighters? Well, sign me up and call me winner!"
TAUNT:          Fixes hat, then gestures with hand saying "C'mon, c'mon!"
WINNING POSE 1: Tosses hat away and says "Okay!"
WINNING POSE 2: Removes hat and dusts knees off, then puts it back on.
WINNING QUOTES: You had guts kid, now clean them up off the pavement.
                You've improved all right. But I still won easy!
                Even though it took only a few seconds, good fight!

-Burning Knuckle: QCB+any punch
-Power Wave: QCT+any punch
-Rising Tackle: charge D, U+any punch
-Crack Shot: QCB, U/B+any kick
-Power Dunk: F, D, D/F+any punch
-Shoulder Toss: F or B+FP (close)
-Dashing Double Punch: F+FP
-Desperation; Power Geyser: QCB, HCT+FP+QK


The Burning Knuckle shouldn't be used too often, as it starts and recovers 
quite slowly; best used to counter high delay moves. The Power Wave has the
same properties as Kyo and Iori's Ground Fire... The Rising Tackle is a cool
move, but should be carefully used; it hits only on the way up, twice, but 
has slow recovery on the way down. It's best used in combos with CAREFUL
timing, or as an air counter. The Crack Shot is a powerful move that can hit
3 times with FK. But, the FK version does not knock down, so you must retreat
emmediately after it connects, or try a Throw. The QK version knocks down 
with 1 hit. Terry's new move, the Power Dunk, is a highly effective air 
counter, as the first half acts like a DP; it is also invulnerable to FBs on
the way up, so if you're around 1/2 screen away from them or closer, pull it
off to go through the fireball and come down on them with the punch. It has a
delay if blocked and can be DPed with good timing. His Power Geyser is just
as effective as ever, either after a jump-in, or best as an air counter.

CHAINS: Terry can chain S.QP, C.QP or C.QK into any other attack.


1. C.QK, S.FP, Power Wave
2. J.FK, S.QP, S.FP, quick Crack Short
3. J.FP, S.FP, Power Dunk


Well balanced as always, Terry has some effective attacks and does good 
damage. His new Power Dunk I like, as it is really effective defensively and
to evade projectiles. If anything, the only problem he has is the recovery of
most of his moves (i.e. Burning Knuckle...)



"What, again? This time, I walk away victorious!"
TAUNT: Runs hand through hair then beckons with hand.
WINNING POSE 1: Takes stance and says "yosh!" (translation: Very good!)
WINNING POSE 2: Folds hands and closes eyes.
WINNING QUOTES: You can't win with just tough talk, wimp!
                You move like an elephant in a tutu. Hit the showers!
                You just don't have what it takes, pal. Take a powder!

-ShoRyuuDan: F, D, D/F+any punch
-ZanEiKen: charge D/B, F+any punch
-Sonic Split: charge D/B, U/F+any kick
-HiShoKen: QCB+any kick
-Dam Breaker Punch: QCB+K (up to 3 times) 
-Shoulder Toss: F or B+FP or FK (close)
-Desperation; ChoReppadan: charge D, D/F, F+QK+FK 


The ShoRyuuDan is your basic DP, hits 3 times, and it will not knock down 
unless the 3rd hit connects (this last hit will miss crouching foes). The
ZanEiKen is lightning fast and best used as a defensive counterattack, but
it doesn't knock down and you both recover at roughly the same time. If 
blocked there is a delay. His Sonic Split, if hitting at just the right 
angle, will keep them stunned long enough to continue into a combo; but, if
you don't have this timing down, you both recover simultainously, so don't do
it until you have it down pat. The HiShoKen is a fireball, plain and simple.
The Dam Breaker Punch is Andy's new move; these work the same way as Iori
Yagama's, although the final QCB+K command will make Andy attack twice, so
this combination is actually 4 hits. Best in combos, its recovery is slow if
blocked. His Desperation is as devastating as ever; it does MAJOR damage with
all hits, and it can be juggled after with one hit, best the ShoRyuuDan! As
well, it is ideal as an air counter or to go over projectiles for a big 

CHAINS: Andy can chain ALL quick attacks into any other attack.


1. J.FP, S.FP, Dam Breaker Punch
2. J.FP, C.QP, C.QK, HiShoKen or ZanEiKen
3. ChoReppadan, ShoRyuuDan


Andy is one of my other favs, simply because of his devastating combos and 
that AWESOME Super. He can play both defensively and offensively, and can use
FB traps ala Ryu.



"Oh-shaa! The genius Joe Higashi is about to twirl like a typhoon!"
TAUNT:          Smacks fists together then points to opponent and says "Ora,
                ora!" (translation: C-mon, c'mon!)
WINNING POSE 1: Goes down on knees, kisses his fists, then raises them to the
                air, saying "Oh-shaa!" (translation: Alright!)
WINNING POSE 2: Puts hands on hips and throws head back laughing wildly.
WINNING QUOTES: You never had a chance against the kick-boxing king!
                Sorry about your nose; I can recommend a good doctor.
                At this pace, I can win before lunch! Yo-shaaa!


-TNT Punch: tap any punch repeatedly
-TNT Upper: QCT+any punch (during TNT punch)
-Hurricane Upper: HCT+any punch
-Slash Kick: D/B, U/F+any kick
-Tiger Kick: QCT, U/F+any kick
-Golden Heel Hurter: QCB+any kick
-Knee Slide: D/F+FK
-Leg Scissors: F or B+FP (close)
-Grab `n' Knee: F or B+FK (close)
-Desperation; Screw Upper: F, D/B, D, D/F+FP+QK 


The TNT Punch is best used in combos, basically like E.Honda's HHS. It can 
also be used as an air counter, and if it connects (other than in the air),
cancel into the TNT Upper for GOOD damage. The Hurricane Upper is in most
ways normal FB move, but it goes slightly higher, so it's decent for snagging
jumping opponents. Joe's Slash Kick is best used as a counter, and does NOT
require a charge D/B. The Tiger Kick (it SHOULD be called Tiger KNEE, but I
guess that'd be copyright off of Capcom) is best used as an air counter or in
some combos--it's your basic DP move. His new move, the Golden Heel Hurter,
is similiar to Terry's Crack Shot, although it slashes higher, so it can be
used best as a deep air counter. His Desperation is still as useless as ever,
only going a few steps SLOWLY; if the opponent is dizzy, go for it, otherwise
it's pretty useless, except maybe as a deep air counter.

CHAINS: Joe can chain C.QP, S.QP and C.QK into any other attack.


1. S.FP, Tiger Kick
2. J.FP, C.QK, S.FP, Hurricane Upper
3. J.FP, S.QP, S.FP, Golden Heel Hurter


He can play a good keep-away game with the Hurricane, but unless he can land
a good combo, he's pretty weak. Desperation stinks too. Too bad, 'cause he's 
a kickboxer, and kickboxers kick total ass... :P

Team Mexico:


"I will be victorious! They don't call me the invincible dragon for nothing!"
FIGHTING STYLE: KyoKugenRyu Karate
TAUNT:          Gestures with hand saying "Ora, ora!" (translation: C'mon, 
WINNING POSE 1: Fixes gi and flexes saying "Osu!" (translation: none--it's a
WINNING POSE 2: Tears gi and raises fist saying "Osu!" (translation: see 
WINNING QUOTES: Gee. You really need to work on your technique.
                No second chances pal, go home and wrap those wounds.
                Fight, fight, fight.  It's the only way to get tough.


-KoHoKen: QCT+any punch
-Flying KoHoKen: QCT+any punch (in mid-air)
-KoHo: F, D, D/F+any punch
-ZanRetsuKen: HCB+any punch
-Gale Kick: charge D/B, F+any kick
-HaoShoKohKen: F ,HCT+any punch
-Punch Dance: HCT+FP (close)
-Dashing Knifehand: F+FP (hits overhead)
-Stomach Throw: F or B+FP or FK (close)
-Desperation; Ryuko Ranbu: QCT, HCB+FP


KoHoKen and HaoShoKohKen--see Yuri. The Flying KohoKen is a downward FB, good 
for pestering or after jumping a projectile. The KoHo is your basic DP, and 
it DOES NOT have good horizontal range--good as an air counter if they jump
in high, or in combos; hits 2 times, and if the 2nd misses, the enemy will 
not be knocked down. The ZanRetsuKen is a good attack, although if you miss,
there is CONSIDERABLE recovery; use best in combos or as an air counter. The
Gale Kick, ala Dan from SFA, comes out fast and does decent damage, but Ryo's
screwed if it is blocked. The Punch Dance is an UNBLOCKABLE 4 hit auto-combo, 
so tick like hell with this, or use in combos. His Desperation is the generic
dash+auto combo, but in addition Ryo can do it in the AIR!

CHAINS: Ryo can chain ALL quick attacks into any other attack.


1. J.FP, S.FP, Punch Dance
2. J.FP, Flying KoHoKen (before landing)
3. J.FP, C.QP, C.QK, S.FP, KoHoKen


Generic Ryu clone, except mix in the air FB, so he actually plays a little 
like Akuma...



"The king of Kyokugen karate is about to clean up. Grrr."
FIGHTING STYLE: KyoKugenRyu Karate
TAUNT:          Gestures with hand saying "donnai shitan ya?" (translation:
                what're you doing?)
WINNING POSE 1: Turns around and flips coin in the air, then catches it.
WINNING POSE 2: Turns around and points to himself with thumb saying "ma 
                zatto konnai mon ya?" (translation: that's all?)
WINNING QUOTES: What, again? C'mon, I'm just too tough for a wimp like you.
                You can't beat me with your one-pattern fighting. Bonehead.
                You're one of the strongest opponents yet. Not!


-RyuuGekiKen: QCT+any punch
-Ryuga: F, D, D/F+any punch
-Dive Kick: QCB+any kick
-Great Spirit Kick: HCB+any kick
-Gale Kick: charge D/B, F+any kick
-HaoShoKohKen: F, HCT+any punch
-KyokuGen Kick Dance: HCT+FK (close)
-One Hand Slam: F or B+FP or FK (close)
-Desperation; Ryuko Ranbu: QCT, HCB+FP                       


RyuuGekiKen--same as Ryo's KoHoKen. Ryuga--same as Ryo's KoHo. Great Spirit
Kick--same as Ryo's ZanRetsuKen, except it kicks. Gale Kick, HaoShoKohKen--
same as Ryo's. KyokuGen Kick Dance--same as Ryo's Punch Dance, except with
4 kicks. Desperation--same as Ryo's. See a trend starting yet?
Robert's Dive Kick is the only difference that isn't just visual between
Robert and Ryo. The Dive Kick knocks down with 1 hit, so it's perfectly safe,
although if blocked it has a delay. Best used after jumping over a fireball.

CHAINS: Robert can chain ALL quick attacks into any other attack.


See Ryo!


IMO the same as Ryo; their only difference is their mid-air moves, which IMO 
are used in the same way, anyways--after jumping FBs. Choose whichever one 
has the better looking moves to you, I guess.



"My Kyokugen karate cannot lose."
FIGHTING STYLE: KyoKugenRyu Karate
TAUNT:          beckons with both hands saying "kakatte konu ka?" 
                (translation: you gonna fight me?)
WINNING POSE 1: Raises one fist saying, "mijuku mono mega." (translation: 
                a beginner before me.)
WINNING POSE 2: Drops gi off shoulders and exclaims "Yah!"
WINNING QUOTES: Come again slug. Just try to beat me. Nyah, nyah!
                The way of Kyokugen Karate is invincible. Real tough!
                Stop whining. Your face will heal--in a few years.

-KoHoKen: QCT+any punch
-ZanRetsuKen: HCB+any punch
-Gale Kick: charge D/B, F+any kick
-Shoran Kyaku: HCB+QK (close)
-Dashing Shoran Kyaku: HCB+FK
-HaohShiKohKen: F, HCT+any punch
-Tyuko Ranbu: QCT, B, F+QP+FP


KoHoKen, ZanRetsuKen and HaohShiKohKen--same as Ryo's (Super FB has different 
name, but still the same as Ryo's). The Gale Kick is one move that seperates
Takuma from his Ryo and Robert--it can be juggled after, best with the 
ZanRetsuKen. The Shoran Kyaku is the same as Ryo's Punch dance and Robert's
Kick Dance, except it is a rapid knee. The Dashing version is blockable, but 
is still good to surprise the opponent, or as a counter to a slow recovering
move; if blocked, it has delays.

CHAINS: Takuma can chain ALL quick attacks into any other attack.


1. J.FP, S.QP, S.FP, KoHoKen
2. Gale Kick, ZanRetsuKen
3. J.FP, S.FP, Shoran Kyaku
4. J.FP, C.QP, C.QK, S.FP, Dashing Shoran Kyaku


IMO better than Ryo and Robert, because of the Dashing Shoran Kyaku and his
ability to juggle after the Gale Kick. He can also play a good keep-away game
with his FB techniques, then throw in the Gale Kick for a good combo now and

Team China:


"No one's going to take my place as a superstar fighting babe!" 
TAUNT:          Yawns and stretches, rubs her eye.
WINNING POSE 1: Jumps up and down, then raises fist saying "Yatta! Gu!" 
                (translation: I did it!)
WINNING POSE 2: Snaps fingers and gives a peace sign, saying "yay! Kampeki!"
                (translation: yay! Perfect!")
WINNING QUOTES: You weren't that bad! You were pathetic! Go home!
                There's no tea time for heroines.  Let's go!
                I may be a woman, but I'm one tough, fabulous babe!

-Psycho Ball: QCB+any punch
-Psycho Reflector: HCT+any kick
-Phoenix Arrow: QCB+any punch (in mid-air)
-Psycho Sword: F, D, D/F+any punch (can be done in mid-air)
-Butt Attack: D+FK in mid-air
-One Hand Toss: F or B+FP or FK (close)
-Kick-Off Slam: F or B+FP (close in mid-air)
-Desperation; Shining Crystal Bit; B, HCB, U/B, FP+QK (all 4 buttons to 
-Desperation; Crystal Shot: QCT+FP during Crystal Bit


The Psycho Ball is your basic FB, recovers pretty quickly; but, there is a
delay when first coming out, so it cannot be used in a combo. The Psycho
Reflector not only reflects projectiles, but will also hit the opponent up
close, best in combos; just make sure they to time the reflecting right, and
don't do it to an airborne opponent, unless you anticipate and air projectile
(i.e. Ryo's Flying KoHoKen). Her Phoenix Arrow is probably her best all
around move, and the last kick will knock the opponent down; best used after
jumping over a fireball, or to counter a slow recovering move; she can be 
DPed if timed quickly. NOTE: the last kick will only come out with the FP
version. The Psycho Sword is not only the usual DP; it's good as an air 
counter,  but because it can be done in the air, it's great in air-to-air
combat, and takes priority over a LOT of jumping attacks. Of course, it's
vulnerable on the way down. Her Desperation is done in two parts, and both
will hit; the first part is GREAT for ticking off block damage and leaves 
Athena far enough away not to be countered easily. The Crystal Shoot is just
a really powerful FB, which can be jumped over fairly easily. You can "hold"
the Shot back by holding FP, and it will cancel ALL projectiles, even Ryo/
Yuri/Takuma/Robert's HaoShoKohKen!

CHAINS: Athena can chain S.QP and C.QK into any other attack.


1. J.FP, S.FP, Psycho Sowrd
2. J.FK, Q.QK, C.FK
3. J.FP, S.FP, Psycho Reflector (S.FP must be RIGHT up close)


If you can get used to her different style of play she's pretty cool; she's
best on the defensive, IMO, keeping her distance and countering anything she
can, especially with the Phoenix Arrow. If you can get the timing down pat 
for her Desperation it can be devastating.



"Athena, just sit back and watch my stuff!"
TAUNT:          Runs hand through hair and says "Nani yatten nen?" 
                (translation: What're ya doing?)
WINNING POSE 1: Flips backwards and says, "Yo! Yatta ze!" (translation: 
WINNING POSE 2: Turns his back to the player and waves his finger at the 
                loser, saying "Mada mada shugyo ga tarin na!" (translation: 
                you're not there yet, or you need to practice more!)
WINNING QUOTES: I can read you like an open book, moron. Rewrite!
                If you want to beat me, you'll need years of practice.
                So, do you still think I fight like a girl?  Twit!

-ChoKyuuDan: QCB+any punch 
-Dragon Upper: B, D, D/B+any kick
-Dragon Talon Tear: HCB+any punch (in mid-air)
-Dragon's Fang: HCT+any punch
-Overhead Smash: F+FP (hits overhead)
-Hopping Kick: F+FK (hits overhead)
-Psychic Blast: F or B+FP (close)
-Overhead Toss: F or B+FK (close)
-Desperation; Dragon God Drubbing: QCT, B, F+FK


ChoKyuuDan--see Athena's Psycho Ball. The Dragon Upper is not only a good
air counter, but unlike other DPs in the game, if ducked, both hits will 
still always connect (excpet maybe on Choi Bounge?); good in combos as well.
The Dragon Talon Tear is a great mvoe, used in the same way as Athena's
Phoenix Arrow--but, sometimes Sie finishes with a low kick to knock down,
sometimes he doesn't! Maybe it has something to do with the angle you come in
at? The Dragon's Fang is an awesome attack, that comes out fast and can be
used in combos; as well, he hops over 1/2 a screen, so it's a good counter to
a missed move from that distance. His Desperation is quite potent, and the
first half is identical to the Dragon Fang, in in that case it has the same
properties. The 2nd half will easily hit airborne opponents, and for some odd
reason, the whole thing does more damage as an air counter! BTW, if this is
blocked, you're pretty much screwed.

CHAINS: Sie can cancel any crouching quick into any other attack.


1. J.FP, S.FP, Dragon Fange
2. J.FK, C.QP, C.FK
3. J.FK, S.FP, Dragon God Drubbing (!)


Another of my favs, he's a fast, solid character that has powerful combos;
his Desperation is also quite effective, and he has many good regular attacks
to compliment his speed. Good offensive and defensive.



"I'm comin' home a winner, honey!"
FIGHTING STYLE: Drunken Monkey Fist Kung Fu
TAUNT:          Puts hand up to forehead and looks around saying, "Doko ka 
                doko ja?" (translation: where is he, where is she?)
WINNING POSE 1: Drinks from sake jug and hiccups.
WINNING POSE 2: Drunkenly skips across the screen, humming to himself.
WINNING QUOTES: To make things easier, next time I'll fight drunk!
                Geez, you looked bad, but your fighting skills were worse!
                You need a lot more work. Go back to the gym, tadpole!

-Gourd Attack: QCB+any punch
-Rolling Punch: HCT+any kick
-Aerial Drop Roll: F, D, D/F+any punch
-Spinning Punches: 
-Gourd Gulp: F or B+FP (close)
-Leg Toss: F or B+FK (close)
-Desperation; Thunder Blast: QCT, D, D/F+FP


The Gourd Attack is his basic projectile, and it has great range (it does not
actually fly though, as he calls it back on a rope). If blocked from a 
distance Chin cannot be counterattacked as well. It does NOT work up close, 
and has a delay, leaving you open if blocked up close or jumped over. His 
Rolling Punch is an effective maneuver if used correctly; it has a big delay
if blocked, and if the opponent anticipates it, they can knock you out of it
with a sweep or low kick; but, it will go under most high projectiles, 
hitting twice. It has a decent range, but get a feel for it so it doesn't 
miss. The Aerial Drop Roll is a cool looking move, that is OKAY as an air 
counter with proper timing; its main strength is that because of the roll 
upward then down, it is ideal for countering low hitting moves, even some 
projectiles up close (eg. Iori's Ground Fire). If blocked there's a MAJOR 
delay and it is NOT invincible. His Spinning Punches end with an upward 
aerial roll, and all together it gives a LOT of hits and a LOT of damage. It 
is incredibly slow, so only use it to counter a blocked, slow recovering 
move, especially a DP move. This also has big delays if blocked. His 
Desperation is DEVASTATING to the point of being really cheesy; even if 
blocked, it does almost as much damage as when it connects! In addition, it 
is uncounterable from a distance, and because it shoots upward it acts as a 
great air counter. Note that he still has slow recovery, so if you miss or 
they block (provided it doesn't kill 'em anyways!) Chin is left open for a 

CHAINS: Chin can chain all of his quick attacks into any other attack.


1. C.QK, S.FP, Gourd Attack
2. J.FP (2 hits), S.FP, Rolling Punch
3. S.FP, Thunder Blast (!)
4. J.FK, S.QP, Aerial Drop Roll
*5. (corner) hit airborne opponent with the Aerial Drop Roll, repeat 

NOTE: This is an UNLIMITED combo! If the opponent jumps while they are 
      cornered and you hit them with the Drop Roll, it knocks them up high
      enough to be juggled repeatedly with it!


SLOW. Damn, is the old boy slow. If he connects with any of his moves, 
there's damage to be had, but a lot of his moves are quite dangerous to use
unless in many special circumstances. His jump is REALLY slow and lagged, so
all in all you should stay defensive with him, chip away with the Gourd 
Attack, and take the initiative when they screw up. The Thunder Blast is the
move you should be trying to use most often; keep filling your Super Meter 
whenever possible!

Team Brazil:


"If you want to walk away alive, you'll have to win." 
TAUNT:          Stands to attention.
WINNING POSE 1: Removes hat and eye glimmers.
WINNING POSE 2: Fixes glove, turns around and flicks blood off hand.
WINNING QUOTES: Some fight to win, I fight to kill. Scary, huh?
                You can't avoid the bite of my steel. Scary, huh?
                You can't win against real style like us, bozo!


-Cross Cutter: charge B, F+any punch
-Moon Slasher: charge D, U+any punch
-Neck Roller: charge D, U+any kick
-Storm Bringer: HCB+FP (close)
-One Hand Slam: F or B+FP or FK (close)
-Foot Drop: F or B+FP (close in mid-air)
-Desperation; Final Bringer: charge B, D, U+FP+QK


The Cross Cutter is a Sonic Boom-like projectile, quite fast and is pulled 
off from a defensive position, so it is ideal for both pestering from across
the screen and countering. The Moon Slasher does GOOD damage, and covers his
whole front and top nicely, making it ideal to counter most moves from a 
defensive crouch, or to knock out jumping foes. His Neck Roller is another
effective move, and you hould treat it basically like Vega's Spanish Eagle
from SF2; it goes over projectiles and will always home in on the enemy, 
unless they move away quickly; it also does decent damage. Don't use it like
crazy, unless they throw FBs like crazy, 'cause he can be uppercutted out of
it (although he does bounce away to safety if blocked!). The Storm Bringer is
why most consider Heidern way too powerful; it is an unblockable Throw move
that not only does good damage, but gives Heidern their energy! Use it 
WHENEVER possible, to give yourself some more health, and hurt the opponent 
as well. Since it is a Special Throw, it can be used in combos and TICKS! 
His Desperation is a combination of the Storm Bringer and the Neck Cutter; he
does the jump as in the Cutter, but when he grabs them, he saps MAJOR energy
from their meter, about 80%! Heidern will recieve half of the energy his foe
lost as well! It can be used in the same fashion as the Neck Cutter, mainly
to get over FBs; as with the Cutter, it will also bounce away if blocked!

CHAINS: Heidern can cancel C.QP and S.QP into any other attack.


1. S.FP, Storm Bringer
2. J.FP, C.QP, Moon Slasher
3. J.FK, C.QP, S.FP, Cross Cutter


WAY too powerful, Heidern kicks total ass. Although not one of my favs, I use
him whenever I really need to win, because he's just too damn good! Good keep
away with his projectiles and his Moon Slasher on the defensive, then he can
do real damage with combos or his DEVASTATING Final Bringer. If you have your
timing down pat with Heidern, you'll rarely lose.



"To live, to die......the fate of a mercenary is simple."
FIGHTING STYLE: Armed Forces Training
TAUNT:          Gestures with hand saying "Woo!"
WINNING POSE 1: Raises fist then draws back saying "Yeah!"
WINNING POSE 2: Smacks fists then flexes and drops head back groaning.
WINNING QUOTES: No matter how hard you try, you've hit the wall, loser.
                You're so bad, I could've killed you 5 times, bozo!
                Next time, I'll only use one hand. Not!

-Vulcan Punch: tap any punch repeatedly
-Gatling Attack: charge B, F+any punch
-Blitzkrieg Punch: charge D, U+any punch
-Super Argentine Backbreaker: HCT+FK (close)
-Body Press: F or B+FP or FK (close)
-Desperation; Super Vulcan Punch: charge D/B, B, F+FP


The Vulcan Punch is a powerful move, used IMO best as an air counter 
(although you'd have to anticipate, since tapping punch repeatedly means
you'll bring out at least on punch before the Vulcan Punch--of course, this
doesn't apply if you set the L/R Triggers to "Special") or in combos; Ralph
can move when perform the Vulcan Punch, but since it is totally vulnerable, 
doing this isn't all that effective. The Gatling Attack is a POWERFUL 3 hit
punch combo, and like Iori's it's best used in combos or to counter slow 
moves from up close--the recovery is bad if blocked. The Blitzkrieg Punch is 
a DEVASTATING-looking move, but isn't overly effective. It will go over FBs, 
but timing must be perfect, as he doesn't go very far into the air first. It
has a lag, and can be DPed with GOOD timing, so be careful. The Super
Argentine Backbreaker is a devastating up close move that is unblockable, so
tick like mad with it; it can also be used effectively in combos. His Super
Vulcan Punch is totally devastating, not only because of the damage, but 
because it can be put in combos! This buffered out of a J.FP, C.FP pretty
much kills the enemy. It has HUGE lag, because Ralph will continue into his
whole Super if blocked, doing good block damage, but leaving him open when
it's done.

CHAINS: Clark can chain and crouching quick attack into any other attack.


1. J.FP, C.FP, Super Vulcan Punch (!!!)
2. J.FP, S.FP, Super Argentine Backbreaker
3. J.FP, C.QP, C.QK, Vulcan Punch


Another of my favs, Ralph combines good speed and defense with raw power. If
used carefully, he's devastating.



"If you're that conceited, I guess I'll have to rough you up."

FIGHTING STYLE: Armed Forces Training
TAUNT:          Gestures with hand saying, "Hey, c'mon!"
WINNING POSE 1: Lifts hat a little, gives thumbs up and says "Hey!"
WINNING POSE 2: Salutes.
WINNING QUOTES: Go back home wimp. I don't waste my time with amateurs.
                With strength like yours, you losing was to be expected.
                Oh, how I long for a real battle. This is just too easy.

-Vulcan Punch: tap any punch repeatedly
-Flailing Attack: charge B, F+any punch
-Super Argentine Backbreaker: HCT+FK (close)
-Super Arabian Burglary Backbreaker: HCT+FP
-Over the Knee Backbreaker: F or B+FP or FK (close)
-Ultra Argentine Backbreaker: HCB, HCB+FP (close)


The Vulcan Punch is similiar to Ralph's, except that it hits multiple times
for roughly the same damage, and Clark cannot move. Again, best used when
anticipating an opponent jumping in, allowing time for the initial punch as
well as the Vulcan Punch. The Flailing Attack has the same properties as 
Ralph's Gatling Attack, except Clark's starts with an elbow. Use in the same
fashion. Ditto for the Super Argentine Backbreaker. The Super Arabian 
Burglary Backbreaker (what an insanely long name...) is Clark's best move,
because it is a dashing Throw like many others in the game, but has the added
advantage of being UNBLOCKABLE! It's damage is less than his other moves, but
being able to simply surprise turtling foes or foes dashing or advancing 
forward is its greatest strength. It can be hit with a well-timed standing
attack or projectile. Use frequently. Clark's Desperation does great damage,
but can only be done up close, so use it best in combos or ticks.

CHAINS: Clark can chain all of his quick attacks into any other attack.


1. J.FK, Super Argentine Backbreaker or Ultra Argentine Backbreaker
2. J.FK, S.QP, Super Argentine Backbreaker or Ultra Argentine Backbreaker
3. J.FP, S.QP, S.QK, Flailing Attack


His combos don't do that much damage because all of his Fierce attacks are
unbufferable (!); however, he can play a good offensive game with his dashing
Throw move, and jumping in is still quite effective for doing damage. The 
Vulcan Punch is pretty much all you need for defense, provided you can tap
punch fast enough (or you have the L/R set to "Special" ;-) )

Team Korea:


"Hey everyone, follow me into battle!" 
TAUNT:          Shrugs shoulders.
WINNING POSE 1: Takes a defensive pose and says "Hmph."
WINNING POSE 2: Clenches his fist as a tooth glimmers.
WINNING QUOTES: I fight in the name of justice. Meet my wrath, kimchee 
                I can't lose. I fight for truth, justice, and the Korean way.
                Justice always wins. Sulk in defeat, you bad person, you!

-Flash Kick: charge D, U+any kick
-Dive Kick: QCT+any kick (in mid-air)
-Comet Crusher: charge B, F+any kick
-Crescent Moon Slash: HCB+any kick
-Shoulder Toss: F or B+FP or FK (close)
-Desperation; Phoenix Flattener: QCB, HCT+FK+QK (can be done in mid-air)


The Flash Kick is like most flash kicks; pretty much invincible air counter,
hits twice up close, good in combos. If blocked there's a delay. The Dive 
Kick has changed since Fatal Fury Special, so that even when it hits, Kim 
will simply go into the opponent while kicking, as opposed to stomping on 
their head repeatedly then bouncing. There's a delay if blocked, so stick 
with it jumping over projectiles. His new move, the Comet Crusher, is a low
slide followed by a hopping hack kick to juggle; best in combos, you can also
go under FBs with the slide; if blocked he has slow recovery. His Crescent
Moon Slash is still quite potent, with good range and speed; it can also act
to a certain extent as an air counter to deep jumpers. His Desperation is
pretty much the same as Ryo's and Robert's as far as properties, so see them
for that.

CHAINS: Kim can cancel all crouching quick attacks and S.QP into any other 


1. J.FP, S.FP (1 hit only), Crescent Moon Slash
2. J.FK, C.QP, C.FK
3. J.FP, S.QP, S.FP, Comet Crusher
4. C.QP, C.FP, Flash Kick


Well-rounded character, needs more punches though :) . He has great range
because of his kicks, Comet Crusher and Crescent Moon Slash. If careful that
you're moves connect, you're all right.



"I'm really getting tired of that Kim goodie-two-shoes guy."
FIGHTING STYLE: ??? (Big Iron Ball?!) ;-)
TAUNT: Laughs at opponent.
WINNING POSE 1: Drops to one knee and clenches fist grunting, as head gleams.
WINNING POSE 2: Polishes iron ball and hums to himself.
WINNING QUOTES: No matter how hard you train, you can't beat me, insect!
                Don't upset me, I have the strength of a 1000 men!
                You may have speed, but I have this big iron ball.

-Breaking Iron Ball: charge B, F+any punch
-Flying "Iron Ball": charge D, U+any kick
-Spinning Iron Ball: tap any punch repeatedly
-Repeated Slam: F or B+FP (close)
-Chain Choke: F or B+FK (close)
-Desperation; Wild Iron Ball Attack: QCT, HCB+FP


The Breaking Iron Ball does major damage, but is S-L-O-W. Use it only to 
counter very slow recovering moves, although it may be uncounterable when
blocked from full distance. The Flying "Iron Ball" is basically just a Flash
Kick, which does good damage, but of course it's slow; it can be used as an
air counter to an extent, but the recovery is HORRIBLE. The Spinning Iron 
Ball is his best air counter, and he can move ala Zangief's Clothesline of 
SF2; it is NOT invulnerable, and it's slow to start and recover. His 
Desperation is a pure joke, taking almost 2 seconds to initiate! Unless the 
enemy misses a REALLY slow recovering move (eg. time it to hit JUST as Ralph 
finishes his Super Vulcan Punch...) NEVER use this.

CHAINS: none that I can see.


1. S.FK, Spinning Iron Ball
2. C.QP, Flying Iron Ball


SUCKS. PERIOD. He's the only character in this game that just plain sucks; I
see no hope for him. Sure, because of his size I can understand the speed, 
but I can work with Goro and Billy Cane. This guy is slow, AND his moves are 
REALLY useless. His Desperation BITES, and it' almost totally useless. I
suppose one advantage is that he's hilarious to watch in action. Chang is the
big reason not to choose Korea.



"Give me a break, Kim. Let me sharpen my nails first!"
FIGHTING STYLE: ??? (possibly variation of Drunken Monkey Kung Fu?)
TAUNT: Pats his butt and covers mouth with hand while squealing.
WINNING POSE 1: Spins on one leg, then stops with open arms and a big smile 
                saying, "Kachi de yansu." (translation: I win!)
WINNING POSE 2: Spins on one leg, then stops, while teeth glimmer and says, 
WINING QUOTES: I love the sound of stainless steel on raw flash.  Yes!!!
               No one beats me!  I fight for justice--and lots of cash!
               Those who play with razors are bound to get cut.  Watch out!


-Drilling Dive: charge D, U+any kick repeatedly
-Hurricane Cutter: charge D, U+any punch
-Flying Monkey Slice: charge B, F+any kick
-Rolling Claw: charge B, F+any punch 
-Dive Kick: QCT+any kick (in mid-air)
-Roll+Slash: D/F+FP
-Mounting Claw: F or B+FP (close)
-Desperation; charge B, D, U+FP+QK

The Drilling Dive is a Vega-like move, and will easily go over projectiles if
anticipated; if blocked he will bounce away to safety, but it can be hit with
a DP move. The Hurricane Cutter is a great air counter and has great priority
over a lot of standing attacks; he can be hit with a projectile, and hit on
his way down if it is missed or blocked. Choi's Flying Monkey Slice comes out
fast, and will take priority over a lot of lower attacks. His Rolling Claw is
another Vega-like move, although he will continue into an upward roll; if
blocked he will finish his roll, then they may be able to get in close as he
falls from it. The Roll goes under most FBs, although low attacks and ground-
based projectiles will take priority over it. His Dive Kick is essentially 
the same thing as Kim's (see above). His Desperation is TOTALLY devastating,
and has TOTAL priority over EVERYTHING but projectiles. It is an invincible
air counter, so that is where it's best used.

CHAINS: Choi can chain all of his quick attacks into any other attack.


1. J.FK, C.FP, Hurricane Cutter
2. J.FP, C.QK, C.FK


Quite a powerful character, if not too powerful, I don't personally like him
because he's damn annoying. But, his speed allows him to go offensive, and 
his Special Moves make him an offensive AND defensive nightmare. Vega 
players'll love this guy.



Team Japan: Well-rounded team, I like Goro and Kyo; Benimaru needs some work,
Team Mexico: Good team for beginners, as all fighters have similiar moves.
Team Italy: Terry and Andy are great, but I think Joe Higashi needs work,
            especially a new Desperation :( .
Team Brazil: Kicks TOTAL ass now, with Clark's dashing BB and Ralph's 
             Desperation (and Heidern's just too damn powerful!) Real Power 
Team China: Sie is a personal fav and Athena's cool (needs easier 
            Desperation), but Chin really weakens them; he needs speed 
            (although his Desperation rocks!). 
Team Korea: Sucks because of Chang. I can't get used to Choi although I know            
            he's good, and Kim's OK too.
Team England: fast, quick, and powerful. (I think King needs a little work,
              especially her Desperation and that stupid new move that 
              doesn't work anyway).
Team USA: Iori kicks TOTAL ass, and with practice Billy and Eiji can be good 


1. Iori Yagami, Sie Kensoue, Ralph (my personal BEST team)
2. Terry Bogard, Ryo Sakazaki, Kyo Kusanagi 
3. Andy Bogard, Mai Shiranui, Athena Asamiya
4. Heidern, Andy Bogard, Sie Kensoue
5. Terry Bogard, Robert Garcia, Clark
6. Athena Asamiya, Heidern, Billy Cane (keep away!)


Special Thanks to Sony and SNK for FINALLY getting a good SNK game to another
quality system. Also thanks to Alan Abraham ([email protected]), 
Lord BBH ([email protected]), and Joseph Palanca ([email protected])
for their great FAQS.

This and other FAQs can be accessed at my new homepage:

You can also e-mail me at:

[email protected]

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