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Note: This one should be quick, so don't worry.

First, after you wake up, take Sgt Johnson's sniper rifle for your SMG. Then go 
through the hallway, kill the grunt, and look for the ledges near the door. 
Jump on them and look towards where the fight starts. Jump up and crouch 
forward where the top of the roof is. Turn around and go left. Then jump on the 
next ledge, turn left, and jump to the other roof. Once you're done, go right 
and through the crack, on the roof to your left, and on to the big bridge. Go 
to the ledge and jump on it(carefully). Then jump to the roof. Then turn left 
and jump the clearing. Follow the roof until you see the road. Turn right and 
you'll see the fight at Hotel Zanzibar. Snipe the Grunts and Elites, and meet 
up with your buds. Go through the hallway and go left into a hiding spot. Let 
your buds clear the enemies, but throw a plasma anyways. Then you'll run into 
where the ship comes out of the sky. Quickly find a hiding spot, let your buds 
kill them, and once they die you can help too. 

Next, you should run into the Warthog. Take it, and quickly run through the 
following fights. Then once you reach the tunnel, keep going until you reach 
the first few fights. I got there with a Ghost instead and it saves time and 
life! Once you reach those fights with the Covenant Transports, let your buds 
in the Warthog do their thing. Once you beat them, you'll run into the group of 
Transports, then a few more squads of Elites and Grunts. Then you get to the 
end of the level once you're about to leave the tunnel and go up until you 
start the Metropolis Level.

Congratulations! You finished it! Hazzuh...

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