Part 2 Of the ULTIMATE TRUE Fusions and Passwords - Guide for Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses

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Table of Contents

Aqua Dragon=Kairyu-Shin+Akihiron
Kairyu-Shin=Koumori Dragon+White Dolphin
Metal Dragon=Koumori Dragon+Mechanical Snail
Bolt Escargot=Bolt Penguin+Night Lizard
Crimson Sunbird=Mavelus+Fire Eye
Stone D.=Blackland Fire Dragon+Destroyer Golem
Flame Cerebrus=Wolf+Dragon Piper
Punished Eagle=Mavelus+Rhaimundos of the Red Sword
Megazowler=Morphing Jar+Krokodilus
Cyber Soldier=Cyber-Stein+Skull Stalker
Garvas=Skullbird+Skull Stalker
Great Mammoth of Goldfine=Mammoth Graveyard+Phantom Ghost
Pumpking the King of Ghosts=Snakeyashi+Zombie Warrior
Stone D.=Stone Ghost+Lesser Dragon
Stone D.=Darkfire Dragon+Destroyer Golem
Mystical Sand=Ogre of the Black Shadow+Invader of the Throne+Rock Ogre Grotto#2
Metal Dragon=Lesser Dragon+Steel Scorpion
Cyber Saurus=Little D.+Jinzo#7
Sword Arm of Dragon=Uraby+Unknown Warrior of Fiend
Bracchio-raidus=Megazowler+Flying Penguin
Megazowler=Ancient Jar+Yormungarde
Sword Arm of Dragon=Uraby+Dragon Statue
Cyber Saurus=Steel Scorpion+Crawling Dragon#2
Metal Dragon=Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head+Machine Attacker
Bracchio-raidus=Two-mouth Darkruler+M-warrior#2+Guardian of the Sea
Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast=Master&Expert+Baron of the Fiend Sword
Stone D.=Stone Ghost+Blackland Fire Dragon
Nekogal#2=Nekogal#1+Moon Envoy
Flame Swordsman=Charubin the Fire Knight+The Judgement Hand
Soul Hunter=Beaked Snake+Mech Mole Zombie
Punished Eagle=Takuhee+Fiend Sword
Dark Elf=Ancient Elf+Fairywitch
Rose Spectre of Dunn=Green Phantom King+Ancient Brain
La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp=Dark Artist+Lord of the Lamp
Crimson Sunbird=Crow Goblin+Wings of Wicked Flame
Mystical Sand=Stone Ghost+Red Archery Girl
Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast=King Fog+Lisark
Punished Eagle=Red Skull Bird+Oscillo Hero
Kaminari Attack=Electric Lizard+Curtain of the Dark Ones+Djinn the Watcher of the 
B. Dragon Jungle King=Crawling Dragon+Arlownay
Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast=Kurama+Wrecthed Ghost of the Attic
Dark Witch=Goddess with the Third Eye+Lunar Queen Elzaim
Punished Eagle=Fiend Reflection#1+Unknown Warrior of Fiend
Skelgon=Baby Dragon+Flame Ghost+Ghoul with an Appetite
Thunder Dragon=Baby Dragon+Kaminarkozou
Crimson Sunbird=Faith Bird+Wicked Wings of Flame
Bracchio-raidus=Lava Battleguard+Uraby+Turu-Purun
Punished Eagle=Faith Bird+Armail
Rapid Horseman=Battle Ox+Mystic Horseman
Rose Spectre of Dunn=Abyss Flower+Lord of Zemia
NOTE:There will be a Campaign Walkthrough next month on the 18Th of October!!!!!

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