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                                POKEMON FIRERED FAQ

                                 Pallet Town

After you create your character, your in your room standing in front of your 
T.V. Go to your P.C. and take the potion.Then go downstairs, and go outside. 
Go north to the exit of Pallet Town and Profesor Oak will stop you and take 
you to his lab. He offers you to chose one of three pokemon. (Bulbasaur, 
Charmander, and Squirtle.) What ever pokemon you pick is the one weakest to 
what your rival picks. For example, if you pick Charmander, your rival will 
pick Squirtle. After you do all this you and your rival will battle. This is 
pretty easy. When you are finished, go north to route 1.

                               Route 1

This is optional. You can go to the first man you see and he will give you a 

                         Viridian City 

When you get to Viridian City, go to the shop. The shopkeeper will ask you to 
deliver a package to Profesor Oak. Go back to the lab and give the package to 
Profesor Oak. He will give you a pokedex and 5 pokeballs. If you go to route 
22, then yor pokemon should be around levels 9-10 because your rivals there 
and all his pokemon are level 9. The good news is he only has two pokemon and 
by now you should have three pokemon. There's nothing to do in route 2 so head 
straight through there to Viridian Forest.

                     Viridian Forest

There's not much to do here. The biggest thing there is probably catching a 
Pikachu. So grab the pikachu and get make your way out of the forest to Pewter 

                        Pewter City

Besides the gym leader there is only one thing to do here. It's optional but 
you can go to the museum at the very top of Pewter City. Otherwise go to the 
Pewter gym. Brock is the first gym leader. If you win, (Which is fairly easy.) 
you will get the boulder badge. First you have to beat Brock's trainer if you 
have Squirtle or Bulbasaur you can beat them both very esaly, but if you have 
Charmander you should use a Butterfree. When you win you will get the 
boulderbadge and TM39 AND the ability to use HM05 flash. When you leave, be 
sure to heal up and head east to route 3.

                             Route 3

There is not much to do here either. Very rarely there will be a pokemon 
center out of the towns. It just so happens that this is one of the places. 
Inside the pokemon center there is a man who is willing to sell you a 
Magickarp for 500 pokepoints. It's not worth it though. Heal yourself and be 
on your way to Mt. Moon.

To be continued...             

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