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Divine Divinity Quest Walkthrough ver 1.20

By Wolfy
Email : [email protected]

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This FAQ is written by Wolfy. Divine Divinity is a trademark of Larian Studios.
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Date Updated : October 20, 2002.
Note 20 October 2002: Finish the whole walkthrough added all remaining quest. I
did not add the easter egg Larian Armor Quest as I think there’s one good FAQ
outside in Gamefaqs. Besides, I found a better Super Mithril Armor which have
500 defense. Best of luck in finishing the game.
Note 17 October 2002: Added more quest updates along the way as my game
progress. Quest in Stormfist Castle and Quests after that are added. Added
Quest for SHRIMPO as well. Massive update as I’m about to finish the game.
Note 16 October 2002: I’ve done most of the primary quests so far, there’s
still more to come, but at least this first version will help a lot for
starters and those still stuck some where. Most of the Dark Forest area quest,
I’ve not covered as I myself haven’t reach that far yet.

Thanks to

I. All the people that contributed in the Larian’s Divine Divinity Forum for
making this walkthrough possible.
II. Larian Studios for making this great RPG Game.
III. GameFaqs for allowing my walkthrough to be posted
IV. My family and friends.

Quest Listing

I. Aleroth

1. Find Cure for Simon.
Solution : Pickup magic mirror from one of the abandoned house north. (on top
the packages). Also read the book on how the magic mirror helps to duplicate
the magical gems. Then head to the Source (a water spring in somewhere east of
village). Talk to the Source to obtain a magical healing gem.

Take those two, go to the pond with reflection in front of the Lizardman’s
house then, drag and drop the mirror into the pond. Then, drag and drop the
healing gem to duplicate it.
2. Find Cure for Verlat
Solution : Use the duplicated gem for Verlat as well. Follow the solution

3. Collect herbs for George
Solution : The best way is to free Lanilor the elf from icy prison first, to do
that please read Quest 4.

4. Rescue Lanilor the elf from icy prison.
Solution : After the cutscene, talk to Lanilor to get this quest. Head to the
well in the east of Mardaneus house. Enter the well. Inside there’s a dungeon
that leads to Mardaneus house. Talk sense out of Mardaneus and he will free
Lanilor. Talk to him to get catacomb quest read Quest 5a. Also ask permission
to collect herbs from his garden. Head to his garden just beside his house,
take only one herb Drudanae and give it to George.

5. Find the 2nd Teleporter pyramid
Solution : After decending to level 2 or 3. You may decide to drop the first
pyramid and use it to teleport you to the 2nd one. Prepare to fight though.
Collect the 2nd one by drag and drop.

6. Retrieve magic axe called Slasher
Solution : One of the magical axe in the catacombs once identified is called
Slasher just give it to the Orc leader.

7. Restore Mardaneus Sanity

7a. Unlock the entrance to the catacombs beneath Aleroth.
Solution : Talk to Lanilor, and twist all the dragon statues facing north.
7b. Help dead necromancer.
Solution : Just pull the lever of resurrection. Final level of the dungeon.
	7c. Kill Thelyron.
Solution : Just kill him and prepare for ambush on the way out. Try to make
your way out from there and have Mardaneus help you on the way.

8. Find a solution to the plague problem in Rivertown. ( ! )
Note : This is the last quest in Aleroth, please make sure you have done all
the quest prior to this one (those above), else quests like Find a cure for
Simon and Verlat will fail because, all the healers will be transferred to Blue
Boar Inn to help the plague in Rivertown.

8a. An escort for the healers.
Solution : Head out to the wilderness, expect lot of battles with orcs if the
orcs are too tough to handle run back to Knight Seth to help you. Follow the
road do not stray from it, you can scout the area later when you are much
stronger. Cut scene between Dragon riders and Zandalor will happen in mid way
of your journey. You will reach the bridge where 2 soldiers are fighting the
trolls. Assist them, ask for directions. Follow the road towards the barracks
South East from the bridge. When you reach the Barracks, talk to General Alix
to ask for reinforcement. She will send you to a quest to meet with Captain
Mitox in the battlefield somewhere South East from the Barracks and allows you
to use equipment for free in the armory. This quest is related to the quest in
section II quest 3, read more about it.

8b. Find Captain Mitox
Solution : Follow the road to south east by now, you will have travel around
the farmlands and barracks, continue until you reach a place where is there’s a
lot of guards around. Captain Mitox is leading the army to defend the country.
Talk to him and he will give you a quest to ravage the orc supply train. By
now, Captain Mitox will issue a group of army to solve quest 7a. You then
received a useful scroll from him to activate all human teleporter.

9. George murdered
Solution : After the catacomb quest, you will find out that George body lying
on the floor, murdered!.
9a. Expose George murderer
Solution : After talking to all the healers in the Aleroth, Mardaneus ordered
you to find more about George’s murderer.

II. Outside Aleroth Farmlands, Blue Boar Inn, Commander Ralph Outpost, Barracks
and Poor Area

1. Meet the wizard Zandalor at the Dwarven Bread Inn.
Solution : Venture your way to the east after the Barracks. You can ask
direction from the Blue Inn.
1a. Find Zandalor.
Solution : After talking to one of the Marked One, he mentioned that Zandalor
is going to Stormfist Castle to look for another Marked One. You decided to
meet him in the Castle.
Note : This is a plotted quest, do not attempt this quest until you are around
25 – 30 level of experiences. Otherwise your character will be too weak to
handle battles ahead. Further more your teleporter pyramid will be removed by
an imp.

1b. Find the teleporter activation scroll.
Solution : Zandalor will give you the scroll of Mage and a teleporter map
scroll as for start.

Scroll of Dwarf : Either through conversation choose not to take the gem
offered by the dwarf in Dwarven Bread Inn. He will leave the scroll behind, or
take it from the dwarven village mayor’s hall table.

Scroll of Elf : Archer’s Guild.
Scroll of Human : Can be obtained from speaking with Commander Ralph or Captain
Scroll of Lizard : Can be obtained after you cured Mardaneus from your
lizardman friend, Goemoe.
Scroll of Orc : Take it after killing the shaman in the tent in Orc Camp.
Scroll of Imp : Imp’s deserted castle, catacombs, behind a pile of straw.

2. Remove the curse.
Solution : Enter the curse abbey, slay all the monsters to descend, then free
the trapped soul in the area to lift the curse. Note : There’s a notebook you
might want to take from there as well, regarding the 3 holy items.

3. Who is responsible for the Harvest disaster?
Solution : Talk to Hugh in the Farmlands to get more info on this quest. Travel
south west from there until you reach a cave just nearby the farms.
3a. An orc is the perpetrator.
Solution : Kill the orc Tipix inside the cave full of poison canister. Look for
the key in his body. Return to Hugh.
3b. Where does this key fit?
Solution : Visit the Blue Boar Inn, open the hatch near Splinter, there’s one
room below locked. Only the key fits it. It also contains poison
canisters….hmmmm. Go up and questioned Splinter. Then return to Hugh.
3c. The key fits.
Solution : After opening the door under cellars of Blue Boar Inn.
3d. The cellar was rented to Dr.Elrath.
Solution : After questioning Splinter the owner of Blue Boar Inn.
3e. Dr.Elrath key was stolen.
Solution : It seems after you meet Dr.Elrath and tell him about the canister,
he says that his cellars key was stolen by someone. The only way to find out is
to find his door key behind his house (use ALT) and then manipulate a series of
lanterns to open a series of doors towards his secret dungeon below.
3f. Dr.Elrath is a fake!
Solution : To enter the secret dungeon…here’s the combination : There’s 6
lanterns that have strange things about it. Off the one leftside of door. On
the one on right side then off another lantern near the wall beside the table
to open the first door. Then, go off  the lantern after you enter the first
door (behind the first door). Venture into the bedroom and off the remaining
two more lantern. Once reaching the dungeon, you then need to pull out all the
boxes and packages blocking the door. Prepare for traps and a DJINN that will
attack you on sight. Hint : Poison weapon skill looks good on them. Take the
note on the experiment table.
3g. Dr.Elrath exposed!
Solution : Right after you exit the dungeon on the way out, you will confront
Dr.Elrath himself who will push you out and shut the door. He then orders 3
assassins to come teach you a lesson. Be prepared.

4. Isoldes Love Letter.
Solution : Talk to the milk maid in the farmlands for this quest. Go to the
barracks, visit Gareths talk to him. Deliver his love letter back to Isoldes.
He also request for feign death potion.
     4a. Gareths feign death potion.
     Solution : You will get your feign death potion upon talking to the priest
in Church after solving the Church quest.

5. Catch the thief!
Solution : Visit down the poor area, in Dorian’s house, open the hatch you will
find out Dorian is the cattle thief. Report to the cattle owner for reward.

6. Deal with Trolls
Solution : Slay all trolls and the king in the caves west of the bridge.

7. Deliver Letter (Harriet)
Solution : Talk to Harriet in the Blue Boar Inn, deliver the letter to Uncle in
Ducal Inn in Verdistis. Return to her for reward.

8. Restore Marias reputation
Solution : Maria from one of the house in Poor Area, request you to help her
expose Malcom’s evil doing in Verdistis. In Verdistis, head over to Malcom’s
old house. There’s an account book to retrieve. Alternatively, if you talk to
Malcom in the Merchant Guild, he will instruct you to kill Maria for him in
return for the free membership of the merchant guild but, you earn some
negative reputation by that.
8a. Maria was right!
Solution : Obtained right after you place the Malcom’s merchant guild evidence
in your inventory. Show it to him and show it to Trevor the head of the
Merchant Guild to obtained free membership and if you managed to also say that
poor Maria was framed, Maria in return will help you to get permission to buy
or rent a house in Verdistis.

9. Disappearing gems!
Solution : Given by one of the beggar named Malachias. It is one of the evil
trickery by some magician and a group of thug finding victims for Dr.Elath evil
experiment. Trace the gems that starts from the fence of poor area towards the
back of the west forest.

10. Kidnapped by a zombie.
Solution : Find one of the open graveyard pit to enter the dungeons below. Slay
the zombie and save the damsel. It is the same Zombie Jake you will encounter
if you decided to pay visit to his actual house in Aleroth (one of the house
with hatch) or place flowers from his wife to his grave.

11. Retrieve Balin’s necklace.
Solution : Started from talking to the big rascal of poor area called Balin. He
instructed you to get the necklace stolen by Jonas. Just go over to Jonas
house(north) cupboard (use ALT key). Ask Jonas after obtaining the necklace
first, you will find out he did that on purpose to make Balin pay. You can
return the Balin’s necklace losing 2 reputation points for helping the rascal
or accept quest from Jonas listed below.
11a. Teach Balin a lesson.
Solution : Walk over there, and bash him up for good. Return to Jonas for
experience reward and +1 to reputation.

12. Expose the Dukes murderer ( ! )
Solution : Obtained from Commander Ralph, you will need to get in touch with
the Assassin guild to know more about the info. According to Commander Ralph
the richman Sir Dante has contacts to the Assassin guild. Pay Sir Dante a
12a. Steal Sir Patricks title deed.
Solution : You’ll need to do this dirty work for Sir Dante to get the
information you want. However, you can do that easily without any detection by
finding the secret portal in his garden outside by the Westside. Step in you
will be teleported into Sir Patricks treasure chambers. Take the deed, the
treasure chest in his vault contains only money, however it needs a level 5
lockpicking skill to open them. Carry those heavy boxes into your inventory and
slowly transfer to a safe place to lock pick later…hehehe. This is the
combination of the lever system. All together there’s five rooms with levers.

         Down                       Up


         Up                       Down

         12b. Meet Cybu, the murderer of the Duke.
Solution : After you get to meet the contact of the Assassin Guild, you will be
expecting a fight. After that, proceed into the Cupboard to gain access to the
secret dungeon. There you will be greeted by more assassins and such. So slay
your way until you meet the contact again. Spare him to arrange a meeting with
Cybu at the burned house, above Commander Kratus Outpost. You can face and kill
Cybu alone or you can contact Commander Ralph for help. I choose to contact
Commander Ralph first.
12c. Meet Ralph in Verdistis
Solution : After reporting to Commander Ralph, he will instruct you to go back
the burned (destroyed ) house to meet him there with his guards. Together you
walk to the meeting area, and kill Cybu.

13. Find cure for Sara, Cedric and Tibus
Solution : Unfortunately you only have two cure flask found in Dr. Elrath
secret dungeon. Some suggest that you need to pick pocket (pickpocket level 2)
one of the victim you handed the flask for cure and gave it to the remaining

III. Church, Curse Abbey, BattleField and Orc Camp (Dwarven Forest)

1. Ravage supply train. ( ! )
Solution : As instructed by Captain Mitox, once reaching the supply train area
in the map, to get in there safely use the Spider statues so that, you can
scout the area first, or you can slay your way inwards and place the explosive
within the area.
     1a. Poison the well in the Orc Camp
Solution : Grab the potion from Mitox and head straight towards to the Orc
Camp, move north from the ravaged supply train and pour it into the well.
You’ll be facing more orcs and enemies along the way.
1b. Meet General Alix at the Barracks
Solution : This is one of the ( ! ) to get invitation to meet the new duke in
the castle. Read more about quest inside the castle in Castle Stormfist below.

2. Broken Wheel
Solution : Talk to the cart driver, he will request help to ask for new wheel
from Marcus in Ars Magicana.
2a. Deliver a new wheel
Solution : After you have talked with Marcus, he will plucked out a new wheel
and hand it over to you.
2b. The Burning Cart
Solution : After you returned to the cart driver location with the new wheel,
well you can start by ditching the heavy wheel and tracking the blood stain to
the forest north.
2c. Find clues about Wares. / To Rivertown.
Solution : Obtained after you have reported to Marcus about the burning cart.
After finding out that the blood stains are from the caves near the dead bodies
of drivers were found (follow the pile of gold left by assassins). Slay the two
assassins and get the note from the table (Quest : To Rivertown will appear) .
Report to Marcus.
2d. Tingalf
Solution : Marcus will give you another quest related to the stolen goods
related to black market and Tingalf!. Also view info in quest Find the truth
about Tingalf by Trevor in quest of Verdistis and Find the suppliers of Tingalf
by the guard named Robin by the standing by the side of the Blake’s Store in
Ars Magicana. Note: There’s a quest bug here. So make sure before you venture
into the sewers ask Trevors in Merchant Guild this quest about Tingalf before
completing it, also ask Trevors for reward to complete this quest. Otherwise,
you will get one irritating unsolved quest in your book regarding Tingalf
2e. Nearby Depot / The Black Market Depot.
Solution : Tingalf gave you a hint after asking him some question that, the
depot is nearby and it is dangerous to even approach. The depot is actually the
sewers below Ars Magicana.

3. The Church
Solution : You spotted a Church priest running to save his life into the
confession chambers. Slay all the baddies in the church. (meteorstrikes are
good against them). Then, enter the secret chambers hidden beneath confession
chambers to talk to the priest.
3a. Desecration?
Solution :  Ask the priest and he will give you the quest to find out what
causes the spirit unrest. Time for some Sherlock Homes quest.
3b. Peeing Boy
Solution : After you leave the chamber you will get a cut scene showing little
Vinny peeing into the holy wine altar. Report this incident to the priest
below. As a reward to the quest you get experience and reputation rise. Plus
you get to buy potions including Feign death potion from the priest to solve
Gareth’s problem.

4. The Cursed Abbey
Solution : The curse abbey obtained from Finn, one of the farmers north of the
Farmlands. To lift the curse, you need to fight your way in. Journey to the
second level of the abbey and release the undead prisoner inside.

IV. Dwarven Bread Inn, Dwarven Village,  Ars Magicana, Graveyard, Necro’s
Garden and Sewers below.

1. Missing Delivery
Solution : Talk to Marcus before you discover the missing cart on the forest.
He will instruct you to help him find the missing cart. For more info read
quest III 2d.
2. Find the suppliers of Tingalf.
Solution : After talking to Guard Robin, he instructed you to help him find out
more about. Solved after you talk to Marcus on the note you found in the sewers
of Ars Magicana regarding the stash of goods.
3. Look for Missing boy
Solution : Obtained from Caroline, she is front of the entrance of Ars
Magicana. Apparently, her boy was captured by a vampire, into the dark cave.
Read quest 4 for more info.
4. Investigate Dark Caves
Solution : A powerful crusader have instructed you to help him venture the dark
caves in the east of the forest. The cave is easily identified as there’s bat
flying about.
4a. Kill the Vampire
Solution : Trade your life over for the boy to get more reputation and
experience. The downside of this option is you lose 99% of you HP and 1 point
in each attributes. It doesn’t really matter as for the reward will sums up the
lost. Plus if you return to the Crusader, he will grant you a Bless skill for
5. Philosophy of Life
Solution : Obtained from speaking with Otto the leader of the cult. They were
worshipping the Lord of Life. However, Otto do not have the means to enter the
garden. Need the key from Blake in Ars Magicana.
5a. Nericon’s Garden
Solution : After your reputation is about 15 or more (I think), you may
purchase the key from Blake and open the door, be sure to talk to Otto and read
(memorize) the book. Then talk to the statue to take the test. As a reward you
will get some experience points and free a Restoration spell. To get to the
secret treasure garden, just kill all the hostile frogs (4 of them) and the
portal will open revealing some gold and a frog statue.

V. Verdistis and Verdistis Sewers.

1. Thieves Guild entry Test
Solution : Talk to Rob the head representative of Thieves Guild in Verdistis
(In Ducal Inn). He will give you two set of test to enter the guild.
1a. First thieves guild test.
Solution : To pickpocket from a drunken person, to get his necklace. Then,
return to Rob for 2nd test and experience. (min requirement : pickpocket skill
level 1).
1b. Second thieves guild test.
Solution : To enter the hatch to thieves guild below, picklock the north door
to get a bottle of ale for Rob. (min requirement : picklock skill level 1).

As a reward for this quest you are now an official member of the thieves guild
and can get to choose evade traps, picklock or pick pocket skills to train for
free. The thieves guild is useful when, you need to reenter the Castle
Stormfist later.

2. A murderer in Verdistis.
Solution : Obtained from Commander Kratus in the command post. He suspects
Pierces the wine seller. Question Pierces and he will allow you to search his
shop. Travel until you reach the hatch to go down. Move towards an entrance
blocked by boxes and packages. Get the boxes out and go to the coffin to meet
the Vampire.
2a. Vampire!
Solution : Upon solving this quest you will be hitting two birds with one
stone. So, it is worth it. Questioned the Vampire and you will find out he is
the person that murdered George as well. Killing him will end murderer in
Verdistis quest and expose George murderer quest. Return to Kratus for reward.

3. A trapped friend.
Solution : Obtained from a girl near the teleporter of Verdistis. Her cat
Cosmos is trapped below the Merchant Guild. You need to be a member of the
Merchant guild to gain access below the hatch. The cat is locked inside one of
the room below. Just unlock it to free it. Return to the girl, she will tell
you a secret that, the Chicken House at the West side of the city contains
treasure and it is protected by a snake.

4. Deliver the grain order bill to Hugh.
Solution : Obtained from Leptine the General Store keeper. You need to complete
the quest of Harvest poisoning to complete this quest. Deliver this letter to
Hugh of Farmlands.
4a. Tell Leptine Hugh refused the order Bill / Tell Leptine the grain is on its
Solution : When you confront Hugh, he will say that Leptine still owes him some
money and will not issue any grains to him. You can get more experience and
reputation, by paying Leptine’s debt for him. Return to Leptine to complete
this quest.

5. Get access to the tarts.
Solution : Obtained from Cordran in Ducal Inn. You need to establish good
relationship with Leptine and Inn keeper to get this quest done. I suggest
complete the quest 4 first. Then, speak to Inn Keeper, ask for “Yanin” he will
give you hints to look for Leptine. Approach Leptine and he will reveal the
secret hatch. Return to Cordran.

6. The brooch
Solution : Randell the servant of Sir Dante, asked you a favor to retrieve the
brooch for Sir Dante at the Dwarven Hall at the mountains in Dark Forest. In
the Dwarven Hall find the jeweler named Elmer Vignus to complete this quest.

7. Do I want to summon a demon?
Solution : Obtained after helping Corinna slaying the demon she mistakenly
summoned. She will give specific instruction to collect 3 items for her ( A
summoning book from Penumbra, a bottle of exquisite wine, and a branch from the
Talking Tree in Dark Woods ). Note : Warning! Do not purchase the wood from
Dark woods by Mnepezk, otherwise you will failed the quest thus, killing
Corinna as well.
7a. A bottle of wine.
Solution : Talk to Pierces the wine seller, you will be told that he sold the
last bottle to Anthrabert. Go pay Anthrabert a visit, he will give you a quest
to sabotage Mpenzak’s cart. If you agree and solve his quest, you will get a
negative reputation. Note : To solve this quest nicely (there’s a bug here) try
pickpocket him or buy the wine from him using trade option. However, the wine
will dissppear from your inventory when, Mpenzak’s wagon is destroyed, not to
worry, just go back to his bed it will be there. So, don’t take the quest, he
will eventually hire someone else to do it, walk over and visit Mpenzak’s shop
to see the cut scene, talk to the Guard about Anthrabert s evil plot. He will
arrest Anthrabert for it. Go back to his room, and you will find the bottle
lying near the bed.
7b. Free Penumbra.
Solution : After joining the thieves guild, you can go deeper into the guild
and notice a cell guarded tightly by a fellow thief. Just free Penumbra and
kill the guard. (However, I can’t stop thinking about there’s a better way in
doing this).
7c. Retrieve Penumbra’s Dagger
Solution : Pay Kratus a visit, using shadow potions and stealthy stuff, pick
open his treasure chambers to obtained the dagger. Note : Save before
attempting this quest, if you get caught it you know the drill. Return to
Penumbra at Corinna’s house to trade the dagger for the summoning book.
7d. A planet for the ritual.
Solution : Grab the plant outside Corinna’s garden and return down the hatch to
complete the quest. After the summoning practice is done, she will reward you

8. Lockpicking Bet.
Solution : Talk to Rodgar, to get this quest, but you have to pay him 5000
gold. You can either fail the quest so that you gain an extra lockpicking skill
or win your money back if your skills of lockpicking is high.

9. Bring Finnigan his magic lock pick
Solution : The magic lock pick is in the table of Commander Kratus Outpost.
Steal it and return to Finnigan for reward.

10. Avenge Graham
Solution : Talk to Graham in the Ducal Inn, he will reward you his father’s
magical glove if you succeed in killing Cirgon. He will mark Cirgon house in
your map in Verdistis. You can choose not to kill Cirgon and get more

VI. Archer’s Guild, Areas of the South and Dark Forest.

1. Free the Hostages.
Solution : Obtained from the encounter with a boy, running to you near the
Archer’s Guild. Before, doing this mission ask and listen closely to the boy
for hints to enter the house without noticing. Release the parents first, by
coming from the back door. Then confront Raven and his thugs so that, he will
not have the chance to kill the hostages at first sight. Return to them, for

2. The sword in the stone
Solution : Do not attempt this until you are sure, you can take the guardian
guarding the sword. I do not have any information regarding the sword. It’s too
risky to try it early. So, with all the time just solve all the quests before
pulling this one out. I heard rumors the elves will be hostile if they see you
with this sword but I’m not sure. Do not run from the stone after it is pulled,
to complete this quest put the sword back. I’ve identified the sword it is just
a normal magical sword nothing as great as Singing Blade. So forget it.
	2a. Sword in the stone creature.
Solution : After you pulled out the sword you must kill the guardian else, all
will be lost. The ghost will cast a spell killing entire people in the map,
including the innocent elves in the village. Just place the sword back to the
stone to solve it.

3. Evil Transformation.
Solution : Obtained after talking to the boar (cut scene) in the forest. Just
head toward Boratus house, read quests below for more information.
     3a. Kill Boratus and find cure for this animal.
Solution : Obtained from cow in Boratus cellar. After a visit to the Boratus
House, move all the barrels, and push the picture to enter his secret cellars
below. Follow the cow’s advise release the wolves to kill Boratus. (There seem
to have bugs here due to timing and dropping of Boratus key, just save before
releasing the wolves and not the snake, let them do the job for you)
3b. Find Dwarven Priest
Solution : The Dwarven Priest is in the Western side of the Dwarven Hall, speak
to him and he will give you the Holy Grail quest.
3c. Find Holy Grail
Solution : The holy grail is situated in the mountain cave south of the Dark
Forest near the Abandoned Imp Caslte. Please save before grabbing the grail as
you will be ambushed. Return to the priest to solve this quest. Take the grail
to free the animals. However, one of them the boar you see just before entering
southern region of Dark Forest, refuse to get cured as he already used to being
a boar and even found his love one.

4. Find a collectors items
Solution : Just descend and kill all the ghost around the ruins and pick up the
vase below it. Don’t forget the amulet of Holy Weapons is inside the ruins too.
Return to the merchants camping outside the forest.

5. Fight mountains trolls.
Solution : Talk to Saphiro, agree to help him in avenge his love ones killed by
mountain trolls pointed in the map.
5a. Betrayal!
Solution : It is actually a betrayal, Saphiro and his team mates are hired by
an evil sorcerer to kill you. So please save before walking to the map area as
you might be expecting a fight.

6. Solve the problems between the Elves and the Dwarves.
Solution : Will be available soon.

7. Becoming a member of the Warrior Guild.
Solution : Talk to the head of the guild to accept further two more dangerous
7a. The First Test
Solution : Obtained the Eye of the Cyclops. Get the key from the leader, and
take the cellars below. Journey below and save often as the enemies below are
quite challenging especially the Guardian protecting the Eye. Use Scorpion
traps to help you just in case. Note: The KAA Gent Scroll hidden mysteriously
is just an Easter Egg, it is actually a famous Belgium Football club name).
7b. The Second Test.
Solution : Venture to the Abandoned Imp Castle to the south West. Kill and the
resistance forces until you reach the dungeons below. Slay the Dragon Riders to
get the Dragon Stone. Return to Warrior Guild to activate the Dragon Armor

8. Find Rimmer in Glenborus
Solution : Obtained from his brother in Dwarven Hall. Just teleport back to
Dwarven Village and talk to Rimmer ( the dwarf brewing ale). Return to him to
complete this quest.

9. Slay the Stalker
Solution : Venture to the Cave south of the house. Until you reach a place with
butterflies around you. Enter the cave and slay everything. The Stalker is the
mage itself (quite strong) please save before entering. (not surprising after
witnessing so many betrayals)

10. The Tree (Collect Herbs for Alchemist)
Solution : The alchemist wants the herbs from the Talking Tree. You can either
kill the tree once and for all using Buad Teas found below the Alchemist in
Verdistis. Below the southern Bed. Lockpicking skill of 5 to open the hatch or
just run in and collect your herbs.

VII. The Castle StormFist (Meeting of the new Ferol Ruler)

1. Entering the castle, the first time I entered I did not carry any
teleportation pyramid with me, and the imp did not appear. I fear that this
will bugged my entire quest after this, so I decided to bring along my pyramids
and give it to the imp on the entrance.
2. Once you are in the Castle, you will have to do the irritating quest to
serve the spoiled child Duke Janus. Here is the series of quest below.
2a. Meet Janus in his room.
Solution : Walk over to the room, to the right two rooms above the kitchen.
Talk to him.
2b. Find White Cat.
Solution : Duke Janus will command you to find his white cat. Just walk below
towards the kitchen and the White Cat will appear. The white cat is the
mysterious white cat from the intro. It can talk and cast spells too.
2c. Deliver a love letter to Lela
Solution : After telling Duke Janus, you couldn’t find the cat (because, the
cat refuse to follow you), he will ask you to send a letter to her beloved Lela
in the room below his. Return to him to get quest below.
2d. Flowers for Lela.
Solution : Walk outside near the fountain, grab couple of flowers and return to
Lela. Then return to Duke Janus in the hallway.
2e. Escaping Castle Stormfist
Solution : Well, there’s no solution for it. You’ll just have to endure the
mini irritating quest of serving the duke until quest 2h comes along.
2f. Help the Cook.
Solution : This quest is optional, as it is a dishwashing task. In the kitchen,
take the bowl. Fill it with water using the bucket of water. Use Drag and Drop
during dish washing process. Drag the dishes to the bowl of water to wash them.
Wash until there are no more dishes left. Collect them up into your inventory
and talk to the Chef.
2g. Find teddy bear.
Solution : The teddy bear is behind the wall when you are heading for Janus
Room entrance. Just pick it up and return to Lela.
2h. The Merchant Meeting.
Solution : Just walk to the hallway, to see the cutscene. You will be thrown
out from the Castle and captured by the Evil Elona to the Ionas Dungeon.

VIII. Ionas Dungeon and Quests after the Escape

1. Ionas Dungeon
Solution : Simple, just grab your stuff and get out of the dungeon alive.
You’ll find yourself in the prison cell. Just use the door to trigger the
cut-scene of the mystery cat saving you again.
1a. Find my equipment in Ionas Dungeon
Solution : You must first find the key to unlock the cell.
1b. Find key to my equipment.
Solution : The key is in the second cell with barrels on it. Grab the key and
take your stuff.
1c. Escape the house of madness.
Solution : After reaching dungeon level 2. You will come to a place with books
(just remove a whole lot of barrels blocking the way) and you will be
teleported into house of madness. Just loot around and find the key, then use
the key to unlock the way to the bedroom find an empty bed and just sleep your
way out.
1d. House of Illusion.
Solution : Triggered (in the same level) when you blow out the candle by the
pentagram near a skeleton. A secret passage will open with gems lying around.
The gems unfortunately, are just illusions but the Holy sword you find there is
for real. Woohoo.
1e. The Guardian of Ionas
Solution : There’s this beast that live below level 2, Cyrion. Kill it if you
can or come back later to kill it and grab the treasures. He can be easily
confused when you use embrace into shadows or use the Shadows potions. Use the
skill or potions to get away from him to a safe distance and shoot him from a

Note : The exit to Ionas Dungeon is in Level 2 itself. The level below accessed
via spellbook, is to kill Cyrion.

2. Help Apollo finding his friend SHRIMPO
Solution : Obtained right after you get out from the dungeon and out from the
graveyard gate. The quest is rather unique. Go back to the graveyard. Head
towards the tombstones to your east, there should be 7 tombstones that you can
read. Read from the first victim that starts with S, Sves I think to the last
tomb that starts with O. If you do it correctly, the starting of the victim
names will form S.H.R.I.M.P.O, save before reading the last tombstone as our
friend SHRIMPO is not friendly and can be quite powerful if you are at low
level. Kill it and talk to Apollo about Shrimpo’s death is to release his soul
from suffering to get more experience.

3. Help Duke Ferol find his murderer.
Solution : Obtained in the mansion, in the center of the Graveyard. To unlock
the mansion, just go down the crypt at the west and pull the switch below. Head
back upwards and talk to the ghost of Duke Ferol himself. After killing Cybu
talk to him to complete this quest, read section II, quest 12b.

4. Find Zandalor
Solution : Obtained automatically, throughout your escape.
4a. Find out what happened to Zandalor
Solution : Read quest 4b. for more information.
4b. The entrance to Stormfist Castle cellars.
Solution : The cat does reminds you that the thieves guild can help you in your
journey to find Zandalor. Talk to Rob in Verdistis about secret entrance to the
Castle using the sewers below Lain’s house in Poor Area. In the sewers there’s
only two ways you can head to the castle, one at the castle’s prison and the
other at the castle treasure room. The one leads to Castle Prison is the one
with a huge executioner to deal with. All you can do here is to visit Poor
Dorian and kill the executioner for experience. The main entrance lies in the
treasure room. After you reach the treasure room, view the special cut scene of
Zandalor and one the Marked one.

5. Find the Sword of Lies
Solution : Obtained after you saved Zandalor. Head straight to the Mouth Door.
(treasure room)
5a. Find the password to the treasure room.
Solution : Read 5b. for more information.
5b. The password is ANVAS ENROD.
Solution : Given by Zandalor, use this password to enter the treasure room.
5c. A toy but not a sword, the sword of lies is gone!
Solution : Reaching the treasure room, grab what you can, and grab the toy
sword. Return to Zandalor for more information. He will teleport you to the
Dwarven Bread Inn.
5d. Meet Zandalor at Dwarven Bread Inn.
Solution : Once Zandalor teleported you out safely, you get to view another
cutscene of the another marked one killed. Here, you can decide whether to
follow Zandalor to Council of the Seven or stay back to complete some of your
quest first. Note : Following Zandalor to the Council of the Seven is NOT an
ONE WAY trip. You can still return to the rest of the world when you are there
after killing the Evil Succubus (pretty strong). Furthermore if you can get
back your teleporter stones here. Save before trying. Try killing the Succubus
there, if you can’t kill her, load back and come back later, when you are more
5e. Kill the Succubus
Solution : Obtained when Zandalor is trapped under the spell of the Succubus.
Just kill her and return to free Zandalor.

X. Council of Seven and Quests Beyond

1. Gather the Council of Seven
Solution : Obtained after you slained the Succubus and free Zandalor from the
spell. Just place the scrying ball into the each respective statue to view the
candidate of the council.
1a. Wizard Council Member
Solution : Pretty simple, just place the ball into the statue, and the council
member is Zandalor himself.
1b. Elven Council Member
Solution : The council member is Bronthion, located in the Elven Village in
Dark Forest.
	1b (a) . Find out who is guilty of destroying the elven burial grounds.
	Solution : Speak to Bronthion to get this quest. Head south towards the 
	1b (b). Rampart Dwarves.
Solution : Track the dwarves, enter the cave at the burial ground. Slay your
way towards the dungeon. You will come to the place where there’s an
underground tile. Save before entering as you will be expecting a tough fight.
Kill the sorceress guarding the elven ceremonial items. (Note : There’s a bug
in the game saying you should get 3 items. However, it’s okay to return with
just 2 ceremonial items). Pick them up and return to Bronthion, he will agree
to teleport to the Council.
	1c. Dwarven Council Member
Solution : You need to peek the stone couple of times to find out the exact
location of the Council Member. Try doing the Lizard Council Member quest
first. He is actually heading towards Dwarven Village to investigate the lost
of the Stone Axe.
	1c (a). Retrieve the Axe of Stone.
Solution : Obtained after you spoke to Eolus, member of the Dwarven Council.
Talk to the mayor of the village and the elf captured below the inn. Then, head
towards the Dwarven Hall. Visit the king and then pay a visit to the mines in
Dwarven Hall. Slay your way downwards and stop the evil wizard from stealing
the Stone Axe. In his lab somewhere there’s a note stating that the King’s
brother (mayor of the Dwarven Village) is also involved in this case. Return
the axe and the note to the Dwarven King. By solving the Elven and Dwarven
Council Member quest, you can now talk to your lover (male or female elf in
Elven Village by the well). Read Misc. Quest section for more information.
Return to Eolus to complete the overall quest.
	1d. Human Council Member
Solution : The council representative for human is Mardaneus in Aleroth.
However, when you reach Aleroth it will be invaded with Orcs and Evil Sorceress
	1d (a). Aleroth has been invaded.
	Solution : Just slay every orcs in Aleroth.
	1d (b). Defeat Demona.
Solution : Just defeat her and grab the key from the house (Lanilor) to free
Mardaneus from his cottage. Talk to Mardaneus to solve the overall quest.
	1e. Lizard Council Member.
	Solution : This member quest is quite a troublesome one. You need to 
track his
whereabouts from time to time.
		1e (a). Convince Goemoe to Join the Council of Seven.
Solution : Soon as you drop by the Blue Boar Inn. You’ll find out that Goemoe
is gone. Joram says he left with a group of other Lizards to location unknown
to him. Return to Council to trace his whereabouts.
1e (b). Goemoe has been captured.
Solution : Read following quest below for more information.
1e (c). Transform Goemoe back to his original form.
Solution : Pretty straightforward quest. Just go to Verdistis and ask the
Merchant Guild head, Trevor for information regarding Goemoe whereabouts. Go to
the house rented by the Evil Wizard. There will be some slight problem as the
Wizard will freeze you up, not to worry good old Zandalor will come in time to
rescue you. Slay your way to the save Goemoe. Use ALT to find the
transformation wand below. Use it to free Goemoe from the spell to solve the
overall quest.

	1f. Orc Council Member
	Solution : The Orc council member is actually imprisoned below the Orc 
         1f (a). Free the Orc Council of Seven Member.
Solution : Just pop up in the Orc Camp and head South Eastern corner to visit
the Prison pit. He is inside one of them. Free him to complete the quest.
	1g. Imp Council Member
Solution : Visit the imp friend at one of the room in Ducal Inn. He will tell
that the real council is hiding inside the magic sphere and you have to get in
to get in touch with him.
	1g (a). Enter a magical world.
Solution : Once you touch the magical ball you will be teleported into the
world inside the ball. Just make your way through the garden.
1g (b). The bees and the wasps
Solution : Help either one of them. The bees are honest, the wasps are lying
about the key. I choose to slay the wasp. Hack your way until the key to the
imp house is revealed.
1g (c). Leave the Magical World
Solution : After persuading the imp to join the council of seven, use the
crystal ball given into your inventory to return back to complete the overall
2. Begin the Blessing Ritual
Solution : Once all the council member is gathered, just hit the gong and watch
the cutscene. After the Divine transformation, you will return to the world in
The Wasteland and there’s no way back home. Make sure complete all your quests
and collect all your stuff with you.
3. Where am I, Become a Ghost, Stop the Ritual of Summoning.
Solution : From here, this is the last stage, you can still fix and sell your
stuff in the wasteland, place your pyramid on the bed to come back. Slay your
way to the ending…Good Luck. Note: To Kill the Lord of Chaos, you will need to
remove the spikes covering your way. Just kill all his Black Ring guardians to
remove the spike walls. Good Luck!

XI. Misc. Quest

4. Treasure Maps
Solution : Triggered when any of the Treasure maps are found.
First map : Spider web covered caves near Archer’s Guild
Second map : Bought from Mpenzak. I bought it around 200 gold, you can bargain
with him.
Third map : Sewers of Verdistis, where there’s assassins around, in a dead body
North East.
Fourth map : Picklock the locked door near the mine entrance of Dwarven Hall.
Near the bed.

Once these four maps acquired, it is time to get the treasure. The hidden
entrance to the cave is in the West Mountains of Dark Forest. Note: Walk to the
Elven Ruin Cave in the Dark Forest, (the cave that links to Elven Ruins
garden), take roughly 4 steps to the north from the Cave top, (not inside the
cave but outside, I’m trying to get you the exact location of the place), then,
walk all the way to the west straight to the mountains, you will see couple of
trees and boulders. Get rid of the boulders, and if you do it correctly the
entire platform of cave entrance will slowly appear. Beware of the ghost
guardian inside, he is quite strong, last time I was level 28 or above when I
entered this cave.

5. Finding the Holy Weapon.
Solution : Obtained from Dwarven Blacksmith based on legend he heard, or read
from the book obtained in Curse Abbey (on top of the shelves below) or ask from
the wishing well. It will be a waste to ask from wishing well, you could have
asked from more experience or something of your liking. But, if you do ask for
an enchanted sword this quest is what you get. Each weapons found (3 of them)
they have strange marking in them, stating 3 of them can be sacrifice to make a
powerful one.

The Sword of Holy Weapon : The Ionas dungeon (right after you are thrown out
from the Duke’s castle, you will be captured to this dungeon), the area where
you read about the creature lies below, in the level itself, one of the area
look for skeleton hanging with a pentagram candle on the floor. Blow off the
candle, and the secret entrance to the sword will be revealed.
The Dagger of Holy Weapon : The dagger can be easily obtained after you joined
the thieves guild in Rob’s room below the hatch. The guard will warn you not to
touch Rob’s items. Just enter his room north, the dagger is in the book.
The Amulet of Holy Weapon : The amulet is hidden within the cobweb use, ALT key
to find it in the Elven Ruins (not burial ground).

After obtaining all three items, proceed to the haunted church where you see
the priest running to the confession chambers. Outside the church by the trees
of the north east, you will see a small hatch to enter the hidden temple below.
Just walk and talk to the statue in the circle. I personally like the enchanted
amulet, because I found my singing blade better than the blade I enchanted.

6. Wishing Well.
Solution : You can wish for anything within the one wish. More attributes
increased like strength, more experience, more money, information on the
enchanted sword and a partner to fight the orcs (an ally scorpion). Never ask
for two more wishes as you will screw the chance. I personally, like the
experience wish as you level up you get to pump 5 points to the attributes and
free one or two skills. The wishing well is in the Dwarven Forest by the raised

7. The Bar Fight
Solution : From the Dwarven Bread Inn, enter stairways to go the pit below. 
You need to be strong to beat fighter below. Pay the money to the referee and
start the fight.

8. Finding your love one. (Find the Necklace)
Solution : Whether you take a female or male character in the game. You can get
to meet your love one in the Elven Village by the well. He or She will give you
a quest called “Solve the dispute between Elves and Dwarves”.
He or She will give you a quest to get a special necklace from ancestors, just
pay the dwarven jeweler at Dwarven Hall a visit and ask him to fake it. Return
to him or her, for extra hours of romance.

9. Dragon Armour
Solution : Obtained from the King of Dwarves after the stone axe quest. The
armor is with Sir Patrick of Verdistis but you have to do a favour for him.
8a. Lucius debts
Solution : Find Lucius and ask him to pay up. Lucius is running low on cash and
not doing well. Agree to pay his debts for him, to get more reputation and
8b. Settle Lucius Debts.
Solution : It’s around 2500 gold, by now you should be having lots of gold to
spare. Just pay Sir Patrick for the armor. Here’s the list of the armor sets
Helmet : After fixing the armor with the heart of dragon, ask the king, he will
grant you the helmet.
Gloves : In Elven Burial Pyre. (outside)
Belt : In the old house, of Verdistis, behind Malcom’s house. The one you keep
falling below the rotten platform.
Shied : In Castle StormFist Armory, the green shield.

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