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Grand Theft Auto IV

Random Characters, Locations, and Prerequisites

Table of Contents

1a Brian
1b Brian
1c Brian
2a Badman
3a Mel
4a Ilyena Faustin
5a Hossan
6a Sara
6b Sara
7a Pathos
7b Pathos
8a Jeff
8b Jeff
8c Jeff
9a Cherise
10a Marnie
10b Marnie
11a Eddie Low
11b Eddie Low
12a Ivan
13a Clarence
14a Gracie
15 Terms of Service


1a) Brian
Location: Near Roman's cab buisiness
Prerequisite: "It's Your Call"

Mission: When you walk up to Brian the first time he makes fun of your 
appearance and gives you $100.

1b) Brian
Location: Near the bar Comrades
Prerequisite: Brian's first mission

Mission: Brian will ask you to take him to his drug dealer, go to said dealer, 
wait for Brian to make the deal, take him a few blocks away and drop him off.
Simple! Warning! DO NOT BRING A COP CAR!

1c) Brian
Location: Downtown District
Prerequisite: Brian's second mission

Mission: Pick up Brian and take him to his former dealers to whom he must 
apologize. They do not accept his apology and put him to the ground with a bat.
Kill the dealers and take him back to his place. End of Mission

Location: On a bench in East Island City District
Prerequisite: "Shadow"

Mission: Pick up Badman and go to the alley off Carrollton Street in Willis 
District. Once there kill all of the Russians.

3a) Mel
Location: Schottler District
Prerequisite: "Escuela of the Streets"

Mission: Tkae Mel to meet the loan sharks in Outlook District. Kill the loan 
sharks. Take Mel home.

4a) Ilyena Faustin
Location: Schottler District boardwalk, near bowling alley.
Prerequisite: "The Puerto Rican Connection"

Mission: Go to Dillon Street in Downtown District. Warn or kill Anna's 

5a) Hossan
Location: Garnet Street in Suffolk District
Prerequisite: "The Puerto Rican Connection"

Mission: Pick up Hossan and take him to see the guy with the money. Once he 
drives off, trail him and try to shoot at his head. Pick up the money and take 
Hossan to an alley off Feldspar Street between Suffolk District and Little 
Italy District.

6a) Sara
Location: Suffolk District (night)
Prerequisites: "Puerto Rican Connection", after Hossan's mission

Mission: Pick up Sara and take her to her home in Varsity Heights District.
Once there either kill her husband, or walk away. Either way you complete the 

6b) Sara
Location: Pier 45, Fishmarket South District
Prerequisite: Sara's first mission

Mission: Meet Sara at Pier 45. Go to Perseus to collect the box, either by 
money or force. Return the box. Sara pay you back in the end.

7a) Pathos
Location: Star Junction District
Prerequisite: "Puerto Rican Connection"

Mission: Kill the men heckling Pathos

7b) Pathos
Location: Star Junction District
Prerequisite: Pathos's first mission

Mission: Again, kill the hecklers. Get Pathos and take him to the hospital.

8a) Jeff
Location: East Holland District
Prerequisite: "Photo Shoot"

Mission: Follow Jeff's wife, and take picture of her being with another man. 
when the get in the car get in a car and follow them, but don't hit them. Take 
another picture, and send it to Jeff.

8b) Jeff
Location: He calls you.
Prerequisites: Jeff's first mission

Mission: Meet Jeff at the parking garage in North Holland. Go to Walnut Way and 
dump the body (make sure the cops don't see you!). When you get near the 
water's edge, while still moving, bail out and run the vehicle into the water.

8c) Jeff
Location: Bench in Suffolk
Prerequisites: Jeff's second mission

Mission: Nothing just watch the cut-scene. Oh and he drops some good money.

9a) Cherise
Location: Cluckin' Bell in Norther Algonquin
Prerequisites: "Ruff Rider"(must have spared Cherise) "The Holland Play"

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