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Resistance: Retribution (PSP)
by vhayste®
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Version: V1.0 05262009

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                          [ A U T H O R 'S   N O T E]
This has been a long delayed project of mine and I am really glad that at last
I'll have free time to write this. I really wanted to play the original
Resistance for the PS3 but since I don't have the console, I was really excited
when the Resistance game for the PSP is going to be released. So far, this will
be my 6th walkthrough for the PSP, and surprisingly, all of them are available
in PDF format. So, if I little brush of kindness touches you, your support in
any way, will be greatly appreciated. Ciao! 

                                [ B A S I C S]
The game's control scheme is pretty basic and easy to learn. Players with 3rd
person-shooter experience should feel very comfortable with the controls and
combat mechanics. Players can take cover, jump over obstacles and interact with
objects in order to push through the levels. HP doesn't regenerate as with most
shooters do, but instead health packs must be collected in order to restore
lost HP. Ammo is collected the same way; players just need to “run over” the
health packs and ammo crates to get its contents. Weapons can be collected in
pre-selected locations though running over an enemy's weapon will just take its

Intels are pieces of information scattered across every level in the game.
There are a total of 88 pieces of intel grouped into five different types: 

These are given to you automatically as you play through the game.

Cloven Lore
Collecting all intels of this type will reward you with a weapon 
(XR-004 Allure). These location of this intels are distinguished by an altar or
red markings. Due to the nature of the Clovens, you can find hidden altars in
small holes and caverns where you need to crawl on your belly to reach them.

Secrets of the Maquis
These are scattered at random and sometimes oblivious locations so you'll need 
look for them carefully. Collecting all Secrets of the Maquis intels will 
unlock the Plasma Grenade

Like the Secrets of the Maquis, Retribution intels are scattered in various 
locations as well. You'll get the Longbow 1S-1K for collecting all
Retribution intels. 

These can be found only while on “Infected” mode. This mode can be
unlocked by connecting your PSP to your PS3 (must be running Resistance 2).
These intels will only unlock certain plot points and collecting all of these
won't unlock any new weapon but will count to your overall intel percentage.

You can select previous levels to collect any missed intels after completing
the campaign once. Collecting all Cloven Lore, Secrets of the Maquis and
Retribution intels will earn you a HE .44 Magnum. 

Each stage has some hidden conditions that if met, will reward you with skill
points. Conditions vary from killing a certain number of enemies, using a
particular weapon throughout the area, remaining unscathed for the entire
level, etc. Skill points can be used to unlock pieces in the Art Gallery. You
can select previously completed levels and attempt to meet the requirements
once you completed the campaign at least once. 

                             [W A L K T H R O U G H]
Intel Legends:
CL – Cloven Lore
SM – Secrets of the Marquis
RT – Retribution

|Coastal Defenses: Rotterdam, Netherlands                                    |
|“The Guns of Rotterdam”                                                     |
|August 30, 1951                                                             |

“Burning Sky” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Kill 2 hybrids from the attic with one grenade (starting point)
 * Kill 10 enemies by shooting volatile barrels
 * Kill 9 enemies using headshots from the Fareye FR-1 while covering 

As soon as you have control, head to the other side of the room where there is
fire. Move next to the fire to get the prompt to pick up the intel. (SM1: From
the Mouths of Babies). Head to the cabinet and push it aside (follow the
onscreen prompts) Jump downstairs.Enemies will be firing at Raine as soon as
you jump down so clear out the other room first. Don't jump over to the other
side yet. Check the area behind you to find another intel piece (RT1: The
Futile Defense). Collect the ammo and jump over to the other room. 

Clear the enemies on the ground to support the lone soldier below. Once
cleared, jump down. Once the soldier is in position, approach him and allow him
to boost you up. You will get the BM001 Razor rifle here. Jump down and take
cover immediately behind the sandbags. Clear the enemies and head to the second
area. You can man the mounted machine gun here to make it easier for you to
clear the area. Once done, follow Raine and watch the scenes. 

You'll start inside a building. Follow your ally as he opens the room. Stack up
by the door and clear the room. Continue a bit and take cover behind a desk
once a couple of chimera shows up. Upon clearing and before moving to the next
corridor, you should hear some music. Look around the room and you should find
a hole in the upper corner of the room. Use the drawer to boost yourself up,
stand next to the hole and climb through it. 
Examine the altar and pick up the intel (CL1: The Inhuman Doll). Jump back out
of the hole, collect all ammo and health packs you need, then head to the
corridor ahead.

Once there, check the end of the hallway at the back to replenish your supplies
of grenades. As you move towards the stairs, a couple of chimera will appear.
Take cover and clear them out using your grenades or whatnot. Go upstairs, kill
the chimera and approach the window to trigger a scene. 

After the scene, you'll get the Fareye FR-1. This sniper rifle's secondary mode
slows down enemies, making it easier for you to pick off targets at a distance.
Use the Fareye to snipe the barrels to make your job easier. Switch to any of
your automatic weapons in case the enemies start pouring out and you can't keep
up killing them all. Grab the ammo in the area and go downstairs to meet up
with Cartwright.
Once there, you'll need to go around again to reach the VTOL's cargo container.
Clear the enemies and enter the room just ahead of you to find some alternate
ammo for your Storm Rifle. Once you've reached the other side, immediately run
for cover and clear out the enemies. Grab all the ammo and health packs you
need, then boost Cartwright. Take cover immediately and take off the chimeras.
You can use your Razor's secondary function to clear the enemies in one go.
After clearing the area and after the scene, a mini-boss (Titan) will appear.
Just take cover and keep firing your weapons until it is defeated. A fully
charged strike from the Razor can easily chip off large chunks of HP from the
hulking menace.

“Crash Site” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Kill 8 boilers by headshots
 * Destroy both Worker Drones before they retreat
 * Return to the elevator without taking damage once activated

You'll start in the sewers with an ally. You'll need to make sure that he does
not die or your current mission will fail. Boilers can be easily defeated by
well-placed headshots. Kill the initial wave of boilers then as you turn to the
next tunnel, there will be five more. Grab all the ammo and health packs before
heading to your escort's position. More boilers will appear here. Continue
along the tunnel to reach the water control facility. After the scenes, start
blasting the critters like crazy and keep moving to avoid getting massacred.
Examine the valve and wait for the place to fill up. 

Return to the tunnel where you came from and dive. There should be a small
opening near the entrance. Go up there and grab the intel (CL2: The Last Days
of Pompeii). Dive again and go through the gate where you came from on foot
previously, and look at one of the dead end part of the tunnel. The yellow
envelope should be immediately recognizable. Obtain another intel. (RT2: Pass
me the scalpel). Now make your way to the dock, look for the large brown crate
to the right of the entrance and boost yourself up to the ledge. You should see
the yellow envelope immediately on top of the boxes below. Grab the intel (SM2:
Toaster Shortage). Swim back to the docks and enter the conversion center. 

Take cover and take out the initial wave of drones. Go to the right and climb
inside the tube. Upon reaching the other end, destroy the drones and the
chimera that will appear by the upper ledges. After clearing the area, look for
a tube on the floor. You should see an envelope at the end of it. Crawl down to
reach it (RT3: The Chimera Drone On). Crawl out and continue to the ramp in the
other end of the room. Climb up the catwalk. As soon as you enter the room,
there will be three boilers that will attack so zoom your sights and manually
aim for their heads. Now, return to the normal view and take care of the
drones. As you approach the next door, more boilers will appear. Enter the
room, shoot or kick the planks and examine the power source to turn on the power. 

Now make your way back to the elevator and clear the enemies along the way.
Once you've reached the catwalk, take cover behind the metal plating and clear
the room. Before you jump, go to the edge of the catwalk where you can see the
yellow orb behind the broken hatch. Switch to manual targeting and shoot the
orb to blow up the hatch. Grab the ammo and health packs you need then jump
down and obtain the intel on the operation table. (RT4: My Brother's Ghost).
You should also find here a crate containing your Storm Rifle's alternate ammo.
Head to the elevator room and kill all the remaining enemies standing on your
way. Use the switch on the elevator to reach the next area. 

“Industrial Area” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Survive for two minutes without killing the last two Titans
 * Kill 3 Titans using only the LAARK
 * Finish the battle without collecting any health capsules

Once in control, take cover and pull out your Fareye. Snipe the targets and
make use of the weapon's secondary function. Just hide safely to recover its
energy to slow time again. Aim for the heads to conserve ammo. There is a
grenade crate behind the breakable barricade after the crates. Go downstairs
and fight more enemies. The room where the two chimera came from has a crate
for the Storm Rifle's alternate ammo. Boilers will appear here as well,
alongside with ordinary chimera soldiers. Make your way to the other side of
the area. The stairs leading to the lit hatch is blocked so you need to use the
large crate by the edge. Drones and a chimera will appear. Destroy them and
enter the hatch. 

Kill the two boilers immediately then go upstairs and find some cover while
firing at the Titan. Once defeated, two more will appear and will be aggressive
enough to flank you and flush you of your cover. Like before, use your Storm
Rifle and/or Razor's alternate shots. If ever they start to surround you, run
around and find some cover. After defeating them, grab all the ammo and health
packs you need. Examine the console and follow the onscreen button sequences to
complete the task. 

“Gun Tower” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Mallery takes no damage from Leapers
 * Kill 3 Slipskulls using a grenade
 * Sustain no damage from Dropship missiles

Kill all the incoming leapers in front of you and beware of the ones that will
flank your sides. Once the leapers are all dead, drones will appear next so
take them out as well. Once done, head back and look for a broken boat with red
markings. Destroy the mine and grab the intel. (CL3: Killing the Exodus) Now
look for your raft and find the other intel on top of it, beside the motor.
(RT5: Never Shrink from a Fight) Now go ahead and clear the mines. You can't
destroy them by shooting them from the ground; approach them slowly and once
the orbs pop out, shoot it to destroy them. Help Mallery boost you up. 

Once inside the long corridor where the emptied cannon shells are released,
make use of the small spaces in the wall to avoid getting hit by the giant
shells. Drones will appear periodically and you must destroy them as you make
your way through the narrow path until you reach the end of the path. 

Next area will introduce you to wall clinging Slipskulls. You need to activate
switches to remove the repulsion beams. Activate the first switch then run to
the next switch. There will be drones along the way. After activating the
second switch, take cover immediately since more Slipskulls will appear. You
can take them out all at once with a well-placed grenade shot from your Storm
Rifle. Make your way to the third switch, repeat the process then finally
reaching the green lift.

Upon reaching the upper level, two boilers and a hybrid will appear. Take them
out and fight your way to the hatch. Before reaching the hatch, don't forget to
take cover since there will be a last wave of drones. Take them all out and
enter the hatch. Watch the scenes. 

Once outside, kill the common enemies, then the following wave of drones. Make
your way to the lift and hop over to join with Mallery. Destroy the drones that
will appear. Once on the top, collect ammo and health packs and destroy the
orbs which was protected by shields earlier. Just follow where Mallery is going
and destroy the orbs which shield is short-circuited. On your way to the fourth
orb, three boilers will appear. Kill them and look at the direction where they
came from. An intel should be lying there. (SM3: Radio-Free Rotterdam) Collect
ammo and health packs then destroy the last orb. Watch the scene and you'll
receive a L206 LAARK (rocket launcher). Prepare to face the Dropship. 

The good thing about the LAARK is that its missiles can be paused mid-air and
can be redirected to where your crosshair is pointed. So in case the target
moves away, stop the missile, target it again then release. You can also
manually detonate a stopped missile. The Dropship will move around the area;
good thing there are a lot of cover here. Make from cover to cover while
getting health packs and LAARK ammo rounds. Continue shooting the Dropship and
watch the following scenes. 

| Chimera Conversion Facility: Bonn, Germany                                 |
| “Filling the Void”                                                         |
| September 1, 1951                                                          |

“Street Entrance” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Kill the first hybrid
 * Take no damage from the leapers in the sewers
 * Destroy the Hammer without using the LAARK

Once in control, jump over the obstacles and clear the path. Continue along the
ruins of the building until you reach the rooms littered with mines. Jump down
and clear them. Go around the next room, and open the safe behind the table.
There should be an intel inside. (SM1: Frozen Assets) Use the table to boost
yourself up to the second floor. There will be more Hybrids that will appear in
the next room so take cover and clear them out. Cross the plank in this room
that leads to a breakable barricade. Break through and jump down. Before
heading down the tunnel, turn around to find the next intel by the operating
table. (RT1: A Drain on our Resources)

Go down and take cover since more hybrids will appear. Head to the next room
(beware of the mine) and enter the broken pipe leading to the sewers. As you go
to the main sewer tunnel, you'll obtain the Schrotflinte Combat Shotgun.
Continue to the main sewer line and leapers will start pouring in. Use your
newly acquired shotgun to dispose of them. Use the shotgun's secondary function
to take out closely-grouped leapers for maximum effectiveness. As you reach the
next main tunnel, you should hear some cloven music. Look for a small opening
on the floor and crawl through there. Obtain the intel on the floor (CL1: Down
the Volga) Continue along the tunnel to reach the exit. Climb up until you
reach the surface. 

Drones and hybrids will appear so dig in and destroy them one at a time. Once
clear, check out the mine-protected case in both sides to find the Storm
Rifle's alternate ammo and some grenades as well. Continue through the nearby
building and interact with the unstable pillar. Once it crashes down to the
other building, drones will appear so take them out as well. Cross the newly
created footbridge and boost yourself up the cabinet that you'll come across
and while clinging, move to the other side of the broken floor to find a hidden
intel (SM2: The Scorched Earth) on top. Pick it up and jump down. The stairs
going down has some Fareye ammo behind the mine, in case you need it. Go to the
next room and take cover immediately since more enemies will appear. Clear them
out, cross the footbridge unto the next building. On your way to the chimera
hatch, look for a small hole on the wall, just after you jumped over the
apartment window. Crawl through the hole and grab the next intel. (SM3: The
Last Reich)

Head to the hatch and enter it. Grab all the ammo you can get, then stack up in
the next hallway. There will be three hybrids waiting in the other end. A
full-charged alternate fire from your Razor should be enough to kill the three
of them. Continue along the hallway and as it turns around the corner, the
floor will collapse. Clear the path of mines, then destroy the barricade for a
scene. Once you hear the soldiers' order to run, make a dash to the second
floor. Otherwise, stay low or behind cover as the mech will try to target you.
Once you've reached the second floor, equip your LAARK and shoot the mech. Once
halfway to its death, it will go berserk and will release a barrage of
missiles. If you want to stay near where the LAARK ammo is, the perfect hiding
spot will be the corner of the room, beside the cabinet. Wait for your allies'
cue to fire. Remember that the LAARK can fire twice in a row so do that with
the little window of opportunity you have. After defeating the Hammer, you'll
be taken to the next area. 

“Waterfall Chamber” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Hit Angel with a thrown grenade
 * Kill both guard tower Hybrids with a LAARK missile
 * Shock the Hammer using both particle beams

Once in control, go back to the lift you took and find the area's first intel
behind the controls. (SM4: Mallery's Lunch) Now go ahead the corridor. Drones
will appear from the hatch. Destroy them. Before entering the hatch, look to
the left side where the health pack and ammo box is to find another intel (CL2:
Signs Below) Enter the hatch.

On the bridge, take cover and clear out the drones and hybrids. After defeating
them, two Titans will appear. Defeat them then make your way up the ramp.
Gather all the ammo and health packs you need then enter the platform. Examine
the console and it will begin to move. Take cover and drones will start to
attack you. Use your shotgun's secondary fire  if ever they clump near each
other. As soon as the platform stops, clear the next wave of enemies then
proceed to another console and activate it. After activating it, an enemy will
appear from a moving platform. Kill it and use the platform. Before reaching
the other end, two hybrids will appear and will shoot you from above. After
clearing them out, move out of the platform and go to the large hallway. Take
cover since slipskulls and drones will appear. Clear them out and head to the
hatch. Two more hybrids will appear from there so be prepared. Enter the hatch

You'll find yourself in a large room with three hybrids; clear them out. Now
before heading to the console where you need to interact something, point your
character to the hatch. See the enclosed area in the corner? You need to reach
that by using the lift in the middle. Walk along the catwalk and jump down to
that enclosed area to access another intel. (RT2: Iron Horses) Use the crates
here to get out of the area. Now, head to the console that you need to examine.
Just below it is the Auger-WS, a rifle that can penetrate covers. The most
useful feature of this weapon is its secondary function. It will deploy a
powerful shield that will remain up for a few seconds. Nothing can pass through
this except Auger fire. Once the shield disappears, wait for a few seconds and
the weapon will be able to deploy it again. Examine the console and a Hammer
will appear. 

For this battle, you can put the Auger into good use. The shield is powerful
enough to nullify even the Hammer's destructive missile barrage. You may use
your LAARK here since there are plentiful ammo on the main level. There is
another platform just across of the console you activated where a switch to one
of the large lasers on the ceiling is located. You can lure the Hammer there,
take cover and activate the switch to send a burst of devastating energy to
destroy the mech. 

“Underground Complex” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Destroy all Drones
 * Sustain no damage from Sirens
 * Reach the Power Core without killing any slipskulls

Once outside, a Titan will appear. There is a cover to your right but the Titan
may approach you. Deploy your Auger's shield and start giving it all you got.
Make your way to the catwalk and destroy the incoming drones. Continue along
the catwalk and examine the switch to make a pathway. Clear the next wave of
hybrids, and continue to the other side. Grab the auger ammo and then go inside
the tunnel.

As you exit the tunnel and after the scenes, examine the console to gain access
to the duct. Jump to the water and dive. Follow the tube until the water
drains. Dive down the water again and activate the switch. Two sirens will
attack you from the water. The platform has two hybrids so take them out as
well. Go up the platform, activate the switch to trigger a scene. After the
scene, enter the hatch behind the switch to find another intel beside a dead
body. (SM5: The Nights Go By). 

Two sirens will be swimming in the water, waiting for you. Just target them
from the platform and use your Razor to kill them. Dive to the water and follow
the newly opened duct. There is another siren waiting inside so kill it and
follow the duct until you reach a lift. Once back in solid ground, crawl to the
small tunnel again. A scene will trigger once you reach the end of it.

Take cover and start clearing out the enemies here. Head to the switch,
activate it. Once on the second level, more drones will appear. After
destroying the drones, go past the second switch and continue along the ring to
find a narrow footbridge. Cross it to find the intel near the dead soldier's
body. (RT3: The Fallen are not Forgotten) Return to the second switch and
activate it. More enemies will appear so take cover and defeat them. Head to
the third switch and it will take you down. More drones will appear. After
clearing the area and before activating the fourth switch, go past it to find
another intel under the red markings in the corner. (CL3: Deep Images) Activate
the fourth switch. More hybrids and drones will appear. Take care of them and
jump down to the newly opened dry duct. 

Follow the duct and more drones will appear near the exit. Clear them out and
once outside, follow the hallway to reach the switch. Activate it and some
floating boilers and hybrids will appear. Take them out as well, then continue
down the ramp. Activate the switch again. Once the elevator goes down, clear
the enemies that will appear and use the lift to reach the upper catwalk. As
you reach the other end, more slipskulls will appear. A fully charged Razor
blade should take them out all at once. 

Continue along the path and you should find reach the core itself. Floating
boilers will appear again; make sure to shoot them once they drop their
shields. Use your Auger to destroy the core. As soon as you core has been
damaged significantly, take care of the appearing boilers and interact with the
core to plant the explosive. 

“Incubator Chamber” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Kill 50 boilers with headshots before they self-explode
 * Destroy a Drone using a boiler blast
 * Take no damage from Angel

Swim down and activate the switch. Once the water drains, pull out your Razor
and charge it. As soon as the hatch opens, it should be enough to take out most
of the hybrids and drones. As soon as you reach the next tunnel, look to your
right until you find an explosive white orb. Destroy it using your Auger and
enter the room to find the intel. (RT4: Cold as Ice). Enter the hatch just
ahead where you found the last intel to find yet another intel (SM5: Bouchard's
Necklace). Go back to the main path and look for a smaller hatch to the left
side of the tunnel. As soon as you reach the next tunnel, boilers will appear.
Shoot them in the head, then continue. Drones will appear so take them and head
to the adjacent tunnel where a couple of hybrids will appear. Continue ahead
and use the small hatch to reach yet another tunnel.

Continue down the ramp, to the submerged part of the tunnel. Sirens will appear
so make sure to take them out quickly or they'll cause considerable damage.
Swim to the other end of the tunnel and take out the drones. Make use of your
ever so useful Razor by charging it before diving. Once the sirens appear,
release your charged shot which should kill or at least critically damage them.
Swim to the other side again but don't go up the ramp yet. Go to manual zoom
mode and wait for the boilers to appear. Kill them. Go up the ramp and enter
the small hatch to the left. Once you enter the next part of the tunnel, a
titan will appear. Defeat it and grab the ammo and head to the next part of the
tunnel. Go ahead but don't enter the small tunnel to the left yet. Use your
Auger and shoot the white orb across it to gain access to the enclosed room.
Find a corpse and the intel inside. (CL4: Chew on This) Now head to the small
tunnel and go through the hatch to reach the next area.

Clear out the incoming boilers; shoot them in the head like you always do. Move
along the winding path while in manual mode and fight your way to the other
end, which a switch must be activated. Once the lift goes down, shoot all the
boilers approaching Raine's pod. Go to the pod and activate the switch. Hybrids
will appear so dig in and take them out. An enemy boss will appear next. 

Raine will help you out but for some dumb reason, she'll just be standing in
her position and won't take cover. You'll need to unload your LAARK fast and
give it all you got. You may want to keep shooting while running around the
ring to collect ammo. When near death, it will release a frontal barrier so
stop firing when it faces you and let Raine take its attention. Once it turns
its attention to Raine, shoot it with your LAARK. You may do this alternately. 

| Construction Zone: Gerolstein, Germany                                     |
| “Scars Run Deep”                                                           |
| September 2, 1951                                                          |

“Mech Ride” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Kill 4 Hybrids with one Hammer Missile
 * Destroy bridge while 3 Hybrids are standing on it
 * Kill 20 Drones with Hammer Missiles

You will be piloting a hammer in the first part of this campaign area. The R
button fires the machine gun. Powerful but overheats so remember to release it
once in a while to cool down. The L button fires charged explosives. It
recharges but at a slower rate. The orange bar to the lower left is your
Hammer's life bar. It regenerates when not in fire so remember to make frequent
stops before moving – especially if your mech is badly damaged. Make your way
along the trench and destroy anything in your path. On your way to the first
gate, more drones and hybrids will appear so blast them out.

In the next area, kill the titan first then take care of the enemy waves. Once
cleared out, go in front of the outpost and target to power source inside and
destroy it. Once the second gate opens, three titans will appear so take them
out and continue. As you move to the next corner, more titans will appear. The
best way to deal with them is to fall back to the corner but just enough for
you to shoot them off the distance. Continue moving along the trench and before
reaching the next gate, more drones will appear.

Once inside the second compound, destroy the three titans first then take care
of the drones and hybrids that will appear. The best way to avoid damage is by
strafing side to side while shooting. Destroy the outpost's power source and
continue through the next gate. There will be a turret just after the corner so
take that out as well. Continue moving along the trench and more drones will
appear. Targeting the wall may also destroy several drones at once. Head
through the gate to face off against two more Hammers. These guys are only
accurate with their machine guns so make sure so move around while firing. The
large rock in the middle will provide the much needed cover from the other
Hammer. Concentrate on taking them out one at a time and you should be able to
complete this level. 

“Built Trenches” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Take No damage from a turret
 * Clear first outpost without using the turret
 * Destroy 6 Assault Drones using the Fareye

Leapers will rush towards you as you make your way to the trenches. Use the
wide area to your advantage; run around while shooting them to avoid getting
damaged. Make your way to the barricades and kill the hybrids along the way.
Enter the hatch. On the next area, take cover immediately and take care of the
enemies. You may snipe the turret from a distance, just to be safe. Once the
area is clear, look above the digger arm to find a white power orb. Shoot it
and the arm will stop. Interact with the black rock that is stuck on the ground
to remove it. You should be able to pick up the hidden intel (SM1: Tricon Rail
Line). Clear the minefield and pull the lever down to activate the lift. Use
the lift and interact with the switch. 

In the first outpost, you can get in the turret to help you clear out the area.
Take out the titan first then the remaining hybrids. Once done, jump down from
the ledge and go behind the outpost to find some corpses beside a jeep and an
intel. (CL1: Leben Geist) Head inside the outpost and activate the switch.
Boilers will start pouring in. If you want to make it easier for you, go down
and run to the lift that will take you back to the catwalk where the turret is
installed. Wait for the boilers to congregate below you, fully charge your
Razor and release it by targeting the ground below you. Or, you can use the
turret and kill the incoming boilers from afar. This will save you the trouble
of manually targeting them individually. Your whole Razor ammo reserve should
be enough to clear them out. Once clear, jump down and gather health and ammo
packs then continue. Stay away from the lava or you'll be dead in no time. Go
through the hatch and to the next area. The armored assault drones are a bit
harder to kill so make sure to take cover and while getting rid of them.
Continue ahead, pull down the switch and use the lift to reach the mounted
railgun. This railgun fires powerful single shot beams that can easily take out
the advancing hybrids and drones. Collect ammo and health packs after the enemy
assault then activate the switch near the railgun. 

Go through the path until you reach another switch. Take cover first and take
out the two chimeras on the other catwalk. Activate the switch then ride the
gondola. Take cover again since two more chimeras will appear. Get rid of them
then activate another switch at the end of the next catwalk. Clear the incoming
drones and ride the gondola again. Be careful of those white and non-hostile
worker drones; don't destroy them. Once you destroyed all hostile drones, equip
your Auger and shoot one of the worker drones. It will fly to a switch on the
other side of the area and will move your gondola to the other side instead.
The intel (RT1: Boot Laces and Bubble Gum) is on a piece of broken steel beam.
Note: Other weapons won't “rewire” the targeted drone. Jump down, grab the
Auger ammo to the right of the hatch and enter it.

In the last area of this level, take cover and pick off the hybrids using your
Fareye or you can get closer and fight off using your ordinary rifles. Again,
go around to the back of the outpost to find another mining arm. Shoot the
power orb above it to stop the arm. Carefully cross the lava and grab the
cloven intel. (CL2: Secrets and Passageways) Cross the lava again and collect
health packs to recover your HP. Enter the outpost and activate the switch on
the second level. Two titans will appear as well as some drones so dig in and
thin them out. There are ample ammo behind you and some ever-so-useful LAARK
ammo on the first floor, behind the ramp. 

“Construction Zone” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Kill 2 Titans within 5 seconds of each other
 * Destroy Worker Drones
 * Destroy the Hammer without using explosive weapons

Destroy the white power orb to stop the robotic arms and use it as a ramp.
Clear the hybrids. More hybrids will appear as you head down the ramp so dig in
and clear them out. Drones will appear afterwards followed by some boilers.
Grab the ammo and health packs you need then enter the hatch. 

In the next area, two titans will appear so dig in and give them all you got.
Once done, look for a shallow trench near the entrance, leading to small
tunnel. Follow the tunnel and it will lead you to an intel. (RT2: Up is down,
down is up) Don't go past the poisonous gases since its just a dead end. Exit
the tunnel and look for a fenced off area with a robotic arm. Shoot the power
orb inside to stop the arm and access yet another intel inside. (CL3: Flesh
Eaters). Go find the lift to the other side of the area.

Follow the catwalk and once you've reach the other area, take out the titans
and drones. Go down the ramp and clear the next enemy waves. As you go forward,
past the initial cover, look to the left (before the lava river) to find an
intel sitting in one corner, beside the metallic wall. (SM1: UED Field Report).
Like before, shoot the power orb to disable the robotic arm for a makeshift
bridge. After crossing, take cover immediately and take out the enemies. Ride
the gondola and take cover since enemies will appear. Fight them off until you
reach the other side. Take out the remaining drones, grab all needed
pick-em-ups then enter the tunnel. 

Be wary though; as soon as you enter, leapers will appear so take them out. The
organic pods inside the tunnel will burst open, releasing more leapers so make
sure you don't approach them blindly. You can destroy these pods from a
distance to make sure you'll get a safe passage. Once you've reached the end of
the short tunnel, take cover and take out the incoming hybrids and boilers.
Slowly approach the ramps and more boilers will appear. Climb up either ramp
and pull down the switch. More boilers will appear while pulling down the first
switch. Wait for them to climb to your position and line them up for some easy
head shots. Make your way to the second ramp; expect more boilers to appear and
frustrate you. After activating the second switch, more boilers will appear.
Take them out and the boss will appear. 

This battle is a lot more complicated. A steady stream of boilers will continue
to assault you so you don't want their ugly faces near yours. Alternately fire
your LAARK (there is a LAARK ammo case behind you) and stepping back while
manually targeting the incoming boilers. Remember that when almost destroyed,
the blasted mech will go berserk, firing multiple explosive missiles at once.
Fire as much LAARK missiles as possible and make them count; otherwise,
prolonging this battle will be to your disadvantage. 

| Maquis Fortress: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg                               |
| “Lost and Broken”                                                          |
| September 3, 1951                                                          |

“Casemates” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Get 6 headshots with the Fareye while protecting Mallery
 * Kill every Cloven 
 * Destroy all Leaper Pods before they birth Leapers

Take cover and clear the enemies. Head to the open blast door but before
closing it, go out and quickly grab the intel. (CL1: Living the Angry Night)
Return inside, interact with the and start mashing your X button before the
enemies start pouring in. Head back to the other door and watch the scenes.
After the scene, pick off the advancing leapers and follow the tunnel down;
well-placed grenades can easily destroy the pods. Kick the rubble at the end of
the tunnel and kill the enemy that will appear. Jump down and pick up the
IWAO-R Chaingun. This mighty piece of hardware deploys a portable shield that
stays with you as you move, unlike the deployable shield of the auger rifle.
Clear out the enemies in the tunnel then open the door to the next area. 

Take cover as several heavily armed chimera will pin you down. Clear the area,
go to the other end and open the door to reach the generator room. The enemies
here are best taken care of the Razor's secondary fire. Climb down from the
catwalk and kill the next two enemies across the room. Make your way to the
ladder; but before you climb it, look for a large machine behind it. There
should be a marked panel above the machine. Climb on the machine and quickly
mash the panel to access the intel inside. (SM1: Beg, Borrow, but Mostly Steal)
Climb up the ladder and take cover. More enemies will appear from the catwalk
where you came from. Defeat them and follow the winding catwalk while fighting
off enemies. Activate the switch once you've reached the top. Don't forget to
grab the chaingun ammo from the room across the door you just opened. Enter the
newly opened door, and fight off some enemies before crossing the footbridge.
Open the next door after clearing the area and follow the tight corridor. Be
warned though; leapers will appear as you traverse the corridor. Before taking
the stairs to the upper level, turn right and look for a suitcase with an
intel. (RT1: Burn Before Reading) Go to the upper level for a scene. 

Look for an elevator in the back corner of the area. Once you've reached the
control panel, activate it and take cover. Heavy attack drones will begin
pouring down the launch pad; take cover and destroy them all. You need to use
another elevator on the other side of the room so kill the chimera guarding it
and activate the two levers in two separate corners of the room. Leapers will
appear after activating the levers so make sure you have the appropriate weapon
ready. After the hangar doors have opened, you'll need to defend the VTOL that
is taking off. Slipskulls will start jumping aboard in an attempt to destroy
it. Shoot them off and make sure to change angles if ever you can't get a clean
shot. Level will be completed after shooting the last slipskull down. 

“Lower Tunnels” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Kill all enemies in the barracks using only the shotgun
 * Parker takes no damage from Leapers
 * Kill 3 slipskulls using a thrown grenade

Kill the initial wave of leapers then follow the hallway to reach Lt. Parker.
Kill the next waves of leapers and a scene will trigger. Switch to your Razor
and take advantage of its “bouncing” blade secondary attack or some grenades.
After clearing the area, follow Parker to the next area. Look for a cart in one
corner of the room (to the right, from the entrance) and push it through some
boxes. Climb over the boxes and follow the tracks to find a corpse and an
intel. (RT2: Guinea Pig) 

Jump back to the previous room and push the cart near the consoles to bring the
systems online. Go back to Parker's position and take care of the leapers. If
you need to grab some health packs, run to the ones located on top of the
crates then return to cover Parker. More enemies will pour in, including some
slipskulls. Unload all you have here and finally, take out the last batch of
boilers that will appear. 

After exiting the elevator, grab the shotgun and chaingun ammo nearby and stack
up in the hallway. Two hybrids will appear so take them out. As you enter the
barracks, a leaper will attack you by surprise so fall back while firing.
Return to the barracks and search the bunk in the back of the room to find
another intel. (SM2: The Rack) Enter and crawl the bloodied air vent and unload
your shotgun. Kill the chimeras in close quarter then as you exit to the other
hallway, prepare for some boilers that will appear. Survive their suicide run
and follow the hallway. As it turns left, don't take the main path yet but
continue going to the left to find another intel (RT3: Sky High Treason)
Continue following the main path to reach the next area. Kill the slipskulls
and make your way downstairs. Look for a pipe and grab unto it to cross to the
other side of the catwalk. Before heading downstairs, go into manual mode and
slowly go down. Kill the boilers that will appear and continue downstairs,
fighting off the usual brutes and wall-climbers. Once you've reached the ground
area, more boilers will appear. Stack up before entering the hallways and take
out the enemy positions. Enter the hallway for some scenes. Level complete. 

“Science Labs” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Complete the lab battle without collecting health capsules
 * Kill all enemies in the Lab using only the .303 Storm Rifle
 * Kill the titan using only the XR-004 Allure

Start by killing the hybrids. Follow Raine upstairs but don't talk to her yet;
there are two intels available in the area. First, look behind you to find a
pipe which you can hang unto. Cross the other side of the walkway, then look
for the intel on a table, near the exhaust fan. (CL2: Malikov's Legacy) Return
to the control panel Raine is working on. Follow the corridor past her and you
should find a box blocking a vent at the end. Crawl underneath it, then open
the cell to find the intel inside, with a dead body. (CL3: Torture and Madness)
Now go back to Raine and get the sample. Head to the Centrifuge and activate
it. Head back to Raine's position and take cover. Hybrids will appear, followed
by drones and leapers. Enemies will appear in the hallway you took to reach the
other intel so dig in and help Raine. Finally, a titan appears. Defeat it and a
scene will take place. 

“Defensive Bunkers” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Kill every Cloven
 * Kill 3 enemies using the exploding barrels
 * Cartwright reaches the wreck site without taking damage

As soon as you start the level, turn around and grab the intel. (SM3: The
Lowest Depths) Fight your way through the trench until you reach the bunker.
Push aside the wooden crate in front of the metal door and kick the door open.
Grab the intel inside (SM4: Out of God's Hands) and a grenade for your Storm
Rifle. Continue along the ramp and use the mounted rocket launcher. Defend the
VTOL from enemy forces and drones. 

Once the VTOL safely leaves, clear your path and take a few steps out of the
bunker. You should find a cloven on the roof; shoot it and grab the intel where
its body landed. (CL4: In Their Wake) Make your way to the trench and a titan
will appear. Throw in some explosives to stop it; otherwise, fall back and take
cover if it begins to move in up close. Fight your way through the trenches
until you reach a crashed VTOL. Shoot the engines to stop the razor sharp
blades. There is a small tunnel on the ground, a few inches away from the
VTOL's blades. The tunnel is beside the stacked boxes so you should be able to
find it. Crawl down to find the intel (RT4: Blood of the Fallen) and an
alternate ammo for your Storm Rifle. Crawl your way out to the trenches and
continue ahead to find a bridge. Shoot the barrel before a couple of chimera
jumps down then take out the last one for a scene.

Cartwright will flush the enemies out using a grenade so have your shotgun
ready since there will be hybrids that will burst out of the pillbox. Man the
turret and provide cover to the VTOL and Cartwright. Take out the drones then
two Hammers that will appear next.  Keep shooting them until they expose their
vulnerable orange power cells at their backs. Shoot these to quickly eliminate
the mechs. Next, quickly clear Cartwright's path from hybrids and drones until
he reaches the VTOL. Watch the following scenes, level and campaign area will
be completed. 

| (Paris Catacombs) Cloven Stronghold: Villepinte, France                    |
| “Where Nightmares Live”                                                    |
| September 6, 1951                                                          |

“Upper Tunnels” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Kill every Cloven
 * Exit the kitchen in under 45 seconds
 * Kill all enemies in pillar room from the ground floor

Look for a small tight area behind you to find the first intel in this campaign
level. (SM1: Draco's Dog Tags) Kill the remaining drones and help Mallery raise
the gates. Watch the scenes and you'll be alone again. Kill the incoming
leapers and push the stone casket to reveal hidden path inside. Go downstairs
and take cover while taking out advancing chimera forces. Once clear, look for
the hearth with a white marked cloth above it. Crawl down and head to the area
for a scene.

Clear out the enemies below. You can crawl back to the crypt in case you need
to get some health packs. Once the area below is cleared, jump down and take
cover again to eliminate the second wave of enemies. Finally, a large hybrid
will appear through the gates so dig in and defeat it. Before heading to the
broken gate, look for a ramp in the other side of the room. Follow it to reach
a body and another intel. (CL1: They Taste of Death). Grab all the ammo and
health packs you need before heading through the gate. Level complete. 

“Lower Tunnels” Skill Point Requirements:
 * Kill all Slipskulls using only the Fareye
 * Escape the crypt tunnel in less than 40 seconds
 * Survive the Temple Room without Dying

Take out the enemy forces like you always do. Once the slipskulls appear, get
inside the small room to your right, with some ammo and health packs. Your
Razor will play a great hole, especially in taking out those critters. Once
clear, grab all the ammo and health packs you need then continue ahead. Raise
the gate, then take out the chimera and leapers. Continue, and fight your way
along the corridor. Drop off to the next area for scene. 

Mash the X button to break free from the cloven's grip and crawl under the hole
in the wall. Fight off two slipskulls and a hybrid then boost yourself up to
the candle-laden stones. A couple of enemies will appear. Continue ahead and
you should find the intel on the ground, near the hanged remains. (CL2: Smoked
Ham) Jump off the edge and crawl under the next passage. 

In the next corridor, you'll be in a constant attack by leapers and hybrids.
Remember to take cover and fall back if needed. The Razor will always work
wonders here. Fight your way to the end of the hallway where a scene takes
place. Take out the hybrid and jump over the cover. Climb the stairs. Drones
will appear as well as slipskulls. Remember that you can return back to the
hallway you came from in case you need some ammo and health. After killing all
the slipskulls in the upper part of the cave and before taking the stairs down,
jump over to the other ledge and go to the left side of the boulder. This
boulder blends with the walls but the giveaway is the light peering from the
lower sides of it. Push it aside and crawl inside a small cavern with the
intel. (RT1: 120 Men) Crawl back out and go downstairs. More enemies will
appear, including several leapers in the lower grounds. Continue along the
bridge and a titan will appear. Take it out and the last waves of slipskulls
and hybrids will appear. Climb up the stairs and kill the last enemy. Level

“Abandoned Processing Center” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Destroy all Drones using the Shotgun
 * Kill 2 Ravagers while fighting from the temple stairs
 * Survive the Ramparts without using any turrets

At the start of the level, several slipskulls will pin you down; use your
trusty Razor to clear them out and your Fareye. After clearing the
wall-clingers, a titan will appear. Use your LAARK to dispose of it quickly.
Jump down the cracked floor. As you get near the water, three assault drones
will appear and attack you. Take them out, dive and look for a small gargoyle
statue in the left wall, behind a pillar. You will find the intel there. (RT2:
Scars of Youth) Swim to the right wall and climb up the ramp. Boost yourself
up, follow the hallway. As you exit to the open area, more enemies will appear.
Your Fareye will take its rightful use here. 

Two more gigantic hybrids will appear through the door. Kill them both, grab
health and ammo then activate the switch. Before entering the tunnel, destroy
the drones and the slipskulls. Continue to the tunnel and through the hatch.

In the next area, you'll be assaulted by drones. Use your chaingun here and
deploy its shields while taking them out. If ever your shield needs recharging,
simply fall back to the hatch and the door will close, keeping your safe from
the gunfire outside. Once the shield is fully charged, repeat the process until
you destroy all drones. Or,  you can simply stay behind the hatch door and use
your Auger to destroy the drones outside.  Advance to the elevator a bit. More
enemies will appear. Take them out but don't use the elevator just yet; go past
it to find LAARK and Storm Rifle Alt. Ammo crates. Grab them then slowly drop
off the ledges. You should find a small cavern. (See the left image above)
Crawl in to find two health capsules, a grenade crate and an intel. (CL3: Four
Leaf Cloven) Crawl back out and climb back to the elevator. 

As soon as the scene finishes, turn around and press forward as the elevator
goes down. You'll immediately enter an opening on the wall. If you missed it,
commit suicide (by taking direct enemy fire or throwing a grenade at your feet)
and retry the mission. You'll be in the descending elevator again. Once you get
to the cavern, destroy the mines and grab the intel (CL4: Unarmed and Deadly)
in the middle. The cavern has several health capsules, a grenade crate, Fareye
ammo and a good sniping point.  Take out the enemies below. Continue down the
slope to reach the turret platform. More hybrids will appear as you make your
way down the ramps. Gather all the ammo and health you need then continue
downstairs for a boss fight.

To defeat this boss, you need to damage its glowing “eyes”. It will open its
“mouth” and you should fire everything you got on that hole. Enemy
reinforcements will appear occasionally. Its only attack is a poison gas ball
that explodes into a suffocating, toxic cloud. Make sure you're in a good
distance to avoid this attack. Wait for the gas cloud to fade before pursuing
the worm. Your Razor will play a great role here since you'll have access to
unlimited ammo dropped by killed hybrids and its charge attack can easily take
out multiple targets, especially in a tight area such as this. Continue
following it and clearing the tunnel of any reinforcements it may send your
way. Remember to backtrack some ammo and health capsules if you are low on
them. Keep repeating the process and hide out in the corner whenever it fires
its toxic cloud. Fortunately, there is an end to its reinforcements and you can
concentrate in taking it down once you destroyed all obstacles. 

“DNA Storage Facility” Skill Point Requirements:
 * Kill all Leapers without destroying their pods
 * Kill both Titans within 4 seconds of each other
 * Kill all Steelheads using only the Auger. 

Slowly approach the leaper pods and kill the leapers that will burst out of the
pods. Near the hole, two hybrids will engage you. Take them out then jump to
the hole afterwards. Fully charge your razor and make your way to the larger
tunnel. Two clovens will appear from the right; release your charged shot and
it should kill both clovens. Head to the far right and look for a slightly
opened flooring; you should find the intel inside. Slowly move around the
corners until a prompt to interact appears. (SM2: If You Hear the Cloven) Three
more enemies will appear; defeat them, grab all the ammo you need (you should
be low on them because of your last fight) and proceed. Two more enemies will
appear from the hatch. Dispose of them and examine a dead woman's corpse to
find a secret intel (CL6: Tender Meat). The trick here is to kill both clovens
immediately before they reach the body and return to attack you. Otherwise, you
won't find this intel and you'll need to restart the level again. Go through
the hatch. 

Cross the platform and use the switch for it to turn. Take cover and take out
the drones and hybrids that will appear. Once it stops, cross the other side
and use the lift. Dig in and clear the area. Use the Fareye to take out the
hybrids on the other side of the chasm. Don't activate the switch yet; head to
the central column and cross the narrow beam to reach yet another intel. (SM3:
Red Crumbs) Head back to the switch, activate it and take cover. Once the coast
is clear, cross to the next platform and use the lift. 
Take cover and take out the drones and hybrids, the wait for the bridge as it
turns to your current platform. Cross it and activate the switch. Take out the
enemies that will appear from the hazy tunnel ahead. Wait for the bridge to
establish itself then cross it. Cross the bridge and stack up behind the crates
before the ramp. Pick up all the ammo and health you need then activate the
switch. More enemies will appear so take cover and eliminate them. Once done,
hope on the elevator platform and activate it. 

Waves of enemies will appear as you ascent. Take cover and concentrate in
taking them out one by one. There will be “quiet” intervals between waves so
take this time to gather ammo and health, scattered around the area. Two titans
will appear eventually. They will try to flank you so take out the one from
your left; it is your vulnerable spot anyway. After defeating the two titans, a
Hammer mech and a couple of hybrids will appear. 

Snipe the foot soldiers first then unload your LAARK and use it against the
mech. If it ever comes close, spend all your Auger and Razor rounds to dish out
some heavy damage; run around and gather ammo while switching covers. Level
completes after you bring down this boss. 

| (Chrysalis Lair) Chrysalis Tower: Paris France                             |
| “Retribution Lost”                                                         |
| September 6, 1951                                                          |

“Mech Ride” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Stomp 15 enemies using the Hammer
 * Kill 4 enemies with a single exploding power cell
 * Destroy the Dropship using only Hammer Missiles

You'll be riding a Hammer again so you should be familiar with the controls.
Same rules apply; alternately fire your weapons and let your armor (HP) fully
recharge before proceeding. Fight your way to the first gate. Once it opens,
two titans will appear. Take them out and you'll reach a heavily fortified
position. The enemies will pour in like crazy so use the structure in the
middle for some cover. Sidestepping like crazy will also help you minimize the
damage sustained by your mech but you should have a steady aim as well. Titans
will appear in the upper portion of the base. After defeating them, turn around
and take out (or stomp) the chimera. Three more titans will appear. Take them
out as well. Go through the newly opened gate and fight your way through the
path. Finally, another Hammer will appear just as the gate opens. Take it out
and enter the gate.

Wave by wave, titans will appear in groups of two or three so make sure to keep
moving while firing your weapons alternately. After defeating at least four
waves of titans, the Dropship will engage you. Keep a steady stream of gatling
gun fire, letting go only when firing your missiles. Just keep walking side by
side and you should be able to hit the Dropship while evading its missiles.
Once nearly destroyed, its rate of fire will increase and may deal critical
damage if most of the missiles connect. Bring it down to complete the level. 

“River Approach” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Kill the turret operator using a hand grenade
 * Kill the Armored Titan near the ice breaker using the shotgun
 * Rush up the ramp and kill Roland without stunning him

Walk over the gun on the ground to obtain the BM003 Razor. This is a more
powerful version of the current Razor you have. Get to the barricade and clear
the enemies. Boilers will appear as well so be careful. Advance carefully and
take cover. Use your Auger to kill the turret operator or if you're after the
skill point, use a grenade. As you proceed, more enemies will appear, along
with boilers. Kill the turret operator and activate the switch. Go to the
broken ice, clear the enemies and dive. Instead of heading to the hatch, turn
around and swim towards the energy orb (careful of the mines). Shoot it (if you
need a breather, swim up the nearby opening) for the robotic arm to break an
opening in the ice. Climb up and pick up the intel. (SM1: Cold Feet) Dive again
and enter the hatch this time. Swim to the other side of the river. Climb up,
grab some ammo behind as you need it. Enemies will appear as soon as you head
to the little icy maze, including some boilers and a titan. Use the covers to
your advantage; use your Auger, Razor or Shotgun to deal with the enemies here.
Once clear, go around the steel fence to find another intel (RT1: Revolution,
Post-Mortem) Go to the switch in the other corner of the area and activate it
to break the ice. Dive again and follow the tunnel. 

Once you've reached the other end, more enemies will ambush you. Dig in and
take out the Auger-wielding bastards above the bridge to avoid getting damaged.
A titan will appear after defeating the drones. Kill it, grab some ammo and
health packs then go through the path it just created for you. Turn to the
right and man the turret. Clear the tunnels, resupply then press forward.
Activate the switch and dive down. Search the next intel behind those concrete
blocks. (CL1: Cloven Love Their Children, too) Go back to the surface for a
breather, then dive again; be careful of the mines; shoot the orb that they'll
release before they detonate. Once you see a power orb in the other side, shoot
it to break the ice. Pull yourself up to the other side and resupply. Head up
the ramp for a scene and a boss fight. 

Run towards the platform where Mallery is standing and grab the intel. (RT2:
Tracking Mallery). You need to knock him out so you can freely activate the
three switches. Fully charge up your Razor and release it towards Mallery. Once
knocked out, activate the switches and mash your X button to pull them down.
Drones will appear each time you pull a switch down. Finally once all cleared,
knock down Mallery again, use the platforms to reach him and snap his neck.
You'll get his Advanced Auger-FS as a reward. 

“Birthing Chamber” Skill Point Requirements:
 * Take no damage during the elevator ride
 * Kill any Titan using his own weapon
 * Take no damage from the Mother in the first 2 minutes

If you followed this guide up to this point, then you should already have
collected all the intels in the previous stages. Open up your inventory and
check your items. The instructions on how to use your new toys will be
explained there. Continue along the passageway, getting rid of the boilers.
Resupply, then use the elevator. There will enemies waiting for you in the
upper platforms so take cover and take them all out quickly. A fully charged
Razor shot should be able to take care of the first three levels. Finally two
Ravagers will appear in the fourth platform so you should have unloaded your
chain gun, deploy the shields and pummel them with it. 

The complete absence of suitable cover and health packs makes this part
hellish. Don't worry because just after this part, it will be a checkpoint. As
soon as you reach the upper floor, boilers will appear. Take care of them, the
move along the corridor. More boilers, ravagers and floating boilers will try
to stop you. Just fight your way through and utilize all weapons you have. Once
you've reached the end of the passageway, prepare for more head-busting action.
Don't go out of the tunnel but shoot them from the inside, while the passage is
open. Once done, step out for some real battle. 

Two Angels will appear. If you have powerful unlocked weapons, then use them
here. Otherwise, you'll need to rely on the Razor, Auger or the LAARK. Like
before, you'll need to run around while firing and getting ammo. When near
death, the angels will release a frontal shield. They take down these shields
whenever they need to attack so use that opening to let them eat two missiles
at once. 

After defeating them, watch the scene and you'll be take n to the upper level.
An armored titan will approach you, along with some dreaded boilers. What makes
this worse is that the titan will approach your position – with mere boxes as
your only cover. Prioritize the boilers first while taking cover. Your best
chance will be your chain gun. Once taken care of, collect all supplies you
need then enter the tunnel. Fight your way through the tunnel again, this time
with the combination of armored hybrids and boilers. During the final stretch
of the tunnel, two more titans will appear individually. Activate the switch
outside the tunnel and watch the scene. 

You'll be “swimming” but you won't drown. At this point, you can only use your
energy weapons. You need to activate the switches. Enemies will appear as you
trigger the switches so be prepared. To avoid wasting ammo, wait for the furies
to stay in place (whenever they're firing a projectile) before shooting them.
It is easier to kill them that way. Once you activate the last switch, the boss
will appear. 

This boss is quite easy; so long as you keep moving. It will attempt to swallow
you; just press the correct button that appears on the screen to escape it;
otherwise, Grayson will end up as a half-eaten fish food. Grab health and ammo
on the lower catwalks if you need them. Charge your Razor and release it once
the boss remains stationary. Keep swimming to avoid its projectile attacks
while keeping a steady stream of your Razor. 

“Mother Chamber” Skill Point Requirements: 
 * Kill the Chrysalis in less than 4 minutes
 * Use at least 8 different weapons to kill the Chrysalis
 * Kill the Chrysalis using only the Fareye FR-1

Use switches to trigger lasers that will take down Chrysalis' shield. Lasers
will recharge over time; look for the light at the tip. Run around while
grabbing ammo and health and also, be careful of the Chrysalis' lightning blast
since it will kill you in one hit.  Assault drones will appear once significant
amount of damage is dealt to the boss. When near death, she'll release two
armored titans. If you have the Allure then you can take those giant grunts
down with just a few shots. Finally, once Chrysalis reappears, finish it off by
repeating the same process described above. 

Congratulations for finishing the game!

                        [ P O S T - G A M E   N O T E ]
You won't find directions for collecting the optional “Infected” Intel in this
guide because I don't have a PS3 – which is required to unlock this hidden mode
in your PSP game.

                               [ C R E D I T S ]
- Thanks to Sony, Bend Studios for making this great game
- And to YOU for reading this guide up to this point. 

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