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             D  e  a  d    I  s  l  a  n  d    R  i  p  t  i  d  e


                            W A L K T H R O U G H

                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                          CONTACT: [email protected]


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                      T A B L E   OF   C O N T E N T S

C00 - Prologue: Sea of Fog
	Q01 ------- Quest 1: The Storm

C01 - CHAPTER 1: Paradise
	Q02 ------- Quest 2: Castaway	
	Q03 ------- Quest 3: Back to Reality

C02 - CHAPTER 2: There is a Way
	Q04 ------- Quest 4: New Beginnings
	Q05 ------- Quest 5: Pathfinder

C03 - CHAPTER 3: Twisted Mind
	Q06 ------- Quest 6: Saving Holy Man
	Q07 ------- Quest 7: Where the Dead Live  
	Q08 ------- Quest 8: Meeting Locals
	Q09 ------- Quest 9: Natural Resources
	Q10 ------- Quest 10: The Ritual

C04 - CHAPTER 4: Science News Daily
	Q11 ------- Quest 11: Way of Science
	Q12 ------- Quest 12: Dr. Kessler
C05 - CHAPTER 5: The Mission
	Q13 ------- Quest 13: House of God
	Q14 ------- Quest 14: Pump Action
	Q15 ------- Quest 15: Change of Plans
	Q16 ------- Quest 16: Heavy Equipment	
	Q17 ------- Quest 17: Stalwart Defense

C06 - CHAPTER 6: The Descent
	Q18 ------- Quest 18: The Tunnels

C07 - CHAPTER 7: Two Shores
	Q19 ------- Quest 19: The Crossing
	Q20 ------- Quest 20: Terminal Siege
C08 - CHAPTER 8: Blockbuster
	Q21 ------- Quest 21: The Ferry
	Q22 ------- Quest 22: City Newcomer
	Q23 ------- Quest 23: Front Row

C09 - CHAPTER 9: Firefight
	Q24 ------- Quest 24: Militarized Zone
C10 - CHAPTER 10: Fly Away
	Q25 ------- Quest 25: Rescue
	Q26 ------- Quest 26: Evacuation

C11 - CHAPTER 11: Mistakes Were Made
	Q27 ------- Quest 27: The Crash

C12 - CHAPTER 12: City of the Dead
	Q28 ------- Quest 28: Quarantine Zone

C13 - CHAPTER 13: For the Greater Good
	Q29 ------- Quest 29: With the Tide
____ C00 | Prologue ____
______ Sea of Fog ______

Q01 - Quest 1 - The Storm

Before starting the game, you have the option to import your character from
the previous Dead Island game. Should you need to start a new character,
you'll be given options on what type of character skill set to start with.
You can always opt to select Custom to start the game with 14 available
points for you to freely distribute on your own. Should you decide to
import your previous character, you’ll be pitted against high level
zombies without your high-level equipment.

Exit the room and check out the other rooms to find some materials/
components. Open the door to the next room. Go through the vent to reach
the other room then grab the crowbar from the hatch door. In the dark room,
activate your flashlight and proceed to the next hallway. Go past another
room and grab the police baton on the floor. There's also a cabinet nearby
you can loot. Head to the next room with the workbench then go upstairs.

After the explosion, exit the room and take the ladder down then take
another ladder up to the next room. Operate the panel to stop the gas flow.
There's also a large med kit near the ladder. Grab it and backtrack to the
previous ladder so you can cross the previously burning walkway.

Kill the walkers along the way then take out a few more in the next room.
There's a lot of items and weapons here so grab them all and be careful of
the walkers on the floor that will ambush you. Go upstairs and kill the
walker by the door. Clear the hallway and the mess hall. You can clear if
you want for extra exp and loot. There's a lot of energy drinks there that
you can consume to recover your health. Once ready, proceed to the flooded

There will be several walkers that will attack you along the way. Take them
out and check out the individual rooms for items. You'll find a workbench
along the way but I suggest conserve your money and just rely on the basic
weapons you'll find along the way instead of repairing what you have.
Continue to the flooded engine room and open the large hatch. Kill the
remaining walkers and take the ladder to the upper deck.

You can find a pistol, shotgun and a lot of ammo here. Drop a couple of
your weakest melee weapons and take these ranged weapons. Make sure they're
fully reloaded and grab as much ammo as you can carry. Go around the deck
and follow the straightforward path. Kill the infected and walkers along
the way.

Go around the cargo deck and find your way past the containers. There are a
lot of walkers waiting below so it will be a good idea taking them out with
headshots using your shotgun or pistol. Climb the ladder for a scene.

After the scene, you'll be given a rifle. Aim for the suicider in the
middle of the group then aim for the heads of the walkers. A few infected
will appear as well so take them out before concentrating your fire on the
boss zombie. Once taken out, follow the colonel to the bridge. It will be
locked so backtrack a bit and climb up the ladder.

Kill the two walkers outside the door and head inside. Kill the enemies
inside and open the door for let the Colonel in. The quest will be
completed afterward.

__ C01 | Chapter 1 ___
______ Paradise ______

Q02 - Quest 2 - Castaway

You have to head to the survivor's camp to proceed with the mission.
Consult your map to view its location. For now, you can freely explore the
place and grab as many items and materials you can find. When ready, make
your way to the camp and help defend it against the zombie onslaught. Once
the camp is cleared, you can grab the Nail'd Mod near the camp's entrance,
on a table.

Talk to Trevor to complete the quest and to start a new one.

Q03 - Quest 3 - Back to Reality

Set up the barricades in the marked location and wait for the horde of
undead to swarm. Defend yourselves and take them all out. Once done, grab
some of the food and drinks around to recover your hp. Talk to Trevor again
and you'll receive a flare gun. Head outside the village and aim for the
explosive barrels on the bridge. Take note that the flare gun has very
limited range. You may need to kill a few zombies to get near or you can
climb the wooden ledge using the ladder on the right side of the bridge.
Once the bridge has been taken out, the quest will be complete.

_____ C02 | Chapter 2 ______
______ There is a Way ______

Q04 - Quest 4 - New Beginnings

Once you’re ready to take this quest, exit east of the camp and proceed
to where the vehicle is parked. You can head to the marina to the far east
side of the island just by following the road. Upon reaching the marina,
your objective will be updated. Head inside and clear the area of enemies.
You can find the boat at the back of the marina, north of the bar.

Examine the boat then head to the next objective point to find the engine
for the boat. When you reach the workshop, find the ladder to reach the
roof then jump through the opening. Be prepared for several zombies waiting
below. Once done, grab the materials and the Barbed Wire Mod from the table
then remove the barricade from the workshop door. Grab the engine and carry
it to the boat. After reaching the boat, install the engine to complete the

Q05 - Quest 5 - Pathfinder

Use the boat to follow the path along the jungle. Be careful of floaters as
they will run towards you and climb over the boat. You can kick them out by
a well-timed kick. You can also run them over by boosting your speed. Reach
the nearest shore and head to the marked location to reach the biosphere
and the destroyed road.

After the scene, head to Halai Village using the vehicle outside the
biosphere for your convenience. This area is considered as a
high-quarantine area so expect a continuous stream of infected. Move
quickly and head to the objective point to complete the quest.

_____ C03 | Chapter 3 ____
______ Twisted Mind ______

Q06 - Quest 6 - Saving Holy Man

Make your way to the marked location and kill the zombies along the way.
Once you've reached Marcus, you have to clear out a massive number of
zombies converging on him. Using molotovs or explosives will be a good way
of easily clearing the zombie mob. After you killed all the enemies, the
quest will be complete.

Q07 - Quest 7 - Where the Dead Live

Talk to Marcus again to start this quest. You now have to head to the
deadzone in the southwestern corner of the village to get the provisions.
The survivor camp nearby will be open now so head there first if you want
to restock, sell stuff or upgrade your arsenal. There will be new
sidequests as well so you can opt to get these done before finishing the
main quest. Furthermore, the camp also has a fast travel station for your

Once ready, make your way to the deadzone marked in the map. Enter the
house then clear the deadzone of enemies. Grab the provisions below and
don't forget to take the Liquid Fire Mod and Secret Files #2 in the rack.
Return the equipment to Marcus Villa inside the Halai camp to complete the

Q08 - Quest 8 - Meeting Locals

Make your way to Mataka Village and head to the second floor of the house.
Once you reached the destination, the quest will be complete.

Q09 - Quest 9 - Natural Resources

Talk to Madisi to start this quest. Stay put as Harlow contacts Dr. Hanson
and tells you where to get the medicine. Once your objective is updated,
you can take the boat and head east to find the tree barks in the marked

One of the barks is located inside a cave. Clear the area and head to the
end of the cave where there are offerings and baskets. The bark is found on
the ground.

One of the barks can be found by heading south along the main rod then
climbing a vine to the west. It is located on the ground beside the fallen
tree trunk, some corpses and baskets.

The third one is found in the Moazik Shrine to the southeast. Found on the
ground, beside the offerings.

Once you've collected all the barks, return to Madisi to open the quest
then talk to Batram to complete the mission. You can also trade with him.

Q10 - Quest 10 - The Ritual

Search the house for the map. Now investigate the picture on the wall and
pick up Marcus' Notes about the natives' rituals. Talk to Batram to update
your quest. You'll be asked to go to Halai but instead, head to the
Paradise Survival camp to proceed with the mission.

After the scene, you have to survive until Harlow arrives. If you managed
to complete some of your team quests, your alllies' weapons will be
upgraded, enabling them to kill zombies faster and increasing their chances
of survival. Kill all enemies until Harlow cuts open the gate and helps you

_______ C04 | Chapter 4 ________
______ Science News Daily ______

Q11 - Quest 11 - Way of Science

Talk to Harlow to update this quest. You can fast travel to the marina and
head to the biosphere lab from there. Enter the biosphere laboratory. If
you have the sidequest “Surplus” from Miya, now is a good time to
complete it. (Refer to the sidequests section for more details) Continue to
Dr. Kessler's outpost and talk to him to the intercom to complete the

Q12 - Quest 12 - Dr. Kessler

Once inside, pick up the newspaper article on the couch. There's also a
diary on the table nearby that you can pick up.

You can find a Secret File inside a box in the next small room as well as
Dr. Kessler's Paper on Kuru.

Talk to Dr. Kessler to update the quest. You'll have to recover four
reagents in the greenhouse. Head to the decontamination chamber and exit to
greenhouse. The mutated scientists are grenadier-type zombies that can
throw pieces of their flesh to you to deal damage. Ignore them for the
meantime and go around the greenhouse until you find a red ladder. Climb it
up to reach the upper ledges and kill them all. Loot all the reagents and
head back to the lab.

Use the blood sampling machine and let the doctor run a test on your blood
sample. Talk to him again to get the map and complete the mission.

_____ C05 | Chapter5 ____
______ The Mission ______

Q13 - Quest 13 - House of God

The fast-travel point outside the lab is working now so you can use it to
return to Halai Village to resupply or sell some loots. Once ready,
fast-travel to Mataka Village and head to the objective point. Follow the
trail leading to the Santa Maria mission building.

Kill all the marked undead in the area. Be careful since there's Quickdeath
zombie here. Once cleared, loot the chests, ammo and medkits. There is also
a fast-travel station here. Head inside to find the flooded entrance and
wait for the scene to finish and complete the mission.

Q14 - Quest 14 - Pump Action

You'll now have to bring the water pump from the workshop north of Marik's
Marina. To reach the workshop, head to the northern side and follow the
broken pathway around and climb up the ladder. Kill the enemies below.
Clear the interior workshop then open the door. Grab the pump and place it
on the boat outside.

Return to the mission building and bring the pump to Trevor.

Q15 - Quest 15 - Change of Plans

Turn on the pump and defend the place. The motor's sound will attract the
nearby zombies. Kill them all to complete the quest.

Q16 - Quest 16 - Heavy Equipment

Talk to the colonel and he'll ask you to head over to the helicopter crash
site and recover the weapons there to beef up the defenses. Once you found
the chopper, place your boat to the nearest shore then carry the machine
guns there. You can throw the MG's off the cliff to make your job easier.

Once you're back in the mission building, set up the MG's on any of the
four positions. It will be a good idea to place one MG in front and the
rear of the building. The mission will be complete afterward.

Q17 - Quest 17 - Stalwart Defense

Before talking to Trevor, place mines around the premises where the undead
will most likely enter. Prepare your weapons and make sure they're

Talk to Trevor to start the pump and prepare for the heavy wave of zombies.
There will be intervals where you can reinstall fences, place mines and
reposition your machine guns. The last wave will include a boss zombie,
suiciders and floaters.

____ C06 | Chapter 6_____
______ The Descent ______

Q18 - Quest 18 - The Tunnels

Talk to Trevor to start the next quest. Make sure you're healed up and
prepared before heading out. Once you're inside the tunnel, start the
generator to restore the electricity. Use the pipes to reach the upper door
and proceed. You can use your flashlight but remember to turn it off when
it's safe to recharge it's battery. You can also use flares to temporarily
illuminate the area. You can also do the tasks for Dr. Kessler's sidequest
“History Lesson”.

After encountering the first group of walkers, follow the tunnel left to
find a dead end. You'll find the Medieval Mod blueprint in the corner,
beside the crate.

Return to the intersection and head straight up. You'll find a vault door
past the rubble where you need to crouch to pass through. Breach the door
in front of the vault door to find a storage room. Kill the enemies inside
then loot the items, including the High Voltage Mod inside.

Follow the path around and make your way to the generator room. The door is
barred there so you have to find a different route. Jump on the nearby
crates and generator to reach the upper part of the room. Jump through the
hole and kill the walker on the floor. Grab the fuse and remove the
blockade from the door. Replace the fuse in the power box to restore the
power in the tunnel.

Exit the generator room and follow the hall. The door that's previously
shut due to the lack of power should now be open. Open it and take the
ladder down. It is pitch black down here so use your flashlight and flares
alternately. Kill the zombies and take a sample from the glowing toxic
waste ahead. Next, follow the tunnel to the left to reach a dead-end with
the remains of a horribly mutated monster. Grab a sample as well to update
Dr. Kessler's sidequest.

There's also the Pride Shotgun Mod blueprint that you can find behind the
toxic barrels, by the iron grates.

Follow the path to reach the massive hall with the radar antenna. It will
be a challenge to explain the layout of the entire area and it is poorly
lit so you'll have to use your flares to illuminate the area ahead of you
before moving. The holding cell in the middle of the area has another mod
so don't forget to grab it as well.

There's a diary that can be found here as well. Check the left stairs where
the radar antenna is pointing and check the collapsed storage cell to find
the diary in the shelf.

Exit the storage cell and follow the walkway to the end to reach a room
with consoles. The notes for Dr. Kessler's sidequest are found there.

Take the nearby ladder down until you reach the bottom of the hall. Follow
the path until the quest is updated.

Continue and clear the intersection. There's only one way here so follow
the path to the left to reach the second generator room. Kill the thug
inside and loot the fuse from its corpse. Head to the next room and replace
the fuse.

Exit the generator room and proceed to the next tunnel. Climb the ladder up
to reach the upper level. Grab the rifle nearby and equip it. Take the
tunnel to the left and clear the area of smugglers. Open the next door.
Grab the ammo nearby and upgrade your preferred firearm. Clear the next
area of smugglers.

Once you reached a room with lots of bags, there's a mattress in the corner
where an island guide is found.

Examine the vault door however you still need to look for a key for it.
Head to the next tunnel and open the door where the Chief Smuggler is
hiding. Kill him then grab the key. There's also a Lightning Storm Mod
stuck behind the pile of books beside the key holder.

There's also a Secret File on the floor, beside the bed. Exit the room and
head to the vault door to exit the tunnels.

____ C07 | Chapter 7 ___
______ Two Shores ______

Q19 - Quest 19 - The Crossing

You have to defeat the mutated Wayne to secure the area. There will be
walkers that will join the fray, making it a bit difficult to move around.
There are hot steam valves that you can turn to burn whoever is underneath
the steam. You can use this to soften up Wayne. If you have molotovs and
other grenades, you can use these as well to deal damage. Fortunately,
Wayne is really slow so you should have more than enough time to stay away
from him.

After killing Wayne, regroup with your teammates and talk to the colonel.
Resupply as needed. Enter the warehouse and exit to the docks. Head to the
beach first and be prepared for an attack of a special boss zombie. This is
one of the two special zombies you can kill in this area for an

Follow the beach and enter the beach house to find a blueprint.

Head to the next area but don't enter the gate yet. Follow the path
straight to the left (east) to find a mod on the table at the edge of the

Go around and follow the path until your quest is updated. Before heading
to the prisoners, plant some mines in front of the Workshop building and
make your way to the back of the sign. Climb up to find some supplies and a
sniper rifle above. This will make the second twin zombie to burst out of
the workshop and get killed by the mines you planted. The corresponding
achievement should unlock as well.

Head to the ferry station and talk to the prisoner. You'll enter into group
rage so use it to quickly murder all the prisoners.

Break down the control room door and talk to Marvin to complete the quest.

Q20 - Quest 20 - Terminal Siege

You'll start in the second level of the ferry station. There are miniguns
on the caches nearby as well as additional ammo and explosives. Take a look
around and grab the Heavy Mod from the office room at the back. There will
be a minor zombie attack initially so kill them all and start preparing
before talking to Marvin to start the ferry.

Put the fences, place mines and set up the MG's near the window. Upgrade
your weapons if you haven't done so yet or if you have cash to spare, buy
the appropriate ones for your level. There are also military caches around
the area that you can loot so don't forget to check them out as well.  Once
ready, talk to Marvin to start the ferry. Like before, you have to survive
and defend the place. You have to keep moving and replace the barricades as
necessary. These will help slow down the incoming undead and will you kill
them safely with firearms.

Take note that there are also boss zombies among the waves and your machine
gun's ammo is very limited. You can also use meat baits or exploding meat
to take the heat off you. Finally in the last 25% of the horde strength, a
screamer and several frenzed infected will arrive. The best way to deal
with these dangerous freaks is kicking them to the ground and stomping
them. Screamers can temporarily disable your party when it screams so deal
with it quickly using explosives.  Once cleared, ride the ferry with the

____ C08 | Chapter 8 ____
______ Blockbuster ______

Q21 - Quest 21 - The Ferry

Head out and take out the marked targets around the marina. Once
eliminated, regroup with Harlow to complete the quest.

Q22 - Quest  - City Newcomer

Talk to Marvin after establishing your new base of operations. Head to the
harbor cafe and attempt to open the gate. Enter the shop beside it and
search the counter to find the key.

Head south to the city then enter the workshop to the right (west). Inside,
you'll find various materials, a quest item (Keepsake Photo) and a
Short-Circuit Mod on the top shelf.

Continue south and be careful of the flooded street since there's a lot of
drowners there. There's also a quest item (Message in a Bottle) beside the
red bag by the stairs outside the workshop. It will say something about
someone trapped on the roof behind the church. We will check it later on.

Continue to the flooded town center where there are a dangerous number of
drowners among the bloated dead. It will be a good idea to lob an explosive
or two in the group of corpses and see how many of them reanimates and
attack you. Go upstairs to the next area and you'll find a Ram with several
walkers. I suggest taking the high ground and kill the walkers from there
then go back to the ground and lure it to a wall. Wait for it to start its
charge then quickly move out of the way. Once it hits the wall, continue
attacking its exposed back to deal critical damage.

After dealing with the ram, approach the cinema if you haven't done so yet
to have your quest updated. Now you have to find an alternate route by
going around to the east. Go to the ramp by the flooded street and you'll
find a ladder. Go up and find the back entrance. Enter it to complete the

Q23 - Quest 23 - Front Row

Head inside the cinema and take out all the undead. Be warned though that
there's a lot of infected inside so you may hold them off by the stairs or
doorway to avoid getting flanked. Once cleared, go outside the window in
the cinema and lower the ladder to make it easier for you to go back just
in case. Go downstairs and breach the door in the lower floor and kill the
walker inside.

Head to the auditorium and clear the zombies inside. Backtrack your way to
the projector room and talk to Jacqueline. She'll then tell you activate
the security shutters.

Head back to the breached room earlier and activate the security shutter.
Next, grab the key on the table then head to the rear door. Open the
control panel with the key then use it to lower the shutter.

After the scene, talk to Marvin to complete the quest.

___ C09 | Chapter 9 ___
______ Firefight ______

Q24 - Quest 24 - Militarized Zone

Talk to Colonel Hardy to start this mission. Head to the base and kill the
Wrestler. Proceed inside the base and find all sirens. While the sirens are
blazing, expect a continuous flow of infected. You'll also encounter a
special wrestler-type enemy called the walking carcass.

Take it out and follow the trails leading to the sirens. You can climb the
ladder and disable the sirens by hand or you can shoot them if you have the
gun. Be careful of the wrestlers in the area as well.

After taking out the sirens, approach the gate and locate the explosives in
the area that you can use to bring it down. You'll find the explosives in
the southwest storage area. Blow the gate open and enter the military base.

Once inside, make your way to the basement and turn on the generator.
Backtrack to the stairs and go upstairs this time. Enter the room to the
right and head to the next room. A fire will break out so open the door to
the left and take out the zombies ahead.

Follow the trail and activate the extinguisher. Make your way to a few more
rooms and kill the Meat Thrower in the comm room. Activate the comms to
complete the quest.

_ C10 | Chapter 10 ___
______ Fly Away ______

Q25 - Quest 25 - Rescue

Head downstairs and clear the enemies in the area. Be careful since there's
a grenadier in the next room. Proceed and follow the trail until you reach
the exit.

You can fast-travel to the cinema or you can walk out of the base. There's
a new merchant on top of the one of the towers there selling military
equipment. You may want to check it out as well. Once ready, talk to Hardy
to get your reward.

Talk to him again to update this quest. Talk to Jacqueline next to update
the quest. Head to the projector room and pick up the reels. You have to
manually carry the two crates of movie reels to the designated place on the
rooftop. Light the reels up to update the quest.

Go back downstairs and talk to Jacqueline to start a new quest. (Best to
Forget) Next, you have to make your way to the town hall and activate the
speakers in the concert area. Approach the laptop to discover that there's
no music CD. Explore the area to find it. You'll find this at the back of
the stage. It will be a good idea to place a mine on each entrance before
turning on the music. Return to the laptop and activate the sound system.
Once done, run back to the cinema and head to the rooftop.

Q26 - Quest 26  - Evacuation

After the scene, you have to fend off the enemy attack. The enemy attack
waves will consist of frenzied walkers and infected so it will be a good
idea to use firearms. There will be a lot of explosives and ammo scattered
about so use them as necessary.

_______ C11 | Chapter 11 _______
______ Mistakes Were Made ______

Q27 - Quest 27 - The Crash

Head to the Fort of Henderson and kill all the undead around the helicopter
crash. Grab the secret file inside the chopper then check the blood marks
near the stairs. Enter the cellars downstairs afterward.

Once inside, turn to the left to find the Striker Shotgun Mod.

Go downstairs and check the gate. Return back up and enter the other door.
Clear the enemies inside and follow the straightforward path until you
reach the the staircase.

Once you found the staircase, go down and you'll immediately find the Razor
Mod. Find your way to the highlighted area and breach the door. You'll find
the wounded pilot inside. Talk to him to update your quest.

Remove the bar from the gate and go upstairs. Exit through the door
afterward. Climb the ladder to reach the locked portion of the fort. Enter
the tower and pick up the Pride Rifle Mod on the crate across the
workbench. Continue upstairs to find Frank Serpo. Talk to him to complete
the quest.

______ C12 | Chapter 12 ______
______ City of the Dead ______

Q28 - Quest 28 - Quarantine Zone

As early as now, you may want to finish all the other quests and find all
collectibles before proceeding. 

Head to the marked locations to find the gates leading to the quarantine
zone. After checking the second gate with the bulldozer, find nearby fuel
canisters and load them on the bulldozer. Turn on the bulldozer and watch
the scene. The quest will be complete afterward.

________ C13 | Chapter 13 ________
______ For the Greater Good ______

Q29 - Quest  - With the Tide

Once inside, you just need to follow the straightforward path until you
reach freight elevator. You'll find various heavy enemies along the way but
at this point, you should be more than equipped to deal with them.

After reaching the elevator, turn it on only to see it stop. Jump down to
the elevator and through the shaft to reach the lab. Now, search the
highlighted  areas for clues.

After searching for clues, open the next door to find Harlow. For the first
part of the mission, just deal damage to Harlow to prompt her to inject
herself with a mutagen. Now you'll have to fight outside the lab. She only
has two attacks; one with her chainsaw and she'll throw a molotov at you.
Run around and keep shooting at her to drain her HP.

Once enough damage is dealt, you'll have to pick up the mutagen in the next
room to enter group fury mode. Use this ability to deal damage and kill
Harlow. Kill the remaining enemies in the area and make your way to the
boat. Now you can fast-travel from here to do the remaining stuff you need
to do. Entering the boat and leaving the island will end your quest.


             D  e  a  d    I  s  l  a  n  d    R  i  p  t  i  d  e


Illustrated online version of the guide is available below

                        AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                          CONTACT: [email protected]
                            ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Special thanks to my girlfriend (Ada / LaZyEnErGeTiC) for assisting in 
converting the guide to text version =))

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