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Rolling Thunder Walkthrough
When you get through the tunnel, you'll start to encounter a littl more Covenant 
resistance. Use your pea shooter gun on the Jacakals in this long, rocky alley, and 
preserve your big guns for the Ghosts that buzz into the tunnel. The path dumps into 
a huge open field with a tower at its center. There are plenty of things to kill, 
which you can do with glee in your shiny tank. 
A few things to watch out for. As you go by either side of the central tower, a 
bunch of Elite and Grunts will stream out of the large, diamond doors. Use the 
cannon to drop them in groups. If any baddies survive, they'll run for the turrets 
on the raised bluffs on either side of the tower. One cannon blast a piece will 
teach them who's boss. Finally,in the clearing beyond the tower, you'll have a 
Covenant tank to deal with. The best strategy for this guy is to hang out near the 
bluffs and shoot long-range cannon blasts at it until it explodes. When you drop it, 
move toward the smoking hull. Hunters will appear from the icy path nearby. Cannon. 
Elite will run at you when you start moving down this passage. Cannon. As you emerge 
into the next area, a high cliff that looks across an icy gorge, Elite will come at 
you. Cannon. A laser turret across the canyon will fire at you. Cannon. Is there 
anything the cannon can't do? The answer is no. 
There is a Checkpoint here, right above the winding, snowy path down into the 
valley. Carefully maneuever your ride down this slippery trail until you reach the 
bottom. Here, you'll meet a group of marines. Be careful not to run them over. An 
alien dropship will appear above. Ignore it. Get out of the tank and move to the 
other side of this ravine. Collect the goodies here, including a health pack and the 
Rocket Launcher. You'll want it to clear out some of the tough stuff ahead. There is 
also an Active Camoflauge nearby, which you should also grab. 
Pass the large pipes and enter the short, icy tunnel. Here, you'll see a cloaked 
Elite with a laser sword. Thank god you're also cloaked. Use a Plasma Grenade or 
Rocket Launcher to end him, then move forward and clean out the rest of the scum. 
When the enemies are cleared out, move to the ridge ahead. There is a mess of Grunts 
running about in this snowy field. One of them will run to the laser turret. Make 
him pay with the Rocket Launcher. Use the rock next to the icy cliff to the right 
for cover as you dart out and kill the rest of the Grunts in this field. 
With the help of your Marines, charge forward and start to clear the rest of the 
field. A group of Ghosts and a Banshee will hound you here, but the Rocket Launcher 
should take care of them. Use the cover of trees to the left to shield yourself from 
their fire. If you don't have the Rocket Launcher, you can fire on the Elites that 
are driving these vehicles. When they take too much damage, they'll pop off their 
ride and you can finish them off. 
When all of the vehicles and Elite have been killed, head to the right cliff face. 
There's a diamond door there, surrounded by a pair of laser turrets. Make sure 
there's no one there to man them. When you approach, a pair of Elite will charge 
out. A well-placed grenade will drop them both. When they fall, move inside the 
fortress to another circular hallway. 
There are a couple of Elite in the hallway, but it's mainly populated by Grunts. 
Move all the way around this circular passage until you come to a long, gray hallway 
that leads to an elevator. Take the lift up to the top. A Jackal is waiting for you 
at the top. Slay it, then move into the next room. Two more unsuspecting Jackals are 
waiting here. Take them down with a grenade. There is a ramp here. At the top, 
you'll find a health pack, Frag grenades and a Pistol. Grab what you want, then move 
up to yet another circular hallway. This one contains a couple of Elite at its 
center, in addition to a bunch of Grunts on the perimeter. You should have enough 
grenades to make short work of this hall. Be cautious, though. There are a couple of 
Elites near the exit and a lot more aliens waiting for you in the tunnel. The best 
way to deal with them is to lure them out into the hallway and fall back, taking 
them down from a distance. 
When the enemies are killed, follow the arrows through the diamond door and back 
outside. You'll find yourself on another long bridge with glass segments. The same 
rules apply. This bridge is mainly populated with Grunts and Jackals. In addition, 
you'll have to watch out for attackers on the bridge to the right. 
As you get to the other end of the bridge, a cloaked Elite will come out of the 
doors and start hassling you. Hassle him back, then move forward through the diamond 
door. Once you get inside, you'll find yet another circular hallway. Move around it 
to the left, taking down the Elite in your way. Midway around, you'll run into a 
cache of gear--a health pack and some ammo. Follow the arrows to another diamond 
hall. This leads to a long hall full of Jackals. Watch out... they'll dart out from 
the left. It's a good idea to have a Plasma Rifle here, as it will easily eat 
through their shields. 
At the end of this passage is another circular hallway area. Most of the bad guys 
are contained in the glassed-in area in the center. Stay in the side halls and 
pepper the Covenant from the outskirts, keeping as safe as possible. Be especially 
wary of the Elite on the walkway in the center of the room. Once you're done, follow 
the arrows to the next diamond hallway and the next exit. This leads to another long 
bridge with several Elite on it. There are also Hunters on the bridge to the right. 
Try to take down the Elite ahead, then charge across the bridge, avoiding the fire 
from the Hunters. Unles you have a Pistol or Launcher, it isn't worth it to try to 
take these guys down. Your destination, of course, is the far door. 
Once you get there, go through and work your way around (guess what?) another 
circular hallway. There are mainly Jackals here, so the Plasma Rifle will be your 
best bet. Work your way around to the right, then exit down and follow the path to 
another long hall. There are a couple of laser sword Elite off to the left. They 
will charge you is they see or hear you, but if you chuck a Plasma Grenade at the 
one standing in the middle of the hall, you'll be halfway there. Finish them off 
with the Rocket Launcher or more grenades, then move on down the hall. 
In the next area (circular hallway, how'd you guess?), there are a pair of Hunters 
hanging out in the middle of the room. If you move all the way around the hallway, 
you'll find a Rocket Launcher. Trade it for whatever hoopty weapon you have and take 
down those big boys. Then focus your attention on the nearby doorway. Grunts and 
Jackals will come streaming through. Conventional weapons will work on them. When 
they fall, move through the diamond door. Follow the arrows out into the world. 

You'll arrive on a snow-covered bridge crawling with Covenant. If you can make it to 
the Banshee parked here, you'll save yourself a lot of time, as you'll be able to 
quickly move to your next objective. Just get in the Banshee and pilot it to the top 
of the nearby pyramid, then skip to the paragraph below. If you can't get in the 
Banshee, follow the directions that follow. Use the Rocket Launcher and grenades to 
thin their numbers, then make your way across. You'll have to avoid fire from 
circling Banshee the whole way. Or, you can take the time to drop them with your 
Rocket Launcher. Your choice. Get to the diamond door on the opposite side of the 
bridge and go through, then follow the path to yet another circular room. There is 
light Grunt opposition here, so blast your way around the horn, then follow the path 
to a down elevator. This will lead to a long hallway with a cloaked Elite. Use a 
Plasma Grenade on him, then move around the circular hallway and exit. You'll find 
yourself outside of the base of the fortress. A Ghost craft is in front of you. Run 
to it and get in. Battle your way to the steps of the pyramid structure. Here, 
you'll encounter a pair of Hunters. Take them down with the Rocket Launcher, then 
work your way to the top of the pyramid. 
Open the door at the top of the pyramid and drop back for cover. A lot fo Covenant 
await, so use your grenades and Launcher to clear them, then move to the next set of 
doors. Eventually, you'll come to the control room (finally!). Cortana begins to 
analyze the control room information immediately. A secret or two is revealed. But 
more importantly, this mission is over. 

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