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Saints Row Guide
By Ryan Ellis aka SryXanE
Ó Ryan Ellis 2007
lovefuryenergypassion777 (at)

Started on the 30th of August.

*in the mission guide itself, I have tried to keep 
spoilers to a minimum, but certain characters that
you have to kill will be included, so try to avoid 
the mission guides for missions that you haven't
gotten up to yet*

Note: The numbers and letters in the brackets
are designed to help you find the section you
desire, just type the contents of the bracket 
into your search box (Ctrl and F for Windows 
users, I’m not sure what it is on a Mac)
2.Introduction (*2introduction)

3.Basic Information on the Game (*3basicinfo)

4.Plot Outline *contains SPOILERS* (*4plotoutline)

5.Missions (*5missions)

5a. Early 3rd Street Saints Missions (*5aearlysaints)

5aa. Canonized (*5aacanon)

5ab. Back to Basics (*5abbacktobasics)

5ac. Reclamation (*5acreclamation)

5b. Vice Kings Missions (*5bvicekings)

5ba. Aisha’s Favour (*5baaisha)

5bb. To Kingdom Come (*5bbkingdomcome)

5bc. Always Use Protection (*5bprotection)

5bd. Reinforcements (*5bdreinforcements)

5be. Best Laid Plans (*5bebestlaid)

5bf. Green With Envy (*5bfgreen)

5bg. 3rd Street Vice Kings (*5bgsaintskings)

5bh. Round Peg, Square Hole (*5bhroundpeg)

5bi. For King and Country (*5bikingcountry)

5bj. The King & I (*5bjkingandi)

5bk. All The King’s Men (*5bkkingsmen)

5c. Westside Rollerz Missions (*5crollerz)

5ca. Stacking The Deck (*5castacking)

5cb. Samson’s Surprise (*5cbsamson)

5cc. Guardian Angel (*5ccguardian)

5cd. Escort Service (*5cdescort)

5ce. One Step Ahead (*5ceonestep)

5cf. Liberation (*5cfliberation)

5cg. Burying Evidence (*5cgburyevidence)

5ch. No Time to Mourn (*5chmourn)

5ci. Semi-Charmed Life (*5cisemicharm)

5d. Los Carnales Missions (*5dcarnales)

5da. Crack Down (*5dacrackdown)

5db. The Missing Shipment (*5dbmissing)

5dc. Homeland Security (*5dchomeland)

5dd. Trojan Horse (*5ddtrojan)

5de. McManus Says Hello (*5demcmanus)

5df. Meeting Orejuela (*5dforejuela)

5dg. Strength In Numbers (*5dgstrength)

5dh. Possession With Intent (*5dhpossess)

5di. House Call (*5dihousecall)

5dj. What Goes Up... (*5djwhatgoesup)

5e. Final 3rd Street Saints Missions (*5efinalsaints)

5ea. Stuffing the Ballot (*5eaballot)

5eb. Hail to the Chief (*5ebhailchief)

5ec. Salting The Earth (*5ecsaltearth)

6.Activities (*6activities)

6a. Insurance Fraud (*6ainsurance)

6b. Escort (*6bescort)

6c. Racing (*5cracing)

6d. Drug Trafficking (*5ddrugs)

6e. Hitman (*6ehitman)

6f. Demolition Derby (*6jdemoderby)

6g. Chop Shop (*6gchopshop)

6h. Mayhem (*6hmayhem)

7.Achievements (*7achieve)

8. Review/Rating

9.Conclusion/Final Words/Thanks

2.Introduction (*2introduction)
Hello, my name is Ryan Ellis. This is my first 
gaming guide that I have written so far, but 
if this goes well, I will definitely be writing 
more. I am 15 years old and I was born in Rockingham, 
Western Australia, I now live in the northeastern 
suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I have been playing
 video games for 10 years now. The first game I ever
 played was Super Ghouls n Ghosts for the SNES (and 
I thought that I was bad at the game because I was so 
young, it was later that I found out that I was not 
alone in the category of people in this world who have
been humbled by this ogre of a game). I now own an 
Xbox 360 (saved up from almost a years worth of pocket 
money) and a PlayStation 2, but I have owned 2 PS1s and 
a SNES. I first played Saint’s Row when I rented it 
out from my local Blockbuster for a week, but a week 
wasn’t enough for me to finish the game (mainly because
I don’t play my games in intense and long doses like 
some others), so I returned it back half finished. 
Fast-forward around a month, and I was looking around 
my local EB Games, where I saw that they were having a 
massive sale, 50% off all pre-owned games. So I ended up 
buying both Saint’s Row and Rockstar Presents Table 
Tennis for $45 and $20, respectively. If you have any 
questions, praise or criticism, send them to 
lovefuryenergypassion777 (at) 
But please, no sending me ads (I don’t want a bigger 
penis, thank you very much) or chain mails. 
All else is welcome. If you feel that I have explained 
how to do a mission too vaguely, just email me and I'll
try to give you a more precise solution. Also, I ask that 
if you want to use this guide on your site, email 
me first. This guide is being made for, 
so they are on my allowed list, but if you would like 
to use it, just send me an email asking for permission, 
it is likely I will say yes (and be totally f***ing 
complemented at the same time), I only wish that you 
ask is all. Thank you.

List of sites that have current permission to my guide:
3.Basic Information on the Game (*3basicinfo)

On foot:
X – Jump
B – Hold to open weapon/food selection menu (press 
left analog stick in direction of weapon you want. In 
clockwise order, starting from the top: no weapon, melee, 
pistol, SMG, shotgun, rifle, RPG, grenade. Press on D-pad 
to select food, to restore health and/or add drug/alcohol 
Y – Enter car/Open door/Enter shop/mission/activity
Left Bumper – Kick when no weapon is equipped
Right Bumper – Sprint
Left Trigger – Punch/melee attack with weapon
Right Trigger – Fire Weapon/melee attack with melee weapon
or no weapon equipped
Left Analog Stick – Move character
Right Analog Stick – Move camera
Pressing the Left Analog Stick - Crouch
Start – Pause game
Up on D-Pad – Recruit gang member/dismiss gang member
Down on D-Pad – Cancel mission or activity

In a vehicle:
A – Accelerate
B – Hold to open weapon/food selection menu (press left 
analog stick in direction of weapon you want. In clockwise 
order, starting from the top: no weapon, melee, pistol, SMG,
shotgun, rifle, RPG, grenade. Press on D-pad to select food, 
to restore health and/or add drug/alcohol effects)
X – Brake
Y – Exit Vehicle
Left Bumper – Look 90° left
Right Bumper - Look 90° right
Left and Right Bumpers – Look 180° behind you
Left Trigger – Handbrake
Right Trigger – Fire Weapon, if equipped
Left Analog Stick – Control steering of car, when moving
Right Analog Stick – Move camera
Start – Pause game

Left analog stick – Move character in water
Y – Teleport character to shore

4.Plot Outline *contains SPOILERS* (*4plotoutline)

I did not write this myself, I am simply copying the text
available in the pause menu under ‘Info > Story’. Also, note
that there is every single story-related spoiler in this 
piece of text, so do not read this unless you have already 
finished the game or are willing to spoil the storyline for 
yourself. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you were wounded
in a gang fight between the Vice Kings, Westside Rollerz and 
Los Carnales. Julius and Troy of the 3rd Street Saints arrived
just in time to get you out of danger. Julius informed you that
the Row has had problems with rival gangs and invited you to 
stop by the abandoned church if you 
wanted to be part of the solution. After arriving at the 3rd
Street Saints’ church you were introduced and initiated, 
somewhat painfully, into the gang. Julius Little, the leader 
of the Saints, wants you to gain respect and help take back 
the Row.

Back to Basics
Troy took you to shop for a gun and then asked you to help him 
take out some enemies in the Row. With the Vice Kings after you, 
he took you to Forgive and Forget to get the gang off your back. 
Once you were safe, Troy asked you to drop him off at Freckle 

After a phone call from Julius, you picked him and Troy up and 
drove them to the docks to the docks in Saint’s Row, where a turf 
war between the Vice Kings, Los Carnales and the Westside Rollerz
was taking place. The three of you dropped all the rival gang 
members and secured 3rd Street’s control over Saint’s Row.
Vice King Section of the Storyline

Aisha’s Favour
While you were talking to Johnny Gat about the Vice Kings, Johnny
got a call from Aisha, a personal friend of his. Aisha told Johnny
that her sister had just been kidnapped by the Vice Kings. Ordered
to go get her and any other girls with herm you followed the 
kidnapper to a warehouse and killed all the thugs there. Finding
the girls locked up, you tracked down the Vice King with the key
at the local strip club, Tee N Ay. After a brief fight, you were 
able to rescue the girls and bring them safely back to the Saint’s 

To Kingdom Come
Johnny wanted you to help out Aisha, Stilwater’s famous hip hop 
artist, who was signed with Kingdom Come Records, a company owned 
by the Vice Kings. In order to get Aisha out of her contract, you 
helped her fake her death by rigging her car to explode and causing
an explosion at the recording studio. Everything went smoothly, 
despite the fact that an over-eager stalker had to be taken care 
of along the way.

Always Use Protection
In order to hurt the Vice Kings, Johnny sent you to hit Madame 
Tanya’s brothel in Prawn Court. You dropped all the patrolling 
Kings as well as those guarding the brothel, but found no sign
of Tanya...

You received a call from Johnny Gat informing you that the Vice
Kings were trying to take back the brothel. With the Police 
leaning on the Saints so heavily, Johnny tells you that you 
shouldn’t expect much help. You headed there and took out all 
the Vice Kings in the area. Afterwards, Johnny told you that 
Troy had found out that Madame Tanya Winters was hiding at an 
abandoned police station. The next stop will be to go and take
her out.

Best Laid Plans
After meeting Tanya at the church you set out together to find
and kill Tanya. Meeting up with a group of Saints already outside
the abandoned Police station, the two of you made your way inside
and up to an office where Anthony Green, Benjamin King’s bodyguard,
and Tanya sprung their trap on the two of you. Johnny distracted 
your captors, providing you with enough time to escape. You 
managed to evade pursuit, but Johnny was not so lucky.

Green With Envy
Julius came up with a plan to get Johnny back. By taking Tanya’s 
limo driver’s place, you were able to get her to tell you where 
Anthony Green’s condo was located. After driving her around while 
maintaining your disguise, and then ditching some Saints from 
Troy’s crew that didn’t know about the plan, Tanya finally led
you to where Johnny was being held. A fight broke out, but you 
killed Big Tony Green and rescued Johnny, However, during the 
fighting, Tanya got away.

3rd Street Vice Kings
In order to pull the attention of the Police away from the Saints, 
Dex came up with the idea of having you dress in Vice King colours 
and going to cause some destruction all around town. You really 
did a number on the city, all in the name of the Vice Kings. 
Hopefully, the media coverage will force the Police to turn their 
attention to the Kings and lay off the Saints.

Round Peg, Square Hole
Dex found out that the reason that the cops were working for the 
Vice Kings is that they were in on the Kings’ protection rackets. 
Johnny decided to hit both the Kings and the cops as they met to 
exchange the money, so that people would start asking questions 
and the cops would have to come down on the Vice Kings. The two 
of you ‘interrupted’ a few of those meetings, then drove over to 
King’s recording studio and sent a final message to Warren 
Williams by bombing it...again.

For King and Country
Julius informed you that Benjamin King was being pinned down at 
the museum by his former gang members and asked you to go get 
him back safely. After finding him and getting to his car, you 
both took out the pursuing Vice Kings and then Warren Williams, 
the person responsible for overthrowing Benjamin King. Leaving 
Warren for dead, you headed back to the Church.

The King and I
Given the choice by Julius to either leave town or get shot, 
Benjamin King decided for a third option of leaving town after 
he gets even with Tanya. Agreeing, Julius sent you to drive King
around to Vice Kings hideouts and get them to follow you into 
waiting police traps. After the gang was weakened, it would be 
time to deal with Tanya.

All the King’s Men
Tanya Winters was now in charge of the Vice Kings, and had taken
over their headquarters. King suspected that the access codes to 
the penthouse offices had been changed, but he knew where he could 
get them from. You drove him to Impressions to have a ‘chat’ with 
Stefan, the owner. After terrorizing him into giving up the codes,
King, Johnny and you went to confront Tanya. Working your way 
through the lobby, up to the elevator, and through the penthouse 
the three of you confronted Tanya and her personal escort of gun 
toting hos. After a fierce fight, King put an end to Tanya, himself, 
leaving the Vice Kings as nothing but a memory. As a thank you,
King gave you the keys to the penthouse for your personal use.
Westside Rollerz’ section of the storyline 

Stacking the Deck
Lin, the Saints’ expert on the Westside Rollerz, informed you 
that the Rollerz had a shipment of high-performance cars coming
in. Acting on her tip, you intercepted and hijacked the delivery
truck en route, delivering the goods to Samson instead. The cars 
were then delivered back to the Rollerz, but not before Samson 
made a few surprise modifications.

Samson’s Surprise
At a low-key meeting in a nightclub, Lin revealed that the cars 
you intercepted were rigged to explode, and then given back to the 
Rollerz. Your job was to enter their race and make sure the engines 
got hot enough to explode, In the spectacle that followed, you 
helped Troy taunt the drivers into detonating their own cars then 
made a hasty retreat to the Row when the Rollerz caught on.

Guardian Angel
Lin’s plans for the Rollerz were going well, but she wanted things
to go a little faster. She asked you to raid the Rollerz’ chop shop,
leaving Donny, the Rollerz’ top mechanic, unharmed. Just when Donny
thought you were about to finish him off, Lin came in and pretended
to rescue him, She gained some trust with the Rollerz, and you got
to shoot their shop to pieces. Not a bad day.

Escort Service
Spying in on a meeting between the leaders of the Rollerz, William 
Sharp and his nephew Joseph Price, you overheard that they were 
planning to hijack several delivery trucks loaded with car parts.
Seeing a good opportunity to mess up their plans, you intercepted 
the Westside Rollerz and stopped them from hijacking the trucks, 
getting the 3rd Street Saints some notoriety in the process. 
You’ve made things harder for the Rollerz, but they don’t give up 
that easily...

One Step Ahead
After you screwed up the Rollerz’ truck heists, they came up with
a new plan to steal cars, allowing them to strip off the high-end
parts and deliver them on schedule. You wasted no time in heading
to the suburbs and keeping the Rollerz from getting what they 
needed yet again, establishing the Saints as the Rollerz’ biggest 

The Saint’s campaign against the Rollerz was going well, but Sharp
suspected a spy, and singled out Lin. You got a call from her that
didn’t sound quite right, and suspecting the worst, led a daring 
rescue at the warehouse where Lin was being held. You’d fought your
way to Lin and were just about to rescue her, but you were taken by 
surprise and knocked out.

Burying Evidence
You regained consciousness to find Lin and yourself looking up at 
Sharp from the trunk of his car. He shot you both, closed the trunk 
and pushed the car into the river, leaving you both for dead. In 
the case of Lin, he was right, but you survived, and made it back 
to the surface. Seeking revenge, you hunted Sharp’s limo down and 
took the man down 3rd Street style.

No Time to Mourn
Lin was dead, Sharp was dead and both the Saints and the Rollerz 
were out for blood. You were about to take the fight to the Rollerz, 
but word arrived from Troy that the Rollerz were taking the fight 
to the Row. You and Julius intercepted and took out their convoy 
and saved Saints Row, but Price managed to get away at the very 
last minute.

Semi-Charmed Life
His gang in ruins, a furious Price called you up and challenged 
you to a showdown at the car dealership. When you arrived, Price 
tried to run you down with a truck. He led you on a dangerous chase
down the expressway, but you managed to kill the crazed leader of 
the Rollerz. Now that both Price and his Westside Rollerz and in 
pieces, there’s nothing stopping the Saints from taking over their 
Los Carnales’ section of the storyline

Crack Down
In a meeting with Dex at the church, he briefed you on Los Carnales, 
the powerful gang which dominates Stilwater’s drug trade. He then 
laid out his plan to take them down, cut off the Carnales’ income 
first, then move onto their leader, Hector Lopez. Making the first 
move, you destroyed two of their drug labs, distracting the Carnales 
while Troy worked out the location of the main plant.

The Missing Shipment
After Troy reported back with the location of the Carnales’ main drug
plant, Dex decided against a direct attack. Instead, Dex explained that 
he’s heard about a truck leaving the factory district with a Carnales 
escort. At his request, you and Troy stole the truck and brought it 
back to the Row. You don’t know exactly what Dex intends to do with 
the truck, but he must have a plan...

Homeland Security
Dex was about to explain his plan when Los Carnales, led by Victor 
Rodriguez and Angelo Lopez, Hector’s younger brother, launched a 
brutal surprise retaliation against the Row. Although the leaders 
of the raid escaped, you managed to take out the invading Carnales 
and defend the Saints’ home turf.

Trojan Horse
With the Row back under control, Dex explained his bold plan to 
infiltrate and capture the Carnales’ drug production plant. You 
took the stolen delivery truck, now repaired and filled with 
Saints, to the Carnales plant. Once inside, you and the Saints 
emerged from the truck and took the Carnales by surprise, securing
the plant as property of the Saints and crippling Los Carnales in 
the process.

McManus Says Hello
A memo found by the Saints revealed that Hector Lopez was planning 
to meet with the Colombians at the docks. Seeing an opportunity to 
take the Carnales’ leader out of the picture, Dex gave you a sniper 
rifle and sent you to the docks. From your vantage point there, you 
assassinated Hector just as he was meeting with the drug lords, and 
disrupted their dealings.

Meeting Orejuela
The Saints received a tip that Manuel Orejuela, the mouthpiece for 
the Colombian drug lords, had arrived in Stilwater. Rather than just 
take Manuel out, Dex decided to try and talk to him at a strip club 
in the Carnales’ territory. After driving to the club, you were 
ambushed by Victor, who sought to avenge Hector’s death. Realizing 
the tip was a setup, you and Dex escaped back to the Row, denying 
Victor his revenge...for the moment.

Strength In Numbers
Furious at the Saints for Hector’s assassination, the fearless 
Carnales enforcer, Victor, led an all-out siege against the 
3rd Street Saints’ headquarters, and this time, he wasn’t turning 
back. You and the other Saints withstood the assault, took out the 
attacking Carnales, and finally fed Victor his last bullet.

Possession With Intent
After meeting with Manuel Orejuela, Julius reached an agreement 
with the drug lords, if the Saints can recover the seized drugs 
from the police, the Colombians will work exclusively with the 
Saints. Acting on Troy’s plan, you used a car bomb to open the 
walls of the police station’s evidence locker, stole the drugs 
and took them back to the Row. Just as the Saints closed the 
deal with Manuel’s cartel, however, Angelo made one last effort 
to take out the Saints. He escaped, but now the Saints know 
where he lives...

House Call
Following the latest failed attack on the church, you picked up 
Dex and went to pay Angelo a little visit, using the address
given to the Saints by Manuel. After cornering him in a bloody 
fight, Angelo escaped through a window and took off in his car. 
You almost caught him after a hot pursuit, but he managed to lose 
you at the drawbridge. Dex isn’t worried, though; Angelo hasn’t 
got many places left to run.

What Goes Up...
One of Troy’s crew spotted Angelo making his way toward the airport, 
intent on skipping town and rebuilding the gang somewhere else. 
Acting quickly, you arrived just in time to head him off at the 
runway. In the ensuing gunfight, you and Dex managed to take out 
Angelo’s plane before it could escape, and the last surviving 
leader of the Los Carnales was taken out once and for all.
Later Section of 3rd Street Saints’ Storyline
Stuffing the Ballot
Police Chief Monroe called to tell you that the only way you can 
get Julius back is to do a little favour. Agreeing, you hijacked 
mayoral candidate Marshal Winslow’s campaign bus and parked it 
on some train tracks, Winslow includes. You hope Monroe will 
keep his word...

Hail to the Chief
While waiting for Julius to return, Johnny, Dex and you received 
a call from Police Chief Monroe saying that there was more he 
needed done before he could let Julius go. Tired of taking orders
from Monroe, the decision is made to take him out during the 
funeral procession for Marshal Winslow. You and Dex headed to the 
city to snipe Monroe, but Johnny showed up with a rocket launcher 
and blew your cover. Deciding it was pointless to hide anymore, 
the two of you joined Johnny in the mayhem, eliminating the crooked 
cop in the process.

Salting the Earth
*Note: I am writing this one, since there is no story extract for 
the last ‘mission' in the game* You receive a call from Alderman 
Hughes, saying that he would’ve been blamed for the ‘incident’ 
with Marshal Winslow, until you blew his funeral procession in 
the process, it was the 3rd Street Saints all along. He then 
invites you to come long to his boat, where he’s holding a 
fundraiser later on. At your little meeting with Alderman Hughes, 
he brings his bodyguards along to kill you, not before his boat 
blows up, killing all on board...
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5.Missions (*5missions)
5a. Early 3rd Street Saints Missions (*5aearlysaints)
5aa. Canonized (*5aacanon)
This mission is a basic lesson in hand-to-hand combat, just 
remember to block and kick when your opponent/s is/are 
blocking, you have to beat 6 gang members, but there is no 
failing the mission. You just get respect for beating the 6 

5ab. Back to Basics (*5abbacktobasics)
You are joined by Troy and you basically have to kill the 
Vice Kings that are located around the Row. The enemies aren’t 
too hard and they drop money (green), weapons (blue) and food 
(red/orange). If you want everything to be easier, just hijack 
a car and drive-by the enemies, the car can take a lot more 
damage than you can, and you can make faster getaways with it. 
Learn to use cars often in this game to make things easier, but
 remember that when they are flaming, get the f*** out because 
the vehicle will explode soon after, normally killing you. 
There are 6 enemies to kill, and once you achieve this, you 
have to go to Forgive and Forget to take away your gang 
notoriety. Just follow the blue circles on your mini-map and 
try not to kill yourself, then drive through the Forgive and 
Forget building, then drop Troy off at Freckle Bitches and 
you’ll pass the mission.

5ac. Reclamation (*5acreclamation)
One of my favourite missions in the game, I am not sure why...but
I have a lot of fun in this one. First of all, you have to wait 
for Troy and Julius to come out of the church towards you, then 
find and hijack a car, wait till Troy and Julius are in the car, 
then off you go towards the docks to sort out the three other 
gangs. Once you reach the docks, drive into the blue circle and 
the gang lieutenants will show up on your mini-map, these are 
the only people you actually have to kill in this mission, but 
killing anyone else is a good way to practice killing for later, 
and it will also score you a tonne of ammo and money if you pick 
them up. If you are having extreme difficulty with passing this 
mission, just stay in your car for the whole mission and run over 
each lieutenant. Also, make sure you avoid the white barrels, 
since they are explosive, so if you are in a car do not run into 
them, and you can kill the Westside Rollerz lieutenant with a 
single shot to the white barrel in front of him, so you can save 
ammunition. After the 3 lieutenants are dead, you will get a 2* 
wanted level and you will have to lose the cops. It’s not too hard, 
just swerve in between traffic and use your handbrake (Left Trigger) 
a lot around corners. You might be able to lose the cops via Forgive
and Forget, but I haven’t been able to keep them on my tail long 
enough to get there, but F&F should only be used as a last resort, 
as you really shouldn’t waste money in this game. After the cops 
have been lost, drive Julius and Troy back to the church to 
finish the mission.
5b. Vice Kings Missions (*5bvicekings)
5ba. Aisha’s Favour (*5baaisha)
As soon as this mission starts, try and find a car. Try and find
a car along the blue line on the mini-map, since it’s basically 
hitting two birds with one stone. Then once you find a car, 
follow the kidnapper across the map, try to stay in between 
the two red circles if you can and stay in there until the 
cutscene. Once the cutscene ends, you have to go into the 
warehouse to save the girls. Inside the warehouse are 4 
(if I remember correctly) VKs, kill them all with a pistol
or something and go to the door where the girls are being 
held. You then have to get the key off a pimp at Tee N Ay,
so take a car there and try to kill the gang members 
inside as stealthily as possible, which sounds hard, but 
makes the mission easier if you can, since less health lost 
is always a good thing. After you kill the pimp inside (as 
well as the other people inside), grab the key from him. 
Then head back out the door you came in and jump in the car 
you had before. Then make your way to the warehouse again, 
then go to the door what was locked. Unlock it and press Up 
on the D-Pad to get the girls to follow you, but this time 
on the way out, there are more gang members. Dispose of 
these guys and try to get into your car as quickly as 
possible when you’re outside. More gang members in cars will 
show up and being in a car will always protect you better 
than being out in the open. If you used a 2 door car for 
the mission up to now, kill the gang members around you and 
steal a gang car, these are 4 doored and will fit the 3 other
girls in it, rather than making two girls run behind you as 
you drive a two door. After the girls are delivered back to 
the church, you will pass the mission.
5bb. To Kingdom Come (*5bbkingdomcome)
As beginning cutscene finishes, a car with a green arrow 
pointing above it will appear in front of you in a parking spot. 
This is Aisha’s car, and it is awesome (well I think it is). Get 
into the car with Aisha and head off to Samson’s. It is only a 
short drive, but once you get near, drive slowly towards the 
garage door and it will open up for you. After the cutscene you 
will have to lose Aisha’s crazy-ass stalker. This isn’t too hard, 
but take note that crashes will lower your cars health, and it 
will kill you a lot faster than a standard car. Remember to use 
the handbrake around turns and make lots of them, his van is slow 
and your car is fast, so things are a lot easier but he is 
persistent and somewhat-scary. Take note that the nearest bridge 
is closed off, so try to lose the stalker en route to another 
bridge, to make things quicker. After you’ve lost him, you just 
have to drop off the car in the blue circle and watch the cutscene
to finish the mission.

5bc. Always Use Protection (*5bprotection)
In this mission, you have to first wipe out 4 patrols around 
Prawn Court. This shouldn’t be too hard, just use an SMG or a 
pistol to headshot each target in his/her car, if possible. 
Headshots are the best thing you can do, since they will save 
you time, health and ammo, learn to aim straight for heads 
whenever possible. After the patrols are dead, you have to make 
your way into the brothel. I would advise picking up a homie or 
two before you do the mission, it makes the missions easier 
if you are still new to the game, but they take up time and 
attention as they die frequently, and having to heal them every 
minute or so will annoy people who have beaten one or two of 
the other storylines, so it comes down to personal preference. 
As you approach the brothel, there will be many guards standing
around the left side of the brothel, you can either wipe out
all of them with a SMG, pistol or shotgun (if you have one) or 
you can make a car bomb, which involves destroying your car 
to the point of it flaming, then accelerating towards the 
group/s of guards, and jumping out of the car at a decent speed, 
this will send a massive explosion in the face of 6 or so 
enemies, killing them without you being harmed, however, this will
take a lot of time to master the technique, and it is not 
advised to do it for the first time when you are this far into a 
mission. After the guards are all dead, head inside. Now walk
down the corridor and turn right, a second right will make you
see two guards running towards you (well, that’s what happened
to me as I am writing this), dispose of them with an SMG or 
a shotgun. Now make sure that you have a weapon with a decent 
amount of ammo, and full health (if it’s below 75%, eat 
something now) and step into the big hall that you will have to 
fight through to get places, there are 5 guards in this hall,
after they are dead, take whatever route you wish to finish the 
rest of the enemies, I prefer to work my way down, starting 
at the single rooms at the top of the stairs, then working into 
the hallways at the top, which leads you to the bottom floor, 
where you can kill the remaining guards. It is a big help 
throughout this mission to keep your eye on the red 
squares/triangles, a square means that the target is on the 
same altitude level as you (accurate to approx 2/3 meters), 
a triangle means that the target is above you in contrast 
to your altitude and an upside down triangle means that the 
target is below you. Also, keep an eye on the squares to 
pinpoint their location in the room, as if you see that they are 
in the back left corner of the room and are staying there, 
you can focus your aim on that position as you open the door. 
On a different note; I have encountered a glitch where a gang 
member was stuck in a wall, and I could not kill him. If this 
happens to you, you will have to restart as I have found no 
way to kill the guard, but restarting this mission isn’t too bad, 
as it is pretty fun IMO, much better than some of the other 
missions later on in other storylines. As soon as all of the gang
members are dead, you have completed the mission.
5bd. Reinforcements (*5bdreinforcements)
This mission is basically a pushback, a gang turf war. It is an 
easier and shorter version of the last mission, in a more open area
and with less targets. You can take on the lieutenants in any order, 
but bringing homies is always gonna help in this type of mission or 
any future pushback. Explosive weapons and sniper rifles always 
make pushbacks easier as explosive weapons are good for wiping out 
groups of gang members and sniper rifles are good for picking off 
lieutenants one by one from a far distance. Once you have killed 
all the lieutenants, the mission is finished.

5be. Best Laid Plans (*5bebestlaid)
I love this mission as well, a lot of the Vice Kings missions are 
very good, and there are no really frustrating missions in my 
opinion. But this one is a good mission for video game adrenaline 
junkies, plenty of killing in this one. You start the mission with 
Johnny accompanying you, you have to get into his car and head to 
the police station. As soon as you get to the station, park Johnny’s 
car to the right of the police station (from the perspective of 
facing the police station, to the left of the station if you’re 
inside facing straight out) facing towards the street, you’ll see 
why in a couple of minutes (you can also thank me later). Then take 
care of the gang members at the entrance if they haven’t already been 
killed by your gang members. Once inside, there are three members in 
the first conjoined rooms, kill them as quickly as you can, and move 
onto the second room, where there are three VKs with SMGs that can 
take down your health quickly if you don’t either kill them or run 
past. Now a lot of the VK encounters will be unpredictable, I killed 
two more gang members until I reached the major hallway that leads to 
the stairs, now there will be a room on your way to the stairs with 
quite a few VKs inside, you can skip this place if you want to ignore 
the money and ammo, as soon as you get to the stairs, you will be 
confronted with many VK members, just blast your way through them 
and go up the stairs, running past everyone you can, as soon as you 
get to the room at the end of the corridor, you will trigger a cutscene. 
After the cutscene is finished, you will see why I told you to set 
up Johnny’s car to the side of the police station. Instead of getting 
into the car given to you, get into Johnny’s car. This makes the 
getaway 2 or 3 times easier. You will have (if I remember correctly) 
2* of VK notoriety and 3* of police notoriety, and you must get to the
church with this piled up notoriety. Now, you can either stop by the 
Forgive and Forget approx. South-West of you or you can head to the 
church straight off. It is your choice, but I went straight to the 
church, since being in Johnny’s car does make this part a lot easier. 
As soon as you get in the blue marker, you have finished the mission.

5bf. Green With Envy (*5bfgreen)
Now this mission is kinda boring, but it does get better towards the 
end. The mission starts off with you having to drive to the Kingdom 
Come Records HQ that you previously blew up. Once you are there, you 
have to stalk the limo until it is out of view from the HQ, then pull
the limo driver out by hijacking it and pulling away as soon as he’s
out, then finish him off with a couple of pistol shots, no need to 
waste shotgun ammo on him unless you are rolling in cash and are willing to 
waste ammo. Once the limo driver is dead, jump in the limo and turn around 
and drive into the blue marker. Then pick up Tanya and take her shopping, 
first to Impressions, then to Friendly Fire. When Tanya is inside Friendly 
Fire and you’re in the limo waiting for her, you get a call from Julius 
saying that Troy’s crew is gonna try to kill Tanya while she is in her limo,
since they didn’t hear the plan that involved you. That means that you’re 
gonna be up against the Saints, trying to outdrive them and not hurting 
them, since they are your own crew. This is just like those other times 
when you’ve had to escape from someone, just this time it’s in a slow, 
long vehicle, but I didn’t find it hard at all. Just remember to 
handbrake and swerve between traffic to lose the Saints on your tail.
After you’ve lost the gang members, drive to the penthouse and watch 
the cutscene when you get into the circle. When you get back to gameplay, 
go through the door to the kitchen where all of the gang members are. 
Grenades help quite a lot here, but a shotgun will be your best friend
(don’t load up on ammo before the mission, since you can get a decent 
shotgun at the end of this mission, and loading $6,000 onto your weapon 
and getting a better one will piss you off) kill all the gang members 
inside, then take on Big Anthony Green, he has the better shotgun I 
mentioned, so beware. I recommend taking it to him with an SMG, since 
a shotgun vs. shotgun battle will end with you losing most times. When
 Green is finished, you have completed the mission, and you now have 
a new savehouse.

5bg. 3rd Street Vice Kings (*5bgsaintskings)
I seriously don’t like this one, it’s just not as fun as the others, 
especially when Johnny’s AI is pretty frustrating.Start off the 
mission by driving towards the North island and running over as 
many civilians as possible, gunfights will screw you over, since 
the main gunfights you’ll be having with is the Saints and that’s 
baaaad, m’kay? Just run over people until you get a 2* wanted level. 
Then head towards the High End District, where you have to kill 
two of the shop owners in the district. This isn’t too hard, but 
the police seem to hate Johnny and he always dies and you seem to 
have to revive him every 30 seconds. After you’ve killed both of
them, jump in a police car and head towards the next destination, 
where you will have to knock down a set of concrete bowling pins,
get a lot of speed down the ramp from the direction of the blue 
marker, don’t try to completely floor the car, since that will 
make you overshoot your landing, which I did many a time, just 
knock down the pins to move to the next objective. Note: you can 
also use a grenade to knock the pins lose, but I found it a bit 
too risky, since the grenade aiming is shoddy as. The next objective 
is to get a bulldozer, head towards the blue marker, and get inside. 
Johnny will follow in another bulldozer. For those that do not know, 
the bulldozer is the balls, it is the Saint’s Row equivalent of the 
Rhino in the more recent GTA games. So basically, once you get inside 
the bulldozer, you will be having a lot of fun. Don’t bother even 
steering away from other vehicles since you will either push them away 
or they will explode. Smoosh your way through the police force to 
get to the statue of Alderman Hughes (that bad bad man(!)) Drive into 
the blue marker, then drive into the statue, collapsing it. Do not 
make the mistake of trying to drive into the statue before driving
into the blue marker, since it won’t do anything. Once the statue is 
destroyed, you have finished the mission.

5bh. Round Peg, Square Hole (*5bhroundpeg)
Now this mission is the art of destruction, although it doesn’t 
particularly make me as happy as it should. The goal is to gatecrash 
the meetings between the Vice Kings and the police force. You get 
infinite rocket launcher ammo for this one, so it shouldn’t be too 
hard. There are five stops, each containing vehicles to blow up and 
people to get caught up in the explosions. Just make sure that you 
don’t fire the RPGs at cars that are too close to your car, as that 
will cause damage to you. I actually prefer to use the Krukov towards 
the pursuing cars, since a headshot to the driver is easier for me than 
shooting a rocket at a constantly moving car (as weird as that may
sound). Throughout the mission, your wanted levels for both the VKs 
and the police will rise, so after you blow up the five meetings, 
you have to go to the Forgive and Forget to get your heat down. After 
you’ve gone through the F&F, you finish the mission. Just remember to 
be constantly looking at the map for red dots, and that you should 
use the rocket launcher on cars that are further away, and the less 
they move, the more you lean towards a rocket shot. The closer they 
are and the more the car swerves, the more you should think about 
using the Krukov or at least the shotgun (for the close shots) and 
the SMG (for the moving shots).
5bi. For King and Country (*5bikingcountry)
Now here comes quite a hard mission, make sure you have plenty of SMG
and shotgun ammo. You have to go to the museum to rescue Benjamin King, 
who is being turned on by the gang he created and raised. Once you get 
to the museum, try to stay in the car and run over as many VKs as 
possible, although it will take some car maneuvering to get the car 
where you want, unless you want to go around the other way, although 
I’m not sure if you can actually go that way. Anyways, make your way 
through the gang members until you reach King, and he will join you. 
Then head to King’s car and then you have to blow up a few VK gang cars. 
Use your SMG for this job, as you should’ve almost every other time you 
had to blow up a car. After the cars have been blown up and the possible 
surviving VKs slaughtered, you have to take after Warren. This isn’t too 
hard, IIRC, at a certain point he crashes anyway, but if I am wrong it 
still isn’t hard to drive by his car till it’s health goes down. The 
second half of this mission is pretty easy, it’s just the on-foot work 
at the museum that is the real killer and this may take a couple goes 
to finish.
5bj. The King & I (*5bjkingandi)
I found this mission boring as, you just have to lure Vice King cars 
into waiting police traps by shooting at a car of theirs and making 
follow you into the same checkpoint. The only problem is that the 
Vice Kings are pretty stupid drivers. There has been quite a few 
times that a car has been stuck behind a pole and I’ve had to go back 
and ‘rescue’ them from the clutches of the evil pole. This really 
isn’t a hard mission, just tedious. Your patience will be rewarded 
in the next mission.

5bk. All The King’s Men (*5bkkingsmen)
Here we are, the final mission for the Vice Kings section of the 
storyline. This is probably the hardest in the set, for good reason. 
But it also one of the funnest, and mainly just for the first part. 
The beginning of the mission involves you going to Impressions to 
have a little ‘chat’ with Stefan, Tanya’s fashion consultant. 
This leads to you being able to drive at high speeds while King 
has Stefan by the ankles, with his body outside the window to 
try to make him confess Tanya’s penthouse security code. You’ll 
have a wanted level, although if I was a policeman and I saw 
Stefan hanging out a window, I’d encourage it, not try to blow the 
car up that has Stefan inside (or mainly outside) it. After you get 
the code, drive to King’s penthouse and make your way up to the 
elevator, killing VKs along the way, this part isn’t that hard, 
just make sure you bought the best food you can to heal yourself. 
The elevator is on the top floor, you have to go up the stairs 
and take a double right to get to it. After you go up to the top 
level, the hard part starts, there is a tonne of VKs around and 
Tanya’s skanky posse really doesn’t help much. Don’t both going 
upstairs, since you only need to go straightforward to get the 
final cutscene. You might be able to sprint through the office 
block that has the deadly skank parade (3-5 female guards that 
pack a hell of a punch) but I wouldn’t want to rely on luck so 
soon before the end of the mission. Just shotgun the guards and 
remember to heal whenever you can. Take a left from the office 
block to trigger the final cutscene. Congrats, you just finished 
the Vice Kings storyline and you know have a new crib in King’s 

5c. Westside Rollerz Missions (*5crollerz)
5ca. Stacking The Deck (*5castacking)
This mission’s pretty simple, you have to hijack one of those 
massive car-carrying trucks that you frequently see driving 
around the freeways, it’s not too hard, just purchase some SMG 
ammo (you really don’t need too much) and head towards the truck 
that is on your radar. To stop it, you have to unload your SMG 
ammo into it, hitting the cab will make your shots count more, 
saving you money on the ammo. Once it’s stopped, you may be 
attacked by the Rollerz that were escorting the truck, but they 
shouldn’t be too much of a problem, only kill them if you’ve got 
quite a bit of spare ammo as you really don’t need to, but people 
probably feel more secure killing anyone that can kill them back.
After you’ve got in the car, just drive down the freeway towards 
the target area (a tonne of cars will try to ram into you, but 
they’re stupid and they end up blowing themselves up anyway, 
providing everyone with laughs). Once you’re in the target 
zone, the mission is complete.
5cb. Samson’s Surprise (*5cbsamson)
This is quite an original, fun and easy mission. The point is 
to heat up the three other racers’ cars so that they blow up.
 This is done by either taunting the racers so that they NOS 
past you, heating up their engines to the extent of blowing 
themselves up, or drive by-ing them so they blow up, it’s 
your choice, although I prefer the former option, so that I save 
ammo, and I really think that it is the way that the mission was 
intended. For the first option, just keep in the radius of 
each racer, your car is faster than there’s and it isn’t hard 
at all to stay near them, it’s like reverse racing, you’re 
trying to let them get a bit in front of you. Once the taunt 
meter is filled up (from about 20-30 seconds of being in the 
radius) the car will blow up, rinse and repeat for the other 
two cars. For the second, it really doesn’t need to be 
explained as you have most likely done a drive-by before, just 
fire carefully and don’t waste ammo.

5cc. Guardian Angel (*5ccguardian)
This is the first somewhat-challenging mission in this storyline 
vein, although it isn’t too hard, you just need to stay 
alert and not expect to just wander through aimlessly and expect 
to pass it. Once the mission starts, drive to the location 
where the target is, then start lobbing grenades over the wall 
to take out some of the enemies inside, try to stay in your 
car for as long as you can, as the car will take the damage and 
not you, you’ll have to get out once you’re inside, but 
half of the enemies are outside anyways, so you’ll have full 
health instead of having minus the health of dealing with 
those others. Once you are inside, shotgun or SMG any people that 
you see, and make sure that you take advantage of the 
visible enemy positions available from the radar, work your way 
through the workshop until you reach Donny, then take out 
his bodyguards and make sure that you don’t harm him. Once the 
bodyguards are killed, the cutscene should start. Then jump 
into the nearby car and take chase, it’s not hard at all, Lin’s 
a shite driver and she’s easy to follow, just don’t crash 
or do anything more than follow her, don’t shoot the car and 
don’t try to harm it. As soon as you get to the certain point,
let her drive away, then the mission is complete.
5cd. Escort Service (*5cdescort)
This mission, I hate. This mission is probably the only time 
that I have actually wanted to snap my controller in half. 
After the 5th or 6th time that I failed, I unloaded enough 
ammo into the truck driver to kill 1,000 enemies, that’s how 
much it pissed me off, but still, I have forgiven it after I 
finished it. Ok, the point of this mission is to stop 3 trucks 
from being hijacked by the Rollerz. Before you start the mission,
load up on SMG ammo and grenades/RPG ammo. The first two trucks 
are pretty easy, just drive as fast as you can, and when you get 
there, unload as much SMG ammo into the cars as possible, and 
you might want to go through a Forgive and Forget on the way 
to the second one, if the spare Rollerz are causing you trouble, 
but you ahouldn’t need to. Now, for the third truck, note 
that the Rollerz will beat you to the truck every time, but still 
try to get to the point as quickly as possible. There is 
a shortcut that you can take, going past where the cars are 
attacking the truck to get to the blue marker, instead of going 
around. Then when you get into the blue marker, blow up the cars 
with a RPG or grenades if you aren’t easily frustrated or 
you can just shoot the Rollerz before they destroy the truck, 
hopefully you won’t a) blow the truck up accidentally when 
using grenades/RPGs or b) shoot too slow to kill the Rollerz 
before the truck goes kabloomie. After you save the third truck,
your controller is saved from potential breakage.
5ce. One Step Ahead (*5ceonestep)
In this one, you must stop the Rollerz from stealing four cars 
that they are gonna strip for parts. It's not hard at all, just 
drive as fast as you can towards the car, and blow it up with an 
RPG or a grenade before the Rollerz can steal it, and if you can't 
get there in time, just chase after them and drive-by them until 
the car blows up. Repeat this 3 more times, and you've finished 
the mission. 

5cf. Liberation (*5cfliberation)
Make sure you're well armed and that you have lots of food, as 
there will be a intense firefight soon. Drive to the poolhouse to 
start the mayhem. Use a shotgun to blow through the Rollerz, or use 
grenades to kill clusters of enemies. As soon as you've killed 
everyone, walk into the blue marker. After the cutscene, you will 
automatically start the next mission. 

5cg. Burying Evidence (*5cgburyevidence)
You have to kill Mr. Sharp in a little piece of revenge, run up the 
tunnel when you can and find a vehicle. Then take chase after him, 
when you catch up to him, constant drive bys, whilst ignoring his 
protection will work, or you can blow his car up with an RPG if you 
are on foot and he is nearby.
5ch. No Time to Mourn (*5chmourn)
This is a really fun mission, if you like blowing up multiple cars.
The jist of it is that you have to defend Saint's Row from a convoy
of Rollerz. You have to blow up the cars in the convoy with an RPG 
while Julius is driving the car. Note that you have unlimited ammo 
for the RPG, so you don't have to be 100% accurate, but you won't 
exactly get anywhere if you shoot RPGs all over the place. Take 
care with your shots and work through all of the cars along the 
freeway, and you'll pass the mission and trigger the cutscene.  

5ci. Semi-Charmed Life (*5cisemicharm)
The final mission for the Rollerz, and it's pretty easy compared 
the the other 2 final missions. You must kill Price while you're on
a freeway, and he's in a truck. At first, you must catch up to Price,
and then you must kill him by blowing up the cars on the back of his 
truck, but watch out, as they drop off the back and deal some serious
damage, so make sure that you keep an eye out for the cars dropping 
off and that you avoid them. Once all of the cars are gone, you can 
work on the cab. Just keep shooting until the cutscene triggers.
And you've finished the Westside Rollerz section of Saint's Row.   

5d. Los Carnales Missions (*5dcarnales)
5da. Crack Down (*5dacrackdown)
Basic mission. You have to destroy the Carnales' drug labs by blowing 
up the chemicals used to make the drugs. Basically, just drive to each 
plant, fight your way through it and blow up the chemicals, but don't 
stand too close to the explosives. Rinse and repeat. 

5db. The Missing Shipment (*5dbmissing) 
This one slightly annoyed me, as it's quite a jump in difficulty if 
the Carnales missions were the first set you started. It involves 
helping Troy to steal a truck and escorting it back to Samson's garage. 
Only it isn't that simple as there is the obstacle of many Carnales 
trying to stop you, both at the location where you steal the truck and 
along the way to the garage. The first load of Carnales can be sorted 
out with either running them over or with drive-bys, but beware, that if
you are going to try to kill the first load in your car, that is very 
likely that someone will throw a grenade under your car, killing you.
So be careful of that, you can either risk the grenades or you can take 
care of them on foot, using an SMG or a shotgun. Once Troy has hijacked 
the truck, get into your car and follow Troy. Hopefully you'll have 
enough SMG ammo to be able to drive-by the oncoming vehicular assault 
that will attack you and Troy. If you have no ammo, just ram the cars 
out of the way and hopefully you will be able to last until Troy gets
to the garage, this one might take a few goes.

5dc. Homeland Security (*5dchomeland)
This mission is quite simple, yet hard. You have to kill the liutenants
that are in your territory, just like a normal setback, just slightly 
harder. I recommend buying a sniper rifle (the McManus) before you 
start this mission, as it's much easier to kill the guys with RPGs from 
a distance. Just deal with the enemies in whatever order, but with the 
RPG people, you should hide across the road from them and take them out
from there, and they shouldn't be able to get you back. The rest of the
enemies are easy as long as you are careful and you look out for the foot 
soldiers that often will be ignored due to a lot of people focusing on the 
main targets. After you've killed the liutenants, you have finished the 

5dd. Trojan Horse (*5ddtrojan)
Another fun mission, but make sure you are equipped with a sniper rifle. 
You have to get into the truck and drive to the massive drug lab to 
the south. When you get there, drive into the blue marker. Then kill all
the Carnales around you (using the sniper rifle or a shotgun). Then make 
your way inside and kill the Carnales inside there, once all Carnales are 
dead, you've finished the mission.

5de. McManus Says Hello (*5demcmanus)
You should already have had some practice using the sniper rifle already, 
so this mission shouldn't be too hard. You have to drive to the location 
where the meet between the Carnales and the Colombians is going down.
Once you get to the blue marker, head up to the roof by following the 
blue markers. When you get to the final one, you have to wait on the roof
and start sniping away at the Carnales, this will make them start firing
RPGs at you, just crouch behind a vent and stride in and out from behind
it taking shots when you're out and recovering from any damage that you 
have taken while you are behind the vent. Rinse and repeat until all
Carnales are dead. The last couple of Carnales may be hard, as they have 
the same strategy as you, to stride in and out. Just wait until the guy 
strides out, and headshot him, although it may take a bit of patience.

5df. Meeting Orejuela (*5dforejuela)
As soon as you start the mission, drive to the stripclub. You will be 
taking the freeway route that you are taking now quite a lot in the next 
few missions, so get used to it, although it is just a long drive down the 
freeway. Anyways, after you've driven to the stripclub, you will have to 
drive back to Saint's Row, while being chased. Now, you can either lose 
the cars that are after you by standard means (driving fast, weaving 
between traffic, etc.) or you can drive straight to the church and blow 
up the cars that are left. I recommend the former option if you are a good
driver, and the latter if you have some spare RPG/grenade/shotgun ammo 
that you don't mind wasting. After you have gotten back to Saint's Row
with all of the chasing Carnales' cars out of the area, you finish the

5dg. Strength In Numbers (*5dgstrength)
Make sure that you are well-armed for this one, and make sure you have 
RPG ammo, to make the end of the mission a lot easier. You have to 
defend the church from the Carnales. Just make sure you know your way
around the church before you start as well as I still get lost in the 
church. Just run around the church and kill the Carnales. And after when
you've killed them all, Victor will come in his car, just blow it up with 
the RPG I mentioned before and let Victor die, and if he doesn't die from
the fire, just unload SMG bullets into him until he does. 

5dh. Possession With Intent (*5dhpossess)
People say that this mission is really hard, but I did it on my first go.
I also recommend that you have an RPG (as always) to make defense part
of the mission easier. First you have to drive to Samson's garage 
to get a bomb equipped to your car, then you have to drive to the 
back of the police station, only the bomb is very unstable, 
so you have to drive very carefully otherwise you'll blow up. 
After you have gotten to the police station, you have to defend the van 
that is loading the drugs into it, just fire RPGs at the police cars before 
the policemen can get out, and don't let your guard down. Don't worry 
about getting a high wanted level, as you will see...
After you have protected the van, you have to drive back to the garage
with a 5*  police notoriety level in the van. I recommend driving to 
Forgive and Forget before you go to the garage, but it's your choice.
Just drive as fast as you can, and try to avoid the stationery SWAT
vans blocking the road.   

5di. House Call (*5dihousecall)
This one annoyed me until I knew what to do. First off, you want to recuit 
some homeies before you start, you only need two, since Dex comes with you.
Then you have to drive to Angelo's house to kill him. Take the freeway 
route that you previously took in 'Meeting Orejuela' and get to the house. 
Now, outside you can take a couple of strategies; you can do the standard 
'SMG/shotgun firefight' tactic, you can bring a sniper rifle and snipe 
the foot soldiers from a distance, or you can bring your car into the 
backyard of the house and run over or drive-by the Carnales outside. 
Once all of the guys outside are dead, and Angelo has gone inside (you may 
have to shoot him to get him to go inside). Then go into the house and kill 
everyone. You have to make your way upstairs and out of the balcony that
Angelo came out of earlier, and into the door that he went into.
Then a cutscene starts, and then you'll be riding shotgun with Dex,
defending your car from the Carnales assault, if I remember correctly,
you have unlimited RPG ammo, so use it on the cars that chase after you.
Don't worry about shooting Angelo's car, as he can't be killed yet.
Just defend your car until the cutscene triggers, and then you have
finished the mission.   

5dj. What Goes Up... (*5djwhatgoesup)
This one, I really hate. I seriously think I fluked it when I beat it.
OK, you have to shoot Angelo's plane before it can take off, with him
in it. First, you have to drive to the airport down that same freeway 
we've been down before. Then when you get to the marker, you are riding 
shotgun again and you have to defend your car and try to blow up the 
plane. You really should defend the car first, by shooting the Carnales
with RPGs that are standing around the airport, so use an SMG or a rifle
to kill those guys, you have multiple times to shoot at them, so don't get 
too stressed if you miss them the first time. Basically, if the RPG guys 
hit you, you have to start again, so keep that in mind.
Now, in the second round, you should start taking shots at the plane.
It's pretty easy to blow the plane up, it's 2-3 shots with RPGs before 
you destroy it and finish the destruction of Los Carnales. This mission
could take a couple of goes, as the RPG soldiers really screw you over.

5e. Final 3rd Street Saints Missions (*5efinalsaints)
5ea. Stuffing the Ballot (*5eaballot)
Once you have finished all 3 sets of gang missions, this mission becomes
available. You learn that Monroe, the chief of police has got Julius
and is holding him hostage. And now you must kill the opposition 
alderman to eliminate the competition. You have to steal his bus,
and park it on the train tracks before the train gets there. 
Drive to the bus as fast as you can, drive-by the bus' escort and
then damage the bus until you can hijack it, then once you are in,
drive it to the traintracks and park it there before the train gets
there. Once the train runs over the bus, you have finished the 

5eb. Hail to the Chief (*5ebhailchief)
make sure that you have lots of food and ammo for this one, as this
is IT. In essence, you want to kill Monroe at the alderman's funeral.
So head to the marker with a strong car. Once you are there, equip your 
RPG and wait for the cars to come out. Then blow them up, and hopefully 
you'll kill Monroe. Then you will have a 5* wanted level. You then have
to escape to the Forgive and Forget, I recommend the west one, since it
is easier to get there. If your car is on fire, quickly get out and get 
into a FBI car, since they are very good. This another one that I 
finished first go. Good luck!

5ec. Salting The Earth (*5ecsaltearth)
All you have to do is walk into the Saints' icon as you normally
would to trigger a mission. Then watch the final cutscene and 
pat yourself on the back. You've finished Saints Row!

6. Activities (*6activities)
6a. Insurance Fraud (*6ainsurance)
This is my specialty. It’s really quite easy once you’re a good 
driver in the game. You need to get a police car and ram 
it head first into another car at high speed, this will cause 
your character to fly out of the car and get many multipliers.
The more people that see it will also net you multipliers. Note 
that the value of the multipliers seems to go down the more
you execute them, so in the first level, it’s easy to rack up 
a $200,000 dive but at level 8 you’ll have to take 3 or 4 
dives to get the target. Also, make sure that you repair your 
police car every level or so, as you really don’t want your 
car to blow up in the middle of a level, forcing you to look 
for a new one. As long as you repair when you need it, this 
activity is no problem.

6b. Escort (*6bescort)
This is the ultimate getaway activity, but it’s really annoying, 
I hate the media so much more now (and that’s saying 
something, I hated them a lot before). The key to this mission 
is to swerve through traffic and to use your handbrake (or 
tap X around corners) to get rid of the media pursuing you. 
The really annoying ones are the private investigators, who are 
much faster and persistent than the normal media vans. Try to 
find a section that you can hang around that the cars can’t 
get near, like a roof or maybe the middle of a Forgive and 
Forget will work, I’m not sure. But good luck with this one and 
try not to snap your controller or anything.  

6c. Racing (*5cracing)
I love racing games, so I loved this activity. If you want the 
mission to become piss easy, just steal an FBI truck and use 
that for the races, as it is much faster than the rest of its 
class. I really can’t give much advice on this one, it all 
comes down to your driving skill, instincts and reflexes. Try 
doing the races in one of the heavy class vehicles to make it 
really fun for extra replay value.

6d. Drug Trafficking (*5ddrugs)
If you were good at the other riding shotgun missions, you’ll 
be good at this, or vice versa. I recommend getting plenty of 
RPG and Krukov ammo for this activity, and remember to use the 
Krukov for near or moving shots and the RPG for far away, 
slow shots as it’s a lot easier to fire another shot with the 
Krukov than with the RPG. Just keep an eye on your minimap 
for red dots and you’ll be fine.

6e. Hitman (*6ehitman)
Now I seriously have no idea on this one, I haven’t completed 
one assignment on this, so I really shouldn’t be telling you 
how to do it, but it basically involves you looking for a NPC 
around the city, and you have to kill him/her with a certain 
weapon. It is boring and takes ages, but you are rewarded for 
your efforts (platinum RPG, yum yum).

6f. Demolition Derby (*6jdemoderby)
I was very confused by this one at first, since it seemed kinda 
one-sided, but practice makes perfect and practice is easy, 
since after you fail, you spawn right next to the mission point. 
Remember to keep an eye on the minimap and try not to let 
cars hit you on the side of your car. 

6g. Chop Shop (*6gchopshop)
This activity is very similar to the Hitman activity, it’s just 
easier and it involves cars. Refer to a Chop Shop guide for 
vehicle locations, as this could also take a long time to complete. 

6h. Mayhem (*6hmayhem)
Make sure you have lots of RPG ammo for this activity. You have 
to go to a location and cause as much damage as possible. 
Normally, in the location you’ve been sent to, there are 
a few parked vehicles around, so destroy all of those that you can 
see, then move onto the road traffic, don’t be afraid to get 
your notoriety up, as the more cars driving towards you, the 
easier it should be, just don’t die. 
7. Achievements (*7achieve)
Addicted to the Row – Clock up 20 hours of playtime (it has 
to be active playtime, you can’t get this achievement by 
leaving your controller on for 20 hours, you have to actually 
play and run. Maybe you could tape the left analog stick 
forward against a wall and leave the game on for 20 hours, 
and you could net the Marathon Runner achievement at the same 
time, I think.) Worth 20 points.

Air Traffic – Destroy 50 helicopters. Worth 10 points.

Audiophile – Collect all of the hidden CDs scattered around 
Stilwater. Worth 10 points.

Bullet Proof – Complete Turbulence with an online friend on 
the highest difficulty. Worth 10 points.

Canonized – Complete the mission of the same name, the very 
first mission. Note: You do not have to defeat the 6 enemies 
to get the achievement, dying will net you it as well. 
Worth 10 points.

Chain Gang – Deliver 500 chains in the Big Ass Chains 
multiplayer mode. Worth 20 points.

Clocktower Camper – Kill 100 people with a sniper rifle 
in any online mode. Worth 20 points.

Colombian Made – Complete all Los Carnales missions, 
including strongholds. Worth 40 points.

Contract Killer – Complete all Hitman assignments, on all 
3 territories. Worth 10 points.

Coupon Clipper – Buy 100 pieces of clothing and jewelry 
for your multiplayer closet. Worth 10 points.

Demo Demon – Complete all levels of the Demolition Derby 
exercise. Worth 10 points.

Dominator – Win 10 ranked online multiplayer matches 
in a row. Worth 10 points.

Errand Boy – Complete Mob Rule with an online friend on 
the highest difficulty. Worth 10 points

Fast and Furious – Complete all of the Hijacking activities, 
on all 3 territories. Worth 10 points.

Fluffer – Complete all of the Escort missions, on all 3 
territories. Worth 10 points.

Gangsta – Earn Gangsta rank online. Worth 40 points.

Getting Up – Tag all hidden tag locations throughout Stilwater. 
Worth 10 points.

Grease Monkey – Own 50 cars in your crib garage. Note: The cars 
do not have to be of varying type, they can be 
50 different FBI cars if you wish it to be. Worth 10 points.

Grifter – Earn $200,000 in the Insurance Fraud activity. This 
one is easy as pie, I got the achievement after two dives, 
all you need is a police car, and drive it into oncoming 
traffic in the zone. Worth 10 points.

Jump the Shark – Borrow $200,000 from the loan shark. 
Worth 10 points.

Killa – Earn Killa rank online. Worth 20 points.

Kingpin – Earn Kingpin rank online. Worth 80 points.

Leader of the Pack – Unlock all 7 special homies. Refer to 
any Homies guide for information on this achievement, plus extra 
stuff on regular homies.

Marathon Runner – Travel 26.2 miles by foot. This should be 
easy, and it is very likely that you will unlock this achievement 
without even trying, just sprint a lot and you should be fine. 
Worth 20 points.

Negotiator – Extort money from 50 hostages. Just remember to 
enter any car you steal from the driver’s side, as I don’t 
think you can get hostages if you enter from the passenger side.

Penny Pincher – Earn $1,000,000 in the game. Worth 10 points.

Pimp – Complete all of the Snatch missions, on all 3 territories. 
Worth 10 points.

Pimps Down – Kill the Pimp 50 times in the Protect the Pimp online mode. 
Worth 20 points.

Professional Thief – Deliver 30 boxes from the back of stores to 
the pawn shop in the Thief activity. Worth 10 points.

Pusher – Complete all of the Drug Trafficking missions, on all 
3 territories. Worth 10 points.

Racket Lord – Complete all activities on all 3 territories. 
Worth 160 points.

Reclamationist – If I remember correctly, you unlock this 
achievement either after finishing Reclamation, the third mission 
in the game. Worth 10 points.

Regicide - Complete all Vice King missions, including 
strongholds. Worth 40 points.

Road Warrior - Complete all Westside Rollerz missions, including 
strongholds. Worth 40 points.

Ruler of Stilwater – Complete all missions and strongholds from all 
3 gangs. Worth 160 points.

Scavenger – Complete all of the Chop Shop missions, on all 3 
territories. Worth 10 points.

Shopaholic – Own 100 items of clothing in your crib wardrobe. 
I recommend finding a cheap piece of clothing and buying it 
in different colours, work from the cheapest up until you get 
the achievement. Worth 10 points.

Stilwater PD Award – Kill 50 people with melee weapons. Use a 
baseball bat for this one and just walk around a populated 
street and deliver one shot to knock them down, and finish 
them off when they’re on the ground. This should take 10 minutes 
at the most. Worth 10 points.

Thug – Earn Thug rank online. Worth 10 points.

Tuner – Complete all of the races, in all 3 territories.

Vandal – Complete all of the Mayhem missions, on all 3 
territories. Worth 10 points.

Tourist – Travel 200 miles in a car. Worth 10 points.

Xzibitionist – Get your car to level 4 50 times in the Blinged 
Out Ride online mode. 
Saint's Row will always be compared to GTA: San Andreas, as they
both follow gang related storylines and both have sandbox
style gameplay. And in this review I will compare them, but
don't worry I will acknowledge that they were released at
different times and on different platforms.
San Andreas was originally released in 2004 for the PS2,
and Saint's Row was released for the Xbox 360 in 2006.
Thus, Saint's Row will obviously have better graphics,
but I think that Saint's Row has better graphics than
San Andreas in contrast to it's time and graphical
potential, as San Andreas had some pretty lame graphics 
for the PS2, with bland facial models and environments.
Saint's Row, for one, has graphics that are average
in comparison with any other game on the 360.
As for gameplay, GTA was obviously the creator for
the sandbox format game, so I will give them credit
for that, but there are some differences. The major
one is that GTA uses a auto-aim mechanic, as Saint's
Row uses the manual aim. To be honest, I love the 
manual aim, as it takes more skill to be able to aim
for an enemy by yourself, rather than pressing R1, O
Repeat. I do think that San Andreas has a better sense
of speed when you are driving, with the nice blur effects.
I think the two games are even in gameplay.
As for sound, San Andreas has the better soundtrack,
hands down. Vice City has my favourite audio of all-time
(VCPR is the best thing ever in a video game, IMO) and 
San Andreas has an awesome licensed soundtrack, with songs
such as 'Midlife Crisis' by Faith No More, 'Freebird' by
Lynyrd Skynyrd and 'Killing In The Name Of' by 
Rage Against the Machine. As for Saints Row, all they have 
going for them is some rap songs that I don't even listen to.
Overall, I would give Saint's Row an 8 for graphics, 
a 9 for gameplay and a 6 for sound. 

Thank you to God, who I live through and who gives me 
strength in this life

Thank you to the readers of this guide, in return I will answer 
any question you have.

Thank you to the makers of Saint's Row, for making an awesome game.

Send questions, praise, criticism, hints and corrections to  
lovefuryenergypassion777 (at) Also, I am regularly on
MSN Messenger using the same address, so if you have any problems, 
or just want to chat. Feel free to add me.

Thank you.

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