Secret Areas - Guide for Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World

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Game Title: Super Mario World: Super Mario Advanced 2
Platform: Game Boy Advanced
Author: Pure Evil

The Top secret area is in Donut Plains. Go to the Donut Ghost House. Get the key. 
Now the top secret area will be unlocked. There will be a path going from the Donut 
Ghost House to up. In the Top Secret Area there should be 5 blocks, one of them is a 
free Yoshi.

The first way to get to bowser faster is by using Star Road. Use the blinking star 
all the way on the lower left of Star Road. It will take you to the Valley Of Bowser 
and a path from the star to the front door of Bowser's castle. The second way you 
can get to bowser faster is by beating Reznor in the fortress in the Valley of 
Bowser. After beating Reznor in the last fortress there will be a path from the 
fortress to the back door of Bowser's castle.

After beating the 3rd boss Lemmy in the Vanilla Dome, you go through the pipe to a 
bridge. This bridge is located directly above Soda Lake. In the level Cheese Bridge 
Area, at the end there is a goal like usuall. But behind the goal there are arrows 
pointing to another goal. In order to get to that second goal you must fly above the 
first goal to the second goal. After doing so a plant will make a ladder down from 
the bridge to a level in Soda Lake.

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