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The Da Vinci Code (Playstation 2)


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My name is Eric Waechter.  If you have any questions, comments, submissions
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I will answer you as quickly as possible unless you are sending flaming 
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After having completed the walkthrough the other day, I received several
e mails from people that were going back through the levels looking for
the secret items that they had missed, and they wanted some guidance with
that without having to search through the entire long walkthrough.  This 
guide is for those people and those that come after them in search of the 
secret items in this game.



      a. Spheres
      b. Coins
      c. Da Vinci's Inventions


      a.  The Louvre
      b.  Saint Sulpice
      c.  Normandy Mansion
      d.  Bank of Zurich
      e.  Chateau Villette
      f.  Biggin Hill Airfield
      g.  Temple Church
      h.  Westminster Abbey
      i.  Rosslyn Chapel


First and foremost, there are three (3) types of secret items that you 
are looking for throughout the game:

a. SPHERES - Spheres are miniature models of each of the planets, and 
             there are 7 of them to be found.  When you get close to
             these items, there is a glowing symbol on the wall in the 
             very near vicinity to help you find it.  These spheres you 
             need to find are:

                  SATURN SPHERE (The Louvre)
                  JUPITER SPHERE (Normandy Mansion)
                  MARS SPHERE (Bank of Zurich)
                  VENUS SPHERE (Chateau Villette)
                  MERCURY SPHERE (Biggin Hill Airfield)
                  MOON SPHERE (Temple Church)
                  SUN SPHERE (Westminster Abbey)
b. COINS - Coins are just that, coins, only these aren't the loose change
           type coins that are at this very moment falling out of your 
           pocket into your computer chair.  There are 7 of these coins and
           each one is made of a different kind of material.  These coins
           also have a glowing symbol on the wall somewhere in their 
           immediate vicinity.  The coins you need to find are:

                 LEAD COIN (The Louvre)
                 TIN COIN (Saint Sulpice)
                 IRON COIN (Bank of Zurich)
                 COPPER COIN (Chateau Villette)
                 MERCURY COIN (Biggin Hill Airfield)
                 SILVER COIN (Temple Church)
                 GOLD COIN (Westminster Abbey)
c. DA VINCI'S INVENTIONS - These are kind of cool.  They are miniature 
                           models of (DUH) Da Vinci's inventions.  There
                           are 9 of these to find, and these items do
                           NOT (repeat, NOT) have a glowing symbol near
                           then to help you find them, so these can be
                           easier to miss than the others.  The inventions
                           you need to find are:

                 DA VINCI'S ARIAL SCREW (The Louvre)
                 DA VINCI'S ORNITHOPTER (Saint Sulpice)
                 DA VINCI'S TANK (Normandy Mansion)
                 DA VINCI'S BALLISTA (Bank of Zurich)
                 DA VINCI'S WARCART (Chateau Villette)
                 DA VINCI'S BRIDGE (Biggin Hill Airfield)
                 DA VINCI'S PADDLEBOAT (Temple Church)
                 DA VINCI'S CODEX ARUNDEL (Westminster Abbey)
                 DA VINCI'S CODEX ATLANTICUS (Rosslyn Chapel)


a.  The Louvre - 3 Secrets

     1.  Saturn Sphere - It is in the lap of the statue in the middle of the
         Mona Lisa Room
     2.  Lead Coin - On your way out of the level, on the right side (right
         as you are walking down the stairs) on a railing on the landing
         just before the room where you exit the level
     3.  Da Vinci's Arial Screw - In the Restoration Room, as you are looking
         at the desk where you find the instructions for mixing the chemicals,
         turn around 180 degrees and it will be on some boxes right in front
         of you.

b.  Saint Sulpice - 2 Secrets

     1.  Tin Coin - This is in the window sill in the dark alcove between
         pillars 9 & 10 in the large pillar room
     2.  Da Vinci's Ornithopter - It's behind a stack of boxes on your right
         as soon as you enter the underground cave

c.  Normandy Mansion - 2 Secrets

     1.  Jupiter Sphere - There is a landing on the stairwell on your way up
         to do the small statue puzzle.  It is on the painting on the left
     2.  Da Vinci's Tank - It's on the bed in Sauniere's bedroom

d.  Bank of Zurich - 3 Secrets
     1.  Mars Sphere - after you've crawled up out of the elevator and cranked
         the door open, there is a closet on the same side of the Atrium as 
         the door to the Administration office.  It's in there on the shelves
     2.  Iron Coin - In the Deposits Room go to the two privacy rooms closest
         to the security card reader.  It's in the one facing away from the 
         doors that the card reader opens.
     3.  Da Vinci's Ballista - As you stand in the doorway as soon as you 
         enter the Administration offices, it is in the cubicle in the far
         corner to your right.

e.  Chateau Villette - 3 Secrets
     1.  Venus Sphere -  There is a small closet in the room with the piano.
         It's in there under the little table.
     2.  Copper Coin - In the basement, in the back left corner of the room
         as you walk in.  It's on a stack of chairs.
     3.  Da Vinci's Warcart - As soon as you walk into the library for the
         first time (the room you find the sheet music in), turn to the right
         and its on a display case in the corner.

f.  Biggin Hill Airfield - 3 Secrets

     1.  Mercury Sphere - After you have opened the door to the surface, don't
         go through it yet.  Turn around and go back the way you just came from
         and take a right at the end of the hall.  Instead of going back to the
         left again to go back up the short set of stairs, go straight ahead and
         into the dark alcove on the right.  Its in there on the little 
         generator.  (No, you can't get this on your way through the first time.
         it won't let you find it until the power is back on.)
     2.  Mercury Coin - Turn around after you pull the switch to turn the power
         back on, and head back to the ladder you need to climb up to get out
         from in between the large generators.  Before you climb up, go behind
         the ladder and into the alcove on the left.  It's way in the back in
         the dark.
     3.  Da Vinci's Bridge - As soon as you enter the hanger, turn to the right
         and walk straight ahead.  It is on top of the boxes there.

g.  Temple Church - 3 Secrets
     1.  Moon Sphere - After you enter the backyard of the church, go to the 
         6th arch under the walkway in front of you (just past the basement
         door to the church).  It's under there sitting atop the debris.
     2.  Silver Coin - At the very beginning of the level, as soon as you gain
         control of the character, head AWAY from the front door of the church
         and look for a sunken walkway in this area (its behind the parked
         cars).  Go down into that walkway and look for a window with a bag of
         trash sitting under it.  It's on that window.
     3.  Da Vinci's Paddleboat - It's in the room directly across from the one
         you were imprisoned in, sitting atop a file cabinet.

h.  Westminster Abbey - 3 Secrets

     1.  Sun Sphere - From where you pushed the light over to electrocute
         the gaurd, walk straight ahead to the opposite wall.  You'll find it
         on the engravings on that wall.
     2.  Gold Coin - As you are looking at the Directory in the main hall, it
         is directly behind it and to the left all the way up by the main doors.
     3.  Da Vinci's Codex Arundel - As you walk into the Restoration Room where
         Shakespeare's Statue is, turn to the left and there are two boxes right
         next to each other that have the blue covers thrown over them.  It's 
         on top of those boxes.

i.  Rosslyn Chapel - 1 Secret

     1.  Da Vinci's Codex Atlanticus - As soon as you enter the underground room
         through the trapdoor, go to the far corner of the room to a stack of
         chairs and it will be right there.


That's it folks!  I think I have typed all the stuff I'm going to type for
this game.  Thank you to all of you who have written in!

If there is anything you have to add, or you have found something you don't 
believe to be correct, please feel free to contact me at:

fixmybsod (at) yahoo (dot) com

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