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      _________    ________     ___________   _________        
     |         |  /        \   /           | |         \     
     |__     __| |    __    | |   _    _   | |    __    |  
        |   |    |   |  |   | |  | |  | |  | |   |__|  _| 
        |   |    |   |  |   | |  | |  | |  | |    __  |_
        |   |    |   |__|   | |  | |  | |  | |   |__|   |
        |   |    |          | |  | |  | |  | |          |
        |___|     \________/  |__| |__| |__| |_________/
       ______   ______    _    _____    ______   ______
      |  __  \ /  __  |  | |  |  __ \  |  ____| |  __  \
      | |__| | | |  | |  | |  | |  | | | |___   | |__| |
      |     _/ | |__| |  | |  | |  | | |  ___|  |     _/
      | |\ \   |  __  |  | |  | |  | | | |      | |\ \
      | | \ \  | |  | |  | |  | |__| | | |____  | | \ \
      |_|  \_\ |_|  |_|  |_|  |_____/  |______| |_|  \_\
  ____  _   _  ____   _____  _   _  _  ____  _     ____  ____
 |  __|| | | ||  _ \ |  _  || \ | || ||  __|| |   |  __||  __|
 | |   | |_| || |_| || | | ||  \| || || |   | |   | |_  | |__
 | |   |  _  ||    / | | | ||     || || |   | |   |  _| \__  \
 | |__ | | | || |\ \ | |_| || |\  || || |__ | |__ | |__  __| |
 |____||_| |_||_| \_\|_____||_| \_||_||____||____||____||____|     

   Tomb Raider Chronicles Secrets Locations for Playstation
            |By:          Saturn                 |
            |E-Mail:      [email protected]       |
            |Created:     04/05/2001             |
            |Last update: 04/06/2001             |
            |Version:     2.1                    |
            |Based in the European PAL version   |
            |of the Playstation game             |
   Copyright (c) Saturn 2000. This Faq is exclusively for 
   personal and private use. It cannot be reproduced, 
   modified, reedited, published or used for any promotional 
   or comercial purposes. Only available at
   I will not give you permission to use this Faq in your 
   Web site. You may print this Faq if you wish so.

   Tomb Raider Chronicles (c) 2000 Core Design Limited

   Author's notes 
   Hi! This is the first time I'm doing a Faq. I hope you
   like it! I tried to do it simple and clear, so feel free
   to E-mail me your opinion. Well, since this is my first
   experience, I will not allow you to put this Faq in your
   Web page. But I will reconsider this later. I will also 
   include some questions in this Faq, so E-mail me if you 
   can't find something, when you have a doubt or if you 
   simply want to contribute with something (but be clear). 
   I don't have much free time to answer all the E-mails, so 
   it may take time. I'll do my best anyway. There are some 
   E-mails that I will not reply: flaming, off-topic (this is
   only for secrets), questions already answered in the 
   "Frequently Asked Questions" section and foreign 
   languages (I only know English and Portuguese). One more
   thing: please, never send me pictures or any other things
   like that by E-mail. And thanks for reading my Faq!

   Note: My English is not very good, so please correct me if
   you find any error.   

   What's new?

   Version 2.1
   -Added some questions to the "Frequently asked questions"
   -Added more information in most of the secrets locations 
   Next Update
   I still want to add those cheats for both Dreamcast and
   PC versions, but I need to test them first. I'm also 
   making a special section to the Beta version of the game,
   but I still need more information about it. This will have
   have to wait. No one E-mailed me yet, so I don't have
   credits to give (...). The questions in "Frequently asked
   questions" are thing my friends asked me and problems 
   people usually have. Some of the secrets will be updated

   No E-mails... How am I suppose to know if I'm doing a
   good job without your opinion? Don't you like this game?
   Or you don't like my faq? This is my first faq, and I'm
   starting to think that I'm not doing a good job...
  | Content                                                |
   1. About the Secrets
   2. Rome levels    	
        A) Streets of Rome
        B) Trajan's Market
        C) The Colosseum
   3. Russian Base levels
        D) The Base 	
        E) The Submarine
        F) Deapsea Dive
        G) Sinking Submarine
   4. Black Isle levels
        H) Gallows Tree
        I) Labirynth
        J) Old Mill
   5. Tower Block levels
        K) The 13th Floor
        L) Escape With The Iris
        M) Red Alert
   6. Special Movements list
   7. Cheats
        A) Playstation version
        B) Dreamcast version (to be updated)
        C) PC version (to be updated)
   8. Frequently Asked Questions
   9. Credits

  | 1. About the Secrets				   |
   If you played any of the previous games, then you must 
   know what they are. A Secret usually consists in a hidden 
   area/room with many useful items that will help you during 
   the game. Whenever you find one, you hear a noise. In Tomb
   Raider I, III and The Last Revelation, Secrets were just
   areas with many items. In Tomb Raider II this is a bit 
   different. Although they are also hidden in secret rooms,
   the secrets consist in small coloured dragon statues. Each
   level has three statues, and if you find the three statues
   in one level you receive many items as well. In some of 
   the games, finding all secrets will unlock a better 

   ...and that's exactly what happens in Tomb Raider 
   Chronicles. But I don't want to spoil it. When you 
   were playing Tomb Raider Chronicles, you might have 
   found some golden roses. That's a secret. There are
   a total of 36 roses all over the game (each level has
   3 roses). This guide tells you the locations of all 
   the roses you will find in the game.

  | 2. Rome Levels 					   |

   -SECRET 1: At the beggining of the level, there is a 
    training area at your left. There is a room in this
    training area where you have to tightrope walk. You 
    have to walk a little before you get there. In that 
    room there is another small room in the lowest area. Go 
    there and find the shelter at the top right corner. 
    Push it twice to reveal a secret room to the left and
    collect the secret from the shelter inside that room.
   -SECRET 2: After you reach the area with the big gate, 
    go to the left. Before climbing up the stairs where you
    find the revolver, there is a room and a locked door to 
    the left. The secret is inside the secret room behind 
    that door. To open the door, you have to shoot the bell 
    at the bell house first. After that, go back to that door 
    and after killing the dog collect the secret from the
   -SECRET 3: When you get to the bell house, after 
    shooting the bell, you have to jump to a room at your
    left and press a switch there. In this room there are
    two secret doors (one to the left, another one to the
    right) that will open after you move the two crystal 
    birds inside the bell house. The secret is in one of 
    them. You must go there before entering the last door you 
    opened with the two crystal birds. 


   -SECRET 4: In the room with the gears, there is a 
    trapdoor near the room's entrance (in the opposite 
    corner of the gears). This trapdoor will open after 
    you move the big wheel that is blocking a room. Go 
    there and collect the secret among other items.
   -SECRET 5: Kill the machine that shoots a laser from the
    eyes against you. Go to the next room, climb to the 
    metal platform and jump to the top of the red machine. 
    The secret is there.  

   -SECRET 6: There is a closed gate to the right in the 
    main area of this level (where you start the level). 
    You can see the secret inside. This gate will open when 
    you fight the Knight. After beating him, exit that room
    through the broken window and go get the secret.  

   -SECRET 7: This one's tough to find. At the very 
    beggining of the level (before the corridor where 
    the ground falls), examine the rocks to the right 
    along the way. There is a secret block with a ring you 
    have to push to find the secret.
   -SECRET 8: After exiting the room with the timed puzzle
    (where you have a few seconds to get the item in the 
    top), you'll see an opened gate, but you will fall before 
    passing it. After the scene with Pierre, go back to the
    previous room using the entrance to the right (carefull
    not to slip in the rocks) and enter the opened gate you
    saw to get the secret.
    (to be updated)

   -SECRET 9: At the very end of the level, don't pick up 
    the Philosopher's stone. Instead, save your game and 
    jump to the closest platform. Keep jumping from platform 
    to platform until you find the crawling space where the 
    secret is. Then go back using the platforms one more time
    and pick up the Philosopher's stone to finish the level.
  | 3. Russian Base levels				   |


   -SECRET 10: At the beggining of the game, in the boxes 
    hall, get the key inside the locker. Use it to open one 
    big door hidden behind some boxes. Climb the stairs and
    kill the guards at the top. Collect the Swipe card, the 
    Uzis inside the locker and return to the boxes hall.
    Now go to the two big doors with the card reader in the 
    boxes hall and use the Swipe card in the left door. 
    Inside, kill the dogs and look for the broken ventilation 
    shaft in the right wall. Shoot at it to reveal a secret 
    opening with the secret inside. Then simply use the Swipe
    card in the right door to continue the level.

   -SECRET 11: When you first get out to the area with snow, 
    use the hanged box in the middle of the area to jump to
    the top of the boxes at the left. The secret is there.
   -SECRET 12: Enter the shower room (the big room with water 
    and many lockers). Examine the left area with shallow water 
    to find a trapdoor in the right corner. Save your game
    here. Now you have to swim a lot until you find the secret 
    room. Collect it and swim back to the shower room. You can 
    also see the room with the secret near the submarine when 
    you go outside to the area with the hanged box, but you 
    cannot get the secret from there.  


   -SECRET 13: After escaping the prison, walk inside the 
    air shaft until you find a hole with electricity in the
    bottom. You can go down the hole, since it has 
    climbable walls. Go down the hole to find a secret
    passage to  the left. Collect the secret and get out.
    Don't fall in the hole because the electricity will kill 

   -SECRET 14: In the room where you find the Aqualung and 
    the Shotgun there is a box at the right of the entrance
    that can be opened with the crowbar. The secret is 

   -SECRET 15: This one is a bit tricky to find out. 
    I don't remember exactly where it is. There is a room
    where you have to climb to a box to get to the 
    ventilation shaft once again. You can stand up over the
    second ventilator. Use a flare to find a secret 
    platform where you have to climb to get the secret.
    (to be updated)


   -SECRET 16: Go forward. After passing the rocks, swim 
    to the right and you'll find the secret inside a small 
    cave deep in the sea.
    (to be updated)


   -SECRET 17: First, you have to turn the electricity off.
    After that, go back to the kitchen (which is near  
    the dining room)and catch the secret from the ground.

   -SECRET 18: This is hard to find. It took me ages to 
    find it. After collecting the green bottle, exit the 
    room. Two guys will be waiting for you. Kill them. One 
    of them has a key. Use the key to open the door in the 
    same room where you turned the electricity off.
    (to be updated)

  | 4. Black Isle levels 			           |


   -SECRET 19: A bit hard to get. At the beggining, jump
    to the rocks in the other side of the abyss. Grab the 
    ledge and go to the left. Release the ledge at the end
    and jump to the sliding rock to your right. Hold the edge
    of the rock before falling, and then release it. You'll 
    land in a safe platform. But don't move too much, because
    you may slip and you'll have to climb to the top and do
    everything again. Now jump to a cave at your right. 
    Before that, you may want to save the game ( because
    it's a hard jump). Collect the secret inside the cave and
    then fall down to the lower area and climb back to the 

   -SECRET 20: After slipping to the tree where you find
    the strange creature, use the sliding rocks at the 
    left of the entrance to get to the top of the column 
    where the secret is. You have to jump from rock to rock
    and grab the column.  

   -SECRET 21: Go to the area where there are a lot of 
    crypts and find the entrance to the underground path. 
    Be carefull here, there is a spot where the ground 
    falls and there are spikes. Go to the lowest level of
    this area (go to the right inside this cave and you'll 
    get to the place where the spikes are. Crawl across the
    spikes and collect the secret in the small crawling space.


   -SECRET 22: In the church where the skelletons attack
    you, open the door with the bone dust. Enter the door
    and climb to a hidden platform in the top. Press the
    switch to open a new passage. Examine the wall at the end 
    of the passage to get the secret

   -SECRET 23: After falling in the water from a long fall,
    climb up and go through the first opening. There is a 
    bridge here. At the beggining of the brige, check the 
    left side. You'll see an opening in the wall. Do a 
    running jump and hold the edge in the corner, then go 
    right and climb up when you can. Now jump to the next
    platform and collect the secret inside the opening. Do 
    the reverse way to get out.

   -SECRET 24: After collecting the Bestiary Book and exiting
    that area, you'll see a white thing (a spirit, maybe) 
    that will guide you through the rest of the level. Ignore
    it for now. Climb to the first platform, then jump to the 
    other one. From here, jump forward to the overhead frame 
    (under the higher platform)and monkey swing to the  
    crawling space where the secret is. Quickly release and
    hold the "Action" button to grab the crawling space's 
    edge and climb up. Collect the secret at the end. Be
    careful with the spikes in the middle of the crawling


   -SECRET 25: Go to the area with the rope in the middle, 
    where the imps are throwing stones against you. Jump to
    the rope, turn around and use the rope to jump to the 
    left platform. Collect the torch and return to the cave 
    you came from. At the end of the cave, you can light 
    the torch. Go back and do a running jump to the area 
    where the Imps are. Leave the torch near them and crawl 
    through the small tunnel to the left to get the secret.

   -SECRET 26: At the entrance of the windmill area, there
    are two crawling caves to the left. Enter the second one.
    Collect the medipack and save your game here. The path 
    is blocked with fire, so you'll have to dash through the
    fire and fall in the water before your energy bar is 
    empty. Climb up to collect the secret, and don't forget 
    to heal with the medipack you just found. Exit this area
    by using the other crawling space to the left. 

   -SECRET 27: After stoppping the windmill, the water will 
    slow down. Swim behind the house where the knight went
    and you'll find a small entrance that will take you to
    the secret. You can also get this secret while the
    water is still running , but it's harder to enter in the
    small entrance. Start swimming from the left side of the
    house and try not to pass the entrance because the stream
    is very strong. I recommend you to get this secret after
    stopping the stream.   

  | 5. Block Tower levels			           |

   K) THE 13th FLOOR

   -SECRET 28: At the beggining, go to the left and shoot 
    the air duct's grating. After that, crawl through the
    air duct until Zip contacts you. You can see the secret
    during the sequence with the guard. Now move forward
    and you have to pass the lasers (careful not to fall
    in the hole with more lasers). After passing the lasers,
    shoot another grating at the left. Follow the air duct
    and you'll have to pass another laser. After that, you
    will get inside the room.  

   -SECRET 29: After getting the acess code disk, you have
    to go back to the floor where you started the level and 
    operate the computer to open the air duct. Now you have 
    to go down using the pole. Be carefull with the 
    explosions (you should save your game before going 
    down). At the middle of the pole, jump backwards and you
    should land in a secret entrance. Collect the secret and 
    go down without using the pole (simply fall ito the
    ground). Use your medipacks if you lost some energy with
    the explosions.         
   -SECRET 30: Later in the game, there is a U-shaped room
    where Zip tells you not to kill the scientist. You 
    should save your game before entering this room. After 
    you get rid of the guard, kill the scientist. Don't get 
    too close to him, otherwise a sequence will start and
    you will not be able to get the secret. Use the rifle 
    and sniper ammo to kill him. A new door will open near 
    this room's entrance. You'll have to deal with several
    guards and the machine guns are activated, so heal
    whenever you need. Your energy will drop very quickly. 
    Go to the new opened door and go to the left when you 
    see the laser. The secret is at the end of the corridor.


   -SECRET 31: After entering the elevator shaft for the  
    first time, save your game and go down the climbable 
    wall. Go down as much as you can, then release. You 
    should land inside the secret entrance. It's a bit hard 
    to do it, because most of the times you will land on a
    slipping ledge. Then collect the secret and get out by
    climbing the elevator chain. 

   -SECRET 32: After exiting the elevator shaft once and for
    all, you'll have to run from an armed guard (you don't 
    have weapons yet). You'll see a big aquarium there with
    the secret inside. If you stand between the guard and 
    the aquarium, the guard will certainly hit the glass of 
    the aquarium. Collect the secret and run. You may lose 
    some energy here, so be carefull. 

   -SECRET 33: After collecting the previous secret, a 
    sniper will shoot against you. Run to the other side and
    climb up the wall at the left of the door. Run to the 
    other side once again. There's a small fire estinguisher
    there. The sniper must shoot it, so run around it until
    that happens. The explosion will reveal a secret 
    entrance with the secret inside.


   -SECRET 34: At the begginig of the level, kill the guard 
    and keep going upstairs. The choper will destroy some of
    the stairs and you'll have to jump. After a running jump,
    the next stairs will fall below your feet, so make sure 
    you jump before you fall with them. After that, climb 
    down the stairs that just felt to get to the secret
    entrace at the left side. Collect the secret and get out.

   -SECRET 35: The hardest secret to get. It took me a few
    tries, and you may have to practice before doing it. 
    After using the elevator (inside the building), kill the
    guard. There is a large corridor to the left and two 
    doors in front of you. Enter the left door, equip your
    rifle with sniper ammo and save the game. Press the 
    button to start the shooting game. Try to shoot all the
    targets before they pass the middle line. If that 
    happens, reset and try again. If you did it fine, the 
    lamp will light up and the other door will be opened. 
    Save your game. You have to shoot all the targets again,
    but this time is harder. After pressing the button, the
    room will be filled with gas and the exit door will only
    open if you shoot all targets before they pass the middle
    line. Then heal yourself from the gas and go up the 
    corridor to collect the secret in the opened room to the 

   -SECRET 36: The last secret, and very easy to get. At the
    end of the level , you have to go inside the gas chamber.
    Save your game before that. The secret is near the first
    switch, in a crawling space to the right.

   Congratulations! You have found all the secrets in the 
   game. Now go to the last door and save your game there.
   After the final credits, don't turn the console off yet.
   A new option will be available in the main menu. Enjoy
   your reward!

  | 6. Special movements list 		                    |
   I'll list some moves that are not listed in the game's 
   manual or explained during the trainig level. Some of 
   them are useless, but great-looking, and most of them also
   exist in the previous games.
   -Diving Jump: press "Walk" button while performing a
    forward jump.
   -Diving Jump with rotation: Only works when jumping from
    very high places. Perform a Diving jump, then press and
    hold the "Roll" button. 
   -Upside-down: While holding a climbable edge, press 
    "Up" to climb up and hold the "Walk" button. 

  | 7. Cheats						    |
   -Unlimited medipacks and ammo: 
    While playing, go to the inventory screen (by pressing
    Select) and highlight the "Timex". Press 
    R1+R2+L1+L2+Down+Circle and then press Triangle. Check 
    the inventory screen to confirm.
   -Unlock "Special Features" option: 
    After entering the "Unlimited medipacks and ammo" cheat,
    quit the game. "Special Features" option should be
    available in the main menu.
   -Unlimited health, ammo and weapons: While playing, go to
    the inventory screen and highlight the "Timex". Press
    R1+L1+L2+UP+Circle and then press Triangle. Check the 
    inventory screen to confirm.
   -Unlock all items in current level: 
    While playing, go to the inventory screen and highlight 
    the "Timex". Press R1+R2+L1+L2+Down then press Triangle.
    Check the inventory screen to confirm.
   -Adventure selection: 
    In the main menu, highlight "New Game" and press the
    following buttons to play in any adventure.
    >Russian base (second adventure): L1+Up
    >Black Isle   (third  adventure): L2+Up
    >Tower Block  (fourth adventure): R1+Up
    Then simply press "X" while holding the two buttons.
   (To be updated)

   (To be Updated)         
  | 8. Frequently Asked Question			    |
   Q: I have the game for Playstation and I can't find secret
      number 29.
   A: There is a different PAL version of the game which  
      isn't exactly the final Pal version. I'll call it the
      Beta version. There are some small differences there, 
      and this secret is one of them. After opening a door by
      shooting the lock, you'll slide down and face a guard.
      Kill him and climb up to the air shaft. Avoid the
      explosions and get the secret at the end. I saw this
      somewhere, and I still don't have much information 
      about this "Beta" version. I'll update it as soon as

   Q: I cannot get the secret 11 in the Russian base. Every
      time I try to jump to the boxes from the hanged box,
      I always fall in the ground.
   A: The same happened to me, and I still don't know why.
      Do a diving jump (press the walk button when performing 
      a running jump) to get there easily.  

   Q: Your cheats don't work. What's wrong?
   A: Again, the cheats for the Beta version are different 
      from those in the final version. I'll list them as 
      soon as possible. This cheats work fine in the final 
   Q: I'm stuck. I don't know what to do. Could you help me? 
   A: This Faq is only for secrets. There are other Faqs
      with the walkthrough that will certainly solve your
      problem. If you don't want to get bored to find an 
      item or what you're looking for, then use the cheats 
      you find here. You should try to find out by yourself,

  | 9. Credits		    				    |
   (To be updated)

      Tomb Raider Chronicles (c) 2000 Core Design Limited

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