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hi im the gamer boy and in this guide i will tell you how to get the fire arrow and 
sell all the masks.

keton mask
go to the gaurd at kakariko village standing next to the gates going up to death 
mountaine trail

spokey mask
go the grave yard at day time and talk to the little boy that's prettending to be 
dampe sell him the mask.

skull mask
go to the skull kid at the lost wood's talk to him by playing saria's song and he 
will by the mask off you

bunny ears 

to sell the bunny ears go to hyrule feild and go to the path at lon lon ranch and 
you will see a guy running about talk to him and he will buy the bunny ears off you 

                                     get the fire arrow
to get the fire arrow go to lke hylie and go to the island acroos the bridge and 
when the sun is rising shoot it with your'e bow-and-arrow and the fire arrow will 
drop down on the island acroos from you

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                              all rights reserved

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