Shi no numa - Guide for Call of Duty: World at War

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It's good to be back!:D

1.Now first off get this down,1 person at each window.
2.When you have 600 points buy the Gewer.
3.At round 4 go downstairs,and NEVER open the door.
4.Open the box and jump up and down as much as possible to get a good gun.
5.At round 5 or 6 dogs will come,so go around where the box is and run around
the curve and stay at the end of the small curve and kill.
6.Try to get the teddy bear.
7.Then once you do,go outside and look up for a light and go towards it.
8.Open the door that is leading to the light.
9.Cross the swamp and open the next door.
10.Buy the perk and defend until the teddy bear comes and then repeat again.
tip:try to get the wunder waffle gun

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