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                              SOUTH PARK RALLY

Race 1: Rally Days 1

Goal: Be the first one to complete 3 laps.  

Strategy: This race is pretty simple. Just grab plunty of good power ups like 
Pharts, Dildos and Starring Frogs. Cut the corners to get out in the lead easier.

If you win the race without getting any power ups at all, you unlock the CHEAT 
SHEET option. You can use it to look up racers, tracks and race modes that you've 
unlocked and that you need to unlock.

Race 2: Rally Days 2

Goal: Bring the trophy over checkpoints 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Strategy: This is a really hard race but it's not so bad once you get the hang of 
it. One strategy of mine is use a way that's best for you. In other words, once you 
grab the trophy, find a path that's best for you. You don't have the follow the 
path that all the CPUs use. Or you can just wait at Checkpoint 4 and wait for the 
racer that has the trophy. When he or she needs to bring the trophy over checkpoint 
4, wait until they come and RAM the racer so you can take the trophy and drive over 
checkpoint 4.   

If you win the race by only bringing the trophy over checkpoint 1 and checkpoint 4, 
you unlock PIP.

If you win the race by bringing the trophy over all the checkpoints, you unlock MR. 

Race 3: Cow Days

Goal: Hold on to the antidote for 100 seconds.

Strategy: You need to get the antidote and hold on to it for 100 seconds. You'll 
want to be the first one to grab the antidote because it can be a pain in the neck 
to try and take it from the other racer. But if another racer DOES get the 
antidote, find a way to abush the other racer. When you get the antidote, go to the 
two-story barn, drive up the stairs and drive and park on the ledge that has the 
pink-eye bonus and stay their until your 100% cured! You don't have to do this. 
It's just a easier way to win.

Lose the race without getting the antidote at all and you unlock BEBE.

Race 4: Valentine's Day

Goal: Be the first one to shoot 5 racers with the bow and arrow.

Strategy: It looks hard at first but once you master it, it's a peice of cake! 
First, you can either go after the bow, arrow or just wait for someone to get them 
both. I wait for someone to get them both. After you get the bow and arrow, turn 
around and drive FAST away from the other racers. They always are in a pack, so 
sometimes you can shoot them easily. Once you get a good distance away from the 
other racers, shoot them! Shoot all 5 and you win!

Collect 3 Gold Cows and finish the race(You don't have to win or lose) and you 
unlock EXTRA SKINS. This unlocks 5 new racers. Wimpy Stan, Vampire Kyle, Foot Ball 
Kenny and Brave Chef.

Win the race by shooting all the racers with out getting hit your self and you 
unlock SHELLY. Turds!

Race 5: Spring Cleaning

Goal: While carrying a pair of underpants, be the first one to complete 3 laps.

Strategy: An easy race if you know what to do. First, you'll have to get a pair of 
underpants. There are 3 underpants in the race. Just get 1 pair of underpants 
because it's less likely that everyone will chase you. If you do got someone 
chasing you, drop a mine like a Starring Frog or a Decoy Cow behind you. That will 
slow them down. Try not to bump anyone while your driving because that will knock 
the underpants free and it can be really frustrating trying to get the underpants 

If you win the race, you unlock MR. MACKEY. Simple as that.

Get five caffeine pickups and finish the race(Again, it doesn't matter if you win 
or lose) and you unlock TWEEK. 

Race 6: Read-A-Book Day

Goal: Be the first one to bring 10 chickens to the drop-off.

Strategy: If you cheat, this race is a piece of cake, if you don't, this race can 
almost be impossible. Just wait at the drop-off point and keep an eye on the map 
and wait for someone to come with some chickens. You can only carry a total of 4 
chickens. So when someone has a total 4, he or she will be heading to the drop-off 
point. When you see him or her, RAM the racer and then you will have the chickens, 
then cross the drop-off point and you droped off the chickens. Repeat this until 
you have droped off 10 chickens.

Shoot chicken lover(Blue Van) 5 times and finish the race and you unlock COP 

Race 7: Easter
More soon!!!

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