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South Park Rally Walk through

	This is a walk through for South Park Rally. You will find how to hold the 
controller, what each race is, and how it is played, what is in each box, how to get 
each car,  where the extra credit, gold cow, and each potpie in this game,  . 
Whenever you see a *, look at the column labeled, "Where to find the Gold Cows & 
Potpies." at the bottom.
	This will be my first FAQ so it might not have everything. I only know about 
the N64 game, so this will follow that.

1.How to hold the controller
2.The Menu
3.The Races
4.The Action Boxes-What they contain
5.How to get each car 
6.Hints & Strategies.

1. How to hold the controller. 
   Z- Fire weapon     
   Start- Menu screen [which includes, Help-describes the race, Retry-Start    race 
over, but you need a coin, Quit- Quit championship, and Resume- Resume the race.}
   C-down-change weapon	
   C-left-release item	
   C-right-change HUD
   Cross pad-none

2. The Menu.
The menu contains 5 parts, the championship, arcade races, multiplayer, options, and 
Championship- The heart of this game. Race fourteen races, on 6 different tracks. 
(See Below)
Arcade race- Race any race, person on any track that you have unlocked. 
Multiplayer- Go head-to-head with a friend.
Options- Change certain options like:
Video- Change screen position and scale of screen.
Audio-Decide the audio, and listen to characters speak and game music play.
Controller config-Change the configuration of your controller.
Game options- Change the options of your game.
Cheat Sheet Available after a code, lists all codes, whether locked, or unlocked.
Load Game Load a previously saved game.
Save Game Save your current game.
Credits- look at the cooky people who made this game.
Exit- exit options.
Exit- Exit the game.

3.. Championship mode.
    Rally days #1- A basic race, crossing over 4 checkpoints, in numerical order. 
The extra credit coin is located before you enter the city, after the train tracks. 
Instead of making a sharp turn by the green building.

   Rally days #2- The basic goal of this race is to cross over checkpoints 1-2-3-4. 
The person that crosses checkpoint 4 with the trophy wins. The coin is located at 
the end of the train tracks.

   Cow Days- Everyone has Mad Cows disease. Help your character be the first one to 
be fully cured. Get the potion, and just keep going around the track, grabbing the 
pink eye box behind the gray hut by the bull, each time you pass it. The coin is 
located in the barn with all the hay in the SW corner.

   .Valentine's Day- The object of this one is to get the bow and the arrow and 
shoot the other players. The bow is located in the upper part of this mansion. The 
arrow is located on the east side, between the center yard and the 2nd castle. when 
you get the bow and the arrow, either find a long flat piece of land and go 
backwards shooting them. Or go forward and then slam on the brakes & the joystick to 
the left, or right.  The extra credit coin is located at the beginning of Big Gay 
Al's Big Gay Boat Ride

   Spring Cleaning-Be the first one to cross over checkpoints 1-2-3-4 3x with a pair 
of underwear. Don't go after the underwear in the tube, just go to checkpoints 3, 
and 4.. You'll for sure get either 1 or 2 pair. Be very careful of visitor  'cause 
if he hits you, you'll loose your dirty underwear. The extra Credit coin is located 
at checkpoint 2 in the puddle of sewage.

   Read-a-Book-Day- In this race, your object is to be the first to bring 4 chickens 
into the checkpoint. The easiest way to do this is to stock up on the anal probes in 
the purple boxes behind the checkpoint. Then when someone with 4 chickens comes 
past, shoot them with it and hit them to take there chickens. Spin all the way 
around and go down that road not only cause its faster to get to checkpoint one, but 
the extra credit coin is located in front of that shack.

   Easter- Probably the hardest, but not by much. The object is to collect 20 Easter 
eggs. The hot spots for eggs are the train tracks, around that loop way in the 
north, and in the west by the big jump. The other players can't steal you eggs, but 
the  really mad bunnies can. Watch out for them! The extra credit coin is between 
the two trees to your right in the beginning
   Big Gay AL's Big Gay Pink Lemonade- A standard agility race to 4 checkpoints in 
out-of-order mode. Be the first to deliver 4 lemonades. Practice this one a couple 
of times in arcade mode to get the checkpoints memorized. Try to run into as many 
green boxes as possible, for these have Philip pharts. The coin is located
in the red carpeted hallway at the top of the stairs in the lobby.

   .* Memorial Day- Grab the laser and cross all four checkpoints with the laser in-
hand. You have to cross all four checkpoints yourself. Whoever does saves the Earth, 
until New Year's Eve, at least. Once again, look out for visitor, for he will knock 
you out, and one other thing, the lava. The extra credit location is off a ridge by 
the laser
   Fourth of July- Same exact race as #1. Yet another you might want to practice on 
when you get a chance.
When you get to checkpoint one for the first time, hold your break down and turn, 
it's a lot faster than just turning. The coin is located at the

   Halloween- This is a race almost just like Read-a-Book-Day. You may grab up to 4 
candies at a time and bring them to the checkpoint. Once again, the easiest way to 
win is to stock up on anal probes, and shoot them at a guy with four candies. Be the 
one with the most candies after 4 minutes, and you win. The extra credit coin is 

   Thanksgiving- Be the first to grab 20 chickens and ring the bell. This is a race 
for the poor, so your chickens can't be stolen. The best way to go is to stay in the 
area with the bull and grab the pink-eye, so its harder for them to steer. Most of 
the chickens are there, and in the hay-barn. The extra-credit coin is located
in the tire jump in the barn with the stair case.

  *Christmas- A Rally Days #2 race. Grab the present and cross over 4 checkpoints, 
in numerical order. The extra credit location is

   Millennium New Year's Eve- So you thought you saved the world at Memorial day? 
Well guess again. Satan is planning to take over the world with his dimensional key. 
Be the one to grab the key and hold it for two minutes. The coin is located at the 
ring by the place where checkpoint 1 used to be.

   Arcade Races- Pick any race, car, and track that you want to play with.

   Multiplayer-Go head-to-head with your friends, or family.

4. Action items.

   Red Box Items- 
Chocolate Salty Balls- Blows your opponent away when hit.
Rats- When you drive over one of these, it makes the road slippery with a wet trail 
of blood.
Terrace Turbo- Fires immediately, just like eating grandmother's beans. (auto)
Herpes- This pickup awards your opponent a date with Frida the hooker. She will 
always leave her mark, Herpes!

   Yellow Box Items-
Mr. Mackey Balloon Head Gadget- This item fires a psychedelic peace sign at your 
opponent making their head swell up like a balloon.
Barf- An extra slippery puddle of gloppy barf that makes your opponent slip-slide 
all over and crash.
Mr. Hankey: The Christmas Poop.- Mr. Hankey will protect from danger. (auto)
Kitty. Unleash the whirlwind of "destruction" with Kitty. Kitty will home on your 
nearest opponent and hit them making them drop whatever is in their possession.

   Purple Box Items-
Anal Probe- My personal favorite. This probe comes out of your drivers rear and 
fires at your nearest opponent, making them want to sing.
Explosive Diarrhea-Has the smallest range of all the mines, but the biggest blow!
Weight Gain 4000- When you hear "Beefcake", start barrelin' through your 
opponents 'cause you just gained about 100 lb.. (auto)

   Blue Box Items-
Sparky- Sparky the dog can create  lot of havoc when he bites someone's rear. He'll 
cause them to stop.
Water Balloons- The water balloon is a moving stone-wall in the form of a water 
balloon. Used to push enemies away from there target.
Decoy Cow- A real pain in the butt when you hit it. It will knock you far away 
depending on how fast you're going.
Caffeine- A boost that works automatically for about 5-10 sec. (auto)

   Green Box Items
Cheesy Poofs- A bouncing explosive that blows into cheese dust after awhile.
Mexican Staring Frog- A nice explosive that explodes when someone gets near it. It 
will turn everyone into 
Philip Phart- A 3x use boost. Nice long boost to speed in front of that person.
Underwear Gnomes- Underwear gnomes march out when ordered, and steal all your 
opponents belongings, then disappear without being noticed.
   Assorted Items- 
Pinkeye- The rarest and most powerful of all pickups. It turns you around, drives 
backwards, makes you slower.
Spooky-Vision- Fills your screen with a scary face.

5. Where to find all the cars.

Pip- Cross over checkpoints 1 and 4 only in Rally Days 2. 
Mr. Garrison- Cross over all four checkpoints with the trophy. 
Bebe- Lose without ever touching the cure in Cow Days. 
Shelly- In the Valentine's day race, there are 3 golden cows. One behind the skater 
picture, another on the two towers on top.
Tweek- Find 5 Caffeine pick ups (in the blue boxes) in Spring Cleaning 
Mr. Mackey- simply defeat Spring Cleaning without losing a race beforehand. 
Cartman Cop- Hit Chicken Lover (the blue van) with salty balls (in the red boxes) 
five times in Read-a-Book Day. 
Big Gay Al- simply defeat the Pink Lemonade Race without losing a race beforehand. 
Ike- In Memorial Day, Turn around from the start until you see an airplane in the 
cliff side. Use the speed boost boxes to try and get on the wing (This is hard) On 
the wing there is a Golden Cow. Get this one golden cow to get Ike! 
Visitor- In Memorial Day you need to get two "Pot Pies". One is in a narrow cliff 
area just above checkpoint 1. The other is on a narrow passage next to checkpoint 4. 
Collect both pies to get the Visitor! 
Ned- Collect at least 13 speed boost pick ups such as Caffeine, Terrance Turbo, and 
Phillip Phart on Independence Day. 
Mephesto- simply beat Independence Day without losing a race beforehand. 
Death- Win while only dropping off four candy sticks at a time. 
Grandpa- simply defeat Halloween without losing a race beforehand. 
Marvin- Lose Thanksgiving without capturing a single turkey. Escape to the two story 
barn, no turkeys go there. 
Jesus- simply defeat Christmas without losing a race beforehand. 
Terrance & Phillip- you must collect 4 Golden Cows. One is behind a house to the 
left of the starting point. One is in a small ditch in the very north part of the 
city by the plows. One is in the narrow passage behind the houses by checkpoint 4. 
The last one is behind a building near checkpoint 3. 
Damien- On Millennium New Years, be the first to get the key and go the whole two 
minutes without letting another player have it for even a second. (Pretty hard) 
Satan- simply defeat Millennium New Years.
6. Miscellaneous
   1 .There really is no advantage to the c-left button.
   2. Place land mines ( like cows and diarrhea,) in front of Terrance turbos, or 
   3. When making a sharp turn, try to use the brake, as its your friend. 
   4. Careful when you are carrying an item, when firing cheesy poofs. Only because 
they bounce. It may hit you and knock you it away from you.

This Faq was created by Nathan Grossenbach. You can copy it for personal use. There 
are no restrictions to it. 
 C February 2002.

Special thanks Brandon Smith for help on the cars other stuff.

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