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Splinter Cell Walkthrough
by: Wolf

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Modified by: Fox (with Wolf's permission.)
1. Door code is 28469.
Police Station
1. Move the painting in the back room of Blaustein's house to find his 
hidden computer.
2. Balcony door code is 091772.
3. Dead drop is in a hole in the wall in the corner of the courtyard.

4. Precinct basement code is 5929.
Defense Ministry
1. Watch out for cameras.
2. There's a vent above the desk in the office with Nikoladze's picture 
on the wall.
3. After accessing Nikoladze's computer, simply hang on the ledge where 
the window used to be and wait for the guards to leave.
Oil Refinery
1. Nothing terribly important here. Just follow the technician as 
quickly and quietly as possible without getting caught.
1. Kill no one.
2. To get inside, go to the far left of the building and climb over the 
fence. Jump onto the power generator and onto the small ledge with the 
light on it. Drop onto one of the panels next to it and open the slide.
3. Main server room code is 2019.
4. Tech. services room code is 7687.
5. Backup Battery Power room code is 110598.
6. Sticky shockers own j00.
7. Ring Airfoil Rounds are much more useful when aimed at the head.
8. Weapons Testing dept. code is 110700.
9. Info. Retrieval Service code is 0614.
1. Security door keypad code is 97531.
2. Wall mines can only be deactivated when the light is green.
3. Archives Dept. code is 33575.
4. Floor 3 back door code is 1250.
5. Have fun "cleaning up" at the end of the level. Use explosives where 
able. ^_^ (Hint: After the three guys in the blue corridor, there's a 
guy near a pillar with a wall mine on it. Get his attention with a shot 
to the wall and shoot the mine when he's close enough.)
Chinese Embassy
1. Kill no one. Fatalites result in mission failure.
2. When you get to the gate where the truck is being checked in, don't 
wait for the conversation to end. Stay in the shadows and move under 
the back of the trailer directly in front of the truck. If timed 
correctly, the truck will speed off and run over the dog. If the dog 
isn't run over, have at least one sticky shocker handy to dispose of 
3. The general is in the window above the first soldier you see. Use 
the laser mic to eavesdrop on him. Stay in the shadows. If you are 
spotted, you'll fail the mission.
4. After listening to the second conversation, go to the wall behind 
the little white building. Climb the pipe to reach the end.
1. This level can be very frustrating. Be sure to have a snack on hand, 
because this mission could take a while.
2. Save some wall mines and sticky shockers for the end of the level. 
Diversion cameras will work too. 
3. When you get to the mine field, immediately kill the guard on the 
other side of the fence and the one on the balcony to the right. Wait 
until you get under the balcony to kill the one on the walkway across 
the field. You'll have a much better shot there.
4. Use the thermal goggles to see the mines. A well placed shot with 
the pistol will take them out.
5. Watch out for the spotlights. They'll summon more guards. If you are 
spotted, a guard will appear on the balcony where you killed the second 
guard. Go to the wall and snipe him. Be careful. He throws grenades.
6. When you get under the walkway where the third guard was walking, 
make a right into the area with the dumpsters. Climb on one of them and 
do a wall jump into the hole in the left wall to go to the next area.
7. Make some noise to draw out the two guards and hide in the dark 
corner under the walkway.  They'll look right at you, but they won't be 
able to shoot you.
8. When you hear Grinko tell his men to go through with the executions, 
look for a hole in the ground.
9. When you're in the ceiling, move to the left of the hole (with the 
left side of Sam to the wall) and use a diversion camera on the wall to 
take out two guards. Whistle with the camera to lure the third guard to 
the two on the ground and snipe him.
10. Use the thermal goggles to get through the foggy area.
11. Beware of turrets.
12. There's a hole in the floor in a corner of the room after the check point.
13. Again, beware of turrets.
14. Before you talk to the hostages, set up your defenses. I have found 
this to be the best way to beat this battle. Go ahead and deactivate 
the turrets so you don't get shot up. Turn around and go up the middle 
and stop at the first bull head sheet. Place a wall mine on the post in 
the center. Turn back around and turn left at the turrets and go to the 
locker on the far right. Turn left again and walk about ten paces in 
that direction and place a wall mine on the right wall. Talk to the 
hostages and prepare yourself.
15. When the fight starts, equip your sticky shockers and go to the 
turrets and face the exit. Snipe the first soldier you see and move to 
the right corner. The traps you set should take out the next two. After 
the second mine blows, wait there and use a sticky shocker on the first 
guy you see. Hurry back to the center and use another on the next guy. 
Take them out quickly. They'll throw grenades and kill the hostages if 
you're too slow. A quick and fun way to kill Grinko is to go near the 
exit and turn right into the hallway. Place a wall mine     there and 
lure Grinko there by hanging out on the left side of the wall. He'll 
run right into the mine and blow himself up.
Chinese Embassy 2
1. This mission gets extremely frustrating at the end. But that's why 
I'm writing this FAQ, so you'll have nothing to worry about.
2. There's a ladder in the far right corner of the kitchen.
3. Kill the guards quickly before they destroy the computers.
4. Be sure to take out the camera in the first room on the next floor. 
It'll be a real nuisance if you don't.
5. Snipe the guards from the stairs. If you're in the right spot, they 
won't see you.
6. Forget what Grimsdottir tells you about the thermal goggles for now. 
Go to the end of the hall and shoot out the light. Open the door next 
to you and shoot that light too. If you didn't kill the sleeping guards 
in that room, they'll hear it, but don't worry about them. They won't 
find you. When you hear the colonel talking to Zheng Liang, launch a 
diversion camera at the bottom of the double doors. Wait for him to 
open the door and gas him, then walk right in. Watch out for the turret 
on your immediate right when you enter.
7. Wait for the first turret to turn all the way to the left and run 
around behind it to turn it off. Then jump up on the shelf to get up to 
the ledge. You can either turn off this turret and kill the two guards 
with your own gun or you can have the turret kill them to save ammo.
8. Shoot out the spotlights as well as all the lights on the other side 
of the room and the big one in the center. Use the pole to get across 
the room. Do NOT kill the colonel. (He wears a hat.) Grab him and have 
him open the door for you.
9. When you get to the toy warehouse, get close enough to where the 
colonel can't see you and run through the door before it closes.
10. Toss a frag grenade at the truck to blow it up.
11. Be sure to laugh at the guard who trips in the short cut scene 
after detonating the truck.^_^
12. Only kill the first guard you see. You'll have to follow the next 
one through three keypad doors.
13. The first code is 1456.
14. The second code is 1834
15. The last code is 7921
16. Simply run around behind Feirong and grab him.
Presidential Palace
1. This is by far the most frustrating level in the game. Prepare to 
have a few temper tantrums.
2. Do a wall jump to get on the first ledge. It must be done perfectly 
or you'll fall off.
3. Don't jump off that ledge. Slowly move to the edge and drop off, 
catching the edge. Repeat until you hit the ground.
4. Do a wall jump to grab the pipe.
5. After taking the second leap of faith, slowly inch to the edge of 
the ground and hang on it to reach the next area.
6. After listening to Avtandil and Bandry argue, quietly run to the far 
right and face the tower that the spotlight is coming from. Kill the 
sniper first.
7. The garden gate code is 2126.
8. Save medical kits until you absolutely need them. You'll definitely 
need them near the end.
9. The corridor code is 70021.
10. The library code is 66768.
11. Make sure to kill all the guards and get the frag grenade. After 
you use the elevator, a few soldiers will begin searching for you. You 
won't be able to kill them. They'll light you up like a Christmas tree, 
so don't even try. When you get off the elevator, turn right twice and 
run to the corridor to the left of the stairs. Don't worry about the 
guard standing there. Just run past him. Heal before you talk to 
Nikoladze. Equip the SC-20K and the night vision goggles while the 
guards are talking to Nikoladze.
12. An easy way to win this fight is to immediately kill the guy 
pointing his gun at you when the lights go out. Then, hurry behind the 
crates to your right. Make sure the wall that was on the right is now 
behind you. Wait for one of the soldiers to appear to the right. Aim at 
the ground next to him and use a smoke grenade on him. After disposing 
of him, equip the frag grenade you picked up and throw it at the guy 
who ran near the first guy from behind the crates. Then, use another 
smoke grenade a short distance behind the second guy to take another 
guard out. Simply snipe the last one by the door.
13. After leaving the corridor, head to the left of the elevator.
14. After killing Nikoladze, run down into the shadows and wait for the 
guard to come out. Kill him, grab the ammo on the ledge and go through 
the door he came out of.
15. When you kill the two or three guards in the dining room, do NOT 
open either of the two doors. There are guards waiting on the other 
side of both doors and if you open one, they'll kill you instantly. 
Instead, shoot at one of the doors and wait for them to come to you. 
Once you kill them, run to the double doors.
16. Commence victory dancing. You've beaten Splinter Cell!
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