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This FAQ is for Headhunter(PS2). It was written by me: Gary Ansell.  
This FAQ will only be seen on

I would go crazy if I wrote down all the different versions...This version is 
probably about the 24th.

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1. VR Missions
2. Walkthrough
3. My Summary
4. Questions
5. Thankx
6. cheat codes

1.  L. E. I. L. A.  VR Missions
There are 4 different Licenses:,C,B,A,and AAA.  Each consists of 4 tests:
1.Motorcycle Control Test
2.Tactical Stealth Test
3.Weapon Utilization Test
4. Combat Technique Test

Skill Points needed to get your license:
C:250 skill points
B:800 skill points
A:1,300 skill points
AAA:1,500 skill points

If you beat Hank Redwoods' record on every test you will be on easy street, "Ammo 
wise," the rest of the game.  Once you beat all his records: You will be: Da' Man 
and you will have unlimited ammo.  Don't feel bad if you can't!  They ARE kinda hard.

Many people have E-mailed me about this game.  Most of the mail is about the 
Tactical Stealth Tests.  Here are some hints:
1.It is much easier if you break SOME of the droids, "That's what I call those see-
through THINGS!!!" necks on the first 2 tests.  Why not become a Stealth Killing VR 
Mission Maniac?  Because you will run out of time.

2. Use the Decoy shells to lure them AWAY from you.  Hold Aim...then action, when 
they follow the noise you follow them...and know...good night Mr. THING!!!

I have also received some E-mail about the Combat Technique Test for the B License.  
All you have to do is pull out the box...back up...and shoot the gas can...but don't 
get blown up.  After that there are 3 THINGS in the next room...Kill em' and in the 
last room shoot like CRAZY!!! Then enter the transporter thing.

2. Walkthrough

After the 1st FMV sequence you must escape from the lab.  Shoot first and ask 
questions much later.  After you escape there will be another FMV.

When you return to the will have to look around.  Look at the picture to 
the right of the bar to make short of things.  Now go to the elevator.  Go get your 
new motorcycle.  Now go to the L. E. I. L. A.  office to accrue your first license.  
The requirements to take the test are ALWAYS above.  Once in the office a FMV will 
start.  You will soon find out that FMVs come VERY VERY frequently.  Now go to the 
VR Terminal.  

Your first Mission
Once you get your C the C locker to obtain weapons.  Now follow your 
radar to the gas station.  Now go in the gas station and in the door on the right.  
Kill the mechanic and hit the button on the poll to START to lower the car.  There 
are 3 guys outside.  Give them what they deserve.  Take the battery that is near the 
cans the men were shooting.  Go back in the garage, place the battery in the power 
box, and push the button.  The engine will move to reveille a car wash token and 
move the engine back after you get it.  Place the token in the car wash slot outside 
and shoot the guy inside and shoot the guy behind you.  Go in the side door, pick up 
the locker key, and open the locker in the garage to unveil a power cord.  Connect 
it to the power terminal in the other room.  Go back to the garage and take the fire 
extinguisher.  Put the fire out and open the car door.  Pick up the crowbar and use 
it on the door that is nailed shut on the left side of the station.  Look at the 
dead informer to take the Amco cardkey.

Wolfpack HQ
Follow the radar to Wolfpack HQ.  Shoot the guard and use the card on the door.  
Shoot the guards and pick up the walkie-talkie, the key, and return to the area 
outside with the padlock.  Turn on the power to the elevator.  Now go to the 3rd 
floor of the HQ.  Go to the door opposite where Grey Wolf is having his meeting.  
Pick up the document and the Truth Serum.  After the thug breaks down the 
door...shoot all the guards and look around.  In one of the rooms there should be a 
poster that says 1993 behind a box.  In another room push the box over to the key on 
the shelf, jump up, and take the key.  Use the key on a locker in another room.  In 
the locker is a Broken Emblem.  Answer Grey Wolfs call and go back to where he is.  
The code is 1993.  Kill every one you can see.  When everyone is dead...go to the 
locker in the back of the room and take the Wolfpack Emblem.  Go to the 2nd floor, 
put the Wolfpack Emblem in the machine.  Look at the Broken Emblem and use the 
indents on it.  "Use a mirror if you have to"Now enter that into the Wolfpack Emblem 
and mirror that side.  It should look something like this...
                                       0   _   _   0
                                       0   0   0   0
                                       _   0   0   _
                                       0   _   _   0
Now go back to the 3rd floor and put the New Emblem in the security slot.  Go up the 
steps and prepare to fight.  

Defeating Grey Wolf.
Grey Wolf is the first boss in the game.  The easiest way to beat him is to run 
around and lay down proximity mines, shoot him, and don't get hit with his Grenade 
Launcher.  After the battle...go grab the grenades and health in the storage room.  
Then go down the stairs.

Now you have to upgrade your license again.  "See above for help with the tests!"  
When you complete the B License go back to Angela's Mansion.  She has been 
kidnapped.  You will be briefed on the situation and then you can go shopping.  Go 
into the sewer.  Shoot the thugs and climb the ladder.  There are MANY thugs 
upstairs so you might want to turn into Solid Snake and use the stealth moves HE 
taught Jack.  Find the stairs.  Go to the 1st floor.  Go into the shaft and watch 
the FMV.  Go get the security card.  Now go into the basement and shoot all of the 
guards.  Pull the box off the manhole and go down into the sewers.  Put the security 
card in the security box.  Now go back to the 1st floor.  After the FMV push the 
button to unlock the Staff Only door.  Now go up stairs and shoot like a MAD MAN!  
Come back down escalator, go behind the it, pull the thing out of the elevator, get 
in it and go to the 2nd floor.  Go to the other elevator and pull up Angela.  Now go 
threw the door that goes back into the mall.  Be careful and go down the escalator 
and threw the closest door on the left.  Now take a left and go through the door 
that says exit.  "Da" Now follow Ramirez to the bank.  Shoot the guards.  Now look 
at the computer, push the button, and go to the door that leads to the mainframe.  
Open the door and you will now have to battle the 2nd boss: Ramirez and his Spiders

Defeating Ramirez:
Shoot the spider once.  Then quickly stand over it.  Hit X to Guide it toward the 
door.  Then hit x again to make it jump.  The spiders will eventually melt the lock 
with their acid blood.

Use the Truth Serum on Ramirez.  Now comes the fun part.  Match the pretty colors or 
fail the mission.  When completed you have to return to L. E. I. L. A.  yet again.  
When you complete the tests for your license...You need to go back to Wolfpack HQ.  
Use the code breaker on the door.  Pull the lever to release a ladder.  Go down the 
stairs from the roof.  Quickly run to the elevator, open the door, jump down, and go 
through the shaft.  Pull the box to the power box and turn on the power.  Then go 
threw the door beside the elevator on the left.  Pull the switch and go down the 
ladder.  Take the littler elevator back up to the 3rd floor.  Go to the filling room 
door and use the code breaker.  Grab the Some Map, Document, and Lockpick.  Watch 
the FMV...and its time for the best "NOT" part of the game...

The bombs...
I have gotten SO many e-mails about this part...that is part of the reason why I 
wrote this FAQ.  

The 1st bomb is easy.  The 2nd is in the South District.  The 3rd one is in the 
tunnel.  The 4th one is in the North District.  Hit start, go to map.  See where it 
says Gate to Fortune Hill?  Good.  Go to it and take a left, then left, right, "You 
have to go right," Straight, Right, Straight, go down threw the open gate, down 
threw the 1st hole, then the 2nd, and into the sewer.  Follow your radar to the 5th 
and 6th bombs. Did you make it? Good!

You are captured and taken here.  Here you will have to fight for your life.

You can only use the handgun. There are five circular plates on the floor. Stand on 
one and a lighting bolt will hit it. It can cause damage to you. However, if timed 
correctly, you can lure Gladiator towards you and jump out of the way, allowing the 
bolt to hit him instead. The only way to kill him is to use the plates.

O' Goody...we are now Angela Stern.  "I would much rather be Lara Croft!"  Go check 
out the "Special Shipment" in the 12th storage building.  When you get there...take 
the card from the table.  Then go to the loading docks, use the card to open the 
gate, shoot the guards, and walk to the end of the pier to start another FMV.  The 
Queen of Hearts isn't really that hard.  Just look everywhere.  After you find 
everything and free are Jack Wade again.  Go to the hatch on the 1st 
floor and Angela will unlock it.  Shoot the guard and go into the next room.  Shoot 
like crazy and watch your health.  Then go upstairs and work the crane.  Now go into 
the room under the crane.  Hit the button on the wall to open something.  There will 
be a dead guy hanging from it.  Take his card and return to the Identification 
device on the catwalk.  Now kill the guards and you will see another FMV.  You can 
see that Grey Wolf is dead.  Go back to the door with the card reader down below.  
Go threw, open the door around the corner, go up both flights of stairs, and go in 
the elevator.  That's right Ramirez is back.  

Defeating Ramirez PERMANENTLY
There is really no easy way to kill him.  What did I do?  I shot out his lights, He 
started throwing grenades so I went under him, waited for him to throw another 
grenade, and ran like CRAZY!!!  

After the FMV, you need to go to L. E. I. L. A.  one last time.  Then, Go meet the 
Chief.  It's a trap.  Redwood will challenge you to a duel.  The controls to win the 
duel are, "In order" Left, Right, L1, X.  Now continue threw the sewer.  Shoot the 2 
guards after you climb the ladder.  Once inside the building, go up stairs, shoot 
all 3 guards and pick up the reception key.  Go back down stairs and use the key.  
Push the alarm button.  The elevator will come up and there will be 2 guards in it.  
Shoot the guards and get in the elevator.  Equip the goggles and carefully go threw 
the security lasers.  Shoot all the guards turn off the security.  Go threw the door 
and kill all 3 guards.  Go threw the red doors into the DR. s' Office.  Pickup the 
document and examine the book. Go down the spiral stairs and grab the serpent key 
silver.  Now go to the ammo box, grab the ammo, reload all your guns, and keep 
getting the ammo until you are maxed out.  "You WILL need it!"  All the guns should 
be maxed out by the time the Machine gun is at its max...which is 30" 270.  Now 
continue back upstairs and grab the Serpent key Bronze off of the fireplace and take 
the Serpent key Gold from the Eagle posters mouth.  Go to the door and place all 3 
keys in the door.  SURPRIZE...Not...You probably knew another FMV was coming.  

You are now Angela Stern again.  Leave the room.  Be Careful you don't get caught by 
the cameras.  Go to the Chip Development lab and use the lockpick to get some 
Proximity Mines.  Carefully go back to the power Generator, place a proximity close 
to it, back up, and shoot it.  Shoot the 2 guards that come out.  Now go to Genetic 
research and pick up the saline and the document and go to Jack in the 
Amphitheater.  As you guessed...ANOTHER Bloody FMV.  Now go up the side of the 
theater and into the doctors room.  Use the lockpick and look at EVEs' heart.

Thankx to gbenincasa. If he didn't give me "somewhat" wrong information I wouldn't 
have searched and wouldn't have gotten about 30 minutes further. 
I'm an idiot!  I can't believe I was doing this wrong.  Now go to the poster of 
EVEs' eye and enter this as if it were a LONG code.
I repeat:X(4), Right(2), X(2),Right,X(5), Right, X(5), Right, X, Right,X(4), Right
You will receive the EVE key. Go down the spiral stairs and place the EVE key into 
the slot.  Enter the elevator, kill both the guards, and enter the door.  Pick up 
the health and prepare to DIE!!! After the FMV you will have to kill ADAM.

Thankx to Slayer19871...we now have a MUCH better strategy.  I knew it had to do 
with the gas pipes but was doing it wrong.  

First, Turn on the gas lines...You have to go to the computer in the middle of the 
room and then the 2 little ones on the sides of the room.  Then, when he gets close 
to the pipes, shoot him to get him to stop right beside the pipe, shoot the pipe, 
and ADAM should get a face full of poisonous gas. It only takes about five times to 
kill him if you do it fast enough.

Did you beat him?  Good!!!  Now return to the Genetic Research Lab and go to the 
weird machine and press X.  You will get the Bloody Mary Vaccine.  Now return to 
Jack.  Use the vaccine on Jack.  I knew Jack would pull through.

Thankx to ps2983...Go to the room with the angels, "Where you put the 3 Serpent keys 
in the door" and put on your goggles.  Now look at the code.


Enter the code in the poster next to the EVEs' eye poster.  As before: Enter this as 
if it were a 

You will receive the Adam key.  Go out the door and to the right.  Use the Adam key 
and go threw the door.  Shoot both the guards and go down the lift.  Shoot all of 
the guards on your way down.  Go in the only unlocked door, shoot the 3 guards, and 
start the loading process.  Return to the lift and follow the crate threw the 
beams.  Shoot anyone who gets in your way and go in the door at the end.  Go to the 
computer where you tried to turn on the gas.  You will see another FMV.  Now go back 
the way Angela went and you will see another FMV in the Amphitheater.

Now you have to kill ADAM again.  Get your Missile Launcher and shoot him, dodge his 
fire, and pick up more ammo when you run out.  When he is will see 
another FMV.  Now you have to kill ADAM AGAIN.  Get out your Machine Gun and shoot 
ADAM until he stops moving...VERY quickly run to his gun and hit X.  If you were 
fast enough...ADAM should have a hole in his belly and Jack should have his lips on 

3. My summary

Game Time:7 hours and 38 minutes
Enemies Wasted:242
Average Bike Speed:85 km/h
Rat Kills:12
"I suck!!!"


4. There are NO Questions EXCEPT...5 times A month I get an e-mil about breaking 
poeples necks...It is clearly shown up above somewhere! I'm going to lose it...but 
to make it REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, clear, I will tell you again.
To break someones neck...
Throw a Decoy Shell...Sneak Up Behind him...Hold R1...IF...IF...IF...IF...IF...YOU 
are close enough to THE BACK OF THE PERSONS NECK...I swear it works...HIT X and he 
will magically DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

call customer services or something...THEY WILL tell you the SAME EXACT thing I just 


 Thanks to: gbenincasa, Slayer19871, ps2983, and


6. Cheat Codes
Debug Mode and Gameshark codes

Get Debug Mode
During gameplay HOLD R1 + Square and press Start.

Gameshark codes
(M) Must be On		
Infinite Health 		
Infinite Adrenaline 		
No Reload Stimulator Auto 		
Infinite Ammo Machine Gun 		
Infinite Ammo Neurostunner 		
Infinite Ammo Shotgun 		
Infinite Ammo Missile Launcher 		
LEILA Building Always Accessible 	
Except For Last Level 	
Obtain AAA License 	
Must Enter VR Training 	
250 Skill Points		
500 Skill Points		
800 Skill Points		
1500 Skill Points		

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